Before OSLO - NIKE Blast :)

Whop whop!

Feels like yesterday the BLAST took of in Sthlm!

In a couple of hours I'm of to Oslo - on a train with Hot tamale Åsa and Fierce MO!
I do have a feeling, en aning - that the 3 of us might, just might.... sleep through the whole trip and straight into the Saturday morning...

Where did this week go?!

Now PT clients then straight for the train - before that some packing... ouch!

Heavy Glam MOJO flyers with me CHECK!

My very OWN NEW Global Yoga för ALLA DVD with me - if you're in Oslo you can buy it at the BLAST :)

I am ridiculously excited - I have no idea how i have the energy to be this but I am :)

It might be:

The cool cats I get to hang with
The new CARAMEL CORE class :))

The notion of my FREE class - hurts my ass already just thinking about it

The MOJO play with MO - feels like having a playtime and getting paid :)

The energy of the participants


OSLO are you READY?!

BOM BOM Johanna

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