Leaving for the hospital

We are leaving for the hospital in the next hour.
(Painful) contractions in abundance.
I´m hoping I won´t be sent home (before he is here...).
It will still be many hours before we know...
Maybe next time we speak, I´ll be a mum? :)




YEEEEEEES???!!!! Part 2


Update at 18.42
: Still hanging at home. The contractions don´t feel strong enough or frequent enough YET... (Although some of them are strong enough to completely bowl me over - like getting hit by a ton of bricks...)

I only want to go to the hospital once, not back and forth like a yo-yo...
...which you know is my strong side...




1. I had some amniotic fluid leakage last night. Nothing major but enough to be called in for a check up at the hospital.

2. The mucus plug is falling apart.

3. New contractions (ohhh, completely different feeling to the Braxton Hicks-practice contractions that I´d experienced so far...) started at 5.30am this morning. 13min apart. They are now down to 10min apart and some of them are starting to hurt.

Yes, it could be false alarm.
But! Ladies & gentlemen,
this could also be

the START!!!



How to get your baby to come out, chapter 34


Today I´ve tried:

1. Swimming in the not so warm ocean.

2. Lying on the bed of nails for 30minutes.

3. Heavy weight lifting at the gym.

4. A friggin´ FREEZING shower
5. Veeery spicy food.

So..if "Putte" arrives tonight, which one helped him on his way?
Eh, do I care?
Hell, no!
Just come out, pretty please...




No. Not yet.
Entering week 40 tomorrow.
The finishing stretch.


Rest in Peace


Top 5 MJ-songs:
1. P.Y.T
2. Human Nature
3. Wanna be startin something
4. Rock with you
5. Billie Jean





On Tuesday they play Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg.
I´m a sucker for great 80s music and these guys are definitely worth the ticket price since their music has aged well and they are still producing hits - "They" are of course The Pet Shop Boys...

Out of all their brilliant, smashing songs, like: "Domino Dancing", "Love comes quickly", "Surburbia", "Rent", etc, it was easy to pick the video to "It´s alright".... Watch it and you´ll understand. :)


Tick tock


Last night, NO sleep.
Ocean. Nice breeze, hot sun.
Gym. Worked out HARD. Not even a contraction to show for it.
Restaurant MEET in Geijersgatan 12. Yummy dinner.
Now, a movie in bed.



25 degrees and rising...

25 degrees and rising...
What´s a super-pregnant gal to do? Go to the ocean and cool down, maybe?
For the record: I normally don´t go in to the Swedish sea until August (when it has reached well above 22 degrees)...but, with the extra thermal padding attached to the front of my body and being a baby making machine in its prime, I REALLY needed some cool water (17.5 degrees to be exact, some person, read Claes Ohlson nerd, had actually brought a thermometer to the beach...) on my skin....and here are the pictures to prove it:

YES! I survived the Swedish ocean in June. Without needing resuscitation afterwards!Amazing, eh?

Belly-Bump at 39 weeks (or 38+4 to be exact), Bikini H&M

The afternoon was spent eating ice-cream and going to a movie - "The Proposal"- (with Sandra Bullock). It was funny, even quite hilarious in places, light and shown in a perfectly air-conditioned theatre.
Just my kinda day. :)
PS. So, after nipple stimulation,
weight training,
What else can be tried for getting "Putte" out???

Just to make you laugh I’ll try almost anything…


It's a beautiful day and these guys are absolutely up there with U2!!

I saw them LIVE in NYC, and I haven't been able to stop listening to them since :)

Perhaps it's the memory of the night when we never went to bed, where we danced to the sunrise across Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps it's the bloody mary and the BBQ with the band, perhaps it's the company - I DON'T CARE! Listening to it makes my spirit fly high!
I do hope it does the same for you :)

Yesterday was first day of SWE Summer, work, ocean with hot hot bejbs, more work and deep pranayama :)

Today she choose to stick around (Summer that is:), work, yoga, perhaps a run (or not :), a secret project, road trip to BÅSTAD, speaking my truth, KALAS, dance dance dance, sand under my toes and most of all LOVE LOVE LOVE

See you out there :)



"Wax on - Wax off"


Yes, regular readers of this blog has it figured out by now. It´s one day on - one day off.
Talking about the state of my (pregnant) mental well-being, that is.

When I woke up this morning, I had another one of those: "I want to stay in bed for the rest of this damned pregnancy"-moments...luckily for me, when P´s not around I have some amazing friends and family.

had sent me a text, luuuuuring me out in the sun to have a fika with her. 40minutes later I was out of the house, freshly showered, dressed and on my bike...

Fika in the sun was followed by a gym training session later in the afternoon, sooo great for the heavy, stiff body and even greater when done together!

Gorgeous JO showing her strength and flexibility on the Kinesis wall

Doing dips in week 39... Yes, there it is: the Bump in all it´s beauty.

YES! Another day has passed...and I´m one step closer....



Give it up now...


I´m like a broken record.

Waiting for "Putte" to tire of his obviously excellent, first-class room service inside my belly is one of the most tedious tasks I´ve ever lived through...


How much can you love somebody?!

A MUST this YEAR!!!!

By accident I came across this film one night in NYC!
And I thank the UNIVERSE for it!!

It is def one of the must go-see movies' this year!

It is stunningly beautiful, smart, fab, fierce, honest, glamorous, informative, educating, hilarious and romantic all at the same time. It is a TRUE fairytale!

Adding to that experience, as we sat down in the cinema we were told that the director was there and that he'd like to introduce the film.... :)

Sometimes I find it a bit hard and boring to listen to the artist but this was far from that!
He told us about the pain in working with Valentino - that he quit his job every evening at 6 pm only to re-hire himself the following morning!

How they had to fight for 18moths before they got permission to show the film cause Valentino did not like the end result! How he refused to attend the opening in Canes but when the movie opened in Rome and got standing ovations, Valentino stood up from his balcony and greeted the audience - telling the director that next time - he wanted an OSCAR :)

Go see this living proof of love, beauty and following your dreams :)

Create your world or someone else will!! Jo


A midsummer night´s dream


No, no, no. Not a mummy yet.

I have a built in aversion towards "big" weekends, such as Midsummer, Easter, New Year´s Eve, etc etc. I´m not really sure where it stems from, but I have always found it difficult to muster any great enthusiasm concerning these celebrations. (Maybe one of the reasons might be that I find it excruciatingly hard to spend time with really drunk people for a whole evening - especially stuck in someone´s house in the middle of Nowheresville...
I´m at my happiest when I spend these festival times with a close group of friends. Hence Midsummer´s eve being a "family affair" with 12 of us going out to the country, eating sill & potatoes, followed later by a barbecue feast! Yummy! (My closest friends aren´t really big drinkers - there weren´t even snaps at the dinner table...)

By 10pm I was shattered and by 00.00 I was at home putting my pregnant body off to sleep. And a good one too!

Some of the food going on the Midsummer BBQ....

This morning, P had to DRAG me out of the bed. I refused to leave. The only thing I could say was:

"No, no, no! I REFUSE to leave this bed let alone this house anymore!
until the freakin´ baby is arriving!!!

Bump entering week 39...


Global Citizen

I LOVE Travelling....

...to YOGA places :)

And so I often get requests from other yoga addicted people about the inside info, the HOT-SPOTS and so on.

Part of travelling for me is also about exploring! I do go to the "well-known" teachers and studios, but I also try new ones. And that's how I found many of the amazing teachers that have influenced me and my practice! (know that sometimes a good cheesecake is your teacher of the day ;)

So..... what I am getting at is that all this info is now available on JIRA :)
And PLEASE - Do tell us about your HOT-SPOTS!
I'm going to Amsterdam, London and LA this summer!

Much Love JO



This one is for you!

Had a very interesting conversation over 3 mojitos at a Cuban restaurant in the Chelsea about 2 weeks ago.

I told him about me and my dad, my super hero, my James Bond, my everything and he made me realize that I was looking for the impossible. Yeah, thanks a lot DAD..... the first cut is the deepest. I still want you by my side, just to help me dry the tears that I cry, and if you want I try to LOVE again, but I know...

but hey, let's look at it fromthe bright side... at least now I KNOW!


Have a LOVEing weekend Jo

Baby I know....

This LIGHTS my day right now!
And it is also the warm up to the current BJ class (in a more house flava ;)

Rock your weekend


Dreaming of...

Dreaming of white beaches, turquoise water, hot weather and yes, the delivery of a baby....
I went back to the gym this morning and ohhhh, it felt just as good as it did last time! Bless!
Tomorrow is Midsummer and I will bring my overnight bag to the dinner. Just in case.
No progress in the "Putte"-department. Yet.
I´m SO curious about how it will start? Will my water break? Will it start during the night or during the day? How many long hours will it take once I get into the hospital?

will the feeling be like when he is finally here-lying on my chest, small, wrinkly, probably purple with lots of hair??? :)

Soon I will know.

Have a lovely evening!


Do your DANCE and do it REAL GOOD!


Last midsummer was spent in Halmstad the old Swedish traditional way with kids, grandparents, youths, musicians, food, food, food and Swedish Nubbe!!

My Yogi NYC friends asked me about the ABSOLUTE VODKA HEALTH advantages, since I was Swedish I should know right?!

Well - I know that I was all tippsy turvey at around 4pm 363 days ago thanks to the Swedish ABSOLUTE, but I still can't recall the HEALTH advantages - more than the fact that I tend to tell people THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH during it's influences!

This year I have NO IDEA how to spend this infamous Swedish DAY. I mean there is NO WAY that I can top last year so I'm thinking of doing something completely different.

I might WORK haha.
I mean, I'm back from an AMAZING holiday and soon I am of to another one.
And I DO LOVE MY WORK!!! I can't even tell when I'm on vacation and when I am working - it is almost the same to me.

Starting in September I have NO, ZERO, NADA weekends of until Christmas EVE. And I like it - I do hope that you will join me during one or more of these amazing events!

But as for this DAY I dare you to create an opportunity for you to do your HAPPY DANCE!!!

This is MINE up in the air at a speed of 85km/h, jihaaaaaaaaa

Cause you DO have a happy dance right?!




Cake me up


Could it be that "Putte" is an actor? (or "ögontjänare" in brutal Swedish terms...).
We were at the midwife´s this morning - and suddenly "Putte" was in a perfect "fixed" position again, ready to come out at any moment (just like he was over 2 weeks ago, last time we did the midwife thing - until he decided not to be fixed anymore 2 days later...)

I´ve now officially put on 17kg.

(We still don´t own a scales, but I was "weighed in" at the check up this morning.)
No wonder I feel "a bit uncomfortable". The last few days have brought on a new feeling of bloatedness and yesterday my fingers decided to take on the Michelin-man look...white and beyond chubby...quite painful, actually.
It´s interesting how the weight gain has been exceptionally constant over the last 3-4 weeks, even though all I´ve been eating is breakfast, lunch & dinner - normal portions - and only food (except for the occasional ice cream...). It´ll be a MAD amount of water coming out during the delivery (and during the following days after), or at least I hope so....

I would have been less surprised if my diet had looked like this:

Picture taken this afternoon, which is actually one of the very rare occasions that I´ve had cake (not being at a birthday party) during this pregnancy! Quite lovely it was as well - Carrot cake & Strawberry Cheese Cake at Biscuit. The perfect way to round off a great lunch with JO, with the extra privilege of being joined by Mango at the end of the coffee!

Thanks guys for ALWAYS bringing a smile to my face and being such lovely friends!



Lazy Day

Little D teaching auntie about the sounds that different animals make...


I spent the day in the sun with little D. She is such a sweetheart and I cannot believe how easygoing she is.
I´m very grateful to have had a full year to practice some "mama-skills" on her.

It´s like she knows I´m a complete beginner.
When I get her dressed, she is extra patient, when (the very few times it has happened) I change her diaper, she doesn´t cry.
Today when I was going to put her tiny shoes on, before I brought her out to the car, she gave me a long look (because I wasn´t too sure if I should try to put her shoes on while she was standing, or not...) and then sat down with a resolute look on her face and lifted one leg up for me! (like:"Dhuuh!") :)

Went for a "power walk" in the late afternoon (well, actually more like a "mafioso walk"... The belly arrives about 5min before I do...you know, that wide legged stride that says: "Hey, ya´talkin´to ME?!"...), since I have some training stiffness from the gym session yesterday (NICE!).

Tomorrow morning it´s time for another visit at the midwife´s. Hmmmm....I wonder what she will say?.....


Young Hearts be free tonight

If not now, then when?

If you do not break your ropes while you are alive, do you think ghosts will do it for you later?

Go ahead.......

Love Jo


Burn Your Bridges

Sometimes in life you just gotta dive in with both feet, burn your bridges and be prepared to never look back.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blogg about this - BURN YOUR BRIDGES!!!

Unfortunately there are few things that we do full on, 100%, no turning back in today's society.

We get an education but we don't necessarily have to work with that if we get bored. The norm today is to change job every other year or so, at least!

Even I DO doesn't mean that much any more!

We can live all over the world - and so we constantlly change friends and neighbours.
One day we're on raw food, the other day we do Atkins.

So YES, there are a lot of opportunities out there, a lot of room for creativity and exploration.
But can there be TO MUCH freedom so that freedom eventually turns into a prison of insecurity and never feeling good enough, never ever feeling satisfaction and relaxing into the moment?

I believe so - I know so for myself! Being a soul who's always looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side!

To you this might look like just a tattoo but to me it is one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I burn my bridges and it feels good. If I can't commit to myself then how can I ever commit to someone else or something?

What have you commited to full heartedly latelly?


Strength training in week 38


Enough is enough is enough...

Since I don´t seem able to change anything about my bad night-sleep, and since neither luring nor threatening seem to bring "Putte" any closer to delivery, I need to look at things that can be changed... Before the weekend I had had quite strong contractions, but over Saturday/Sunday they seem to have subdued. One step forward and two steps back.

How can I feel better and stronger whilst waiting for my son to be ready to be born?
(WHO or WHAT in their right mind decided it was a great idea to let the BABY decide when it´ll be born, anyway??? It should be left to the adults to decide, I say!....)
Well, I´m quite fed up with just taking walks and doing yin-style yoga at home, so after a late breakfast I went to the gym.
45min of:

Squats 3x12x20kg
Lat. pulldowns 3x15x20kg
Overhead press 3x10x14kg
Dips 3x6x(-50kg)
Chest flyes 3x12x12kgx2 (free weights)
Rotation work on the Kinesis wall
+15 min stretching

Gym followed by a lovely fika in the sun with darling JO - catching up on all I´d missed at the NIKE-meeting in Stockholm.
Great day - I feel human again!


96hours w 2 hours sleep!

Left Manhattan at 2pm in a yellow cab heading for Newark just to realize 40min later that I forgot my Iphone in the apt ... what to do - but to go back and get it!!

1 Hour later I arrived at the airport 150 dollars poorer!

But I caught the flight and didn't have to pay for the heavy luggage :) I guess it all works out in the end!

Arrived in Gothenburg at 12 the following day, a bit tired but instead of crashing in my bed I meet up with FAB and long missed MO and Mango for lunch and fika.

Went grocery shopping since my fridge was EMPTY and then some yoga to even out the long flight.

Instead of going to bed at 9pm I meet up with another set of gorgeous friends for dinner and ended up going to bed at 1.30 not having packed for my new trip....

....so the alarm went of at 430am... a quick shower, throwing some clothes in a new bag and I was of again.
This time the destination was Stockholm for the annual NIKE KICK OFF! It is always one of the highlights of the year to spend time with this amazing team of strong, energetic, inspirational individuals!

Like every year, we have NO IDEA what we are doing :) It is all a big secret that our BOSS Lina Andersson secretly plans for us...!

This time the THEME was Up in the clouds (or something like that hihi).

We ended up in the middle of the woods climbing a "höghöjdsbana" on either 7m or 18m above the EARTH!!!
Guess which one I went for :?

Well, since I LOVE adventures I went for the 18m one :) Jihaaa I could have stayed up there for ever and ever.......

We also got to fly in a "linbana" where the speed was 85km/h Whooopaa :)

A cab took us to the secret hotel - well not so secret since we tried
to guess it in the cab, it went something like this:

Me: Hmm I winder where we might stay tonight?

Febb: Perhaps somewhere outside the city?

Me: Ah, interesting, where might that be?

Cab Driver: Your staying at Clarion Sign!!

Hahah Thank you cab driver ;) For destroying our surprise !!

Anyhow - The Hotel was FAB with a Roof top SPA with ice cold rosé, beer, cider and gelehallon YUMM!

At 9pm another cab picked us up and took us to our dinner destination - Sofia or something I think (note that I was already affected by the rosé ...).
It was a beautiful place on Djurgården!
We had dinner and wine and by desert time the boat rocked full of loud NIKE instructors playing all kinds of weird games portraying animals and tr
ying to ching chong balle each other :)

Moving on to the lounge with a whole lot of CosmoSpritians (i.e. very strong cosmopolitans!!) and the game "Jag har aldrig"....

Next stop was Solidaritet (I walked around all night thinking I was at Ambasadeur - sound similar doesn't it!).
I lost some friends and found new ones and ended up at McDonalds before someone finaly took me home in a cab, thank you !!

Woke up 2 hours later just in time for the NIKE meeting number 2 w
here we brainstormed around the NIKE Convention 2020 :) It is gonna blow your minds, I can tell you that much ;)

A three hour train ride later we arrived in Gotheburg where me and POM closed the weekend with a full on Indian dinner followed by desert at Hard Rock Café :)

Now here's the question:

How did I spend my Sunday?

A: Out in the Sun :)
B: In bed sleeping til 8pm
C: In bed wathcing TV, talking on the phone, reading yogajournals

La la Love Jo


Garden Party

Lots of presents for a gorgeous little girl...


Today´s activity has been A´s 1-yr old Birthday party.
It was a hoot!
Lovely food, lots of preezies and more glamorous people than what most 25-yr olds manages to get to know in a lifetime!
The sun came out to make it the perfect garden party, which meant that although I was tired after almost no sleep last night, I managed both to stay awake and string more than 3 sentences together. (Which is always an advantage when in a social situation with people that you meet for the first time...)
Now, I´m knackered...film time and then bed for me....



Playlist no 1


Playlist no 1:

"Whatever" - Ideal
"Changes" - 2Pac
"I´m coming out" - Diana Ross
"Go" - Common
"Wanna be startin´ something" - Michael Jackson
"Into the Groove" - Madonna
"Big Love" - Fleetwood Mac
"The Boss" - The Braxtons
"P.Y.T" - Michael Jackson
"Promised Land" - Joe Smooth
"Relax" - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

- Baby clothes washed CHECK
- Manicure done CHECK
- Facial done CHECK
- Hair cut CHECK
- Buggy & Baby car seat picked up CHECK
- Music prepared CHECK
- Hospital bag packed (almost done)
- House in order (errrm...no. It looks like a tornado went through it...baby stuff everywhere, plus furniture going out for sale...Will look better tomorrow...)



Number 1 on my baby delivery playlist!


Compiling my baby delivery playlist.

Number 1? The choice is SO obvious...

Let "Putte" be delivered in multi-coulour, sequinned, fullblown DIVA-style, of course!





This is WATER

There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, "Morning boys. How's the water?"

And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes,
"What the hell is water?"

I am back from NYC
I now know WATER
It will never be the same again

Of to Stockholm to work with NIKE in a couple of hours... sleep is over rated anyway Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU and I'll talk to you soon as I find my ground again!


Groundhog Day

Picture taken this morning. Week 37, heading towards week 38.
(By the way, I could probably open a shoe shop...)

...Now try to roll (yes, R.O.L.L. you didn´t think you could TURN with that thing, did you??) over in bed with THAT bump, without waking your husband, baby OR yourself...
Could I suffer from a spot of antenatal depression?

My Groundhog Day:

"Waking" up (more: deciding to finally get up) at 9.50am

Having breakfast, whilst reading the morning paper very slooowly to make it last longer...Even the classifieds.

Having a shower, trying my best not to have to bend down too much..our current shower is hardly big enough for one, let alone a pregnant one.

Checking my emails and sometimes getting around to answering them.

Having lunch, maybe a coffee with a friend or P. Ohhhh, highlight of the day!

Taking a nap. Deep, dreamless sleep.

Looking forward to P coming home. Yes, just like a labrador. Not sitting waiting by the door, but definitely with my tail wagging if I had one. Sad? Yes, but oh, so true.

Taking another nap. Not so deep this time, more like a rest.

Going for a walk, having a stretch. Or one or the other.

Eating dinner. Since I´m never hungry these days, P has to coax me into the kitchen. (Obviously not so Labradorish when it comes to food...)

Watching a movie or two. Or 2 episodes of "The Mentalist". We did the whole first series of "Daybreak" in about 10 days.

Around 23.00pm-23.30pm, resting in bed whilst P is sleeping.

....and on to the next day....





I want to hibernate.
If I had to stay at home and not meet anyone but P, whilst watching old movies until "Putte" arrives, I´d be quite happy... Just one of those days...

A spot of colour to cheer the pregnant monster up: O.P.I´s Flashbulb Fuschia.
Soon to be seen on my fingernails...



A girl´s guide to being pregnant...

Picture taken in Jan 2008. Safely before the symptoms mentioned below...


3 Weird things that can happen when you are pregnant
(that no one had told me about):

1. That the skin around your navel gets incredibly tender and sore! Of course I knew I would eventually encounter the "protruding" navel, but I had no idea that it could actually be quite painful some days. I´ve since learned that a) icing it helps b) making sure that no clothing rubs against this area is a great thing.

2. Mosquito-like bites. I´d heard about different pregnancy rashes... but I got the "bites". They start as little red dots and within 48h they are bigger than a 5-krona, hot, swollen and with an amazing itch to them. In the center of the bite there´s a tiny opening - just like an inflamed mosquito bite/wasp sting. So far I´ve had about 7-9 of them. Weirdest place? The base of my little finger...Aloe Vera has helped + a fish oil-based cream that I recieved from a Croatian friend of mine.

3. Loosing concentration and focus regularly. I thought this was just connected to breast-feeding, but it seems like it starts well before that.
Two days ago I actually read about a study done by a researcher at the University of southern California. The researcher tested 19 highly educated pregnant women and found they all had a decreased ability to concentrate and retain information in their short-term memory as well as learn new information...Sweet....
My solution? Taking time off work and trying to stay away from important work decisions (which can be a tricky one when you are self-employed...)

To summarize...maybe it´s a conspiracy? (Especially since even I fess up to only have told you about the public friendly symptoms....the rest needs to stay private, believe me...)
Those who have been pregnant refuse to tell ALL to their non-pregnant sisters, so that the human race will survive and keep on breeding???
Maybe, if we REALLY THOUGHT it through, there is no way in hell that we would voluntarily push out a fridge through a keyhole?....



To pack or not to pack???


After a beautiful late evening walk and stretch, my stiff, heavy body feels so much better.
I slept twice during the day today. Like a baby. Doing on average 4-5h sleep/night is otherwise a slow killer for me...a road to insanity...
You want to find out some secret information from me? Don´t give me any food or sleep for a couple of days and I´ll tell you EVERYTHING...
It´ll be interesting to find out how well or not I will adapt once "Putte" arrives...

By the way, a question... I´m in week 37.
Should I pack my hospital bag now or should I wait???

I´m afraid that if I pack, the bag will sit in the corner of the spare room taunting me, teasing me, for every hour and every day that "Putte" does not arrive, making me feel stressed out and even more fed up....and I´m equally worried that my head will be sooo full of hormones and spinning all over the place once it´s time, that if I haven´t packed by then, I´ll forget half the stuff!
So, to pack or not to pack? - that is the question...



GO Vote!

...if you haven´t already!
Most polling stations are opened until 20.00 or 21.00.
To find your closest station, check out www.val.se



House Warming Party

Beautiful sis wearing new dress bought in Rome last week. Me, wearing believe it or not, a vintage dress (minimum 15yrs old!) which turned out well over my big belly!


Darling sis + husband staged their house warming party last night.
I prepared by sleeping an extra hour in the late afternoon...

We had such a great time, although I must say-a big, heavy belly is a bit of a party pooper since it makes sitting, standing and even half-laying down very uncomfortable after a while (and as we all know-being uncomfortable can ruin the best party outfit....).

Thank God, for our amazing friends. We laughed until we had tears streaming down our cheeks, consumed copious amounts of lovely food, gorged on home made chocolate strawberry cake and absolutely killed P´s amazing punch. (I did my best on the non-alcoholic version of it...)
We were the first to leave at 00.30am, by that time my belly felt like it was going to explode, and we since heard that the last guests left around 3.30am! Great party!

Today is a day for fixing. Getting the newly bought baby bed in order, fixing the new bedroom and finally getting some stuff up on "Blocket". By the way, we were at the midwife´s yesterday. "Putte" is finally in starting position - just like we suspected! Not long now???



Ready, Steady.....GO!

Pregnant bellies are great for written slogans - you can read the words loud and clear!
"Live, Love, Green" - Vest from Junk Food, Shorts NIKE, Belly MINE week 36.


I find it harder and harder to keep focus.
The tougher contractions seem here to last and there have been a few times today when I´ve been more or less bowled over by their strength...

I finally got around to buying nursing bras. Good ol´ H&M. The difficulty was knowing what size I need? Eventually I got two in the size I am right now - and 2 larger ones to "grow into".
We also bought diapers for newborns today. Totally unreal. I was like, "..ehhh...Pampers? Libero?...hell, which ones should we get??? They look exactly the same?....what the heck, let´s get both..."
AND I prepared the duvet+pillow cover for the buggy (which by the way is delayed! Urban Jungle supposedly got bought by another company...).
So...serious ongoing preparations....soon only 1 thing missing....the lead character...



Going Down


"Putte" is moving down.
In the last 48h my belly has sunk visibly.
Also my contractions have got stronger - longer - and more uncomfortable.

Do you think I´m one of those women who have to live with strong and quite painful contractions for 1 month, or do you think I will deliver early (in the next 2 weeks)???
Bets are on.



Spring clean


I spent most of the day sorting out the new office.
1 black bin bag full of papers later, I´m nearly there.
Next up: photographing stuff to go on "Blocket" and starting to go through my wardrobes.

Keep your eyes open - in the next 2 weeks the Asian sisters will arrange the Jumble Sale of the year - I tell you, between the Designer, the Stylist, the former Clothes Store Manager & myself, there will be hundreds of phenomenal items to choose from!!!

I promise to keep you posted!