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I just have to invite you to THIS smashing thing with my fav ingredients:

Gorgeous SINGER

Answer THIS question and get 2 FREE Tickets!!!

Come join me in the Front line!
Create your world or someone else will!



The Price of Beauty

I mean REALLY: 2h and 40min for a facial?!
Good GOD, I was stressed out in the end. Also, the new apparatus sending short electrical impulses deep into the skin scared the living daylights out of me, although I have to admit - it worked.
You can watch the result here.

Anyway, I´m struggling to get everything ready for take off tomorrow. Leaving for Trondheim, where I´m working with 3T for 4 days. Back late Sunday afternoon.
Really looking forward to this gig, I´ve worked with this chain a couple of times before and they´re very professional and lots of fun!
Teaching a 4h cycling workshop on Thursday and then I´m off into the sunset teaching 6 classes (yoga, MOJO Yoga & spinning) in 2 days. You might laugh, but last time I was there, I did 11 (or was it 12?) classes in 3 days...

Looking forward to get a chance to hang out with Mango, haven´t seen each other in far too long.
Maybe in between our zillion classes we get to catch up... ;)

Exciting STUFF!


Gymnasium Sisjön & Torslanda now belongs to Elixia!!!
WHOOOPA!!! Exciting news!!!


My life in pictures

Let´s just say this: My life is going well. In many areas. Not so well in others. Guess which?....


Dining room table

Robin´s plaything box... please note the Marie Claire found in the middle of it...

After being so stressed over the MESS in my house, it was nice to meet gorgeous Christine with her Belstaff computer case - lovely!


Oh, you're going to laugh alright, Johanna, but not just at the funny clothes you wore, or how naïve you thought the animals were, or by the unrecognized angels in your midst. But at how close you were when you thought yourself far, how much more strength you had when you thought yourself weak, and how easy life was when you thought it hard.

I mean, come on, Johanna, even the animals know who the angels are, and they wouldn't dream of wearing polyester.

Hihihihi I can't stop smiling reading a note like this!!!

It's such a beautiful day outside!!!




Spread the LOVE

I love my colleagues at Gymnasium Sisjön!
Thanks to Madeleine & Stina who joined my classes tonight, spreading heaps of energy and power around themselves!

Then when I got back to the changing room after class number 3, I find the following in my high heel:

I mean, what can you say? From one toddler mum to another:
Thank you for your love, Malin!

The last, but not least THANK you goes out to the crew from Filborna Arena, who hired a minibus to travel all the way from Helsingborg to join the awesome triple: Spinning, Kettlebell, Hot MOJO.

Love you, guys!

My training 2day :)

Hanging around in my studio!


Just need to learn and experiment some more!!

After this I am teaching BP at MAsthugget Fitness - By the way - It's 1 week FREE trial on all classes - even HOT YOGA!

Do I get to see u this week?!


Competition TIME - win a place at The Convention!


Win a place at The Convention!

Follow this link to find out how....


Those were the times

Whilst Linda J was working the Incycle-magic at Suder Gym in Gotland this weekend, many of my clients and colleagues were running the wonderful Lidingöloppet.

I must say that Lidingöloppet is one of the greatest runs I´ve made. I LOVE running in the terrain and that day everything felt perfect.
I had been able to get quite a few miles in my legs that summer, BUT I had spent ALL my prep time doing steady pace work.
There just had been no room (or will, I have to admit!) for intervals or speed training at all.

That´s why I was honestly surprised when I actually landed a time well below the magical 3h!

I need to do it again!

Next year, it´ll be the year of my 2 favourite races: GöteborgsVarvet and Lidingöloppet!

Will you join me?

Linda doing a fab job in Hemse, Gotland.
Photos borrowed from Livets Goda.

From 2004, the year I did both Vasaloppet and Lidingöloppet.
I did Vätternrundan in 1997 (or was it 1996?) and I promise I´ll do Vansbrosimmet when hell freezes over...

Instead of a lovely 30k run in the forest, I spent the day running around in an absolutely chock-a-block IKEA...

Somebody killed the radiostar:?


But hey, did you listen to p3 this morning:?

One of the reporters came to my yogaclass :) it was on around 0800 this morning! Unfortunate it was just when I started the last day of the Global Yoga teacher training.

I think you can watch the web tv and listen to the clip on their Webb!!

As we speak (or as I write) the soon to be global yogis are writing their final exam! It has never been so quiet in the studio before :)

Of back home tonight after a long working week + working weekend.
Damn I'm pleased with my lazy Mondays :)
Getting a massage and teaching a bodypump is al there is on the schedule!!

Two tips for you before I go:

If your in Stockholm you HAVE to either stay at or eat at hotel DIPLOMAT!!! They get fullt betyg alla kategorier!!!

Tip two:
A competition coming up here on MOJO - prepare yourself for VICTORY ;)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


How to do Eskilstuna in 11h30min

On the train going home from Eskilstuna.

I´ve taught a 3h workshop for Forever Träning & Hälsa, which means I've spent more than half the day on different trains... Lucky the crew at Forever were lovely and...so far so good SJ!

Cannot even begin to tell you how good it will be: landing at the dinner table at home with gorgeous P and a fab glass of red (after I have kissed little one to mush, of course)!

Have a sweet one MOJOs!

No magazines this time, but a great read instead!


Running - cheap or expensive?


Running - a cheap or expensive sport?
These are the things I need for the perfect run. Sad, or do you recognize yourself? :)


Where does TIME travel to???

...that´s what I REALLY would like to know!
Can you believe it´s soon October? My oh my, I must be getting old or it´s that "having a baby time warp" that has hit me real hard.

Tomorrow, I have clients in the morning, then an important meeting at noon.

My goal is to find the time for a hard run in the afternoon, after a very grown up decision earlier today, which you can hear more about

Yoga PlayList

Of to yoga now


Mojolifestyle goes BodyPump


I can feel BP 75 in my entire body and in 15 min I'm meeting my own PT for a kick ass session.... Hm wonder what that will be like :?

Kick ass Thursday Mojos' ;)



Today´s Training

It´s a challenge doing heavy lifting straight after yoga when your muscles are all stretched out and least of all want to explode into powerful action...

I feel like a pregnant penguin a lot of the time - especially trying to do any plyometric work...

Having said that I am delighted about how my squats are starting to improve!
I´ve gone from a SUPER tight dorsal flexion in my ankles (due to years of cycling) to an almost normal ankle mobility in about a year and a half.

Enough said, you can watch a short clip from today´s training session here. Polishing my technique in frontal squats (40kg), followed by (what should be) 3 explosive (haha-bloody-ha) jumps.

Just do it


Last night was chill with cinema and then HOME on channel 1! What a movie!
Teaching core (omg! Woke up at 0659 - class started 0700! Whoppa! Class started 0704, am I fast or what:?)

2day was more power!
Taught Hot Mojo this morning and fab Åsa from P3 was there filming and trying the class. Listen to her experience on Sunday morning P3 and watch the clips online!

After clients and more classes it is now time for lunch and rehearsal of BodyPump 75!!!

See u in the gym later:?

Love the Fall!!! It rocks my lungs :) yum

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)




If 20% of your clients generate 80% of your profit, then 0.5% of your customers easily cause you 99.5% of your troubles and worries.

The ABSOLUTE majority of all my clients/customers/businesses are SWELL,
they pay their invoices on time,
they are lovely and respectful on the phone/by email,
and are generally extremely nice people.

I am Goddamn lucky to work with so many dedicated and loyal human beings.

Then there´s the other 0.5%.

Let´s just say this: In business, DON´T F**K WITH MY CHI,
because I will get you right back and not double or triple, but at least quadruple the amount of negative stress and worry you have caused me.

Late this afternoon one of those moments presented themselves, and you know the worst thing of all?

I KNEW this one would cause trouble - right from the start - but somehow, I thought: "Oh, but maybe they´ll see some sense over time and change"...
Note to one self: VERY rarely (read: never) does an asshole change from being an asshole to becoming a sweet elf, one day to another.

An asshole, is an asshole, is an asshole, and so be it.

Don´t worry - I won´t sweat it. I already feel better.
But do not be mistaken - I am EXTREMELY long sighted and there is nothing wrong with my excellent memory. What goes around comes around.

Russian effectivness

...or not...

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Watch Canada get MOJO:ed


Canada gets MOJO:ed!
Watch part 1 & part 2...


I Augusti var jag i Varberg och utbildade MOJO Yogis!

I dagarna fick jag mail från en av anläggningarna!
VI BLEV SÅ GLADA att vi bara måste dela med oss :)

"Här kommer en lägesrapport från Friskvågen :)

Vi har ju kört i 3 veckor nu och det är mellan 30-40 st varje gång. 95% av alla kommentarer är positiva och Mojo yogan har blivit en riktig snackis. Märker att de flesta som kommer är inga vana yogisar och de tycker att passet är toppen. "Tanterna" som brukar köra core på förmiddagarna har vågat prova och tycker det är fantastiskt , fastän de flesta aldrig kört yoga tidigare. Alla har ju som sagt något att hämta. Har nog bara hört en knapp handfull deltagare som inte varit helt nöjda och kommenterat typ, "det här är inte yoga för mig", men det roliga är att de kommer tillbaks...

Det snackas som sagt en hel del om yogan på Friskvågen och det känns som om vi lyckats förmedla "Mojo yogakänslan" på ett bra sätt.

Ser framemot kommande workshops, tills dess kör vi så det ryker."

I love my job :)

Att få inspirera människor till rörelse som 'r med en livet ut :)

Är ni nära Varberg så måste ni gå på en av dessa grymma yogis pass!!!



A day in the life

After a looooooong sleep (can´t even tell you HOW long), we had a quite relaxing day, with voting, walking and cinema.
I used to be a party princess but that was YEARS ago. Now, it takes days for my body to recover from yummy cranberry coloured drinks...

Need to stay up late tonight to get rid of some admin work.

With my voting card ready.

BTW: Sweden 2010. We all have at least one person in our proximity that voted SD today. And most of the time we don´t even know WHO that person is, but he or she made the conscious choice to give their vote to a party that stems from "Bevara Sverige Svenskt".
I don´t even know what to say or where to start, but it´s a sad, sad day for Sweden and a frightening prospect for the future.


What a fab night at Jo's house warming party! THANK you, JO and A!

So much fun I could have grooved all nite, but I need to have a little bit of spare energy for tomorrow.
Anyway, finally an excuse for proper dressing up. :)

Gorgeous hostess and gorgeous guests!....

Yummy buffét...

Talking yoga in the kitchen with Christine...

- Blinged from my iPhone


2nights the NIGHT :)

And THE SATURDAY is here :)

House warming or INFLYTTNIGNSKALAS coming up!

If you're near Linnégatan 2night drop by and say HELLO :)

And my BO Mr A - no MAGSJUKA !!! FYI :) (if any of you got a bit scared ;)

Now - fixing fixing fixing :)



Great expectations:?

Friday is turning into Saturday!

Started out with great PT sessions!

I love my job :)

The afternoon was spent with POM - way to long ago!
Thank u again for the bush! I will treat it as if it were my own ;)

Of to saluhallen to buy the goodies for the house warming this weekend :))) Wiiiii!
I love the market and really looked fw to choosing the best of the best with my boo!
But when I got there he was sick, so sick he had to stay in the car :(

Now a bellymassage later he is fast asleep...

The FridayNight didn't quiet turn out to be what I had in mind (pretty much our only weekend together at home before 2011!)

But hey - c'est la vie :)
Practicing my yoga skills right now ;)

Do you have expectations?
And if/when things don't go accordingly... What do you do:?

Sweet dreams Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Live from Filborna Arena

Kettlebell education day 2 at Filborna Arena.
What a lovely group of people! And again - what a great place for training this will be when they open on October 9.

You can watch the facility on Mojolifestyle´s Web TV here.

Had a nice surprise when I ran in to lifting champ/coach no 1 in the lunch room: Anders Lindsjö.
Which was more than convenient since I´ve wanted to get in touch with him for ages. More synchronicity, I guess. :)

THANKS to the Filborna Arena crew - the place where everyone is called Sara ;) - with a special Thank you to Kattiz & Pelle, looking forward to seeing you all very SOON again!

Monica & Sara

Sara, Anna & Kattiz

Anders, Karin, Sandra & Sara

Pelle, Sara, Anders, Sandra & Sara

Anna, Monica, Sara, Kattiz & Karin

- Blinged from my iPhone

Live & Naked

Naked. Live.


Helsinborg/Skåne rules

I´m in Helsingborg doing a 2-day kettlebell education for Filborna Arena.

What a beautiful place!

It will definitely be THE place to go to for great training in this city.

The venue is airy, light, functional and kick-ass - all at the same time. They will host Hot MOJO, kettlebell classes, indoor walking, spinning, some Les Mills classes, a new competition swimming pool, a room only for Swissball training, a full size handball court, a juice bar, etc, etc.

I´m in LOVE with their running track - in the gym!!! They also have a phenomenal ceiling height for gymnastic rings/TRX/Red Cord/Anti-gravity yoga/etc.
Why don´t more gyms/clubs play around with these things???
Such amazing training for a fraction of the cost of a bog standard gym machine!

Imagine being able to do sprinting training with your private clients... I drool just thinking about it.

Innovative and forward thinking - 10 out of 10 points to Filborna Arena.

Morning Practice?!

Have you done your THINGIE this morning?!

If not here's some inspiration!

Remember it is VERY important to know WHY you do What you do ;)



MOJO getting ready

Hotel Diplomat, Stockholm.
Getting ready for our most important meeting so far this year...


Not so business

Getting rid of adrenalin at WC Nybroplan - Thanks Jessica!

RELAXING with champagne, red wine and top politicians at the hotel restaurant...

Tomorrow will be MENTAL...


Upside down

Blogging :)

My first Monday of!
And it feels great!!!
This term I've decided to make Monday MY Sunday!

Massage, sold a sofa and now some midnight training a la batman :)
2morrow core, clients and the el stockholmo with Mo my love!

Sweet dreams Jo

..oh, there goes gravity...

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

Snap back to reality...

After a full day with a snotty Robin - who were not too happy except from when we visited the playground - I rushed off to teach my classes at 5pm.
I didn´t even have time to vote.
Damn it, it will be left on my to-do-list yet another week...

Despite the hectic weekend I felt fine. It was lovely to see all my regulars again!
Grabbed a stressed shower after my 3 classes and changed into date nite mode.

If you can love a pair of shoes, I´m certainly in love with my new Burberry high heels...
I am happy that I didn´t have to chase a bus in them though.
Jez, it was far too long since I wore proper heels.

Burberry S&M platforms. What´s not to like, really?

We got to try out the new menu at Meet. The Mixed Grill. O.M.G it was GOOD!

Thanks Mike, you´re a star.


Jag ÄLSKAR Höstsolen ute idag!
Och jag ÄLSKAR den ännu mer då jag vet att jag i OKTOBER kommer få se SOMMAR SOLEN IGEN :)


23 oktober - 30 oktober - Monte Gordo

Ska du med :?

Holistisk träningsvecka med dansträning, yoga och coaching med syftet att ge dig upplevelser och kunskap som lyfter dig en nivå! Kom som du är och åk hem med en ännu mer lysande själ i en vild, levande kropp, ett kristallklart huvud och ett modigare hjärta, ledsagad av vår intressanta tjejtrio:

Johanna Andersson, mest efterfrågade utbildaren och instruktören i yoga, träning och dans just nu.

Sofia Sivertsdotter, strålande coach, författare och årets inspiratör.

Cecilia Gustafsson, framgångsrik utvecklare, utbildare och instruktör i holistisk träning.

Vi ger dig träning och tankeriktlinjer värdiga 2010 -talet! Basen under veckan är övningar från Afropowerdance, Freepower ( yoga/kampsport/ afro) och Organic Bodywork med Cecilia, Global Yoga (dynamisk men djup yoga) med Johanna och föreläsningar och meditationer med Sofia.

Dessutom våra favorit ledare inom löpning och andra träningsklasser som är några av Sveriges bästa! Klasserna är anpassade och dynamiska i sitt innehåll, helt i samklang med er för stunden. Vi kommer att dansa och yoga på stranddäcket så ofta vi kan, vid soluppgång och vid solnedgång... Vilket gäng vi kommer att vara! Vilda, vackra warriors med sand i håret!

Denna resa anordnas i samarbete med Springtime Travel och förutom vår verksamhet har du tillgång till en rad olika aktiviteter såsom:
- Löp- och promenadstigar i ett intilliggande naturreservat - En helt ny simanläggning - Tennisanläggning i toppklass - Golfbanor i toppklass
- Andra aktiviteter såsom löpning, gympa, core funktionell styrketräning.
-Underbar strand -Bergspasset för vandring eller löpning

Hotellet Fyrstjärniga Yellow Monte Gordo Beach Hotel ligger perfekt beläget i den lilla turiststaden Monte Gordo. Utanför knuten ligger naturreservatet med sina fina gång- och löpstigar och endast 100 meters promenad bort ligger den milslånga stranden. Inom några hundra meters avstånd finns massor av restau- ranger och butiker och, icke att förglömma, Monte Gordo Casino - ett av Algarvekustens två riktiga kasinon. Hotellets spaanläggning är fräscht. En uppvärmd inomhus- pool på 10 x 11 meter, perfekt för vattengymnastik och lätta simpass. Två stycken jacuzzis för ömmande muskler och givetvis flera typer av bastubad: turkisk bastu, ångbastu samt vanlig bastu

Info och bokning sker via Springtime travel - www.springtime.se

Om DU har tränat med mig tidigare så maila mig på jira@me.com - Jag har fått den härliga uppgiften av att ge ut några grymma rabatter :) YUM YUM YUM

Hoppas vi ses i SOLEN i Portugal!!!




Thanks to EVERY SINGLE ONE of you who has sms:ed/e-mailed and/or left comments on Facebook concerning the article in today´s GöteborgsPosten! ♥♥♥

Halmstad Part 2

After an amazing Saturday we returned to Halmstad at 20.45.
Chilled in our hotel room, quite knackered but happy.
I was SO looking forward to a goodnight´s sleep and hadn´t really budgeted for the noise that followed.
Halmstad Kulturnatt - you suck.
A live stage right outside our bedroom window, with one act worse than the other. Our windows were shaking from the bass and the awful guitar playing.
At 1am we´ve had enough.
Up - packed - and changed rooms.
Oh, well.

Felt curiously good in the morning.
With 4 classes down and 2 to go, I was flying!
I actually knew many of the participants from before and they really shone!
Thanks guys for joining and sharing such great energy!

I even got to exchange more than 2 words with my lovely NIKE colleagues Anna & Maria. Wonderful! (Sometimes we don´t even get the time to say hello between classes/trains/and flights... :))

Lovely Anna with her hubby Mitcho

HAPPY Feet :)

Or let me re write that...


This is how happy one is after a 7am breakfast with MANGO :)

Man I've missed our POM POM sessions

NOW Hot MOJO and Hot Deep Stretch - some lunch and either Pom's Flow or Simon Krohn.... Never taken any class with Simon before...
What ya think?

Sunday ROCKS




After 4 classes in 2 countries today,I'd say I deserve to go to bed?
Thank you all Danish Dynamite at NIKE Denmark for lifting the energy through the roof, both in the spinning class and in the kettlebell session!
...and thank you Academy Halmstad for part 1 of 2 this morning!

...and not to forget: the company of gorgeous Linda all day and the Jo-glo in my last session! Kick ass work, guys!

Ps. If you are close to Göteborgs-Posten tomorrow, you've got to check it out... :)

Waiting to go on the ferry...

Watching parts of Slatco´s lecture...

This man and I have known each other for more than 14 years.

We were both part of the original 8 who worked with Johnny G.
Slatco "the mentalist" Sterzenbach.

Together with Daniel from Activio and friend & team member Linda J

On the bike

Zumba Party anyone?

What a GREAT day!
Despite my clumsy intro to Denmark yeasterday it has been an amazing day :)

First out the opening show in the main hall - Beautiful and strong girls pole dancing followed by US, the presenters, standing on the stage thinking we were just gonna go up and show our big smiles - instead an ÖVERVINTRAD aerobic instructor with a TIGHT little behind in a SILVER LATEX dress teaches US how the AE moves should be done!!! Hihihi - the funny thing is that whilst he made fun of US - or the way FITNESS looked like 10 years ago - I think that some of the instructors got a bit nervous since the VERY SAME moves was planned to be in THEIR classes.... Hihihiihi

After that I taught HOT MOJO and HOT FLOW - WOW - what amazing yogis u were guys! There was a lot of hearts bursting open in class and I thank you for the TRUST!

A quick lunch then went to check the TRX class, some of the Corebar class :)
Time for BodyBlanace n50 - with the 3 HOT and Stretchy guys :) YUM!

Tried a foam roller class for some inspiration but most of the time I thought only of a nice cappuccino :) Sorry!

Finished with Mo's Kick Ass Kettlebell class - YUM!

Al day I had the PRIVILEGE to hang with this gorgeous and VERY talented man!

We (Balazs and I) Rushed to dinner since they told us it finished at 1830... sitting there in our sweaty clothes (YES baby - sweet is SÖT and SVETT is Sweat ... ;) only to find out later that the REAL dinner started around 19 hahaha

Oh well - ZUMBA party going on now but at the moment I am enjoying my soft bed, some red wine and the HOT STRETCH class music too much :)


Hope your Saturday was FIREWORKS



NIKE Denmark part 1

Strike a pose ;)

Can't wait for these two NUTTERS to come down here!

Right now I feel very lonely being the ONLY POM around!

For example - when the really nice guy who meets me at the airport and introduces himself as Boot from Brussels tells me what a LOVELY country SWEDEN is - I reply saying:

Me - YES! But so is YOUR country!
Boot- Which country?
Me - (thinking, hmm tricky one - he said something on B...) silence...
Boot - Brussels?!
Me - YEEESS :)))))
Boot - Is NOT a country....
Me - Silence (trying to smile it away...)
Boot - So in which country is Brussles?
Me - Still Silence with a fading smile (fuck - i'm not getting out of this one am I....)

Then he says - Well at least you can remember my name since they're both starting with B!
Me - YEAH :)
Boot - So Brussles and B....?
Me - Silence - AGAIN!!!! DAMN!
Well something with Brute, Broot...?! Or no Boots?! Singular or plural?

Phewww I'm of with a GREAT start here in Denmark at the NIKE convention....

Teaching HOT MOJO and HOT FLOW in the morning - so excited - hoping that there will be HEAT!!!!

One question before bedtime though... Am I teaching in Swedish or English you think?
Cause the Hot Mojo has NEVER EVER EVER been taught in English before ...

STOLPEN - What do you think.. POLE?!

Miss my POM and MO

Sweet Dreams Loved ones

Love Jo

Halmstad Part 1

With amazing Linda J in Halmstad getting ready for The Academy event Part 1.
I am SOOOO grateful to have fab company all the way through this busy weekend!

I had a crazily busy day today. Really. More than usual.
After 2 nights of hardly no sleep (Robin has a cold), I drove little one out to grandma´s and grandpa´s. JUST avoided being caught speeding. The nice policeman decided to stop the car next to me. Taught a semi-private for a group of Norweigan physiotherapists. Had an initial meeting with a new (and very exciting) PT-client, followed by a stand-up coffee meeting with Magnus. Almost threw my computer out of the window, when pdf-client refused to work.
Had to drive to printers to manually hand over the material (soooo 90s). Rushed home to not have my clean laundry thrown out of the machines. Answered supadupa important e-mail. Checked out a daycare facility. Checked out an office space. Packed my suitcase. Pulled up at Linda´s only 5 minutes late. Phew!

Starting off with MOJO Yoga at 9.30am tomorrow morning, followed by B.A.D-ride no.1 on the bike - driving down to Denmark immediately after class to teach at NIKE Denmark in Hilleröd - B.A.D-ride no.2 and Kettlebell Challenge...

We should be back in Halmstad around 20.00... Getting ready to do the first 2 classes all over again... :)

Good luck to "our own" Magnus Gårdmark, who is teaching Millennium Exclusive-Periodisera Mera tomorrow together with talented Mattias Reck.

Linda and I chillin´in our room


In the middle of al ZERO Flow right now I am managing to find Flow in the non flow :)

Feels great :)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)



As Mo writes I can feel it!
In yogic terms Karma :)
It all comes together as it was and is meant to be!

Sometimes we might fight it cause it is not taking the road we wanted it to/planned it to/expected it to happen...

But finally we all have to go with the flow of some things - trusting that in the end it will take us to the place we are meant to be, to be the person we were meant to become!

Hard as hell if you're a control freak (as me and I think Mo...)

My mantra when it comes to this is less is more - do less, feel more! Go with the flow!

Sweet dreams

Jo preparing for NIKE Denmark jihooooo
Teaching 4 HOT classes :)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)