Someone, somewhere, in summertime...


What a phenomenal weekend!!!
When Sweden shows this side of sunny, there is nowhere else in the world I´d rather be. I hope you MOJO:ers have had a wonderful time -enjoying the sun, the warmth and the incredibly relaxed atmosphere that seems to rule when spring turns to high summer...

I had my wonderful friend Ulrica here Friday to Saturday. We managed to just fika & hang out for 1 day and a half. Not bad for 2 normally ultra-busy people. Ullis is a dear friend since many years now, and although we don´t get to see each other more than a few times a year, we always make sure that we have some quality time together. She is living her dream at the moment with a new yoga super-studio - OM YOGA opening in August at Norra Bantorget in Stockholm plus a bunch of new books coming out in the next years.

With multi-talented, fierce & fab woman & friend Ulrika Norberg

On Saturday we hung out with sis, M & darling Daisy in the country. P and I were shattered when we finally got to bed. Living in the center of the city has its advantages and its SEVERE disadvantages at times. Being the hottest weekend of the year, student-times, pay-day weekend, etc, it meant that the streets weren´t really quiet, if you know what I mean. So, what´s a pregnant gal got to do? Well, at 00.35am in the morning, I suggested to P that we should move our bedroom into our spare room (the office). P just looked at me incrediously in silence for about 30 sec and then went: "Are you for real?"

He held up for about 10 minutes and then we started to move furniture around...

Today has been spent IKEA-shopping (for a new roller blind), present shopping and celebrating my wonderful, wonderful mum on Mother´s Day. I´ll sleep like a princess in our "new" bedroom tonight....


More than a woman...

FINAL DAY today with miss A!

Mixed feelings... kinda just starting the get into the flow, getting the hang of it and now it's over.

It's been an intense 9 days but I would do it all over again!

I have soo many new tools in my box as I leave Rhode Island.
But even more meaningful - I have made some really GREAT connections with AMAZING people!

Like at this very moment I am sitting in my room listening to More than a women with Bee Gees dancing the Disco Nauli Dance with my roomie, preparing for 4hours of Sweat sweat sweat!!! Doing lines from "A night at the museum" - Faro to Darth Wader: You don't look evil to me, you look a bit to much... like what's with the cape... r u going to the Opera??! And the Breath, I can't even hear my own thinking....... hahahaha

Off to the LAST Supper now folks

Love Jo



Just came back from another Movie with my supa dupa room mate :)

2 more days of yoga with Ana Forrest and then I'm heading to NYC with some delicious crazy yogis!

Ana found my weak spot or soft spot or whatever you want to call it today 5min into class... I felt the tears coming like a river bursting free but then.... I couldn't really let it go.

At least now I know where it sits and I can visit her when I .... (well I could write some bullshit here like when I am ready, when I have the time, when I feel like it bla bla bla but actually....) WHEN I FIND MY VAGINA (balls is the common expression here but it doesn't really fit;)

Isn't it amazing how you can find LIFE everywhere!
From Yoga to the mall to "A night at the Museum" :)

Ben Stiller
taught me this today:

Right on Jo


From laughter to tears to amazment and joy


Slept better last night so today wasn´t bad!
Started up with a café breakfast with gorgeous Malin I, who is only a few weeks behind me with her pregnancy. It was a wonderful opportunity to moan, discuss and LAUGH about different pregnancy issues. The biggest and loudest laughter of the fika? How not to show up at the delivery table with a ...... "beard".... need I say more???

I had lunch with one of the few high school friends that I keep in touch with and also happened to bump into lovely Fatou, who is the group training manager at Gymnasium.

Had a treatment at P´s clinic in the afternoon, after having snuggled with my niece for a bit. My lower back has started to complain loudly in the last week, so P made sure he gave me some tough love in that area...

Ok, so about 1 month to go. It´s amazing to have gone from:
1. Never wanting to have children.
2. Maybe wanting to have 1 child.
3. IF I´m going to have 1 child it will be with this man.
4. I´m going to have a child with this man.

When we finally made the decision it took us 1 month to get pregnant. But we also lost that pregnancy in a miscarriage 5 weeks later on.
It was weird. I was sad and upset and confused. First of all that I COULD get pregnant (for some reason I had had this feeling that maybe I couldn´t?) and secondly, how/why did it not work out? Completely illogical thinking, I know, but remember, I knew NOTHING about pregnancies, let alone miscarriges at this stage... I then learnt that about 25-30% of all first time pregnancies end up in miscarriage. I also learnt that many women around me had gone through the same thing without me knowing aobut it....I was shocked that it was so common and that people just didn´t seem to talk about it... I guess grief is such a personal thing....

I thought my body would need months to recover. It didn´t. I got pregnant again the following month. And went through the most scary experience. I had a very early ultrasound because of my previous experience and when I lay there on the examination table, the midwife couldn´t find anything.
An empty amniotic sac was all there was to see.
I was refered to the city´s main hospital. Over 3 days they measured my progesterone levels and in the end the doctor told me that I would most probably experience another miscarriage within the next few days. 2 days later the bleeding started.

This time it took me longer to recover. Both mentally, but also physically. 7 months to be exact, before I could feel that my body was back to normal. When your body is your working tool, you are so in tune with every aspect of it, that the slightest change can be felt.

After that 7th month, we got pregnant for the 3rd time. And that´s where we are now. Entering week 36. It´s amazing and it´s a joy, however bad I feel during certain days and certain hours. Believe me, I´m grateful.




Two days ago I posted a blog with some questions that you can ask yourself. Like what is most precious in your life, important, what r you proud of etc...

On all of these question my FAMILY came at the TOP!
And that is my mother, grandmother and BROTHER. Look what he did!!!

You rock ELLE :)

Have fun in Gbg and don't crash my home! I love you but there are limits heyyy ;) hihih

Puss Sissi

The Yin and Yang of a Yoga teacher Training


A day full of YOGA (off course)

I am learning so much everyday! Tomorrow I am gonna teach the whole class in front of Ana Forrest (only around 5min but still). She gives MASSIVE feedback in front of the whole group. I like it and am scared of it at the same time - you know - evolve or die :)

As a teacher trainer my self I am really impressed with the way she gives feedback to the students. She is FUCKING HONEST in a way that is truthful and evolving for the student cause you can feel that it is done with the deepest affection! I aim to be able to do that! (have a hard time being THAT honest sometimes....)

Anyhow - there is a time for yoga and there is a time for girl stuff :) So after classes today me and my gorgeous/funny/smart rommie went to dinner and a movie :)


As in Yummy Food, Coffe :) and gorgeous Ewan McGregor in Angels and Demons !!

It is way past bedtime now yogis!

Sweet Dreams



Aggression Central


I DETEST being pregnant.
That´s it. Out in the open.
And some days are worse than others. Today was a "worse" day.
So bad that it made me feel aggressive.

Example? If someone had told me today: "Ohhh, I looooved being pregnant - it was the best time of my life!...." I would have responded with a COLD, LONG, HARD STARE, followed by a very chilling:
"Well, You need to get yourself a PROPER LIFE, then!!!"

With just over 1 month to go, I´m counting the days-the hours-the minutes, until my little Prince arrives. And once that miracle has arrived - sound and healthy - at least I know this is something that I will NEVER, EVER have to experience again...


What matters to YOU?

The 4th day

And it is beautiful! I am standing strong and firm still stating that Ana Forrest is one of the most skill full and present persons I have ever met. She is also a 0 zone NO-BULLSHIT person :)

Perhaps that's why many people interpret her as HARD CORE and say ohhhh when you tell them that you're going to practice with her. But I like it! I like when people are clear, say what they want, what they mean and GO FOR IT! My spirit is like that but I know that I don't always follow through right to the end (in my actions and speach that is). Like most people in our society.

Because we think that we have to be and act and talk to people in certain politically and socially correct ways - which are BULLSHIT really.
Like Ana calls it - we are Sacrificial Hores!! Here take my bread, it is really the last I have and I am starving, but go ahead, take it, really.......

This is part of what we did today - And I am offering it to YOU to practice this with me :)

Answer the following questions:
  1. What do you have that is fullfilling in your life?
  2. What do you have or do that you are proud of?
  3. What do you have in your life that you are greatful for?
  4. Waht is precious in your life right now?
  5. What helps you to live mindful of the sacred gift that is your life?
  6. What do you need to change to honour your life?
Your homework is to practice what you wrote down (and if you don't know how to practice it, figure it out!) during this week!

Today was a good day - cause I choose to have one ;)

Of to do my homework now :)
(That is playing basketball cause my spirit told me to :)

La la Love Jo



"Little" J shows feature of strength...


Children, DO NOT try this at home...


Kettlebell - training with Steve Cotter

"Now, where did I put that kettlebell...?"

Hilde from Norway, KB-Swinging soft style at 8 months pregnant - fierce!

GO NORWAY! This bunch of people = awesome KB-lifters!
Christian, Kari, Hilde & Lisbet

With the very sweet, very lovely (even if they look tough and hard) guys from Crossfit Nordic.
Erik, Tomas, Rickard & Einar.

She´s tiny - but VERY strong and with a beautiful technique: Ayame.

WOW. It´s great to feel small and light again! "Little John" - doing lifting with pregnant woman.
Fab person, with the nicest smile and heart...
oh, and with the COOLEST name:
John Wild Buckley...

The man, the myth, the legend: Steve Cotter.
The things he can do with his body are a bit out of this world.


Struggle Free?!

Thank you ALL for your loving words, they really mean a lot to me!

Especially today when I got back from the first yoga session 7am-12 non stop ADVANCED ASANA.

I was exhausted, not physically but mentally!
Forrest yoga is a very different style of yoga compared to what I normally teach. You hold the poses for quiet some time, the room is heated to 35-38° Celsius BUT the most challenging part is the mental journey you go through. Ana is an AMAZING teacher and there is not one singel thing that you can get away with. She even sees all the crap that you do that YOU'RE not even awear of.

Anyhow... this morning the intention with the class was STRUGGLE FREE.

I am not joking when I say that the room was full of people screaming like animlas being hunted down. I can take a lot but those screams went right into my soul like a dirty knife, twisting, turning, unwinding itself.

I was exhausted! I ran straight brack to my room and took a long shower. Thinking about NOT going back in the afternoon.

But of course I did (if you know me!) and I am glad that I did.
I am learning and it is hard cause it is not BLACK or WHITE as you all know.

I just got back from a DELICIOUS dinner with FAB girls! Feelt like getting a bit naughty tonight so we went to an Italian restaurant and had fried food and cappucionos :) Lovelly !!

My favourite quote of the day:

They/You need EXECUTION - not EDUCATION. It's gonna get answerd by FEELING it!
-Ana Forrest

Throw yurselfs in there MOJO readers


Scrambled brain


Looking all over the place after our camera cable, so that I can publish some cool photos and videos from Steve Cotter´s Kettelbell education this weekend.... Ehhh, being pregnant does not help when you try to get your brain cells collaborating....
Give me a few more hours....


Just make me wanna SHOUT

It's Funny!
During a YOGA Intensive there are certain Do's and Dont's.
Some secret and not so secret RULES that you have to play by:

  • Drink Coffey, coca cola
  • Eat any processed foods (ice cream is out of the question)
  • Smoke or take any drugs (well, off course!)
  • Use any kind of perfume
  • Joke about going out for a drink, ooops!

  • Drink loads of TEA
  • LISTEN carefully and very intensely
  • CRY
  • Open up to your past - some people LOVE to talk about it to
  • Wear Colourful hippie yoga clothing
  • Eat loads of granola bars
  • Hug for hours

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE YOGA!!!
But this afternoon was just a little bit to much for me. I know that I will recover and get back on the mat tomorrow but sometimes I just feel like shaking it all off, stand up and do a Victory Dance with a shoot of tequila in my hand :)

It is interesting also how the different schools of yoga and their community differs.
This training that I am doing now has brought a lot of serious and "damaged" (I know we all are more or less, but these are MORE) yogis together. Hence a quiet deep and serious tone!
Which in turn makes me wanna shout and get down!

But who knows. Even I might break during these days.
One thing that I figured out today was:

I am a MASTER at keeping my shit together!
I have a lot of really cool cooping skills - That is GREAT. I got my diploma, I can hang it on the wall. Perhaps it is now time to practice falling apart?!!

What do you say?

Hoooo Jo




It seems that JO and I are good at finding sensational people and FANTASTIC teachers.... (Ms Forest sounds just like my cup of yoga teacher!...)

After 4 days with the man on the video above, I am TRULY INSPIRED!

He came to see me in Gothenburg for 2 days and then P and I spent the weekend at his wicked teacher training course in Motala.

A full report will follow tomorrow.

Ana Forrest TT Part 1

It's been a FULL ON day for sure!!

This woman is hilarious :)

I was expecting a monster, a female HITLER (you know what I mean) but instead I've spent the whole day in the loving care of a SUPAWOMAN!

There is not one single detail that she doesn't see - whilst some might interpret it as a HARD CORRECTION, A FAULT, I see that she's only speaking the TRUTH. And that can be hard sometimes since we're not used to that.

I've been to MANY Teacher Trainings and I have to say that this is the first time that the Teacher knows my name AND gives me personal feedback + corrections (several) in the first day!

Can't wait for tomorrow!
MO - You would have LOVED it here :)

My favourite comment of the day:
After a full on sequence being upside-down Ana tells the yogis to come down. So people start doing embryo (or childs pose as many call it).
Ana - Don't go to EMBRYO. I think 9 months is more than enough! Don't you?!

That's my kind of GURU

Jihaaa Jo


Breaking HABITS!

Heeeeej from far away :)

So I am HERE!
In Warwick, 1 hour from Boston if that means anything to you.

After some wild full on days where I tried to squeeze in everything from my privates to my projects, from my friends to family and my economy to everyday-must-do's. I finally made it on the plane to NYC.
Woke up at 5am to pack my bags and sort out my apartment - never packed that fast in my entire life. A taxi to the airport at 630. Flight via Düsseldorf to Newark where they hardly let me in saying something about a form I hadn't filled out - must be a new thing (oh right, have to fill it out NOW!!)!

A train ride and a taxi ride later I arrived at the HOMESTEAD SUITS where I am staying for the training ( a bit nervous since I hadn't booked a room for the night, kinda hoping for the best:).

Phuu ......

Woke up at 5am this morning but with a little help from my eye pillow I managed to fall back to sleep and woke up at 12 instead :) That's more like it!!

The manager here is soo friendly ! I had no IDEA where I was this morning or what to do. But he was taking another girl to Whole Foods, so I joined them.

After 2 hours of grocery shopping and 150 dollars poorer he came back and picked us up!

I LOVE WHOLE FOODS - but this time it was a bit different. After seeing my osteopath a couple of weeks ago we came to the conclusion that I should eat less (or really NO) carbs and much more FAT for some time.... I LOVE BREAD - and CEREAL - and FRUIT so this is kinda hard for me.....

But I am willing to give it a go!

You know how you when you shop you buy the things you NORMALLY buy... well I had to think it all over today.
Whole FAT milk, WHOLE fat Yoghurt, Butter, Eggs, Avocados, and loads of GREEN stuff (i normally get this but not all the WHOLE FAT stuff...)

P, I do hope that you know what you are talking about!!!

Thinking of going for a run now - who knows how the next 10 days will be like?
Ana Forrest got a rather nasty reputation of breaking people.... in a sort of good way if you know what I mean!

Love from the land where all your dreams come true!



New training routine


It´s a BEAUTIFUL day, warm and sunny.
We had a lazy breakfast at our new "local", Starcups, with sis, Mike, Terz & Febs, followed by a light training session in the gym.
High reps (16-25) with low weight (30-50% of 1RM) is the new black. It gets the blood circulation going and does NOT give violent contractions. At least I´m a fast learner.

After the session last Friday, where I sort of "forgot" that I´m 8 months pregnant and did heavy, heavy STRONG lifting, I didn´t feel too great afterwards. I was never worried for "Putte" and I, it was just not comfortable at all.

JOJO left for the US this morning. She has promised to keep us posted from her amazing yoga trip to the legend Ana Forrest. I miss her already!





We are moving on August 1.
The dream apartment is ours.
It took over 6 months to find it, but it was all worth it in the end. Incredible.





For all the tips
The support
Your energy
Your thoughts
Your humour
Your time

Göteborgs Varvet was one of THE BEST things ever :)
I had such a GOOD TIME thanks to YOU!

I know, it might sound a bit miss goodietosho BUT I am telling you, as I crossed the finish line and wanted to do it all over again - one more round - the least!! I am so proud of myself that I completed my GOAL - of running with a smile on my face, with a light heart and wanting to do it at least once more in life :) (that is not finishing with a heart attack and throw up at the finish line!!). Instead I am thinking of NYC Marathon 2010 :) With your support that is - Couldn't have done it without YOU!

  • MO - Endless life/running coach and BEST friend + Polar Time keeper :)
  • POM (Mango) - Put that pussy on it! Best MALE HEJARKLACK ALL TIMES!
  • Emma - BEST FEMALE HEJARKLACK :) Jumping out in the middle of Hisingen with a big belly shouting - You're gonna WINN!!!! Hahah Love to you supawoman
  • A:E - The night before, On Avenyn and the day after - sending me ENERGY greater than Life itself - You are my MR PASSION
  • M - Did it in 1:17 with a broken bodypart!! Just that is INSPIRATION. Guiding me along the track mentally, here do this, there do that, train like this, this distant, that day, this way :) Great
  • Tobbe - Mr ATLAS! Directing me around Skatås! Supporting me ARMY Style before and after! Don't drink at the last station - your body can't use that water anyway... etc etc hahah :)
  • Mom - In every way
  • P - For giving me the LUNGS to run like the WIND :)
  • Bro - Spent 25sek on his sister even though he thought it was to expensive! Only to find out I've given him the WRONG number.... love
  • Krull - I was running along your imaginary side along the entire course - feeling your love for the SPONGE at Götaplatsen :) Feeling your thirst for ENERVIT at the last station :)
  • Mr Flow - Our trips to Skatås battling the RUNNER Bros: We=NIKE +!! from far away Karlstad - holding one thumb :)
  • Ipod - Wow, Music really makes the world go round!
  • And all you Gorgeous YOGINI ladies who cheered me on a long the track, on sms and via mail!
Meeting up at Hagabadet for chill after the run :)
Balance is KEY in life!

Celebrating with Schlager, rosé and Apple Pie at Villa POM in Linné
with mom and FAB friends
Lazy Sunday with mom shopping and then BACKYARD BABIES at Berså jihaaa

Perfect way to end a GREAT weekend!



Bränn dina Skepp!

Sorry International MOJO readers, the Vicky in me pops up and Swenglish here we go!

I love Inspirational letters but sometimes they're just too much! You know, bla bla bla....

So I've done the work for you :) This is one of my favourites from A!


En av de intressantaste studier som jag har sett av detta gjordes av Dan Gilbert, professor i psykologi på Harvard. Enligt den har vi ett sorts mentalt immunsystem som tolkar om våra upplevelser som gör att vi kan ta något bra och faktiskt må dåligt över det. Fördelen är naturligtvis att vi kan ta något riktigt jobbigt och tycka att det var bra för oss. Man kan på sätt och vis säga att vi på insidan kan tillverka känslan av lycka och framgång med vilka yttre omständigheter som helst som byggmaterial. Med andra ord ligger det en hel del i vad mormor sa: ”Det är inte hur man har det, det är hur man tar det.”

Den positiva sidan av denna till synes märkliga mentala funktion i hjärnan verkar dessutom fungera allra bäst om vi inte har något val. I studien som professor Gilbert gjorde organiserade de en kort fotokurs för Harvard studenter. De låter sedan studenterna välja ut sina två bästa foton under kursen. Därefter får de välja vilket av de fotona de vill behålla. Det andra kommer skolan att ta hand om för ”arkivering”. Halva gruppen får reda på att det arkiverade fotot kommer att vara kvar i fyra dagar och att de under denna tid kan komma och byta fram och tillbaka som de vill om de skulle ändra sig. Den andra gruppen får reda på att det val de gör nu är för alltid då arkiveringsfotot kommer att skickas iväg till ”högkvarteret” och de kommer aldrig att se det igen.

Sex dagar senare följer man upp de båda grupperna och kollar hur mycket de nu i efterhand gillar den bild de valde. Det är här det börjar bli intressant. Gruppen som inte kunde byta sin bild gillar den bättre nu - och dessutom mycket bättre. De som gått och funderat på vilken de ska ta (kanske är den andra bättre ändå?) visar sig inte gilla sin bild alls lika mycket längre. När vi inte kan ändra på vårt beslut gör vi med andra ord om vår upplevelse i huvudet och bestämmer oss för att den vi tog till och med är bättre än vi trodde och den vi inte tog är till och med sämre än vi tyckte innan.

Vi anser alltså nu att vi har gjort ett framgångsrikare val och känner oss lyckligare. När vi kan ändra oss gör vi upp fantasier om att den vi inte valde nog var bättre än vi tyckte innan, medan den vi faktiskt valde verkar allt mindre åtråvärd för varje minut av tvivel.

Så mitt förslag till dig under denna vecka och framåt är: gör gärna research och skapa valmöjligheter åt dig själv. Men se sedan till att ta ett beslut som står fast. Bränn dina skepp och gå framåt och upptäck att dina riktiga beslut gör att du känner dig - och därmed är - både framgångsrikare och lyckligare.






The last few days my life has been a rollercoaster. And let me tell you, with such a high level of pregnancy hormones running around the system, it´s not always that my reactions have been "normal" MO-reactions...

I´ve gone from:

- being highly excited about an apartment bid - to being devastated when we had to throw in the towel,
- feeling strong and invincible in the gym on Friday - to feeling down, and sad and oh, so tired-SLEEP DEPRIVED!.... and too heavy and too uncomfortable for too long, on Sunday evening (needing a big ol´cry on P´s shoulder),
- wearing high heels and a sparkly dress on Saturday, to wanting to live in my grey NIKE sweatpants for the rest of my life (but refusing to give in to that notion - at least after 11am)...

...and now - it´s all up, up, up and away again!

I promise I will tell you all about it after 6pm tomorrow night, because it´s not done until it´s done...

THANK YOU C for your kind help, consideration and for setting up the contact!
Much love to you, my friend.



Bump(er) to Bump(er)


The golden rule for a growing bump, ladies (mine entering week 34, Malin´s in week 30...):
High heels and a dress are THE PERFECT accessories.



The winner...1:01:53

Nicholas Manza Kamakya. Blink and you´ll miss him. INCREDIBLE stuff. And he wasn´t even puffing....

Ana Dulce Felix

Ana Dulce Felix. Fastest woman - winning time: 1:11:28.
In a class of her own, she ran the first 10k in 33:11.
MOJO salutes you.



Good luck JOJO in today´s Göteborgs-Varvet!

Things needed for a fast, comfortable run:

Startnumber, iPod, foot sensor, watch and glamourous headband...

...and last, but not least: a super-charged JOJO!

I tell you, when she passed us at 1.9k, she didn´t even break a sweat! Finishing time should be anything between 1.45-1.50. Fab work, partner! You kicked serious ass today!



Ohh, so sorry! Forgot to write about one VITAL part when it comes to setting goals and achieving them!
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you boost your MOTIVATION, not only with sound but also with pictures!!

Here are mine for the day :)




So this is IT!
It is today!

Yesterday was a day of a day after a PARTY day!
So it was a slow sweet day --- hardly made it to Slottskogsvallen where I had to pick up my envelope for the competition. I don't really understand what's in it ... 3 things:
  1. A big paper with my name and number on it (I get this one!)
  2. A black stripe (kardborre tror jag?)
  3. A round white piece of plastic
I have been dreaming nightmares about these little pieces all night long - So now I am off to my TEAM at Hagabadet (whom I've never meet since I've been working every time they've been meeting!), to ask them what these funny things are all about!

Here is my playlist by the way - a bit unclear perhaps but this is the best I could do!
I know that there will be great music all over the track/course but I still want my Ipod - as a backup ;)

  • When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) 3.09 David Guetta
  • Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite remix) 3.42 Spank Rock
  • Betty Davies Eyes AxwellMix 5.50 MoDelicious
  • When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) [Electro Radio Edit] 3.02 David Guetta
  • In for the Kill 5.03 La Roux
  • Touch You Right Now (feat. D-FLEX) [Radio Version] 3.17 Basic Element
  • Baby, I Know, You do that to all the girls 7.36 Solange Knowles
  • Changes 7.48 MoDelicious
  • When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) [Norman Doray & Arno Cost Remix] 7.13 David Guetta
  • Day 'n' Nite (Mobin Masters Remix) 7.18 Kid Cudi vs. Crookers
  • Put your loving hands... 3.41 Ajay
  • Breathe Me 4.31 Sia
  • When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) [Albin Myers Remix] 8.29
  • You got me burnin up 7.03 Cevin Fisher
  • Even if it's going wrong HouseMix 5.55 AndreasFlowJuni
  • Hey World (Don't Give Up Version) 4.09 Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony 5.58 The Verve
  • WomanizerMix 5.47 Britney Spears
  • Rehab MIX 6.58 Amy Winehouse
  • When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) [Abel Ramos Paris With Love Mix] 8.14 David Guetta
  • Bonkers 4.32 Dizzee Rascal
  • Rosie - Rock/HouseMix 5.42 AndreasFlow
  • Every You Every Me (Single Mix) 3.36 Placebo
  • RedHotChilliPeppers HouseMix 4.22 AndreasFlow
  • SpankLåt :) 6.01 AndreasFlowJuni
  • A Rush of Blood to the Head 5.50 Coldplay
  • Colorblind 3.24 Counting Crows
Yep! There's a lot of WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, I know that but it kinda turnes it into a meditation - the song keeps on popping up - i like it :)

Mom is coming up today :)
Not to see me run though, she is a bit afraid of me running with my whiskey voice and when I talked to her on the phone last night I felt like I was 5 years old again - having done something BAD. You know the feeling! I know she didn't mean to - she probably just cares about me :)
MOM I LOVE YOU and I am going to take it SLOW and EASY ...... !!

My biggest challenge today is to take it SLOW! Not to rush and push hard - OMG! Cross your fingers that I'll make it!

See you on the other side!



5 out of 5


Brandy at Trädgårn.
No dancers. No moving stage.
No light show.
No fancy haute couture dresses.

Just a 4-man band and two background singers.
Fancy show and stage costume: 2 out of 5
Hairdo: -5 out of 5. Not even a crow would make a home in her hair.

On stage: one of my favourite singers from the 90s. Who have sold over 25million records worldwide. Who has had her own succesful TV-show. (Who is the cousin of Snoop Dogg!)
With a voice like honey mixed with silk.

Ripping off hit by hit,

"Full moon"
"What about us"
"Almost doesn´t count"
"Have you ever"
"Top of the world"
"Boy is mine"
& of course, my personal favourite: "I wanna be down"

JEZ. And we could stand so close that even I (with my blindness) could see that she had no wrinkles in her face and that she has very nice arms - without getting trampled upon.

Like our good friend Riki D so perfectly put it (after Brandy´s opening number, "Afrodisiac" sent shivers down our spines) : "This is what I mean! Beyoncé is a fantastic artist, but Brandy, Brandy is a true musician!"

Concert total: 5 out of 5.

It´s a crying shame so few people turned up. She deserved at least as many people as Beyoné pulled to Scandinavium Monday night. The business of entertainment is ruthless....



I wanna be down with you


Brandy at Trädgårn tonight!

"Putte" must be wondering what the heck is going on this week....

I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions this morning. Not very pleasant. Not painful, but NOT pleasant. (Braxton Hicks contractions are "mock-contractions" which do NOT lead to delivery of the baby..). The belly went harder than a Champions League football and the pressure on the pelvic floor was enough to move a 5-ton truck. Or something.

My body is getting prepared...

JO and I had a look at the Matthew Williamson-collection at H&M. I love his look-strong colours and patterns-beautiful for summer! But also different enough to really stand out, which means that anywhere you go this summer, you will end up wearing the same skirt, tunic, bikini like several other women at the beach, restaurant, club, etc.

I´ll save some money to spend on the new maxomorra-collection instead. Lovely, colourful children´s wear, ohhhh, "Putte" will be a well-dressed toddler! :)


In For The Kill

This morning was a sleep in, the first in 3 weeks I think :)
I woke up to the tune of fab F singing OuOuOuOu on my phone Beyonce style!
Tonight is LIVING in Gothenburg, the perfect warm up for half a marathon :)

But before that I really need to dive into my e-mail box. Don't know what my issue is... I love reading the e-mails but then I have such a hard time answering them - I want to, I really do but there is usually so much I want to say that I dread having to write back, I'd much rather go visit the person and have a fika hahaha

O well!

Thinking of going for a tiny run, the last one before the marathon. Rest to get in shape - never heard about that! In my business there's no time for resting your physical body in shape since you are either teaching classes or doing your own training. I know this is NOT optimal but that's the life I've chosen and I'm not gonna let it hold me back from doing my thing and other things at the same time :)

Thursday Thirst everybody ;)



FIERCE shape


Wow. We spent the evening in a room full of about 50 pregnant women (and their partners) tonight.
It was the 1st out of 3 information evenings about giving birth and all its surronding events. I met 2 women that I know. One is due more or less the same week as me and the other one is expecting in September. Greeting these aquaintances made me wonder:

What is the politically correct way of hugging a pregnant woman (when you both sport big bellies)???

Do you sort of dodge to one side (like in French airkissing) or do you resolutely rub bump with the other woman? If anyone knows the correct answer to this one, please let me know.

My sleep has taken a holiday. And last night was the 4th night in a row that I didn´t sleep properly. I was knackered when I got up! Bless all the fantastic people - all my regulars, who showed up to my very last class of this term, my Wednesday morning yoga!
Special thanks to J and Mia, who have visited both me and JO in the last couple of weeks.

Now it´s resting time and private training time.

This is my planned "schedule" for the next 6 weeks, or until delivery:

- Strength work 3 times per week (back, shoulders, arms, coupled with squats and oblique work)
- Walking or Biking 30min, 4 times per week.
- Stretching/Yoga. 20min every day.
- Meditation/Breath work. 10-15min every day.
- Sleeping/napping/resting, minimum 1h every day.
Delivering a baby is one helluva physical challenge. I´m planning to be in FIERCE shape when "Putte" is ready to come out...

Hey World

What you say :?

Another lovely day on this planet and I am way to excited!!!

My mantra for the day is THIS MOMENT THIS MOMENT

So many exciting stuff going on and I easily run run run towards them (kinda like I do when I run downhill - I love it so much that I loose control and speed up till I stumble upon my self and crash!)

Hey World, What you say?




Love Jo


Hippie khaya é mother....

London was wicked Afro Power Dance, sweet Yin, innovative yogalates and deep contemplations mixed up with Gin and Tonic, R n B, Champagne, Up in the Clouds, shoe shopping and lots, lots of beautiful meetings with old and new friends!

As always i have a tendency to mix things up and this time it concerned the PARTY Saturday night at Katy's flat (the beautiful yogini I did the workshop with!).

She reminded me the night before my flight that the dress code was FANCY DRESS: Up in the clouds. So I figured a cocktail dress, kind of dreamy since they live in the penthouse and hence the sub line "up in the clouds".

Spent most of the Friday looking for shoes and a bag to go with my "fancy dress" and was so satisfied with my shopping :)

Asking Katy what she was wearing for the party she answered:
- Warrior Zena (or something like that)
Me in my mind: Hmmm that's a strange outfit - And when she asked: - What r u dressing up as?
I understood - I made a huge mistake!

FANCY DRESS does NOT equal Cocktail dress!!!
It is a COSTUME dress up party and I had NOTHING!!

I could either rent a costume for XXX pounds or........... YEAH! Make my cocktail dress into a HIPPIE outfit :)

This was the outcome:

I found a wicked spliff, eatable necklace, a badge saying 21 and THE SHOES worked :)
Not to bad ha..... :)

The party was WICKED! People in England really know who to do FANCY DRESS!!!!

There were superheroes, clouds, donughts, pornstars, you name it!
Fell a sleep at around 10 in the morning - had a soft breakfast at Le Pain Quotiden with a loved one before taking the flight back home!

This week isn't any less colourful:
BEYONCE - Mo, I totally agree with you!! Very good overall summery! My favourite was HALO :)
Running GBG Varvet (half marathon) on Saturday and before that I am thinking of attending not one but TWO fab Party's :) What do you think, is that how you prepare for 21k's?

Of to La la land now


Running to stand still

THANK YOU JOJO, for a fantastic fika in the sunshine today! My stomach muscles are still sore from all the laughter! Picture taken just before the Beyoncé concert last night...


At 33 1/2 weeks, I decided I won´t go running any more during this pregnancy. Which was a tough decision to make, since the weather was absolutely perfect for a run today... Instead I put on my baggy sweatpants, a non-technical vest and my non-running sunglasses and walked my way around Skatås. BORING, but it felt nice afterwards... It also gave me some time to study the various running styles...and seeing how some people run, it´s a small miracle that more people don´t get injured!

I also put my start number at the Göteborgs-Varvet up on Blocket. :(
It sold within 2h and I´m now waiting for the buyer to pick it up. I was supposed to do my last event this Saturday, but it was cancelled last week...(which I normally would have been quite pissed off about, but now it just seemed like the Universe thought I needed an early break...) and selling my start number was the only way to ENSURE I won´t get any last minute crazy ideas...

I taught my final Spinning/Kettlebell class of the season last night and when I was done I thought: "Yep. I´m all ready. Bring some peace and quite and "me-time" around!" Physically, I probably could have done at least 3 more weeks, but mentally? No.
There´s other stuff to focus on now.


Beyoncé I AM..tour


Beyoncé was amazing.
Phenomenal voice.
Radiant charisma.

The show was great.
Fantastic dancers.
Outrageous clothes, thanks to Thierry Mugler.
Stunning visual effects.
(...and I loved the Youtube-potpurri of different amateur videos doing "Put a ring on it")

All of the above= 5 out of 5.

Unfortunately, the new material feels a bit weak in places in comparison to all the monster-hits she has delivered throughout the years. Too many slow songs brings the pace down. The shivers down my spine were there, but mainly during the "old" numbers: "Crazy in love", the Destiny´s Child medley and "Irreplaceable".

Show & concert total? 3 out of 5.



Beyoncé LIVE


Yes, yes, yes: She is stunningly beautiful, incredibly talented and tonight she is LIVE in Gothenburg. She is, of course, BEYONCE!

MOJO will be there-both of us-giving you a full report.

(It would be THE concert of the year if she magically got her husband to appear on stage with her...)

What are feelings without emotions?

Back from London and I am INSPIRED :)
3 days - 3 lives - 3 worlds
And yet it is nice to be back!
We can fight our desires
But when we start making fires
We get ever so hot
Whether we like it or not
They say we can love who we trust
But what is love without lust?
Two hearts with accurate devotions
And what are feelings without emotions?

I'm going in for the kill
I'm doing it for a thrill
Oh I'm hoping you'll understand
And not let go of my hand

Let's go to war
To make peace
Let's be cold
To create heat
I hope in darkness
We can see
And you're not blinded by the light from me

Sweet Dreams Jo


Super Sale


I have some amazing friends. One of them is R, who on his day off arranged a phenomenal day today.
R is a high end educator in Sales. His daily fee run into x.000s. Anyway, R decided that many of his closest friends would really benefit getting better in sales and could really learn one or two things from his coaching...so today 12 of his friends gathered together and received a fantastic day of super-sales education - FOR FREE!

Thanks R - you are a star.
The stuff you taught us today was inspiring, educational, usable and it will certainly make all of us 100% better at selling our services, products, ideas, etc.

At the end of yet another weekend, I´m happy and so, so tired. I´ve entered week 33 of my pregnancy, which means: 7wks to go! The week ahead holds a lot of fun stuff:

- Beyoncé´s concert tomorrow night!
- The first out of 3 sessions informing us about the delivery and its surrounding events.
- Finding the apartment of our dreams.
- Brandy´s concert on Thursday night.
- Teaching my 2 last classes before maternity leave.

Bring it on!



When the gym gets boring....

I would love to master urban acrobatics...(actually one of VERY few things I will not try out 32 wks pregnant...)

Like a live computer game... do you think I could sell it like that to "Putte" at the age of 15? "Hey honey, why stay inside in front of a computer screen when you can go and jump buildings outside???"

Better get a kick ass health insurance...




Do you know what I miss?

I miss going out for a 10k run and feeling like I´m flying.
I miss being able to go into more or less any shop, try on a size 36 and see it fit perfectly.
I miss being able to roll over in bed without feeling like my intestines (OR my baby) will fall out.
I miss feeling hungry. How little space can my stomach really have these days???
I miss being the one "in charge" of my body, instead of being controlled completely by a very tiny human being, weighing less than 2kg. (The same little human being that seems to think that the belly button is a secret door, a pathway and a short cut out - to freedom...)

I know it will all be worth it in the end. And I can´t WAIT to meet him. The new love of my life. The addition to my little family.
But today is just one of those days...


The ULTIMATE YogaWorkshop

Off to LONDON in the morning!

Going to do a wicked workshop with one of the worlds sweetest and loveliest yoginis - Katy Appleton :)

I was planning on cutting down the party factor after Valborg but when opportunities like these come along you just gotta go with the flow!

Katie and her boyfriend got us tickets to see this yummey guy on friday night and on Saturday we are warming up the London Skyline in their new apartment. Considering my last London/Pub experience I'm thinking it won't be an early night!

See back in Sweden Monday!

Much Love Jo


Winding down....

The Strawberry Cake that J brought this morning!....

THANKS to J, who brought Strawberry Cake to my yoga class this morning!!!! J, you can come back any time! ;)

How can a day go wrong after that? Not possible...

- Had a tea and a chat with lovely Mary,
- went for lunch with P,
- led a coaching session
- set my last spinning60 of this term...the class is at 17.30 tonight

A bit sad but, at the same time, I´ll be back in September, stronger than ever!



THRIVE don't just survive!!

A great day with fun classes!

The CORE & STRETCH class is one of my favourites and today I had some HOT company in the HOT Yoga class - THE LADIES from up North! Crossing my fingers that we'll .... in the .... so that we can ..... in the North :) Get it :?

A quick date with my POM and then full on ECONOMY work at the JIRA office (dread doing it but it feels so good once it is done! Strange huh, shouldn't it be FUN to write invoices and cash in money?!).

Perhaps I found the time to do my invoices since the option was to cruise to Skatås and go for a run hahah...

So when there were no more invioces to write I had to bite the bullet - biked 16km - ran 10km(with many HILLS!) - biked 16km back (on a cruiser that is!!)

Lovely FIKA in the sunshine with a REAL runner who gave me some GBG-Varvet tips + some great energy!

What a day :)

So to finish of in style I would like to GIVE you a GIFT!

Here she is

Patricia Moreno - a beautiful soul, woman and urban warrior!
She inspires me to do my thing and now she's got her own BLOG!


Love Jo

A red day

Dress bash, tights Wolford, shoes Essential...
A good day-even if I slept badly again last night. It´s hard finding a good sleeping position when the belly lives a life of its own and the soles of my feet and palms of my hands are BOILING (just like when you have a fever)... The baby factory is working overtime...
My accountant re-scheduled to Monday, which meant I could work uninterrupted for most of the day.
Had two great meetings in the afternoon and now it´s time for dinner.
Tomorrow I´m teaching my last Spinning60 at Gymnasium Sisjön 17.30, will you join me?


Retail Therapy


During this whole pregnancy business, I haven´t felt like shopping AT ALL... It´s not very encouraging when old sizes fly out the window and only over-sized items fit over the bump. Which means: pregnancy means black numbers for your bank account!

However, today was a different day...maybe I got inspired when P came home for lunch and saw me wearing a pair of HUGE harem-pants pulled up to my armpits & burst out: "OBELIX?!" (as in Asterix & Obelix...)

I came back with 3 new dresses, new shoes and...a new handbag...Gorgeous!

In Walnut-brown - a gorgeous clutch from Hoss Intropia...


When LIFE takes OVER!

So I am still recovering from the weekend!

It’s been an amazing FULL on energetic weekend.
During the days I’ve been training for the GBG half marathon and educating new AFRO POWER DANCE instructors and during the night I’ve been spending time with friends jumping, shouting, lovin it!

DAVID GUETTA – I saw him at Park Lane one year ago and then I had NO IDEA who he was – a DJ is a DJ is DJ what’s the difference?!

But that was then – I still remember that night, there was so much love in the air and I never wanted the night to end!

This Saturday the expectations were ON! And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed ☺
I was standing close to the stage a bit to the left – when she appeared - KELLY ROWLAND! Oh my GOD! Such a hot foxy lady – with an ANGEL’s voice! No I can’t wait to see Beyonce ☺

People ask me how I do it and sometimes I ask myself how I do it – and the answer is plain and simple – when you love what you do you GET ENERGY from it! And that’s for everything in life – weather its exercise, spending time with your loved one, friends, family, taking care of your home, preparing dinner etc.

But NO my plan is not to abandon sleep from my life – I LOVE that to. It’s all about the yin and yang isn't it ?!



The funniest man alive?


After fighting with Ticnet for about 90min, I´m finally the proud owner of tickets to Eddie Izzards show at Scandinavium, here in Gothenburg 20.00 on Dec 20!


Task of the Week


It´s true.

Pregnancy brings out the "nesting"-instinct. I´ve never had that feeling before and it´s quite unnerving that having a bump means that you desperately want to get your home in order for the big arrival. Not that our current home is not in order, but it would be nice to find a place to buy, instead of renting.

Sis & M went through their move on Friday and they now own a lovely, lovely apartment in one of the most coveted streets in this city. Our goal is to find something very close to where they are. Not the most simple task, but hey, why do simple things when you can make them more challenging?...

We spend so much time at each others homes it would be the most practical solution. Also with Bebbo on the way, imagine how helpful it would be to live just around the corner from each other?

Soooo..Task of the week: Find new home and let nesting instincts FLY...