HAPPY New Year!


May 2009 be the year that you MAKE all your wishes come true.

Thank you for time, your support and your love,

Spread the word, get MOJO:ed

See you in the New Year



The round of 2008 is coming to an end

Exactly one year ago I was in India, Kerala.

Starting the day with 1-hour meditation on the beach in the sunset followed by a 3! Hour yoga practice surrounded by palm trees, talking parrots, elephants and warm rays from our favorite star. I was in the company of some of my favorite people, N, the ever-rocking Povel, my PRANA Guru Shiva Rea and exquisite yogis from all over the world. There was wining and dining and traditional Indian dancers, singers and magicians.

The Indian DJ spinned records as if there was no tomorrow as we danced under the stars. Still there was something missing… There was something in my soul that called for my attention. Today I know what it was and once more I have learned the significance of trusting that inner voice.

Once I realized this I could let it go and enjoy the moment since there was nothing I could do at that time, in India, on the beach.

And there they were: ABBA!!!! For some reason the Indian DJ decided that the first song of 2008 shall be: DANCING QUEEN ☺

The 3 Swedes took over the dance floor and welcomed the New Year with fabulous moves never seen by the human eye before ☺

Who knows what song 2009 and will bring. I am now in the RIGHT place at the right time, I can feel it in my soul. This is a good place to take a leap from, into the New Year!!!

What song are you playing for 2009?

Love to dance with you soon



Beautiful Life

Delsjön 30 december, 10:49am


Wow, it was a very emotional morning.

We had an appointment at "Barnmorskegruppen" at 8am to do our (or should I say, Paddeln´s) KUB-test. The test is an ultrasound where different measurements are taken of the baby, coupled with the results from blood tests previously taken from me. Together the test will show the likeliehood of Down´s Syndrome + 2 other chromosome disabilities.

The 10 minutes or so that the ultrasound took, was one of the most fascinating "movies" I´ve seen for years! Paddeln has grown so much!!! Last time it was 3.5cm and now it was up to 8cm! Also it stood up at first ("like a tin soldier" the midwife said) and then it moved around like a little gymnast! It showed us its arms (2!), legs (2!), fingers and toes, spine, brain, intestines, all whilst the tiny little heart was beating like a bumblebee. Actually it showed us its fingers quite a few times, (probably because it´s getting tired of having "The Paddle" as a working name...)

I had tears in my eyes & P was hugging my right shin like crazy.

We both burst out laughing out loud when in succession the Paddle gave us a "Namaste"-greeting, followed by a perfect Baddha Konasana - wow, it´s already started its yoga practice!!!

It was such a relief to recieve the results about 10 minutes later and to find out that the likeliehood of any chromosome defect is miniscule.

We walked out with a phenomenal black and white photograph of our little one, 13weeks+4days old.

What a beautiful day.


This one is for YOU

Paddeln :)

Haven't meet you yet but I already know:




Looking forward to Part 1:

All my bags are packed I am ready to go...

well almost!


I am going to study with this wicked lady for about a month in May outside of New York!

Uhuhuhu soo excited :)

Wanna join me?


Below Zero


As the temperature falls below zero here in Gothenburg and the landscape is transformed to a Christmas postcard, it´s lovely to have some fresh holiday photos to dream about...

Definitely a beach to dream about...

3 months pregnant on a beach in the Similian islands...

Look what I found!

Footprints in the sand. Kho ko khao beach.


You Shall RISE!

From my friend THE UNIVERSE...

You live in a world of illusions. A world that springs from a much deeper and far greater reality. And while at times the illusions are indeed ugly, with your physical senses you only see the tip of the iceberg. If you could see the whole, you'd discover that the unpleasantness was only the tiniest piece of a most spectacular puzzle that was created with order, intelligence, and absolute love. You'd see that contrary to appearances, in the grandest scheme of things, nothing is ever lost, no one becomes less, and setbacks are always temporary. And you'd understand that no matter what has happened, everyone lives again, everyone laughs again, and everyone loves again, even more richly than before.

Time and space is your laboratory and playground. Play as hard as you study and let the good times roll :)



Nor Before or After

U know those soft gentle days in-between!
Enjoying, relaxing, spending time, taking time, letting it bee…
I like it.
I admit, it takes me some time to slow down but once I do I am cooler then a koala bear.
Yesterday I spent ALL day, and I mean it ALL day making a JIGSAW PUZZLE! It was like meditating (angry and disturbed when you couldn’t find the matching piece and so fulfilling when you did : )
Seen about 6 movies or soo…
Sleeping until 10, 12ish and hanging around in my pj’s
Opened my computer for the first time in a couple of days and WOW MO is a hottie!
Love to you my precious!

Haven’t decided when to start speeding up quiet yet… no rush really!

I’ll keep on lovin the MOMENT for a few more moments !!!



From Ms. to Mrs.


So when I woke up this morning, I was a Mrs. And it felt GREAT!

Yesterday was beautiful, amazing and very emotional. Thanks to Sabbi who did my hair and makeup - on her day off - & thanks to sis and Sabbi whose joint efforts FINALLY got me moulded into my dress! (Without you, it would have been a naked wedding...)

The ceremony was simple, intimate and ours - just like we hoped. I was so, so happy to have our families there and to get to share this moment of joy with them was amazing.

I kept it together until I was reading my own wedding words to P... I got through the first sentence and then my eyes started to water and my throat completely choked up. Those damn pregnancy hormones were everywhere!
With tears streaming down my face I managed to get through to the end...
Moments later we were pronounced HUSBAND & WIFE.

From now on you can call me "Fru Björn"... :)

P, I love you.



Here comes the bride...


Wedding vows are written.
Dress is packed (but not tried on, YET, wish me luck).
Flowers are ready.
Ring is with P.
2pm I´m getting my make-up and hair done by Sabbi.
3.45pm the families are gathering at Gothia Towers.
4.30pm Ceremony is starting.

Today I´ll be a Mrs. :)



Midnatt råder....

We are family!

Just went to bed. Grandma is in my room. My brother is walking around the house with his laptop showing his girlfriend the christmas tree, plays fur elise, and explains how we "do it" here in Skåne :)

Mom is finishing the last christmas wrapping and says something like:

Mom - That's the problem with waking up early and going to bed late, you start to get hungry again.
Grandma (from her room) - Yes, me to
Mom - I could eat a slice of the christmas ham on the freshly baked christams bread
Grandma - But we just brushed our teeth
Mom - hmm, well, i am just saying
Grandma - i'll hvae some if you'll have some
Me - Me to

And thats how we end up once more around the kitchen table with the first slice of ham on moms delicious bread with sweet mustard!

The gifts are wraped, the "rim" is on.
Ham, ris ala malta, brunkål, sill, meatballs, knäck, marsipan, annelövskola it is all there (laktosfritt och ekologiskt made from scratch :)

It really feels like coming home!
We are far away from "perfect" but I wouldn't change a thing!

Love Life



To be or not to be, that is...


...the question!

And, at this moment in time, there do not seem to be a shortage of questions in my life...
From more trivial, such as:

- Is it really necessary to have a bridal bouquet? I mean it´s not as if I´m having a conventional wedding, anyway, is it? My sister nearly fainted when I mentioned the possibility of not carrying any flowers...

- Will I really be able to eat "marulk" as the main course for the wedding dinner? Fish has been decidedly off the menu since this pregnancy business started.

- Will I fit my wedding dress??? Actually, this is a fairly important question, so it should really be upgraded to:

the more serious question department:

- Will I have a Cesarean section? Ok, ok, I know there´s 6months left, but I want to be completely updated on the alternatives. Hence me spending 2h on PubMed today, studying the latest research on the issue.

On a lighter note: when I left Affi today (with kick-ass eyebrows) she prompted me to try on a new lipgloss colour. What she failed to tell me was that it contained lip plumping ingredients... After about 2min I couldn´t wait to get the awful stuff of my face! My lips were tingling, hot/cold and felt like they were about to fall off!!! Thankfully, I´m well endowed as it is in the lip department, so I have NO desire whatsoever to wear that scary stuff...

Lips covered in explosive lip plumping gloss...

And since the camera has travelled to Utby and won´t be back until Christmas Eve, you will get some mobile photos instead...

Me, practicing on the cutest, most brilliant niece in the world. Daisy.

Where I spent on average 10hr/night - SLEEPING - on holiday....

The bathroom was as big as a normal bedroom, with a HUGE bathtub and a shower ROOM (not pictured to the left of the door)



Soo much impressions, emotions, events these last 60 hours!

(Listen to the song, don't watch the video, it sucks!)

§ My MO is back :) LOVE
§ P - what a dinner.... :)
§ What a great Grogg bord!
§ Febb - What a FAB night
§ "En fjärt på tvären"
§ "hon önska sig en ipod men fick en cykelhjälm..."
§ Got a licens to teach, jihaaaa!
§ Julgran in Skåne
§ Kärlek
§ House
§ Casscada hahah
§ Jul. Jul. Strålande Jul

Here I come

Will tell u more about these mad topics 2morrow!

Sweet dreams



Jet-lag, ahoy & I love my friends!


Whilst JO is sweating it out on her last day at BodyPump-camp, I´m chillin´ in bed after a day in the shops with sis and Daisy. PHEW! Not a fun place to be, 3 days b4 Christmas, with jet-lag from hell.
P got kidnapped around lunchtime and taken out to the forest somewhere for his stag do. He´ll have a wonderful day, jet-lag or no jet-lag, I´m sure.

We had a great night last night with fantastic friends around to celebrate my birthday with:

- glögg + pepparkakor
- home made spagetti bolognese with parmesan and tomato sallad
- birthday cake & coffee/tea

It´s my privilege as the "Preggo" to put together a menu that normal people wouldn´t even dream of. Actually, spagetti bolognese is one of few dishes that I have been able to eat throughout these first 12 weeks...

My stomach is starting to show - in the evenings. I´m not sure how much of it is from the pregnancy and how much of it is from eating so much gluten again. It poses a rather interesting problem though... I´m a size 36 when I wake up and I size 40 when I go to bed. Try and dress for that, if you can!
I simply refuse to give in and resort to wearing jogging pants for the next 6 months, but I tell you, it´s a true challenge!

Until my stomach is here to stay-being pregnant = fashion disaster.

Ps. I wanted to give you some nice photos today, but the camera has gone with P to the forest...
Tomorrow instead...
Pps. THANKS to everyone who kindly sent me birthday greetings both by email and via FB!



B, as in....


- BACK from HOLIDAY - and it feels GOOD to be home! :)
- BIRTHDAY, yes, it´s true. Today I´m 38!
- Baby. This is my last week in my first trimester. The Paddle is growing and hopefully I will just start feeling more energetic and strong as the weeks move on. Pretty please.
- Beyoncé - Gothenburg, Scandinavium 11 May. An absolute MUST.



BODYPUMP by Les Mills

What r u doing the last weekend before christmas?

This is what I am doing!!!

First day today out of 3 days in total! Hopefully I'll be a licensed to kill, sorry to kick ass, BODYPUMP instructor. Just have to get through the 4 remaining classes, the challange and all the technique drills with this god damn cold...

Wish me luck!

Off to practice my track now (Got the Warm-up track:)

Have a great cosy Friday

Kick Ass Jo ;)




And tomorrow is BODYPUMP foundation training....

not so shanti right now!


To GIVE or Not to GIVE?!

This term is coming to and end, and it seems as though my body knows it and starts to "let go". I woke up with a massive COLD :( and teaching yoga at 7am didn't help...

Well, well, it is ok! I said that I would crash into the finish line this year. And I kinda like it. (Reminds me of the adrenaline rush i got when I was 10 and worked al night long to finish the paper on "CHINA" 30 pages of massvie writhing with pics of course, hahah, those were the days. Remember my back hurt all week long after sitting on the floor writing for hours!)

What also gives me great ENERGY is all the "Christmas goodies" from collegues, participants, partners!
Got wicked homebaked cakes, yummey :) Movie tickets, cards, cups, praise and some are stil wraped :)

What I don't like are gifts where the company only promotes themselves by giving you a tacky keyring, calender, blanket, cup with ther LOGO! Thats a NO NO!

I would much rather get this:

This year we have contributed money to

I must admit that I rock my own company :) I work with the BEST people, companys ever!
Thank you for a GREAT year!



Do you FLOW?

Do you really know what you want most in life? Even if you have all the success, fame and money you want, and the good health to enjoy it – are you happy and fulfilled? Why is it that we find ourselves seeking something more from life – all the time?
I think that each one of us, at some time or the other, has a taste of what that is!

I call it FLOW:)

Just taught my last classes at Hagabadet for this year!
Today I taught 6 classes in totall, phuu! Tomorrow only 2 + school, + christmas party my place + LIVSRUM! Join me enywhere u like :)

ps. Check out my Scheduel for 2009 on the right!



Postcard from Paradise



Yes, still alive! Ohhhh, I've been sleeping so much I don't even know what day it is anymore. Sleeping, working on my tan, sleeping, reading a book a day, swimming, eating, sleeping some more, going back and forth to our beautiful bungalow, sleeping, eating and...sleeping.

The place is stunning and we have a HUGE (100sq.m according to the brochure) bungalow about 25m from the beach. Like the travel agent told us when we booked this place, there really isn't much to do on this little island, unless you count going for a walk on the 20k of white beach that surrounds it.

30degrees+ in the air and 27 in the pool, who's complaining?

Right now, I'm so relaxed my brain has turned into goo and my walk has finally slowed down to Thailand pace.

I think P is a little bit more restless than I am, so he's checking out diving/snorkeling trips for tomorrow...

Left my watch at home. Don't even know what time it is. And don't care. Into week 12 today. Nausea seems to be gone!

Hope you're all getting ready for Christmas at home!

Lots of love from Kho ko khao.

Ps. JO - your 3 P's love you!
Pengu, P & the Paddle


All I want for Christmas is


I love this season!
Perhaps it’s because I was in India last year and didn’t see a single TOMTE or Pepparkaka. But when I come to think of it, the thing I long for most is to be with my family.

But it hasn’t always been like this!

I remember my strong yearning for Independence at a very young age. Having big fights with my mom over things like: Clothes, boys, going clubbing, talking on the phone for hours and hours so that NO ONE in the household could get into contact with the outside world… you probably remember that to ☺. I was never at home. Left for school at 6.30am, went straight to my dance school and then to my boyfriend. Every now and then I came home to change clothes and to hide the NEW clothes that I bought (mom always thought I bought way to much clothes, that haven’t changed).
I moved to South Africa when I was 17. After that I never want back home to my “flickrum”.

What happened? Why do we change from wanting to be as far away from our parents as possible to longing to be with them, consulting them over the phone when we can’t be together, asking for advice in life, work, love, you name it!

I guess there are several reasons but for ME there is one event that changed it all!

My father past away in the summer of 2005. After 10 years of illness. I saw my HERO, my role model, my everything slowly whither away. As his body slowly withered away his mind only grew stronger and so did his heart! He went from being my PHYSICAL hero, once voted “THE SEXIEST MAN IN SWEDEN” a real womanizer, to being my GURU. And he still is today!

Not a single day passes without an image of his smile, one of his jokes, his eyes. I am forever grateful for this life!

But still I can’t deny the fact that:

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is one more day with you!

Yes, my heart belongs to Daddy
So I simply couldn't be bad
Yes, my heart belongs to Daddy
Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, DAAAAD

ps. I love you



Thanks for making me - FIGHTER

Just got back from 3 days in OSLO! Teaching a BODYJAM foundation training.

Wow! The guys amazed me. It is 3 HARD days FULL-ON focus, training, thechnique, choreography, coaching, fitness magic... on and on and on.

On the last day we have a BODYJAM Challange; Where the participants get to battle eachother, they get to pull out all their creative skills, their last drops of energy and sweat!

And MY OH MY, They did! This clip is just a taster compared to their dedication.

Hm, should I take that as a sign of not having been HARD enough the previous days, since they have so much energy left?!??


NA! Real energy FILLS you up! That is REAL growth! When you leave feeling fuller then when you came!

LOVE to Oslo, but GOSH is it nice to be HOME!




We r Family...

By the way, I have a new nickname for my partner and her family:


No, not the veggi!

P and P and P :)
  • Pengu (mo)
  • Paddeln (paddeln)
  • P (peter)
I love u guys Jo


....är mitt TEMA denna månad, som en stor julklapp till mig och min omgivning!

Sofia Sivertsdotter gav mig denna vackra fokuserade inspiration och jag tänker THE MORE THE MARRIER :)

  1. Byt ut ordet självkänsla till medkänsla. Ni som läser det här har garanterat en bra självkänsla redan och nu är det dags för er att ge er ut i världen och bidra med all er visdom. Vi vill inte fastna i navelludden, eller hur? Fokus: ge!

  2. Tro helhjärtat på någonting, stå upp för det du tror på och kasta dig sedan ut utan fallskärm. Det du tror på kommer att bära dig, oavsett vad du tror på. Ju mer du tror och ju mer du står upp för det, desto mer kommer du både ha att ge och dessutom få tillbaka. Fokus: ge!

  3. Lek ”The lift Game”. Du förstår, eller hur? Tänk ”Amelie från Montmartre”, tänk ”det enda som behövs är en enda människa” (som vill bli lite lyft) och mantra sedan ”gör gott”. I brist på annat kan vi öppna dörrar till höger och vänster. Fokus: ge!

  4. Innan du öppnar munnen, fråga dig själv: är det sant, är det meningsfullt och är det nödvändigt? Målet är att svara ja på alla tre frågor och samtidigt fortsätta att prata jättemycket. Världen behöver dina ord, välj dem väl. Fokus: ge!

  5. Låna Maya Angelous citat och ge dig ut i världen: I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being”. Och förresten, du är mer än välkommen även om du råkar vara man. Fokus: ge!

Give a little bit...

Love Jo, off to OSLO for last weekend of work (abroad)

Hey! Who stole my brain???


I´ve found a few new traits in myself:

- I can sleep standing
- I can feel sea-sick even without a boat OR the sea
- I cannot stand the sight (or smell) of broccoli anymore - not to mention fish - or green sallad

The most worrying fact, though, is that someone/or something managed to steal my brain away (probably during one of my numerous naps) and replaced it with Swiss Cheese. My memory is suddenly crap (and full of holes) and my attention span...well, let´s just say that a 4-year old would probably beat me in an attention span competition right now....

But hey!
Who cares?

Right now - the only things I care about are...."contact lenses, ticket, passport, camera, bikini(s), havaianas, body lotion, sunglasses......"

I´m OFF! Back again on the 20th. Will try to keep you posted from paradise, I promise!




Let me tell you a secret...


Can I tell you something?

You know all the latest blog threads about:

- being tired & wanting to sleep all the time
- strange food cravings (like yellow pea soup & pancakes?!)
- finding it hard to focus on the task at hand
- winding down in good time before my holidays

Well....the reason is: I´m PREGNANT.

Yes, you read that right.

I will be a mummy (and not the kind who is dead and wrapped in "toilet paper") next summer! Right now, I´m well into week 11 and there is a black and white picture of "The Paddle" (that´s it´s working name for now...since the fingers are not yet completely developed but shaped as paddles...).

It´s awesome.
It´s unbelievable.
It´s scary.
And it´s wonderful!

I´ll do my best not to turn all my threads into "being pregnant"-pointers, but I probably won´t be able to help mentioning things related to it now and again.

Because now

and my life is already completely ruled by the little one inside me.



Sing a long...

Good Night Sleep tight don't let the bed buggs bite!

I am gonna take a loong meditation on my SPIKMATTA :)


Brain on vacation


I´m sorry. I do apologize.
But the only thing that inspired me today was the following pictures in my head:

Koh kho khao

You know the feeling when you try to force feed your brain other pictures, other tasks, to keep the focus and to distract yourself from the fact that you just want to lie down and be a vegetable until you wake up, transformed and just find yourself there...

...on the beach, beneath the palm trees, in the breeze, with the sun on your sea salty skin, with the book in your hand and nowhere to go and not much else to do, but trying to make a decision when to have lunch and where...

Not long.


Come, come, come...

Pray and Play
“Your body is a temple and a playground”

Boosta din helg med Yoga, Raw Food och Feng Shui. Tillsammans samlar vi krafter och sätter intentionen för den kommande helgen.

Johanna guidar dig genom 90min kraftfull Vinyasa Yoga. Avnjut därefter mumsiga raw-food snacks samtidigt som Isabel och Lena inspirerar till Feng Shui och ekologistk tänkande kring din mat.

Alla är välkomna oavsett tidigare erfarenhet ☺

Tid: 30 Jan kl:16-19
Plats: Metropolis, Stockholm
Pris: 500:-
Anmälan: jira@me.com
Mer info: www.jira.se www.kontrast.name

Bhakti Jo


I love ya I love ya

…I freakin faking love ya

SKÅNE and Copenhagen!

Back in gbg after a wonderful weekend in the south.

My mom and I took the train to Copenhagen (we decided NOT to take the train ever again. Ok, it is good for the environment but how can you expect people to take the train when it, in total, is more expensive than driving the car across the bridge + constant DELAYS and once you are on the train people are standing on top of each other, not to mention the beer drinking!) (Explain this: Why are people drinking loads of BEER when they take the train to Copenhagen, but not to Stockholm or Gothenburg??)

Anyhow, it was soo worth it! Mom and I had a fantastic (FANTASTISK, that’s a word we abused this weekend. Mom says that there is a Swedish song where they sing FAN….TAS….TISKT! I don’t know, I haven’t heard it. Do you know what she is talking about?) Day ☺

Our THEME (besides FANTASTISK) was SMELL! We found soo many unbelievably superb perfumes, and off course we had to try them on…hihih you can’t really smell it on a piece of paper. And we both agree on that you can’t have TO MUCH hahahha (not everybody thinks like this, I know) at least that was our opinion until I found a VANILLA perfume (I love my vanilla but mom does not!), mom almost puked hahah I had to walk 2 meters behind her ☺

After a full on day in Copenhagen with Danish Julbord, och SMUSHIES (yepp, sushi + smörrebröd ☺ ) we took the train back and picked up the most amazing Grandma in the Universe!

I made a raw cashew/carrot soup and we brought loads of delicious tappas from this fantastic place! Next time I’m working in Copenhagen, that’s where I’ll be staying ☺
We celebrated Kickan since her birthday was on the 3rd of Dec! 3-generation women had a bombastic fantastic Saturday evening.

To finish it off in style we dedicated 2ndra ADVENT to baking ☺ pepparkakor, knäck (I just don’t understand why we can’t eat this candy all year around, I mean it is THE best candy EVER!) and almost lussebullar, all to the sound of PETER JÖBACK’s Christmas album (that is the ONLY thing mom longs for when it comes to Christmas).

Now I am back in business and unlike MO I am going to speed straight into Santa Claus ☺ I am teaching all week, working in Oslo this weekend and next weekend I am taking the BODYPUMP initial training ☺ Jihoooooo!

On the 22nd I will crash down in Skåne and you’ll probably not hear from me until 2009 ☺

Yin and Yang is my middle name ☺ I just can’t seem to find the “in between” ….

Love and Light Jo

GYMNASIUM - Winner of the Club of the Year Award



Healthy Business Awards har utdelat det prestigefyllda ”Årets Klubb” till Gymnasium med motiveringen:

Denna klubb är oftast först eller nästan först med en trend eller utbud som funkar och det är något som juryn anser kännetecknar Årets klubb 2008. Klubbens rutinerade ägare har god kompetens och erfarenhet samt driver och levererar tillsammans med duktig och kunnig personal en anläggning i toppklass. Årets vinnare kan utan tvekan fungera som referens för en framgångsrik klubb, med brett och förnyelsebart utbud för alla, från barn, ungdomar, medelålders till seniorer. Något de lyckats med utan att förloras kontakten med kärngruppen av sina medlemmar.

Feels fab to be representing the most prestigious fitness club in the country, since I´m not only running my classes, but also my In-cycle Educations there.
It is also a testimony to Gymnasium´s greatness that they had the guts to start Kettlebell-classes very early on - always open to new ideas & innovative concepts.

Ps. Check out what MO & JO want for Christmas on Fitness Magazine on-line...



Ooops, I did it again...


That´s it! That´s really it! I did my last weekend job for 2008 today - teaching a heart rate training course at the new, beautiful fitness club SPIRO in Kungsbacka, and now, I´m OFF!

2008, thank you for playing - 2009, I´m waiting!

Well, we´re not leaving for Thailand until Thursday, but until then I won´t be over-taxing myself and that´s a promise!!!

So the rest of December in a nutshell:

* Holiday in Thailand 11-20 December
* Birthday party in the evening on December 20
* Christmas with both families (P´s & mine), December 24
* Getting married on December 25
* Celebrating 2yrs with P on December 31

WHOOOHA! Bring it on!



Small, but FIERCE!

Clubbell training in action....

Ola (RMAX-certified in the US) in green shorts, Fredrik wearing camo-pants...

Scott Sonnon showing us how to handle a kettlebell


Back in Gothenburg after 2 hectic days in Linköping with amazing Scott Sonnon. Except from being a Martial Arts-expert, a yogi and the world record holder in Clubbells, Scott turned out to be a great teacher and an extremely humble and inspirational Master. Read more about amazing Scott here. Fab, fab, fab to be at a workshop were the teacher is a true inspiration in everything from technique, strength, pedagogy AND personality.
Met some wonderful people on both days. Finnish Martti & Timo, Fredrik from Kettlebell Stockholm - who I first met on a Kettlebell-course in Stockholm in February, Ola & Fredrik from Gothenburg, Olof from Kettlebells.nu (who arranged the 2 days), amongst others.

I worked on my kettlebell technique, learned some new, really great details and tried out the clubbell for the first time. It´s awesome. Difficult-yes,yes, yes. Great training-yes. I thought I sucked at it, but I had fun!
(Even when I managed to bang myself on the knee with it during my very last repetition before lunch... "Högmod går före fall"..."ohhh, I´m starting to get the hang of this!...ohhh, this is going great!....KLOINK!!!! AAAOOHHHHH - my knee!!!!!" CLUMSY IS my middle name, though...)

Today is a resting day. Tomorrow I´m working with the new fitness club - SPIRO Club, in Kungsbacka...

Ryan (Scott´s right hand man), me & Mr. Sonnon himself...(doesn´t he look a bit like a mix between Matthew Griffiths & Moby???)

Size matters. At least in this case...

Finnish Martti Nappari, Mr. Kettlebell Finland.

Fredrik, from Kettlebell Stockholm, me & Rickard.
Ok. I might be tiny, but look who´s got the attitude...
"You lookin´ at me??!"


On a (Not so) SUNNY afternoon...

My friend is doing a PROJECT! He is making a blog that will nourish your body, mind and soul!

He asked for my help and my answers went something like this:

Vilka tre saker vill du göra innan du dör?
3 things you want to do before you die?
(te.x. hoppa fallskärm, bestiga Mount Everest)

• Älska vilkorslöst
• Resa jorden runt
• Ha varit tyngdlös

Vilka tre saker är du mest stolt över att du har gjort?
3 things that you have done that you are proud of?
(te.x. gått med i donationsregistret, skrivit en bok)

• Startat mitt eget företag
• Talat om för min familj att jag älskar dom
• Lärt mig YOGA

Vilka tre saker ( som du egentligen inte har befogenhet att göra )
vill du göra? (te.x. sjunga i kör, flyga ett flygplan)
What 3 things (that you don't have the licens/authority to do) that you want to do?

• Läsa upp nyheterna i TV
• Styra/Leda ett land
• Rädda liv (vara läkare, operera)

Vilka tre saker vill du prova på?
Name 3 things you want to try?
(te.x. hålla i en fågelspindel, hoppa fallskärm)

• Vara nära en vithaj
• Alla världens droger
• Konståkning

Vilka är de tre mest kreativa saker du byggt eller gjort?
Name the 3 most creative things you have done/built?
(te.x en robot av mjölkkartonger och gamla kläder eller en fågelholk)

• En tavla av gamla tavlor
• Knappar av modell lera till salu
• Mitt eget kontor

Vilka tre saker önskar du att andra gjorde oftare?
What/Which 3 things do you wish other people would do more often?
(te.x. pratade med hemlösa, smygplanterade blomfrön)

• Log
• Andades djupare
• Inte rökte
• Tog hand om miljön
• Gick/cyklade

Vilka tre saker är du mest rädd över att prova?
What 3 things are you most afraid of trying?
(te.x. rida på en stor häst, ge blod)

• Vara nära en vithaj
• Nya saker som jag inte är bra på/har talang för
• Sjunga solo

Vilka tre saker skulle du ALDRIG göra?
3 things you wouldn't EVER do?
(te.x. gå på en fotbollsmatch, fasta)

• Rösta FÖR dödsstraff
• Slå min mamma
• Vara med i en all you can eat tävling, speciellt om det var korv!

(I had a lot of fun doing this, and it made "things" clear. If you want to be part of this, please give us your tipps by COMMENTING below!)



Simply THE Best

It is said that the measure of our practice is not how high we can lift our leg or how long we can stand on our head but how much we can open our hearts to each other!

You are simply the BEST!

I love u


LOVE in strange places


Sometimes love can be found in the strangest of places. Like today. When P asked me what I would like for dinner, I had NO idea.

Firstly, let me just make one thing clear: I take care of all the laundry and if the apartment needs hoovering or if the bathroom needs a tidy up, I´m the first to grab the cleaning tools. However, P, P takes care of ALL the cooking. And I really mean ALL the cooking. If we have a cooked breakfast, he will be the one frying the eggs, making the toast and the tea, if we have lunch at home he will be throwing something fantastic together in no time at all, and he makes ALL the dinners. Yes. All the time. Everyday.

I´m a hazardous wreck in the kitchen. Just making juice - I´ve splattered half the kitchen in fruit. Cutting a breakfast bun - there is blood everywhere. You get the picture.

So, today when P asked what I would like for dinner, I had no idea.

After a bit of thinking: Pancakes? (Don´t ask me where that one came from...)
Yellow pea soup (ärtsoppa) & pancakes?

And you know what? I had a delicious soup followed by marvellous, home made pancakes served with blueberries, ecological strawberry jam and whipped cream just 30minutes ago.

P is the man in my life, the man of my dreams. And he still surprises me with how much love he can transfer through his cooking. I´m truly blessed.

Made from love...home made pancakes with berries, jam & whipped cream...



ALBUM of the YEAR 2008


It was released just in time for X-mas, long awaited and I for one had HUGE expectations... yet, it´s a complete KNOCK-OUT!
Kanye West, not rapping, but singing his way through

Immediate favourites:

- Hauntingly sad "Say you will"
- Depeche-influenced "Welcome to heartbreak"
- Beautiful "Coldest Winter"
& of course the fab single "Love Lockdown".

This winter Kanye West RULES.




Första advent och vårt första ljus är tänt.... ladidadida!
Eller hur går den nu?!

SVENSKA, sorry guys, I just have to!

Ibland blir jag så fylld av KÄRLEK att det känns som om jag ska SPRICKA!

  • Jag har VÄRLDENS skönaste, vackraste, roligaste FAMILJ

  • BLÅBÄR i Sthlm, jag DÖR! Helt fantastiskt, ni räddade min dag!

  • Min bästa vän har gift sig, han som aldrig tänkte/ville gifta sig :)

  • Så grymma vänner som jag kan levlla med... läs SOY's blogg om HUNGER!

  • GÖTEBORG...åh, Järntorget, jag ÄLSKAR att komma hem!

  • Att få DANSA med Grymma Jammers som ger järnet, wow, you fill me up!

  • JUL, JUL Strålande JUL! Oh NEJ, jag tänker INTE vara en av dom som: Åh, GUD vad snabbt tiden går, läskigt, redan jul....bla bla bla, stress bla bla bla... Jag tänker NJUTA varje sekund. Jag har redan ätit en lussebulle, pepparkakor, köpt tio sorters glögg och lyssnat på julmusik (jag skutta fram på sthlms gator när jag hörde "nu nu e de jul igen" ohhh, orgasm....!)

Nu jäklar DECEMBER, watch out! Jag kom just hem från en helg i tre städer; work, work, work och jag är så FYLLD att bjällerklang klockorna stannar!


Christmas PARTY

Although I had an early start on Saturday morning, I made it to the X-mas Party for Gymnasium on Friday night. These two clubs are unique in Sweden. With Owe, Åsa & Pia running the two ships, they have created two extremely successful clubs - run like professional businesses, but still with a very "homely feeling". They sure deserve to be "The Club of the year". Do you agree? Then place your vote here.

Almost 100 Gymnasium-people all glammed up. Nice to see you "with clothes on"...

"Grabbarna Grus" who kept us entertained during dinner: Fredrik, Peter & Magnus. We were all laughing and making jokes about the "PRAO-elev" that we had for a waitress. Tip: if you cannot remember a single thing 1 min after you have left a table-get a notebook and WRITE it down. And yes, knife and fork are obligatory tools for a dinner restaurant, even when you serve hamburgers....

Annica, Emil, Fredda, Victor & Linda, looking all gorgeous on the table next door...

Standing ovations and "Happy Birthday" for the birthday "child"...

...Owe G - 50 yrs and still going strong...

Impromptu performance by "Benji" & Nils...

Me with wonderful Susanne & best pal Åse

Åsa G - a legend - and stunning as usual!

MULTI-talented Pia & Åsa are receiving their X-mas presents...