Tough LOVE - Hot MOJO


Sincere thank yous and RESPECT to:

Christine, Stina, Lena, Malin, Åse, Liselotte, Istvan, Catrin, Milla & Anna.

Our very first and very hot, Hot MOJO-instructors.

These people have worked amazingly hard and taken on the toughest of challenges over the last 3 days. We are very proud and very excited to invite them into the Hot MOJO-family.

I´ll be leaving Sweden tomorrow morning - with my hand luggage. I expect to arrive in Djerba just before midnight tomorrow night. It´ll be a LOOOONG day of travelling.

I´m bringing my camera and a tiny netbook. It´s my goal to blog live from Tunisia every day next week, to give you an idea what the hotel, the resort and the island can offer. :)

Have a great week. Stay strong troopers!



A coffe

Before we go

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Hot mojo 3rd and last day coming up!

The room is not yet 38•
and super humid... But I think the instructors are pretty happy about that :)
Now final run through and then they're on there own...


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Hot MOJO education Part I

Yes, the Hot MOJO-education is finally up and running!!!

The Hot MOJO-group is truly hot, hot, hot and I´m sure we´ll have an amazing weekend together...

I´ll try to go to bed early-ish tonight, since I´m not 100% recovered from my cold yet.
First though, a spot of packing. This weekend will gallop past and Abracadabra: Monday morning will arrive with an early morning flight!

I´ve done my packing list and it´s AMAZINGLY short! :) So far, so good!
Pete: you would be proud! :)

Ps. Congratulations to all the winners of Hot MOJO free passes! All the winners have been notified and should receive their tickets by Monday. Thanks to all who played! :)


Hot MOJO ready for take off


What do you think?

We are sooo excited!!!! Whoooohaaaa!!!

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Work it baby


I thought I was going to have a day off from training today. Seems I was wrong:

After pushing a 10kg baby in this slush for about 1h, I can honestly say, I´ve had an interval training session light...

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Hot MOJO Competition time


Would YOU like to try Hot MOJO at Gymnasium Sisjön?

Now 10 lucky people have the chance to win
2 free passes
(worth 360SEK!) each
(which means you can either bring a friend, or, ooops, use them both for yourself....)

The only thing you have to do, is to send me an email on monika@incycle.se before Friday 26 February - yes this Friday! - with a motivation to why you should get sent the free passes and remember to add your postal address.

(NB: The passes can be used between Sunday 7 March - Sunday 14 March.)

I will pick the winners at noon on Friday.


Did you know you had a choice?

I LOOOVE my MO - and the way she makes me feel :)

Or should I say the way I feel when I have made the choice to spend time with her! I am THE GREATEST!

Where in your life are you settling for less than you deserve because you hadn't realized you had a choice?

The best day of your life is the one in which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. This is the day your life really begins!

Where do you use your SMART, SUPER INTELLIGENT skills to book/spend time with people who you KNOW fuels your SPIRIT? Time to make a change...? Perhaps book a PT session and live your life NOW FULLY?!



A new challenge

Kattis and I


Just back home from another productive meeting with wonderful Kattis at Fritidsresor. On Monday we´re leaving a snowy, cold Gothenburg for (hopefully) sunny and warm: DJERBA.

We´re going to train, eat, travel, photograph and film our way through the week, to really make sure that everything is perfect for October 4-11!

Do you live in Stockholm and like to join us in October?
Email katarina.lundin@fritidsresor.se for more information.
Places are filling up fast, so hurry, hurry!

The interesting thing with this trip - except for the wonderful destination - is the following challenge:
I´ve promised Kattis that I will travel with ONLY HAND LUGGAGE... Is that even possible? Anyone who has followed me on this blog for a while, knows that I am the worst when it comes to packing a suitcase. I literally just throw everything into a huge suitcase last minute. So, when Kattis said that she was only bringing hand luggage, because of our travel itinerary Gbg-Cph-Paris C d Gaulle (which has the worst reputation in Europe when it comes to lost luggage...)-Tunis-Djerba, I thought: "Ok. Another thing to add to my "to-do-list-before-40": Go away for 6 days with hand luggage only."

How the hell is that going to be possible? Is it possible? Really?



Hot MOJO-premiere

Photograph: Jacob Karström


Ok, honeys, who´s gonna join me on SUNDAY 7 MARCH 16.00 for Hot MOJO Yoga

From Monday 8 March, my regular Hot MOJO yoga-class will be
MONDAYS at 18.15-19.15

Hot MOJO-red carpet event Thursday 25 March....more info to come... :)



Sleepless in Gothenburg


I finally know what it´s like to be so tired that stars appear out of nowhere in the middle of the day.
3 nights without sleep and a sick baby made sure of that.
Poor, poor Robin has been coughing his way through Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with about a ton of mucus stuck in his airways.
I took him to the doctor´s today, just to make sure he hasn´t got pneumonia. Luckily he didn´t.
Tonight I´m hitting the sack before 21.30 - shattered and with tons of things not done.
There´s really no point. Anything I would do right now, would have to be double checked in the morning anyway.
Tomorrow will be a better day.



King Bore must be in top condition

Picture borrowed from GP.se. Photographer: Thomas Larsson

Picture borrowed from GP.se. Photographer: Andreas Falk

Is this the right time to remind you about Hot MOJO?
Pre-choreographed yoga in 38 degrees heat.

Classes starting at Gymnasium Sisjön in the beginning of March.
If all goes according to plan, keep your calenders opened on Sunday 7 March...

Or maybe a reminder about our trip to Djerba October 4-11? :)

Whilst King Bore certainly is in top condition, I´m still fighting off a cold. Robin has caught it big time and has had difficulties sleeping two nights in a row now. Not a good base for hard training, so I´ve rested Friday and Saturday. I´ll do a short KB-session later today, but right now, I´m really missing running.

Or, as the tag line goes (for a sportswear company that isn´t my sponsor):

"Running misses you"

I must say I fell for that, hard, when I saw it in a shop window.
Because it went straight to the Spot.
"YES, and I MISS running!" was my immediate reaction.
Smart marketing, people!



Eat n run:?

Stuck in a smokey place in Oslo, my bus is delade, not sure if it will run at all....?!

So what do you do, after an amazing day with Sats norway, wow you guys are STRONG!!!, i just orderd chillie, corona and thinking of a tequila, just to knacker this cow out totaly for the loping busride home. A champ plan would u say:?
Just found out my VISA card wasn't accepted here... Whops, what do I do:? Already ate the chillie...

Got to run...

Jai Ho

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What´s wrong with this picture?
Gothenburg, February 20, 2010...


Go Febbe!

Only the man immediately to the left of the dark skinned man in this picture, would get me to MAYBE watch song nr 5 in tonight´s horrible, detestable spectacle that is Melodifestivalen.

Go Febbe! GOOOOOO!!!

We´ve always known you´re a star!
SHINE, beautiful friend.



Crazy snow

Crazy snow madness, accidents all over the place and my taxidriver is fasinated AND talking on the phone... Erhm should I be nervous?

- Jo flowing on The IPhone



My body went on strike last night.
When I finally got back home after a super eventful day, I had a thick, sore throat, aching limbs/joints and a head full of cotton wool. There was really only one thing to do: Go to bed at 21.00, self-hypnotize and focus on waking up in great shape.
And I did!
The mind/body connection is an amazing one and even after many years of working with mental focus, it can still completely throw me that it WORKS! I know it probably sounds like a lot of blablabla for those of you who´ve never tried it, but I´ll explain more in a future thread.
Anyway, today has really been fabulous hanging out with Robin and cool cats all day.
First of all, we met up with these 2 beauties:

Åsa Eriksson & sweetness Ebbe (who had his first birthday yesterday!)

Åsa is someone I´ve just had the pleasure to get to know and I LIKE her A LOT. You know when you meet someone new and everything just clicks, like humour, interests, views and opinions, it´s a bit like falling in love! :)

After seeing Åsa, Robin and I were off to our second fika of the day, this time with 2 women I´ve known slightly longer, Mari & Susanne. M&S are so much fun and although we don´t have time to meet up very often (we normally just run past each other in the gym), I love it when we do!
So a great day of re-charging batteries, many laughs and lots of love.

Have a great weekend, folks!


MOJO survival kit

On our way home. The presentation went really well. Both Jo and I were very happy afterwards.
The Medley crew rocked and it was a great bonus to see the Växjö gals, whom I've known for quite a few years now.
Thanks to Fanny for the invitation and thanks to Anna-Lena & Hans (from Fitness-Magazine) who came down from Stockholm-you'll be able to read about Anna-Lena's MOJO Yoga experience in Fitness Magazine nr 4. :)

Presently stuck in Katrineholm. X2000 is 1h late. Now. The staff tells us that the wait can easily become longer...

SJ - you really suck.

MOJO survival kit

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Hate SJ

How the hell can SJ ALWAYS be late???

Right now we have a 40min delay, which means we have missed ALL our connections already and have to take a taxi from Katrineholm to Ljungsbro - 1h 30min...

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She works hard for the money


Oh. I.am.tired.
Drove out to the country to pick mum up after my classes. She´s babysitting Robin tomorrow when JO and I travel to Linköping for a MOJO Yoga presentation. An important one too.

20 centers will be represented (WHOOOPA!) and lovely Anna-Lena from Fitness Magazine will join the class.

Early night tonight, getting up at 5am to leave at 6am. Back in the city at 5.30pm.

Wish us luck! :)


Fatty, fatty Tuesday


There should really have been a "proper" Semla-picture in today´s thread, but somehow I managed to not feel like having one today, of all days, on "Fat Tuesday".
Normally, pastries don´t get me too excited (I´m a salty girl), but I like my Semla. I´ve already had 8 this year, and will probably have 3-4 more.

Between the age of 13-16, I worked weekends and holidays in a bakery/pastry shop. From then on, I´m very particular when it comes to bread (NEEDS to be fresh for me to eat it, otherwise I HAVE to toast it), buns (only "Kanelbulle" for me) and "Dammsugare" (I´m sorry, but WHY did you think it was called a "Hoover"??? Would you eat what you find in your hoover at home??? Enough said...) among other things...

Anyway, my perfect Semla, should be made from proper butter and have real cream in it for one, it needs to be made on a super fresh bun, in the perfect size (not too big, not too small) and the almond paste needs to be REAL almond paste, with a slight crunchy feeling to it...

Now I want one.


Finland NIKE

Wow thank u for the 3 amazing days Finland :)

Martina and fab E getting groovey with NIKE ID :)

J my partner in crime teaching BB48 - lovely class to teach, can't get enough :)

B and gorgeous Marvin, amping it up before classes... Or? Was it really a good idea to place fatboys in the presenters lounge :?

Always a contrast going back home after events and weekends like these! Lucky me there was a GOD awaiting me at Landvetter airport and after offerings of choclate and wine he cooked me dinner sweeter then the heavan below ;)

Have a beautiful fat Tuesday funky ones ;)

Hope to see u soon again!

Now freepower and yoga at Sankt Jörgens in Gothenburg :))

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An inbetween day.
Tired after the weekend, but Robin wanted everything else but a sleep-in this morning, so...

I managed to steal a 25 minute powernap before my classes, which was lucky since I had a session with my PT following straight after.

Boy, did I get worked hard!

My grip strength whilst hanging on the bar is embarassingly weak. However, my deep squat with overhead press is now manageable! YES! Months and months of deep squatting in my KB-training has finally paid off!

I have clear goals where I want my strength to be in 3 1/2 months. The tougher the work, the better. Watch me fly!


Live from Sportlife - 16 new Kettlebell instructors


Frida, Kari & Mai who came all the way from Norway to join and fabulous Anna-Maria, one of the group training managers at Sportlife.

Pontus, Maria, Anders & Johanna.

Robert, Fredrik, Johan & Cecilia.

Helena, Clara, Sara & Therese.

16 new Kettlebell InCycle instructors!
Thanks for your amazing energy over these 2 days!

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Sunday morning

The city at its best. Quiet and beautiful.
A frosty Opera House.

In the NK shop window, I found 2 of my talented friends: Mango gracing a poster with his amazing self and Alana´s beautiful mini-movie promoting one of the city´s training centers.

- Mo-posting from the iPhone

Tigers Grrrr

Happy new year tigers!
From the lobby at kämp :)

Now rock n roll, Love and warrior global yoga at The FI Nike convention :)

Then GBG LOVE :)


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Sportlife kickin´ it, Kettlebell style


Back home after a great day at Sportlife Exclusive with a group of fabulous, hardworking gals and boys!
They were REALLY hammering the bells - all day - from early morning until late afternoon. I think there might be a few sore individuals tomorrow morning when we hit phase 2...
Can´t wait!

Practicing the killer: Turkish get up

...and this is how you work the press...

...more get ups...

...and last but not least: group 4 doing showing their style...

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Over the edge

Whilst JO is kickin butt in MOJO´s native country Finland (GOOO JOOOO!), with a bunch of other hot girls, (Å & S, I´ll miss you guys! Make sure you do your homework!) I´m preparing for this weekend´s Kettlebell Certification at Sportlife Exclusive.
I´m wildly happy about the fact that I can now welcome southern/western Sweden´s largest fitness chain into the Kettlbellincycle-group!

I checked out Sportlife Exclusive today (I know, I know, I should´ve months ago, but it was never the right time - or any time) and I have to say: I was deeply impressed.

I´m not that easily taken with either clubs or staff, but this time I was really liking both the club (NICE!) and the excellent, warm, professional, welcoming staff! Well done!
It made me look forward to the weekend even more (if that was possible).

I promised to give you a recap of this week´s events, so here goes:

- negotiating big contract for Incycle. I´ve prepared for this negotiation for a while. The best thing with going into the meeting was
a) they approached me
b) I knew for sure that I´m the right person for the project
c) I also knew with 100% certainty that my numbers where valid and
d) Although I want the contract, I know that I will have no problems walking away from it if the deal is not good enough.
I´ll know the answer by next week.

- A few meetings concerning MOJO Yoga, where we hit a 100% sales target! WHOHA!
This autumn MOJO Yoga will rock a club near you!

- I also had another interesting meeting concerning a few other concepts.
I´m not able to say much more right now, but it´s different from what I´ve done before.

- I have declined the biggest party so far this year, because I´m working:

Partying the night before a full working weekend would REALLY push (LOL) me over the edge these days. And not in a good, glamorous way, I´m afraid.

- The casting on Wednesday.
I have already told you a few details, but let me just say that it was a kind of surreal experience to have to do "the walk" together with a lovely old lady (65-70yrs old), a very short, thin man, both of which forgot to move their arms whilst walking, (which prompted the casting director to go "xxx and xxx!!!- Would you please let your arms swing whilst you walk?!!") and two young girls (18-21ish) who obviously had watched a tad too much "Top Model"...

The girls hysterically tried to run back and forth in that racehorse kind of way that supermodels walk, thrusting their hips first and lifting their knees to the ceiling as if they were walking on a very disgusting, dirty floor.

NOT that I did an excellent job!
I was soooo stressed and soooo late for my next appointment, I rushed in, threw my casting card on the table and rushed out. They had to run after me and grab me by my coat to remind me to even do "the walk" before I left...
Ehhhrr, nice impression of a dizzy brain?
Lucky walking normally doesn´t require MENSA-qualities...

Mojo I miss u I really really do :)

At the airport on my way to Funland now for the third and last Nike convention this season!

Did you know that this is where Mojo was conceived :?
Yeup!! Mo, Jo and the Glow in Helsinki hihi

Will miss Mo this weekend!

But there are som hot tamale that I'll get to play with, will keep u updated

Love Jo

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


What I learned today:


- That you can drive from Onsala to Varberg in 28 minutes flat. (Magnus Gårdmark, you should have been with me in the car!) According to Eniro, this trip should take 41 minutes.

- That I WILL be done for speeding, one day or another.

- That our car is midnight blue! I had sort of got used to the fact that it was a grey, black, dusty sort of brown. (You know what I mean if you have ever driven a car for the whole winter without washing it once...)

- That you get what you pay for concerning car washes (too!): 300:- poorer - but, man, the car looks brand new!

- That people who own and drive a Mercedes CL(CLK, S, AMG) doing 90km/h on the motorway, should IMMEDIATELY be removed from their vehicle and put in a Fiat Panda instead.
The Merc should automatically be handed over to: Moi.

- That people who own and drive a Mercedes CL (CLK, S, AMG) and are over the age of 60, should IMMEDIATELY be removed from their vehicle and put in a Fiat Panda instead.
The Merc should automatically be handed over to: Moi.

- That people who...oh, I think you get the point...



Brains, skills, looks...What a seriously MAD day.


I´m shattered. I have a runny nose. My membranes are bone dry one minute - (and so sore I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe through my nose), and runny and wet the next. NOT nice.
And especially not nice during the busiest day of the week.

Yoga 9-10. Mmmmmm.
Phone meeting (brains). A crazy one too. Throwing me right out of my zone of comfort, but it went well and I´m proud of myself. However this story continues, I know in my heart what I´m worth.
Rushing off to meeting number 2 (skills), with JO (who also happens to sport a runny nose...we must have done too much snogging lately, LOL...) and a new face for both of us.
This meeting made me late for the third and seriously most crazy adventure of the day.

Meeting number 3 involved this (looks):

Fet...and walking back and forth in high heels. WHHHHEEEEYYY, I´ve been to my first casting - ever!
I had the question from the agency on Monday. I first said NOOOOO. And then thought: "Why the hell not? It makes me uncomfortable and it is not something I would get the chance to do (probably) ever again...so here goes Mo: Galloping into the area of FEAR!"
Evolve or die, you know.

The "things to do before you´re 40"-list is getting ticked off in an amazingly rapid speed lately... :)
Can´t tell you any more right now, but maybe next week...



Step AWAY from the Comfort Zone

How often would you say that you step outside your comfort zone?
How often do you knowingly place yourself in the zone of discomfort or even in the adventure/panic zone?

Like travel somewhere on holiday - on your own - for a week or longer?
Or say yes to a project that you have no idea if you possess the skills to carry out?
Or go to a party where you don´t know anyone?
Or go back to school at the age of 30/40/50?
Or, and I found that this one in particular put me in the very red of my panic zone - go out for dinner alone in a new country. (This happened to me a lot when I was travelling with work).

What challenges you?

This week the theme in my life seems to be: STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.
I promise I will give you a full recap of all the events on Friday, but until then, I need my full focus on the tasks ahead.

Like JO, I believe strongly in the saying "Fake it until you make it". If everything needs to be perfect before you have the guts to move into the zone of discomfort or the panic zone, you might as well stay on the couch for the rest of your life watching crap TV.

You want to develop? You want to evolve? You want to learn new skills and meet exciting new people? Then, don´t be so afraid to fail! What could be the worst thing to happen? Really? And the best thing to happen, what could that be?
(Satisfaction, success, knowing I DID IT, the feeling of accomplishment, victory, etc, etc. See, I´ve done my homework!...)

Well, I know one thing´s for certain. This week will definitely have me jumping and checking out what´s on the other side - and more than once - whether I like it or not...

Damn, girl.



Death Penalty

Lifetime in jail is not enough.
Not even the death penalty would give Medine the justice that she deserves.
I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.
HOW on earth can a parent DO that to their CHILD?
And what sickness is going on in the world when this can still happen, in 2010?

Religion in any shape or form is the root of all evil, that´s my honest opinion.


Dreaming of a new season


Today is really one of those days when -2 feels like -10 in this city. The moist air and the proximity to the ocean, makes the cold go right through flesh and bone.
Anyone else looking forward to Spring time???
It feels as though I´ve got stuck in different coloured Acne-jeans or black leggings for the past lifetime, and I cannot wait to be able to walk barelegged with high heels again.

I did, however, get a small taste of a different season yesterday, when I bought this gorgeous WHYRED skirt:

An absolute dream in organza silk and washed out colours with the new season´s apricot as a base.





Slutgiltligt schema presenteras senast vecka 12,
men ungefär så här kan veckan komma att se ut:

Sen ankomst

Tisdag 07.30-08.30 Klass
Fri tid för golf, bad, sol, spa, rekreation
17.00-18.30 90min Klass

Onsdag 06.45-07.30 Cykling/eller
06.45-07.30 morgonpromenad
07.30-08.30 Klass
Fri tid för golf, bad, sol, spa, rekreation
17.00-18.30 90min Klass

Torsdag 07.00-08.00 Klass
Utflyktsdag Djerba
17.30-18.30 Klass

Fredag 06.45-07.30 Cykling/eller
06.45-07.30 morgonpromenad
07.30-08.30 Klass
Fri tid för golf, bad, sol, spa, rekreation
17.00-18.30 90min Klass

Lördag 06.45-07.30 Cykling/eller
06.45-07.30 morgonpromenad
07.30-08.30 Klass
Fri tid för golf, bad, sol, spa, rekreation
17.00-18.00 90min Klass

Söndag 07.00-08.00 Klass
Utflyktsdag på havet
17.30-18.30 Klass

Måndag 06.45-07.30 Cykling/eller
06.45-07.30 morgonpromenad
07.30-08.45 75min Klass
Avresa till flygplatsen runt lunch

Gå gärna med i vår Facebookgrupp: "Djerba Golf & Wellness 2010" för nyheter och uppdateringar.


Sleeping Beauty

Would you say that this is an ergonomically sound sleeping position?
Please note the strategically placed hat...

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Hairy Stuff


Check out my baby hairs growing back underneath my "normal" hair!
I lost more than half my hair in the months after I stopped breast feeding. It was a truly disgusting feeling, how each morning I could grab hold of one big hand of hair after another - and just pull it out without any resistance.
All my sympathies go out to girls and women out there, who, for any reason, has lost their hair completely.

If the hair loss brought anything good with it, it was the fact that I finally gathered the guts to cut my very long hair short.
How I fretted this decision!

Why was that so difficult?
Am I that vain?
What could have been the worst thing to happen?

That I would look like a tool bag wearing a helmet?
That no one would take me seriously because I´d look like I was carrying a bird´s nest on top of my head?
Did I think my husband would stop loving me and my friends would stop calling me if it turned out awful? Eeerrrr...No.

Isn´t it interesting how we care so much about our appearance and what other people think, even when we would call ourselves grounded with good self-esteem?

...Or is it just human to want to look our best/our most advantageous and therefore also strive for the admiration and love from others, whether it´s for our personality, our actions or for our looks?

What do you think?



Strength in numbers

Foto: Thomas Althin


With so much going on in my life right now, I´m truly blessed to have some of the most talented, fun, hardworking, generous and inspiring friends in the world.

We do projects together, brainstorm around new ideas, challenge and support each other.
Being self-employed can be just as lonely or as sociable as you choose.

To start the journey of MOJO Yoga & Hot MOJO together with one of my best friends, who also happens to be one of the most inspiring teachers in the world and one of the coolest cats around, is an amazing privilege.

To go to Paradise for a week with the aforementioned cool cat... Well, do I really need to add anything to this sentence?

To be able to call in a fika with another dear and close friend to ask advice about pricing and contract negotiations, is invaluable - I´m not even sure where I would turn to PAY for that help.

To do the m&m Functional Training Tour with another STAR, close friend and inexhaustible source of inspiration is not really work, how can it be?

In the next couple of weeks I´m working to land the biggest deal yet for Incycle.
Actually, it has the potential to become H.U.G.E.
However, nothing´s final until the contract is signed, so I won´t be able to say anything about it until, most probably, April.
In this process, I´m grateful to have the support of an amazing network of close friends to bounce ideas and ventilate question marks with.

If you are planning to go solo, start your own business, or if you´re already there and feel stuck, get yourself out there, network, feed your old and new contacts, help others, and I cannot stress this enough: be humble and be genuinely happy for other people´s success, that way the help will be there the day you need it. There is nothing strong with always going it alone - strength is to ask for help when you need it - and to have the right people around you to ask.


It´s getting HOT in here


I have seen the new Hot MOJO-studio at Gymnasium Sisjön.
Right now it´s a building site, but Mein Gott, it will be AWESOME once it´s done.
I haven´t seen anything like it in Scandinavia so far.
Get ready-be prepared.
Hot MOJO-classes will be starting in the beginning of March.

Grand opening on Thursday, March 25.
More info to come on how to be one of the 100 to receive a VIP-invite to the Red Carpet.

Stay tuned...



MOJO goes to travelling - YOU want to come?


Finally, it´s out there: October 4 - October 11... Book here.


Fritidsresor erbjuder i samarbete med Incycle.se en träningsresa utöver det vanliga, där ledorden är lyx och kvalitét.

Detta är träningsresan för dig som söker en 5-stjärning upplevelse med allt vad det innebär och där träning av högsta klass med erkända toppinstruktörer ingår i paketet.

Följande ingår i resans pris:

Flygresa tur och retur Göteborg - Djerba
Mat på flyget
Fri transport för bagage och specialbagage på buss och flyg
Transfer till och från flygplatsen
Del i dubbelrum med balkong och utsikt mot havet på Blue Selection Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso Djerba, FFFFF
Halvpension (frukost och middag)
Två gruppträningsklasser/dag
2 utflykter: Båtutflykt och örundtur med shopping och matlagning
Kids Club (för de som tar med sig barn)

Pris per person 13 495:-

  • Under träningsveckan kan du medverka på cykelturer, powerwalks och löprundor.
  • Du kan välja mellan två gruppträningsklasser om dagen, en på morgonen och en på eftermiddagen. Självklart kan du medverka på båda klasserna om du vill. Klasslängden varierar mellan 60-90 minuter. Under veckan erbjuds klasser i bl.a. Yoga, Pilates, Funktionell träning, Core & Afro.
  • Hängivna golfare väljer Golf-paketet, där fyra besök på anläggningens vackra 18-håls bana ingår tillsammans med vårt medföljande svenska Golfpro, Camilla Larsson.
  • Vi tar självklart med oss en Personlig Tränare till Djerba. Passa på att boka en session med Martin Brinde i gymmet och unna dig en PT-timme på resan.
  • Vill du ha personliga makeup-tips och råd gällande din hudtyp, kan du boka in dig på färg- och hudanalys med vår svenska hud- och spaterapeut, Peggy Bengtsson.

Här är teamet som tar hand om dig under träningsveckan:

Johanna Andersson – Johanna Andersson är en internationellt erkänd tränare, med en kunskapsbredd utöver det vanliga. Johanna nominerades till ”Årets instruktör 2009”. Hon ingår i Nike Team Sverige & Les Mills Nordic.

Monika Björn – Monika Björn är ”Tränarnas tränare”. Hon har utbildat och inspirerat instruktörer över hela världen i 15 år. Monika jobbar som konsult och konceptutvecklare i tränings- och friskvårdsbranschen genom sitt företag Incycle.se.

Martin Brinde – Martin Brinde är en oerhört populär och kunnig Personlig Tränare med Gymnasium Sisjön som bas.

Camilla Larsson – Camilla Larsson är Personlig tränare samt Golfpro med många års erfarenhet av både nationellt/internationellt tävlande samt instruerande.

Peggy Bengtsson – Peggy Bengtsson är en erfaren hud- och spaterapeut Cidescoutbildad på Gilda-skolan i Göteborg.

John Marin – cykelpassionerad elitmotionär som har bl.a tagit sig igenom 14 Vättern Rundor.