Scoring Points


The "adult-points" keep on coming... Today we ordered the baby buggy! Or a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Single - to be precise...

From the catalogue:
"The Urban Single from Mountain Buggy is a true all-rounder for parents who want a buggy that fit into their lifestyle rather than limit what they can do.
The Mountain Buggy range, which is made in New Zealand, is fantastic for families who like to go out and about and don't want to have to limit their activities because of the limitations of their pushchair."

Wow. Is that us?
Let me just say, these things are not cheap! The buggy industry most be blooming during recent years of baby booming. In the hour or so that we eventually spent in the shop (trying to decide which baby car seat to order - we had no idea - and ended up calling 4 different friends to ask for advice, of which none were around their phones, so in the end we choose the Brio one all by ourselves...) there must have been at least 6 couples placing their buggy orders...
We also bought a pillow, a duvet and some covers for inside the buggy and a baby bag.

During the shopping, P and I look at each other. "Hey, WE are becoming PARENTS! This is WEIRD. Lovely, but WEIRD" was our mutual feeling. It was a bit like the first kick we felt. It all became so real and so close.


After 3...

...days of HEAVY weight training:
  1. Thursday: Functional Training 60min + BODYPUMP
  2. Friday: LOVE U Mo... but 2 Kettlebell classes, phuu....
  3. BODYBALANCE and BODYPUMP Quarterly in Halmstad

this is what I really need!

Thanks to the NEW BODYBALANCE 44 I feel much more open in my chest.
I normally have a tendency to internally rotate my shoulders (like in chatturanga dandasana, the push up in sun salutations, and sometimes in weight training) Naughty Naughty!!

But the new BODYBALANCE release includes many poses where you clasp your hands behind your back and OPEN your chest, yummm! (not at first but the 3rd, 4th time :)

Back home to reload my guns for FORM Falköping tomorrow! The main focus is YOGA, thank Heaven ;)

The Sun is shining, It is Saturday, It is SWEET

Enjoy Jo


Men who hates women


I remember thinking when I read the book "How will they ever be able to make a movie out of this?" Expecting the acting to be crap ("Dramaten"-svenska in all the wrong places), and the violence to be unrealistic and made for TV-style.

To tell you the truth, I really enjoyed the movie. I´d even give it 4 out of 5 as far as Swedish made movies go! (Well, it did have Danish directors, I guess...)
Noomi Rapace was seriously well casted as Lisbeth and didn´t disappoint. To be able to catch that silent, weird moodiness that made Lisbeth an interesting and dark character in the books, without over-acting and managing to look believable, deserves due credit...

I did a Kettlebell workshop for Gymnasium this afternoon - great fun and it hardly felt like work at all! - Thanks for the power & grace, JOJO, (who joined for the class) I hope your legs will feel alright for your BB-class tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I´m teaching a class for Friskis & Svettis Gothenburg at their Inspiration Day. I love working with F&S, so it will be fun! :)

Off to bed now, sleep well!



I Survived ...

... as you can see below :)

Had lunch with Mo yesterday, which was WAY to long ago!

She looks so HOT Tamale! Talk about GLOW :)

So what was this mission I was on?! And why was I afraid that I wouldn't make it back?!


Me and Mango took the bus after my classes 50min outside of Goth
enburg where there was just land, land, some horses and some red barns AND Spending 1,5 hours trying to climb up a 7m long/high drapery!
Imagine gym class in 3rd grade, trying to climb that 3 meter rope, well this was like that but HARDER since most of us weigh a bit more then we did in 3rd grade, and the fabric was elastic...

Mango was FIERCE! He practically climbed using only his arms whilst I had to rely on my legs a bit more.

We were upside down, did the "Fallen Angel", "Gubben i Månen" and stuff like that you know ;)

After about 30 min I noticed that my feet were BLUE!
Telling Mango that the fabric (which was BLUE) must've colourde my feet....!

The only thing was that my hands weren't blue, hmmm Then Maria told me: It was NOT the fabric, it was my blood vessels popping, bursting.
She told me that you got use to it. I guess you get used to the massive ache in my abs, back and arms as well?!

Wonder how teaching one functional muscle class + BODYPUMP will feel like tonight...

Off to school now to learn about Emotions and the Brain! Exciting!

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, there were HORSES as well! I love horses! On the bus back to Gbg I tried to feed my newlly gained Fantasy horse LyckyMango :)

Have a GOOD one Ya'll ;)



MOJO time

Normally we make an effort to see each other at least once a week. However, lately both our lives have been more hectic than usual, so today was celebration time when MOJO managed to meet for a quick afternoon fika at one of our favorite hangouts: A&O.

This woman - dear JOJO - always shares great energy and love. It´s lovely to have a giggle and still be able to talk business at the same time!

Tomorrow morning I have my second meeting with my new accountant - in the afternoon P and I are looking at yet another apartment (promising, but a little bit too pricey) and then we´re off to our meeting with the bank.

Somehow I want to fit in a fika with a dear Swedish friend home from Miami.
She lives in South Beach and still talks about "moving home to Sweden".

I check her temperature every time we meet (no fever?) - especially after she´s been talking about hearing the ocean from her open bedroom window or riding to work in her cabriolet with the top down or going running along the boardwalk in the stunning sunset - then the procedure is always the same - I look her deep in the eyes and ask: "....You obviously do not have a temperature....and you want to move WHERE????...."

Well, as of yet, she´s still in Miami - by the ocean - in the sun - 18 years on.... :)



Tuesday afternoon


I wanted to go for a walk (although I HATE walking, I mean what is walking good for? It´s too slow for transport and it´s not very effective training for a fit person...It makes my shoulders ache and my feet hurt...) after a full working day inside, so when P was finished with his last patient, we met up outside his work. We got as far as Haga when I realized that the wind was too cold, the rain was too wet and...ohhh, I want a Semla!
Where else to go than Brogyllen - winner of the best Semla in the City 2009? Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the queue was forming OUTSIDE the café! Too bad...but queuing for my sugary/creamy bun was not on the list...

...instead we started to walk back and as we passed Wettergrens, we realized that the yearly book sale started today! Yes! 20min later we left with 6 new books. P bought 4 (all about cooking) and I got two - one about marketing and then this:

I´ve wanted to get my hands on this book for a while, and now I got it in the sale - 99:- instead of 308:-, not bad, eh?

Chris Anderson is the editor of "Wired" magazine and known as an international "business guru". He charges 500.000:- SEK + expenses per lecture.

He famously said in a Swedish interview: " Jag tar betalt för tiden som jag är iväg från min familj. Jag tar betalt för att sitta på tråkiga flygplan. Men egentligen föreläser jag gratis."

Not a bad role model.



Will I live to tell?!

That I married Hugh Jackman?!

No not really, hihih!

But I have to agree with Mo;

What a MAN!

After looking at the clip below I got goosebumps all over my body.....grrrr ;)

Of to teach Hot Yoga, Functional training and Yoga now. It will be a perfect warm up for tomorrows adventure... I am a bit nervous actually... and at the same time I can't wait!

Will tell you all about it tomorrow...

if I survive that is :)


...and he sings AND dances....


Normally, musicals really don´t do much for me, but with this duo, even I would pay for a ticket!

...and how happy was I that my favorite movie won?! Great!



..and the BEST FILM award goes to:....


I´m kinda tired after two days of educational work. Thanks to the gang who joined me from as different places as Varberg, Kungsbacka, Hedemora, Arvika, Tidaholm & Stockholm to become InCycle spinninginstructors! Well done!

I´ve just finished a fabulous dinner made by P, consisting of entrecôte, sallad & fresh asparagus. I would have given you a photograph if I hadn´t wolfed it down in less than 15min...

One episode of "House MD" with some salt liqurice & sour sweeties and then I´m quite sure I´ll be dozing off... If I had a TV and if I had been able to keep awake, I´d be watching gorgeous Hugh Jackman
leading the Oscars tonight, hoping that my favourite film so far this year: "Slumdog Millionaire" - what a GREAT movie! - what a fantastic cast! (And this is said by someone who absolutely detested India when she was there...) would win Best Film.




Oh yeah, right! I filmed some of our training today ;)


Born Yogis :)

Luleå hade lagt ribban HÖGT men Götet startade starkt!!!

First day of GLOBAL YOGA teacher Training in Gothenburg is over and I have a very optimistic look upon the future :)

They have all worked HARD from 9am till 6pm and tomorrow we start at 730 with a 2 hour practice.

There is something about Yoga that fills me with PRANA, even though I work my but off I feel so energized, or perhaps more HOPEFUL and POSITIVE!

The look in my yogis eyes fuels me and tells me that YES, this is really THE THING!

Normally I feel exhausted after my teacher trainigs but with Global Yoga I feel full, instead of empty, energized instead of drained. That must mean something right...?!

And by the way, I got an invitation to my CLASS REUNION in the mail today! hahha feels like a MOVIE!

What do you think, should I go?

Have a SHAKTI BHAKTI Friday my loved ones Jo

Grapefruit & Semla


Had an appointment with the midwife today. It was more 20min of information, than anything else.

2 highlights: 1) Getting to listen to Bebbelina´s heart (which we heard fine for about 15seconds, then Bebbelina decided she´d had enough, kicked the dopler hard and moved away...) 2) Booking an ultrasound for March 20. That´s when we´ll find out if it´s really a Bebbelina or maybe a Bebbo?! Wow, that´ll be exciting!

I was tired this morning after 2 nights of bad sleep, so when I came back around 12.30, I went straight for an hour´s nap. No training today, just resting and eating. I have a 2-day InCycle Basic Certification course this weekend (luckily, it´s being held here in Gothenburg) and on Saturday night we´re celebrating S´s bithday.

Anyway, this is what I will be having as a snack later: pink grapefruit (not immediately) followed by the winner Semla from Brogyllen.... MMMMMMmmmmmm.....



I love my Body



My body is my work tool, it carries me around on the most fabulous adventures and it is Strong, Healthy and Powerful. It´s also the home of Bebbelina the "circus-artist" right now.

What doesn´t stop to amaze me, is how my body talks to me and how well it tells me what it wants, especially now during these quite extraordinary circumstances. With everything from food to training.

Very few things do not feel alright training wise. I still do heavy lifting in the gym, kettlebell-training, running, spinning and yoga.

The only things my body has told me it does not like are:

  • lying on the stomach. Not because it feels "dangerous", but because it´s so bloody uncomfortable.
  • wearing a headset belt during spinning class. The feeling is very similar to wearing a pair of far too tight denims over a bloated, period infested stomach... Not very comfy.
  • doing powerbased work in the gym. The muscles don´t fire like they normally do. Boring.
  • doing yoga twists/rotations. A short while is fine - even nice. Too long and I have actually felt Bebblina flutter. It´s like she´s going: "...ehhhrmm..excuse me?...hello?...excuse me??!" (Please picture these words being said with a scrunched up face. Just like a face would look if you put your hands to it and twist in in two different directions....and then try not to laugh....) Again, it´s not because it feels "dangerous", it´s just not comfortable....
Whilst researching training and pregnancy for a workshop I was teaching a year ago, I came across a fantastic book:

"Exercising through your Pregnancy" by James E Clapp.

This should be staple reading in ANY fitness professionals library!

Clapp is one of few doctors who has actually done tons of research on women and pregnancy since the -80s. He absolutely KILLS a whole bunch of myths out there, such as "heavy lifting is dangerous, a pregnant woman should not exceed a heart rate of 150bpm (b*llsh't!!), jumping increases the likeliehood of miscarriage, don´t do situps too late into pregnancy (or too early), training too early after delivery will increase the likelihood of a ruptured linea albea or that your bits fall out (well, it didn´t actually say "your bits" in the book, but you know what I mean...), etc etc etc etc...
I could go on FOREVER! (..you can probably tell it´s a subject close to my heart?.....)

Clapp says that the subject of women-pregnancy-training is too infested by "guilt by association" or a "better to be safe than sorry"-mentality and that far too few doctors/midwives know what they´re actually talking about when they dish out well-meant "advice" (read: prohibitions).

I am absolutely sure I will find great reason to come back to this book in later threads... until then - keep doing what feels good in your bodies, pregnant ladies, and know that your body is the boss.

Just listen and your body will certainly tell you what is working well (and what is not) - LOUD & Clear.


Thought of the Day:

"It's not what you know, it's who you know ... and love."

Off to school now and then BODYPUMP at 1830, yes I am teaching it, when will you join me:?

If I don't get the pleasure to sweat with you, then I'll perhaps see you at LIVSRUM later?



Yogis are being born :)

I am soo filled with energy, perhaps it's the fact that there are 20 yogis out there doing their sadhana everyday, diving deep into the colourful ocean of all that is YOGA !!

They send me texts, e-mails and thoughts that fills me with PURE happiness!


Now I am preparing for Global Yoga Teacher Training nr 2! This time in Gothenburg at lovely Sportlife Exclusive! Ann-Sofie will be working in the reception and I know that she will take good care of us. In fact she is the BEST hostess ever :)

Appologiez for the supa overly happy post this evening, perhaps it's all the adrenaline from my 7 classes today :)


If you want some February Groove, check out my playlist at JIRA

It certainly makes me wanna SHOUT :)

Sweet Dreams


A week in the life of...MO


This was on my "to-do-list" this week:

1) Find a new accountant in the city
2) Find a business consultant

3) Book a meeting with my bank

4) Make final negotiations concerning my new website

5) Decide what I want to do about my maternity leave

How did it go? Well, here goes....

1) I have a meeting at 11am tomorrow, with a promising professional who comes highly recommended by my brother in law.

2) I have made the initial request, through MG (thanks, Matt), to the business consultant I´d REALLY like. I just hope he´ll find my case interesting enough to take me on.
(Let´s put it this way-he certainly doesn´t need any extra cash/clients/work, he´s got enough money to last a few lifetimes...)

3) Meeting booked for next Thursday.

4) Settled everything today. My new website will be up and running by the end of March! Exciting!

5) What about writing a book/finally getting my new business idea off the ground/expanding my company?

Hehehehehe, I can feel a whole bunch of people going:
"oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooooo, she can´t be serious?!
That does NOT sound good! She will not be a ________ present/responsible/mature/understanding/good/capable (fill out the blank with whichever word/s you find most suitable) mother!!!!"
Well, I am serious.
Being a mother will be my first priority.
But it does not mean I won´t be working 2-4 days a week, 8-10 weeks after giving birth.
I´m self-employed.
Being self-employed is a lifestyle and combining motherhood with having your own company is sometimes more possible than being an employee...
It´s certainly more rewarding - for me and the kind of person that I am, anyway.

I hope to be a good role model for Bebbelina - not by being some kind of wannabe Supermum (who would I be trying to kid?), but by doing things that I believe in, things that I am good at and things that I love doing...and by taking on challenges that will develop me as a person, ie being a mother and running a business and then the ultimate challenge - combining the two...



m&m Functional Tour 2009


Choose from the following dates and cities:

21 or 22 March, Stockholm
4 or 5 April, Gothenburg

Come and be inspired! 1 day of strong, effective training together with me, MO and Magnus Ringberg,
plus guest appearance by Peter Niemelä.

For 1.495:- you´ll get 5 classes and 1 lecture. The day is open for instructors, personal trainers and training enthusiasts alike.

* Functional Moves
* Core
* Spinning-Challenge
* Athletic/Explosive/Strong-Circuit
* Flexibility-training

Nutrition "Fat makes you as fat as greens make you green"

To book, pay the fee into bankgiro 222-9029 and e-mail us your name, contact number + which day and which city you would like to attend,

info@in-cycle.com or magnus@magnusringberg.com

Looking forward to see you there MOJO-readers! :)




Ska snart srpinga iväg till yoga/meditation men innan dess hann jag med att läsa några rader från en av mina inspiratörer: Anders :)

"Det är en väsentlig del av lycka att våga utsätta sig för olika utmaningar och problem. Det är ju när vi gör saker som vi inte riktigt behärskar än som vi kanske har roligare och känner oss mer levande än någon annan gång.

Samtidigt som vi alla behöver söka upp sådana här aktiviteter för att kittla vårt nervsystem behöver vi inse att det vi vill bli riktigt bra på behöver vårt odelade fokus under en längre tidsperiod."

Precis!! Just nu har jag en period med YOGA fokus! Missar massa andra roliga event och jobb men men, det är nu tid att rocka yoga världen här i Sverige! Börjar på Hagabadet 0700 sen kör vi vidare därifrån!

Ha en YOGISK dag :)



Can we split Jo into two? Please!!

Right now I am working working working! Can't even remember the last time I wore my dancing shoes... (or, no, I am lying! It was at Lina's fab party in Sthlm in early January).
But it still feels a bit long ago...

Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE my job and perhaps that's the dangerous part. Cause I can keep on going forever and ever. Still trying to find a date for my Birth Day party!

Luleå was amazing! 17 + 3 yogis are now fully into there Sadhana. Cant wait to see them all in a months time! Not even -20 degres can keep me away. In fact I miss the -20°. No wind, sparkling sun hitting the white ground and bounces back into the air... breath taking! I almost told my mom that I could LIVE up there :)

Right now I am trying to meditate upon the fact that I am missing out on soo many great conventions :(

My personality works like this: I don't want to say NO to something, even though I should know that it's impossible fo me to be at two places at the same time (even if I do a lot of yoga and consider myself a Guru :).

I hate missing out on great things.... but I guesse I just have to face the fact that I won't be able to participate at:

  • LES MILLS SUPER QUARTERLY in MAY Finland (I am running GBG Varvet as promised!)
  • LES MILLS SUPER QUARTERLY in MAY Sweden ( I am working in NEW YORK)
  • WORK OUT ÅRE (Still working in New York)
  • A GREAT CONVENTION in HELSINKI (already booked at another convention)
  • One weekend in September 3 magic conventions will take place at the same time and I can only choose ONE! ... which one?!

Oh well, just gotta hope that they will invite me back next year!

Off to bed now! Have a supadupa week in front of me and on Friday it is Gothenburg's turn to become THE CITY OF YOGIS :)

Love Light Jo

A party in my belly


Normally the saying goes: "...having a party in one´s pants..."
Well, I have a party in my belly. Which sort of comically enough is the natural next step from having the party in one´s pants...

P and I had this vision of giving birth to a "bokmal" (ie someone quiet and calm with glasses who is so caught up in books that time and place seize to exist). This statement was made after a conversation we had about what we were like when we were kids. We both LOVED books and also loved reading...

The last few days have sort of buggered that theory.

Bebbelina is now so active that I get the "party in my belly"-feeling several times a day. I picture her going:


and throwing herself from side to side, up and down, tossing and turning, whilst kicking and stretching madly at the same time.

Last night I made the mistake of starting the "knock, knock, who´s there"-game. I had read about it in baby books and wanted to test the theory that if you knock your belly whilst the baby is moving, he or she will grant you with a kick... IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, it worked so well that I couldn´t fall asleep, since my free-passenger obviously did not see the point in stopping once it had started... For about an hour the circus artist kept going - and I tell you what, you try to fall asleep with something flying around inside you!

It´s all cool. I´m so happy. And it makes it far more real now.



High on endorphines


I went for a 5k run today, the first one in a month. I finally got to try my new maternity belt, and I have to say-it really did help! I was still in need of a pee for most of the run, but not as desperately as I was last time (when I considered not caring about the fact that everybody would be able to see me next to the track...).

Going for a run in week 21

As you can tell from the photograph, the belt is HUGE, but it fits snugly and is very easy to maneuver thanks to all the velcro both to the front and to the sides. There are few other training forms that can make me feel as great as a good run can. The rhythm, the breathing, the air, the mental clarity, the lightness and the indescribable buzz your body goes through from all the endorphins....wow, yes, it is addictive.

I just hope my body will let me keep the running going for another couple of months. Fingers crossed.



Make me HOT and bothered


Could there be spring in the air even if the outside temperature shows -5 degrees?
There is something in the light, especially in late afternoon around 4.30pm that shows a promise of warm winds, stronger colours and longer evenings...
I for one will be welcoming spring with open arms... Remember going outside without wearing a down jacket? Sitting in the sun getting hot and bothered - and LOVING it...

I´m off this weekend. The first one in a month. P wants to go to IKEA tomorrow. I´ll try and delay that task until Sunday... :)



Joing the dots...

Off to Luleå in a couple of hours to teach the first

GLOBAL YOGA TeacherTraining

ever... jihaaaaa!

Really excited about it! INPULS is a lovelly gym in Luleå with amazing staff!

So off to bed now. Will sleep tight with the smoking hot GLOBAL Yoga Manual that we just printed. Bro and I made it together and it is so beautiful, I call it my PRECIOUS :)

Love Light Todiloos Jo


I wonder...

Would YOU call this woman fat & big?


Had quite a good day actually.
Taught yoga this morning and then met Mango & P for my second breakfast.
Worked until 13.30 when I had lunch with MG - and then went back to work until 16.30 when I left for a second round of classes at the gym.
Being on the bike still makes me feel amazing and my Kettlebell students know exactly what to do by now, which means I don´t have to work my butt of for 1h45min, but can instead focus on teaching and giving technique pointers.

Something that has struck me in these last two weeks:

Is it always ok to comment on a slim woman´s baby bump in terms of "fat" and/or "big" just because the woman is normally thin?

Or are these words everyone who is pregnant gets told (also the ones with more rounded bodies from the start)?

Because personally, I get the distinct feeling that quite a few people (read: women) see their chance in commenting "negatively" now when they have their "fair" (or should I say fat?) chance.

In the last 12-14 days I´ve had comments like: "How is that fat belly of yours?" "Ohhhhh, it´s so different to see you fat!" "Well, well, now you are getting BIG, it´s kinda difficult to get used to!" etc etc. Not kidding.

First of all:
a) I´m pregnant. In week 20 going on week 21. For any pregnancy illiterates out there this means I´ve just passed the half way mark.

b) I´m not fat nor am I big. I´m pregnant = expecting a baby = having a baby growing inside my belly.

c) Even if I had put on twice or even tripple amount of the weight to where I am right now - I´m still PREGNANT. So bu**er off.

Do this test: would you say the following to someone who has put on 5-10kg over the summer, "Ohhh, it´s so different to see you fat!" ??? Whatever your answer, then ask yourself: Would I say the exactely same thing to a pregnant woman? (Small, medium or large size of pregnant woman.)

Let me give you a hint: It´s rude. It´s not funny. And NO, it´s does NOT make it ok to make comments like that even if the woman is otherwise slim, fit and should "see the funny side of it".
End of story.


Min Bror o Jag

Just got back from teaching Core and Stretch and I am DEAD... Guesse I am not quiet well yet!

Bro is sleeping on the sofa, tried to get him to join me this morning but he was more dead than me (and he does NOT have the flu!).

I think he watched this clip 5 times last night laughing so hard his eyes cried. I guess he already did his corework for this week :)

Take care of yourself out there today!

Love Jo


Say what?!


Göteborgs-Posten 10 February: "Tre och en halv timme tog det innan de femtiosextusen biljetterna till Madonnas konsert var slutsålda. Lite längre tid än vanligt när det är stora arrangemang, men helt utan tekniska problem"


..."trots anstormningen (på hemsidan) och att de flesta biljetter såldes via nätet rapporterades inga tekniska problem under dagen. Något man satsat på att undvika efter mycket strul och klagomål vid tidigare försäljningar..."

You got to be kidding me?!

After trying to get tickets through ticnet from 08.55am - 11.10am yesterday morning - getting thrown off the system several times and having to start all over - and after having spoken to six other people with the same problem, I just want to say: Bullsh*t. It´s sad that Ticnet has the monopoly on official ticket sales over the internet for big concerts in Sweden, because I´m sure that any other alternative would be better...



Sweet and Sticky


First of all - great to hear that you feel better, darling JO! Stay well and strong this week, b4 Luleå...

Secondly, Ticnet SUCKS! If you sell one thing - and one thing only - it would be VERY helpful if this so called service actually WORKED... I got kicked off the system 3 times this morning, when I waited in the cyber queue to buy tickets for:

MADONNA live in concert here in Gothenburg on August 9, 2009.

How infuriating.

Well, well, "skam den som ger sig". With not so high hopes, I trotted off to Pustervik and, to my HUGE surprise, th
ere were only 4 people in front of me in line - and, believe it or not, there were tickets left for me, when I reached the front!!!! This means that 1 month or so after Bebbelina is born, I will be heading off to Ullevi to see one of our times greatest perfomers ever, live, here in my home city... Swell.

Ps. JO had the amazing pleasure to have dinner with this icon last year in London. I´ll let her tell you about her experience in her own words in her own time, but she did say that she is STUNNING in real life...


Alive but not Kickin'

I am alive... I haven't been out of bed for 5 days, literally!! I can't remember the last time I was this sick (perhaps it was in India in Rishikesh...? Or in Dharamsala at Vipassana..? Or no, this is probably it!)

Woke up on Wednesday morning and didn't feel all that Sunshieny... went to teach my 7am CORE class and already in the beginning of class I felt that the squats were killing me!
Called my Pom after class to say that I was taking the car instead of the bike to Monks' class at Gymnasium.... eh, yeah right!

Thank GOD Pom isn't always that POM! He forced me to GO straight home instead and thats where I have been ever since...

This weekend I was supposed to teach 5 rocking classes at NIKE in Helsinki, (where the MOJO blog was born!) stay at one of my fav hotels GLO and spend time with great collegues and participants but NO... what did I do? I was laying in bed halucinating!

When I get the fever I feel like everything is a mess and it eats me up from inside, I can only relaxe when there is order so I work and work for that order (eh, that is rearanging cushons and the cover thinking it is a hughe architectural project :)

Well well after this sucky weekend with no party, no work (which I LOVE) and no money earned (yes - I really counted on this weekends money) I am now recharing and looking forward to the coming weekend with the preimer of my GLOBAL YOGA Education!!!

Going to pic up the worlds Greatest Brother now (he is helping me with some stuff :)



Sunday thoughts


I came back from Nyköping last night. Work at Hälsomagasinet went really well.
I never stop being surprised about exactly how big Sweden is... Travelling by train and bus to get to my destination, I really wonder how it comes that our country is so big and vast, but still we all want to live in the SAME 10-12 streets in the big cities... and we are prepared to pay millions for it...
Weird, eh?

Another thing I don´t understand with small to medium size cities: WHY oh, WHY must young men drive their EXTREMELY noisy cars around all night revving their useless enginees right outside my bedroom window???
If there is something that gets my adrenaline going and my aggressive side to come out... It´s just pure luck that I´m not armed or there would be a blood bath...

On a lighter note: Bebbelina is making herself known every day now. It´s amazing how different things feel now when I can finally feel her movements...



Kettlebell at NIKE Sthlm - photographs


On my way to Nyköping in a couple of hours... getting everything organized.

Just received the photographs from Kettlebell 200 in my mailbox. Thanks to Thomas Althin, photographer, based in Malmö.

JO, have a kick-ass weekend at NIKE Helsinki (where the MOJO-blog was born 1 year ago!!!!).

Back on Sunday,



First sign of LIFE


Feeling a bit dizzy and up and down, still.

Last night when we went to bed, I was moaning to P about feeling hormonal and ugly. He stroke my belly and told me all the right things. I moaned a bit more, feeling low and down and uncomfortable - very far, far away from being "a happy, glowing pregnant person"...and just as I stopped talking...BAM! A KICK!

It was so distinct even P could feel it! Wow! I wanted to cry, it was such a big moment. Here I was, complaining about not feeling at home in my new body and suddenly "Bebblina" had enough... It was like she was saying:

"STOP bloody moaning - you have a person growing inside your belly, for God´s sake! Grow up!"

It was comical. And suddenly everything felt great. February 4, the day we both felt Bebbelina for the first time....

Highlights of today:

- had a great meeting with a new collaboration for InCycle. An exciting opportunity for my company.

- hearing from Barncancerfonden and the latest details on "Spin of Hope". On March 28 I´ll be presenting a class, live-wire, across Sweden to numerous people and numerous centers. The goal of this charity spin is to raise 1.000.000 SEK in one day for Barncancerfonden. Do you want your center to participate? Contact Billy Ydefjäll on: billy.ydefjall@barncancerfonden.se for more details.

- recieving my new phone, a Nokia79, with a 5 megapixel camera and a 4GB internal memory card... Finally, you will have better mobile phone photos on MOJO. :)

Mmmmm.... a nice 24h, actually.



Sleep tight


After a day with 2h of Jonathan Monks yoga, 1h spinning & 45min Kettlebell, I´m ready for my bed.
And it´s only 8pm.
Not that I care, though, in these times of the flu, people coughing and sneezing everywhere, the power of sleep should not be underestimated.

I´ll get back to you tomorrow - recharged and refreshed.

Sleep tight, don´t let the bed bugs bite!




Yesterday was full on! No rest, privates and classes to teach!

Today is the same - and I am riding on the NIKE wave still energized (though I have to tak
e a powernap every now and then :)

The two coming weeks is a Deep Dive into YOGA and that is something that truly gives me energy, PRANA!

Yoga is the only "sport" that I can do every day without getting bored or injured. That must mean something right!!

My brother is helping me with the manufacturing of the MANUALS and today he said (and he is NOT into yoga at all): That Krishnamacharya dude lived till he was 101 years old, that's pretty soft :)

Yeah Bro it is!!! If you want to treat yourself this week and still live a long life I have some special treats for you under INSPIRATION on www.jira.se

Off to my Crawl Session Now :)



Det går bra nu


After joining Jonathan´s packed yoga class last night at Gymnasium, I was spent. Slept like a baby for 10h.

I had a treatment with P & some breath work with Jon at the clinic this afternoon and learned how to REALLY connect with my pelvic floor. (Necessary information for the big event in 4.5months time.) I told him that he should write a book on the subject, he holds SO much information that women around the world would kill for.

Also had a meeting with Mango about our Functional Tour. We hit

Stockholm on March 21/22
and Gothenburg on April 4/5

- it will be a great event!
The participants will get a full day of training (core, Functional Moves, spinning, athletic challenge, flexibility & a lecture about nutrition-"fat will not make you fat, just like greens do not make you green") for only 1.495 SEK.
For more info, email me on info@in-cycle.com

I´m travelling to Nyköping this coming weekend, where I´m teaching a continuing education on heart rate training on Saturday for Hälsomagasinet.
Sunday will be a day off, the first one in a few weeks. :)

The year has started well, or as the icon below would say "Det går bra nu"....




NIKE CONVENTION SWEDEN 2009 is over and I must admit that it was one of the BEST ones ever!

THANK YOU all amazing old and new friends how gave me soo much LOVE, support and wonderful feedback! I am saving it in a very special place close to my HEART!

Will tell you more about my experience of it tomorrow!
Good thing we got MO and her camera!!!

Focus this week is:
  • NIKE CONVENTION in Finland where I am teaching 5 classes Jihoo!
  • My GLOBAL YOGA Education - finishing of the last pieces, I am so excited!! Luleå is up first!

I love before and after pics, don't you :) (M you rock!!)

Before NIKE

After NIKE


Sweet Dreams Jo

Sweden´s largest kettlebell class


A snippet from my kettlebell class at NIKE Stockholm, February 1.

Thanks to everybody who came - worked out - and gave it their all...

(...and thanks to Robert G for filming...)


NIKE Convention Stockholm Day 2


Wow, I was tired this morning.
I woke up, not knowing what time it was, what day it was, where I was or what I was supposed to be doing...

It´s amazing how much energy gets spent during only 2 days each year in Stockholm. All in all, I was incredibly happy about how my classes went and despite a few technical problems, I would say it went according to plan...

Highlights of the weekend:

- Teaching Sweden´s largest Kettlebell-class to date, with 200 participants (photos will be published in the near future).
Thanks Fredrik & Richard, from Kettlebell Stockholm, who joined me on stage and looked decidedly strong and muscular in their NIKE pros.

- Seeing so many familiar faces in my spinning class - the last class of the day on Saturday, but still with an amazing energy. Åse, Mari & Linda were great on stage in their pink/black outfits and were a bundle of power all the way to the end.

- Getting to teach a yoga class early on Saturday. What a nice change! Normally, yoga classes always closes a convention which means you are quite limited to what type of yoga you can give your participants... Instead at 10.20am Saturday morning, people were fresh, awake and alert.

- taking part in Tony Stone´s fantastic House-class and (at least sort of) getting the choreography.

- Spending time with JO, Mango, Febbe, Elaine, Matt, Bruno (whom I haven´t seen for almost 3 years!) and all the other phenomenal, inspiring friends /(who also happens to be) presenters for two days.

- Meeting MOJO-readers "live - in the flesh" - seeing them sweating, smiling and enjoying themselves.

- Yoga, Spinning & Kettlebell in 2 days....Being 20 weeks pregnant and kickin´ass!

Mari, Linda & Ann-Louise...

.....+ Frida & Lollo from Gymnasium, giving it their all in Bruno Sardella´s class

Bruno Sardella, still playing awesome funky house music in his classes

Maria Olofsson & I

JOJO & beauuuutiful mum Lena

My gorgeous friends Matthew Griffiths & Elaine Hedin

Petter & Fredrik, looking strong & healthy

Ahhh, party girls (and boy): Maria, Emma & Camilla + Robert

MOJO & Maria Linghult