5 months


He is such a happy little camper. He wakes up with a smile, even in the middle of the night at feeding time. He also has a fierce will, though, (I´m not sure, but he might have gotten that from his mother...who knows?...) and he will certainly tell you if he is not happy. I love that! No guessing game here.

December 1 is also my little sister´s Birthday. Whoha! It gets more and more difficult each year, trying to figure out what to get her...I mean, I´m easy in comparison! (Christian Louboutins, anyone?)
My whole family have their birthdays during Sep-Dec (even I). Add to that a 1-year Wedding Anniversary on Dec 25 (incredible)...
Lucky we have decided to stick to the "Strictly ONLY 1 X-mas present"-rule again this Christmas... :)


Falling in Love with Life

Back in Gothenburg after Body/Mind-blowing days in my new BFF Berlin :)

Between Berlin and Gothenburg I stopped by in Stockholm and Halmstad.

Thank you Lina and Maria for wicked 24h (even though we only saw Maria for 12 of those 24 hours hihih ;)

Thank you Halmstad and FORM for beautiful flow with the new BODYBALANCE 47, it certainly has a HALO glow to it and I am looking forward to sharing it in Gothenburg this coming weekend together with beautiful Anna Paringer at Fitness Festivalen!

Last day of November 2009 today - yesterday was 1sta ADVENT!
I LOVE Christmas - think it is a late rebel thing against my mother who never puts out the christmas stuff until the 22nd of December. That + the fact that we did get ADVENTSKALENDRAR with the best and most heartfelt gifts ever, I think my mom kept sending it to me as I moved to Gothenburg :)

Christmas for me is COMMUNITY - spending time with family and loved ones, cuddling inside with candles as darkness surrounds us more and more.

At least I got a start feeling for it in BERLIN:)

Another thing that make my heart JUMP with JOY was one day after yoga class - sitting at my BAGEL shop in the window, a girl passed by, I smiled at her (after the morning yoga I was always in a supadupa mod, loving life extra large :), she entered and then left again 5min later. As she left the barrista came to me with a coffee and a note....

I had never seen the girl before! So I asked the lady to translate and she said something like this:
Today is my birthday and I want you to have a beautiful day :)

Isn't LIFE SWELL :) You just gotta fall in love with it!

Over and over again!!

Happy Namnsdag Bejb


The name derives from the Greek noun ἀνήρ – with genitive ἀνδρός –, which means "man" (i.e. male human being).
Well of course - ALL words has an origin in Greek, right!
So there you go ;)



Sunday Sunshine


The sun´s out, the boy and man in my life are both asleep and I´m soon off to work. I kicked myself out of bed early this morning to find the time to take a hot shower, read the Sunday paper and eat an egg & (happy!)bacon breakfast.
This will be my second day at Life Åby, where we wrap up the kettlebell certification today. Nice.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

What a GANG! Fredrik, Jessica, Elin, Jenni, Lena and Åsa.
These people will rock Life from January onwards...Not to be missed!
Xtra special thanks to Fredrik H from Kettlebellcenter.com



X-mas Party


A good reason to dress up! X-mas party with Gymnasium last night. I joined the lovely dinner and then had to make my way home, since I´m working all day today and all day tomorrow.
Oh. And it felt amazingly good wear heels again...

Posing with Åse at Gothia Towers...And I finally got to use my diamond clutch, lovely! :)




This song has been in the background of my BERLIN stay... and I didn't figure it out until tonight - it's from this BEAUTIFUL movie :)

Last night in Berlin - and the streets outside or going CRAZY - Massive demonstration and hundreds and hundreds of POLICE Men... The air is BUZZYNG to say the least

Of to Stockholm after my 5-9am yoga - the last session with Ana - GOD will I miss it - YES!!!

So hard work - and at times I just wanna say - F..k it all and leave... but I have stayed and there is a reason why!



Fed Up


Anyone who is sitting on a remedy for dry coughing (I´m entering week 8 soon...), please, please could you share this with me?
I am SO, SO tired of coughing (less certain hours and madly others).
I skipped training today and again tomorrow, to see if I can get it to ease before this weekend, since I´m working both Saturday & Sunday...



I would do ANYTHING for love...

...but I won't do THAT!!!
Do what?

I'll tell you in a minute - first lets take it from this morning!

Another Miraculously Extraordinary day in this life of HUMAN BEINGS :)

Great start where the 3 hours of EARLY morning yoga starts to feel like to little.... huh?! Yeah I know - I was kinda getting used to the 4hour (and I mean 4hours of asana practice) that we did Fri-Sun!

After class I run across the street after the morning session to my FAV Bagel Café and as I enter, before I even open my mouth, the owner says: - One Resenthaler Bagel Fulkorn and a Cappuccino?! Me: - Perfect!!!

As if I've been living here 10 years already :)

This afternoon I promised myself to go and explore new parts of Berlin so I took the tube to West Berlin - KaDeWe to be exact :)

Hugh MALL - Harrolds Style, t
he first 5 floors took me about 6min to cover - and then I entered HEAVEN - The FOOD Halls - WOW!!! + It is CHRISTMAS time!
Guess how long I spent drewling over the ADVENTSKALENDRARNA with al the BEST chocolate inside....

Finally I had to grow up and realize that I wouldn't be able to take one home (or THE one's I wanted since they were heavy and BIG)... :(

After an hour of LOOKING at food I became hungry - and hear this - I decided to eat GERMAN food!!! Sat down at a POTATO HOUSE or what they cal it and ordered the German speciality with a ..... (drums...) BEER!!



I NEVER ever drink beer + this week is a YOGA intensive training - Don't know what got into me but I HAD FUN!

Sitting in the middle of KaDeWe with a big plate of potatoes and chees, a BEER and a SMILE giggling on the inside!

I know two people that would have been proud of me! DAD and Berndt - Both in heaven - I know you were watching me with PROUD and a bit envious eyes ;)

Just got back to the hostel and jumped into the shower .... Or so I thought ...

In the shower room I meet a
Mexican dude - all this time I've been kinda alone in the shower room. Or guys have been entering but then leaving as soon as they've opened the door and seen me - oh well.. I've been thinking that maybe my T-Shirt was to short or something.

BUT now the Mexican dude starts to speak Mexican to me (just like al Germans speak German to me - what is up with that...?! SPEAK ENGLISH!!!) - I try to understand but then he says BOYS...
Yeah I say, it is OK, you can stay! I then understand that he's trying to tell me that this is the MENS' shower room... he takes me around the corner in the hallway and shows me the WOMENS' shower room... OUPS!

This is how it goes:
For the bathrooms' there are signs of MEN/WOMEN and next to each bathroom there is a shower room but this only has a SHOWER and NO person on it - get it!

OBS! This is NOT the picture of the WOMAN next to the bathroom. This is a pic I took today in a parking lot - have you any idea of what this symbol means in a parking lot content?!

So I thought I could take what ever shower I wanted...
If I didn't wonder why MEN left as they meet me in ´their´shower room?!

- Well - to my deafens - we do SLEEP together so I don't understand why we can't shower together?! Do you?! Oh well!! Life is full of funny rules - at least they make you laugh!

Sweet dreams Jo

Lucky Girl

Where did the day go???
I did a modelling job for SCA which took more or less all day. I know... It sounds very glamorous. (Yes, I´m even signed up with a modelling agency...) But truth is, unless you do magazine work/fashion/high end ad work it´s completely and totally UN-glamorous!
Today was fun though, since I was working with, in my opinion, Gothenburg´s most gorgeous woman M, and not only because she is physically gorgeous (she is!) but because she has the personality to match.
Thanks to her, the shoot was a hoot. :)

I was dead tired when I came home to change before my evening classes. I felt quite low actually. I think it´s the not sleeping in 6 months that is catching up. I didn´t slept a full night the month before Robin arrived and I haven´t slept a full 8h since the birth, and let´s just say, I´m starting to feel it...
Normally, around 4 months, babies start sleeping the whole night through. Errr...not our son. He still needs food 3 TIMES a night. Which means that the longest sleep-cycle I get in one night is 4h. If even.

Tired and hollow eyed I came home to find a huge bunch of flowers on the kitchen table together with a beautiful card, from P and Robin. It made my eyes water.
Wow, I´m an amazingly lucky girl.

Beautiful M getting ready for the day


TOTALLY, incredibly unglamorous...I mean, just check out the SHOES!

An act of love on one of the days that I needed it the most...




Sharing room with the amazing and humble YOSHI

That's what I call him - we're having so much fun :)

He teaches me Japanese and KANJI - so beautiful!
And he asks me about yoga, what my passion in life is, if me and my brother are alike, why I do yoga, and on and on and on....

Hostel and Japanese people is the BOMB ;)

Sweet Dreams Jo

Living in the Now


I´m not sure where time is going, but it sure doesn´t stand still... November 24, can you believe it?
Like I discussed with Malin today, that becoming a mother has forced me to become even more in the now. Yes, yoga teaches you the same thing, but motherhood speeds up the process x 1.000...
There is NO WAY that I can delve into what has been or worry about what´s to come in the next few weeks or months - there is simply no time to do so...

Right now, workwise, I live by the rule:

1. What is the focus of this week?
2. How do I get there? Step 1, 2, 3...
3. What do I have to do today to get me closer to the end result?

As for this week, the focus is to get everything in order for this weekend´s Kettlebell for Group training Certification Course, meaning material, schedule, music, etc, etc. I´m making good progress. By Sunday afternoon I´ll know if it all worked out the way I´d planned....



To Yoga or Not to Yoga?!

Monisier Wong is da SHIT!

Today I am Berlin's bitch...

Not so cocky after waking up at 4:45am to go to 3 hours of sweaty yoga - I mean I LOVE Ana's teaching but somehow my body seems to get stiffer as I do it, it was the same thing last time. Thi first day I have no problem putting my head under my foot but today my entire body screamed NOOOO as I tried it... Hm

It might be the soarness... I'll keep you updated

Thinking that maybe a run would soften me up, but there just isn't enough time/energy in me, at least today + there are soo many other INTERESTING things to do here!!

After our morning class I went to my bagle shop - sat there trying to lift my hand to my mouth in order to chew my bagel. Then straight back to the hostel where I did some office work just before my eyes closed and I was out to the sound of Robbie Williams new FAB album! (love Morning sun!!)

On it again at 1130am - Teacher Intensive till 4pm - My plan was to EXPLORE the ARTISTIC shops in BERLIN but I felt a fever coming so I rejuvenated myself at MR WONG!!! YUM YUM!!

Trying to move my touch from the hostel bed to the bar down the street to finish some work - LOVE that everybody sits there with their MAC Laptops and a glass of wine - why don't we do that in Sweden more often?

Anyhow - feels like I get to have a tea and tea only tonight, bought some funny strong pills in the pharmacy ... you think I should take them? It says 3pills twice daily, quiet a lot ey.....

Love from EXHAUSTED Jo (who almost feel like skipping yoga 2morrow and lie in bed....hm....)

Svettisdagarna 2009


Thanks to Friskis&Svettis for having me back at their yearly event: Svettisdagarna, in Stockholm. It´s a true honour to be invited again and to work with some amazing people over 2 days. 1.400 people gathered at Idrottshögskolan to be inspired.
I brought P & Robin because P´s sister and our dear friend Misty Tripoli was also going to be there.
Misty taught 3 AMAZING classes and it´s always a pleasure to see her in action.

According to P, Robin thought mum looked rather interesting on stage. At least until the main light was turned off. Then he completely ignored me and his full attention went on to "the robot" light show...

500 people doing a seated meditation at the end of Misty´s dance class, Studio 54.

Love at first sight. Robin trying to look cool in the photograph, but truth is: he fell head over heels in love with this LA goddess...

I brought some West Coast Power with me on stage in my first class: Tobbe from Gothenburg & Anders from Kungsbacka...

"Not sure what you did up there mummy, but I prefer you down here...."



Honest... when you think Germany

I'm sorry but this is TRUE!!!

I'm on my 3rd day now and I am finally starting to open my mind :)

Thanks Bro for introducing me to this AMAZING artist!


Berlin is my Bitch

Wow! What a city!
You know how when you are new to a city, you kind of have no clue, no feeling for the place. You might have a map and a guide book if your lucky, but if you're anything like me you might have read the guide book over and over but still noting sticks with oyu, you constantly have to pick up the book and read the same pages over and over again...

This is me!!!

It is my 3rd day in Berlin - And until 1300 today ALL that I've seen was ROSENTAZALER Strasse or whatever it is called! It is a TRULY great street! BUT - I had no concept or feeling for where other parts of BERLIN where, who to get there (was it far, taxi? Tram? Sub? Could I walk?)

So after the 3 SWEATY hours of yoga this morning I had a bagel at my fav place (yeup got one already) and then I decided to start walking...

To my surprise I found UNTER DEN LINDEN after just 5min - and then it al keept coming...

FREDRICHIS STRASSE (have no idea how you spell it but it is a MASSIVE posh shopping steet)

and on and on...

I was FILLED with a feeling of awe, inspiration, aliveness, gratitude and respect!

But most of all I was actually amazed by MYSELF :)

Here is why:

I am PROUD of myself for:
1. I travel the world and I choose to see and experience places
2. I try to speak GERMAN even though I can't
3. I constantly continue to educate and evolve myself - which is often challenging, time consuming and expensive
4. One day I stay at a 5-Star hotel the other night I stay in a Hostel with 5 other strangers - And I think that BOTH are fun and exciting
5. I LOVE travelling ALONE - I meet people when I want to and I leave when I want to
(this means that I sometimes walk around talking and laughing at my own inside jokes.. which might look a bit weird...)

Another funny thing about this city is that I want to be a bit naughty...
Strangely - I am here on a hard core YOGA immersion but every time I step out on the street I order a glass of red wine in on of the chill and arty bars :)
Today I even felt like smoking..... WHAT !!! I know, I don't even smoke but there is something in the air here that makes you want to be a rebel, create, have deep discussions filled with passionate arguments until the sun comes up and then you have an espresso and start all over again!!!

This is not a city where one saves it for a rainy day - Each moment, each meeting, even if it's just a second in someone's eyes counts, and is a source for CREATION!




The city seems to be amazing - haven't seen much yet, but I LOVE ROSENTALLERSTRASSE (or something like that) That I walk up and down to get to the Yoga Studio - which is a BEAUTIFUL place with a supa FUN director (I practised next to him the first day - hahah) He has already invited me to come teach here in the future - Lovely Yogi!

ANA - Is AMAZING!!! # classes down (each class is 3 hours... I am not kidding you !!) Full on HARD CORE no Bullshit!

And the HOSTEL is actually GREAT - it is quiet FUN! I stay in a room with 4 other beds in it, and people come and go all the time. I seem to be the only one staying :)

Just 30min ago 4 dudes came in, I heard them talk in Swedish and in my mind I was thinking (Shall I pretend to be British maybe:?) Just for the FUN of it...

What do you think?

OF to bed now - 2morrow is another EVOLVE OR DIE day! What do you do on a SUNDAY?


May the FORCE be with you


Getting ready to rumble

Ready for action in Stockholm!
I travelled up with the family-Robin loved the train-and now we are all cosied up in the hotel room.
Looking forward to teach my classes,but also looking forward to see my lovely,dovley friend Misty Tripoli. If you have ever seen Misty in action, u will NEVER forget this stunning soul of a woman.
It'll be a fun weekend!


Friends make the world go round and go around the world

MOJO by iPhone

Wonderful to see my beautiful, stunning soul mate JOJO for a quick fika this afternoon, before she heads off to Berlin.
I´m prepared for this coming weekend in Stockholm where I´ll be presenting 2 spinning classes at the classical event: Svettisdagarna, Friskis & Svettis yearly convention with 1.400 participants.
Yoga first thing in the morning, then I leave Gothenburg by train around noon with the whole little family. Yum, what a luxury having P & Robin travelling with me!
Now, bedtime...


Who challenges you?!

Soon I'm with this CAT Woman again - last time was in MAY 2009 - feels like an eternity ago and at the same time yesterday....

EXCITED and NERVOUS ... weird feelings I know - Trying to figure them out but I just can't explain it, trying to stay present. Last hours have been HECTIC to say the least

Wednesday - Teaching from 730-1400 non stop, cab to the airport - starting and presenting a NIKE YoGirl event in Oslo at 18-2230 - straight to the hotel bed to wake up at 430am - flight back to Gbg - Teaching 8-12 and now landing in my appt, laundry time (well needed!!), fika time with Mo and then of to a GET AWAY at St Jörgens Park - Spa Ritual, Relaxing, Dining/wining, hopefully able to be present and enjoy the view + the MAGNIFICENT company - to be woken up in the morning (note - not middle of the night!!) strol down to the FAB HOTEL Breakfast - and then BERLIN and Ana FORREST 7 Day INTENSIVE!!!

Any tips in BERLIN peops??


Will keep you updated from the HOSTEL!!! Yes - not HOTEL but HOSTEL - where I CHOSE to stay - ask me why plz.....



Sleep Deprivation


What a weird day.
After a tough night with a baby that wanted to be fed 4 times, I had bags the size of Samsonites under my eyes this morning. I can normally look half ok even when I feel dead tired, but boy, did I look ragged as I left the house!

Driving out to grandma´s and grandpa´s Robin was crying his way throughout the whole car journey. Phew.
I´d brought my running kit, but still felt so tired at noon, that I just went for a very light jog.
Came back to the city at 15.30 and immediately feel asleep beside Robin on top of the double bed. For 1h & 45min! I think both mum and son were a bit spent after last night.

Did I get anything else done? Yes. Actually managed to mix one of two classes for work this coming weekend. Happy for small mercies as they say.



Technical, tedious, training tools.


Training to-do-list:

* increase range of motion in my ankles - an everlasting project.
* build strength, contact and endurance in my mid- to low trapezius.
* work on my technique in Olympic weightlifting. Hm. Very hard to do absolutely right until point number 1 has improved.

When your training and fitness level has reached a certain point, it´s the tiniest, technical and/or most tedious things that makes the biggest difference. I know that if I can keep this up, in 6 months time I will run faster, jump higher, lift heavier and last longer. Phew.



SUPERSTAR in the making....

Watch one of my best friends´ son, Marvin - a future SUPERSTAR!
He is 2-yrs old...can you believe it???

Remember where you saw him first.

Go Marvin!


Chase your Dream

Oh la la


An extra shout out to KIMMO - My Man - My ASS istnat BJer in crime - Can't wait to do it again!

And to Arja - BB mother! For your deep dedication and passion in everything you do! My Finish hot moma!

And of course to all YOU Rockin Instructors who kept the energy high up there during al those classes - Amazing!

After all those classes on Saturday and a soft dinner on the penthouse floor, the LM Trainer team decided to continue the booty shakin outside of the gym :)

I decided to sneak into the KINO since we had 3 hours to kill before the PARTY started again! I found FAME playing @ 8.15pm - PERFECT!

I bought the CD before the movie came out and I immediately fell in love with this song. Didn't think I could fall again, but hey - deeper and deeper - Now I'm also in LOVE with the guy singing it.... OMG!!! If I were only 10 years younger.... ;)

Hope your weekend was .... just the way you wanted it to be :)




Travelling back from a rainy Älmhult, the weekend has been relaxing, with great company and lovely food...
I have to say: I´m a bit in love with my iPhone. It worked perfectly even in the deep forests of Småland. The only negative I have to say about it, is the battery time when you surf. It really kills the battery quite quickly. BUT, other than that it´s fantastic. So slick and easy to maneuver that even a 3-year old can handle it...

I tried to log in to hm.com on Saturday to see if I could get my hands on the Jimmy Choo leather leggings and maybe a bracelet, a belt and.... (The H&M/Jimmy Choo collaboration is by far the best to date, almost every item could have sat nicely in my wardrobe...)

After a few halfhearted attempts I gave up. My economy is gracefully thankful today.

A busy week ahead...



Fantasy vs Reality....

Stockholm was GREAT! Early early morning - woke up 5am - worked, worked, worked and then dragged myself on the plane back home, knowing that a safe harbour was awaiting me :)

I LOVE being picked up at the airport - isn't it one of the BEST things around!?
I can fantasies about it, picturing myself like the people in the movies - running into the arms of your loved one, throwing your bags, having eyes for only that person :)

In my mind I see myself doing this :) But NEVER ever in reality - What happens?
Instead of romantically letting myself go I briskly walk pass all the SLOW people in the isle towards the exit - with a knife sharp focus I pick up my bag and keep on walking very focus, so focused that I almost miss the person meeting me - give him a quick hug and ask where the car is.....

What's up with that?

Shape up misses......

Now I'm sitting in a HUGE CLUB in Helsinki - Just packed 500 Goodie Bags for the Super Instructurs who are joining us tomorrow!

It is time for SUPER SATURDAY in Finland :)

Teaching BODYBALANCE 47 with Powerful Arja tonight

Tomorrow is a full on schedule with
BODYBALANCE 47 Team Jo + Arja
BODYJAM 51 Team Jo + Kimmo
BODYBALANCE Generic Session
BODYBALANCE 47 Team Jo + Tiina w Fab Arja and Susanna supporting us on the huge stage :)

There will also be surprises such as a Push-Up competition, a BODYPUMP Drink... hm.. Yummey? And more...

Saturday evening will be traditionally Finish I think - There is a SPA/Sauna booked for us with all the traditional Finish stuff... whatever that is, hm?! Anyway - Sunday is a SOFTER day :)



BUTT freezing COLD


It was freezing today.
I´m still coughing, so no running...

Instead a long, cold walk through the city...

...Wearing my fav denims, almost exactly 4 1/2months after giving birth...
Who cares that the weather is butt freezing cold?



Stadium LOVES Nike Loves ToppHälsa Loves Jo

On my way to Stockholm to work with a great TRIO!

A full on day that will hopefully turn into a BOOST of INSPIRATION in the beginning of 2010 for YOU loved ones :)

The reward when I get back to GBG Thursday night (before leaving Friday moooorning for Finland is a TENNIS Lesson, Jihaaa :)

Love learning new things!

By the way - Thank you SPORTLIFE for ROCKING tonight's classes with me BODYJAM 51 and BODYBALANCE 47 Wow is the only word for it !!!

Sweet Dreams Jo


What animal are you?

Preparing for some interviews in Stockholm - one question was:
If you were an animal - what would you be?!

My friends first guess was an EAGLE - A good guess bot not right.
His second guess though was right on spot - A JAGUAR - BLACK!!
I almost tattooed this animal in May - Guess he knows me quiet well already!

When it came to his turn to answer the questions - This was his answer :)

It made me cry (the movie not the answer :)

Sweet Dreams Jo

And, and, AND...I ALMOST forgot!


...this is what we miss tonight!!!!!
MAXWELL live at BERNS, Sthlm.
My soul house God.

Damn it.

Bitter? Me? Hell yeah.


A big ol´GRUMP


I´m grumpy with a big G.
I´m still coughing. It was better last night, but it got worse again this afternoon.
We´re paying way too much money in tax in this country. Don´t get me started on this issue, or I´ll never stop. (You can tell that the monthly tax payment should be done by the 12th of Nov....)
I´m not happy with my new book keeping people and I don´t look forward to changing-again.
The heating in our apartment is broken. Actually, the heating is broken in the whole house. It means that I live in my sheepskin slippers and that my bum freezes to the....well, you can probably imagine the rest.
It´s 22.00 and I still haven´t got half the stuff done on my to-do-list today.

Grumpy with a big G is the word of today.



Shallow, but oh so much fun!



"I have nothing to wear!" Normally, I NEVER need to say those words, but since delivering Robin, I´ve not been able to wear hardly any of my trousers, let alone my denims, and believe me, I have MANY pairs of jeans-(even after selling second hand/giving away countless of pairs).
"Heck, let´s check how far it is to go, I´m soooo fed up with black leggings", was my thought this morning as I grabbed the first pair in the pile.
A pair of Blue Cult. American designer denim with quite a lot of stretch in them, but hey, a size 25 (about 27 in European sizing)?
Did I really wear these once???

I laugh and pull them over my kneecaps, prepared to find myself struggling as I get to the upper thigh part.
Not only am I inside them, but I´m also able to do the button up!
Robin´s face is perplexed as he watches his mother dance around in the bedroom, singing and hollering.

Tomorrow is an Acne day.


A Weekend not to...

...wake up from!

Wow - Still HIGH on the past few days. Couldn't remember the last time I spent a day without my training gear on (well... I am not a victim here - I do LOVE my NIKE stuff!!).

But still ;)

Started out with a BOMBASTIC FANTASTIC Night out with Pom and the Pilates Chickas! Lovely pasta and red red wine warmed us up for the OUTSTANDING Cirque De Soleil Show - Saltimbanco!
There was no WAY I could fall asleep after a show that MAGNIFICENT so I meet up 2 beautiful men at BjörnsBar! (They must have thought that I was high on drugs or something, cause I couldn't stop talking about the man who almost drowned in the toilet in the middle of the stage...) Good thing they are CLOSE friends :)

The weekend continued with the THEME of CRAZY - as I kidnapped Mom to Asia Spa in Varberg (first stopping in Halmstad to have lunch with the worlds greatest Bro :).

Was a long time ago I saw mom and we both enjoyed the cosy asian robes, the hot waters, the saunas, the chillout room (where we both feel asleep:), the dinner, the yoga with Ulrika Nordberg - a sweet Detox Flow - Mom did GREAT actually! Note that she DOES NOT practice yoga at all - my plan was to get her to practice with another teacher than her own daughter... I gave her some tips: Like Childspose for example - her response:

- Lovelly! Is it enough if I say it or do I have to do it as well?!

Let's say we have a lot of things in comon, but yoga/exercising is not one of them!

Left Varberg for Gothenburg where Mattias turned me into QUEEN in less than 45min! He is AMAZING, in so many ways! He just came back from shooting Charlotte Perrelli's new WORKOUT Book in Spain!

Both of us were attending BIG 30Celebrations, unfortunately it wasn't the same one - so we jumped into separate cabs into the black night.

After LAUGHING, eating and celebrating we contined to PUSH :)
What I recall from this evening is this:

Champagne Champagne Champagne!

But from WHOM it came from I have no idea....

There were at least 40 of the B-Boys closest friends including his family - and when I look up I see a 30year old boy in his underpants only standing on the bar and next to him his father (around 60) without his shirt and his tie around his forehead jumping/dancing! This is where I fall of the sofa (from standing :) and almost break my thumb... This is also where I take the grown up decision to GO HOME :) (Must be my yogi skills ;)

Let's just say that SUNDAY was spent in BED!!!
And it was the BEST Sunday with the BEST person ever :)

I am so ready for THIS moment, and the one after this, and the next and the next - Universe - Just keep em coming ;)



A busy Sunday


Yes, is the answer to the question: Did I feel yesterday´s class in my body? Although not half as much as I was afraid to...
I kicked myself out of bed this morning to guest teach a yoga class at 10. Had a lot of fun! Great crowd and a lot of familiar faces.

After the class I went home, showered, changed and rushed off to my meeting with Usama & Musse. We discussed the Ruffie concept in length. Ruffie will be launched spring 2010. Exactly how our collaboration will pan out will be decided in the next couple of weeks. Inspirational guys and a very promising concept.

Father´s Day was then celebrated at home with the 3 families. Robin & I are both coughing away, so tomorrow will definitely bring a long sleep-in.

By the way, anyone who calls me up until Friday (when I get my phonenumber transfered to the iPhone): Don´t worry if I sound weird on the phone. My SIM-card has gone haywire since I transfered my contacts to the iPhone, which means I don´t get caller ID anymore on my Nokia. Hence, when JOJO called me earlier tonight, instead of going: "Heeeelloooo JOJO!", I went: "Yes, this is Monika speaking" in my business voice. Silence. "Ehhhhh...hello?...This is Johanna...?" :)

New week tomorrow. New adventures.



RUFFIE Training with Usama & Musse


What a mad, fun class! Full to the brim with strong, hard training people. The members at Gymnasium Sisjön are second to none.

If you think you are fit, this is the way to go... Ruffie Training will give you explosiveness, strength, endurance and flexibility. 4 blocks including "fighting" (body to body exercises-no punches), physical challenges and strength/endurance exercises. You work with a partner throughout.
Thank you, Mari, for being my partner in crime-pushing me through the hardest of exercises and keeping us smiling throughout. Thank you Susanita for driving all the way from Jönköping to join in.

Thank you Usama & Musse for a great class, my body will certainly feel it tomorrow...

Sad you missed it? You can see the boys at Svettisdagarna in November (Sthlm) and at the NIKE Convention (also Sthlm) in January...

In action...Usama Azia & Musse Hasselvall

Yoga Sam & Karate Niklas. Sweaty & happy.

Elaine Rydberg & I, trying out our fighting stances...

What a great workout! Thanks, guys.





The cough is still there and it doesn´t seem to be in a hurry going anywhere... Damn it. On Saturday it is time for Ruffie training...
Musse Hasselvall & Usama Aziz at Gymnasium Sisjön 15.00. NOT to be missed.

I need to get this cough cleared. On Sunday I´m guest teaching yoga in the city. Come and join me at 10.00 if you´re around!



Wow - THANK YOU :)


Hahah Don't think I've been in a voting thingie since 3rd grade when the class voted on who got to be LUCIA.... The outcome - I was TOMTE... A GUY was voted LUCIA, how about that... :) Hahah

I'm tudelad (Swedish great word when you can't make up your mind...)

I am a person of many opinions but when it comes to voting I just can't seem to get to it (when it comes to everything from Eurovision, galas, even social and political events), hm this is something I will look into and analyse further - interesting!

So if you VOTE - for any of your favourites - BIG UP TO YOU!

Oh well - It's a lot of fun these things that we do... I haven't decided where I stand yet - I know myself and I know that I can be VERY VERY competitive hihi but I can also completely immerse myself in the feeling and just BE. Guess my challenge is to find the in-between...

Now I'm of to CHANGE the world (here's a plan if you wanna be part of it;)

3 steps to CHANGE the world:

1. Acceptance

2. Change yourself

3. Baby-steps

Most of all. Believe that you have all what it takes to change the world. You are the one we've been waiting for. And it's starting right here, right now!



Nike Convention 2010


This day has been crazy. Busy from the minute I woke up until now... 2 good meetings. 1 live and 1 over the phone. Taught 3 classes and had my hair cut. Finally. I was afraid that I would have to cut it real short...like a few centimeters (since I´m loosing so much hair right now) , which would NOT be a very good look for me, but my hairdresser just laughed and said that I didn´t need to worry. Phew.

By the way, remember that the Nike Convention site opened for bookings today!
See www.nikewomen.se for more information. You can train kettlebell with me Friday, Saturday or Sunday and Caramel Core+Dynamic Training+Global Yoga with JOJO.



Vote or die :)


Thanks for the comment Magnus!

MOJO-readers, give it up for JOJO -
Nominated as the group training instructor of the year! YES!

Vote here.


You phone, we phone, I phone

When I finally dragged myself to the 3 shop, it looked like....well, you can see for yourself on the picture above. I ended up spending 20min outside in the freezing cold, before I finally found out that all the computers were down inside the so called shop... Well, I should have the coveted gadget before Friday. Much to my delight, my dear friend M, the techno freak, decided to get one too. Yes! This means that I will have someone to teach me (and no doubt tell me) what applications I should get/need! :)

Life as a self-employed educator/entrepreneur can be quite lonely sometimes. After almost 15 years on the road, most of the time traveling alone, working alone and brainstorming with one´s own little self, I´ve noticed that I seek out more and more ventures together with other people. Why not? I know some extraordinary people and not only are they amongst the best in their chosen fields, but they are also great people to be around... It´s much more fun being able to bounce ideas off somebody else´s exciting brain for a change!
2010 will be the year of collaborations... I like!



... som först lyfter mig, sen ger mig dåligt samvete och sen ger mig en insikt :)

Sorry - In Swedish.....

Nog är det en källa kontinuerlig fascination att vi har det bättre och bättre, men verkar må sämre och sämre? För så vitt de flesta studier som jag har sett visar verkar det som att så snart vi har uppnått en grundläggande trygghet i form av tak över huvudet, mat för dagen och visst urval av bekvämligheter, så mår vi inte bättre för att vi får det bättre.

Nog är det en viktig kunskap att ha, eller hur? För de flesta av oss har ju någonstans på vägen blivit itutade att om vi bara sköter oss, skaffar en bra utbildning och blir riktigt framgångsrika så ska det på något sätt leda till lycka. Det visar sig alltså att detta förhållande inte verkar hålla när det väl kommer till kritan. Enligt mig beror det här på att vårt nervsystem inte är programmerat för lycka. Det är programmerat för överlevnad.

Vad menar jag då med det? Jo, naturens största intresse är inte att vi är lyckliga, utan att vi överlever på något sätt. Det har uppenbarligen fungerat bra eftersom vi är här;-) Men det sätter i sin tur sätter specifika krav på hur vi värderar den information som vi tar in via våra sinnen. Bland annat så har allting som är potentiellt sett negativt för oss oerhört mycket viktigare att agera på än det som skulle kunna vara bra för oss.

Negativa konsekvenser har förtur i nervsystemet

Som illustration kan du tänka dig följande exempel: Du kommer gående i djungeln när du plötsligt hör hur det brakar till jämte dig bland buskarna. Utan att ens hinna tänka dig för hoppar du upp i närmaste träd och klättrar upp så högt som grenarna bär dig. Först därefter kollar du vad det kunde vara som orsakade ljudet. Om det nu är en kompis som skojar med dig kan det kännas minst sagt lite fånigt när nu hela gänget skrattar åt dig. Men den skammen tar alltså nervsystemet hellre än att det hade varit ett rovdjur som hade kunnat hota din överlevnad.

Om vi nu vänder på scenariot och du kommer genom djungeln och upptäcker en glänta. Mitt i den så ser du en hel hög med frukt som ser nästan staplad ut. Vad är nu din reaktion på denna fantastiska gåva att få matbehovet stillat utan någon större ansträngning? Verkar lite för bra för att vara sant… kan vara en fälla… bästa att vänta lite… En oerhört bra reaktion sett till överlevnad, eller hur?

Men i dagens värld är vår överlevnad nästan garanterad. Om ett barn dör i civiliserade områden är det att se som närmast en katastrof. Vi har alltså förmånen att för första gången födas med vår överlevnad i stort sett garanterad, vilket leder till att vi blir alltmer koncentrerade på att uppnå lycka istället. Problemet är att nervsystemet inte har hunnit ändras. Det gör fortfarande allt det kan för att hålla oss vid liv genom att tro att allt som är bra kan ha en hake och att allt som ens verkar dåligt är bäst att köra igång hela stressystemet för så att vi kan hoppa högt upp trädet.

Spännande eller hur!!

Sen ger Anders några övningar för hur vi kan öva upp och förändra våra tanke och beteende mösnter: - Hoppas att den möjligheten är värd en stunds mental träning för dig...

- övningar som visst är relevanta och verkar givande, ändå fasten jag tycker att detta är otroligt intressant och fascinerande så vet jag att jag inte kommer att göra just dessa övningar, dom lockar mig inte, jag blir uttråkad bara jag läser dem... hm. Jag får då först lite dåligt samvete (särskilt då han skriver så - Hoppas att den möjligheten är värd en stunds mental träning för dig..) men sen kommer jag på: Jag har ju YOGAN!! En anledning till att jag är så passionerat förälskad i yogan är att den hjälper mig att träna på just saker som dessahär, fast på ett sätt som passar MIG! Jag gör visst "Anders övningar" fast på ett sätt som passar MIG :) Jag lär mig genom att göra, genom min kropp kan jag träna mina sinnen och min hjärna! Jag är så GLAD att jag har hittat min väg :) Har du hittat och erkänt din? Eller vandrar du fortf på "andras" markerade, välskötta vägar?


What's LOVE gotta do with it...

' I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that
there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. '
~ Vincent Van Gogh

Me, Dad and Elle rocking Gran Canaria :)


Mo and ex-paddeln aka Robin Björn

GrandMa and Ma - Where did u think I got my clown skills from....

Jo, Pom, Mo - Vince I think u're right on the spot on this one ;)




I´m not sure how many shoes I own. The only thing I´m sure of, is that there can never be too many shoes in a woman´s wardrobe. Normally, I hardly ever go for brown, but when I saw these gorgeous ankle boots from Essential today, there was no doubt about the fact that they needed a loving home, in a wardrobe usually filled with black...

I need to leave town on Nov 14, when the Jimmy Choo collection for H&M is released...



Hahah in a Good/Funny way :)

Been practising equanimity the last couple of days. Here are some of my fav "practice" moments:

§ Got stuck in an elevator on my way to the Global Yoga Training, stepped into the elevator on the 6th floor, a tall dark man follows me in and 15 sec later the lights fade and the elevator stops....

I am on the - side :(

§....After trying every button in the elevator I realize that I am stuck (my first time stuck in an elevator for real). And here is where life smiles at you - I am not only stuck in an elevator, I am stuck in an elevator with a giant RUSSIAN man! The Global Yogis are waiting for me, their teacher, but there's nothing I can do, except for being PRESENT. So - I make the best of the situation and since I might be going to Russia to work in Feb I milk all the juicy Russian Inside travel tips out of this very polite man :) What are the odds?! 70min later they get us out of there....

I am on the + side :)

§ Meet an old friend at STUREHOF and there I forget my favourite gloves that my Grandma made my...

I am on the - side :(

I make it in time for my train back to Gothenburg because I get a ride!

I am on the + side :)

§ I dream nightmares al night long... The new LES MILLS programs has arrived and I have decided to teach the new release this week so that I am prepared for the quarterly in Finland coming up soon. Last night in my dream this was the scenario: I am about to teach the new release but I haven't practised at all.... I don't even know a single move - but I am thinking that I'll be fine - The participants don't know the moves either so we're okey.... kind of. And THEN... I see GANDALF - The man who makes the program, and he is attending my class.... sh...t!!! I press play and start to move - trying to look at him and copy him since he knows it right.... he looks at me and he doesn't look happy (kind of thinking: Who is this clown and WTF is she doing....) Then I wake up - all sweaty.... and LATE for work.....

I am on the - side :(

I make it in time for my client! YES!

I am on the + side :)

Life is a roller-coaster .... let go and enjoy the ride ;)



Bejb I'm back

In my hood, in my own bed :) Yum!

3 fantastic full-on days in Sthlm with Global Yogis - Thank you, you are truly amazing!

Robyn - as my friend POM says - Should get the NOBEL PRIZE!!!

"Some words are best unspoken..."

Sweet Dreams Yogis


Love me tender


Funny, as we were about to take our seats, I receive an sms: "You look good down there on row 2...". Turns out we were not the only toddler parents having called in baby-sitters to be able to go to the cinema this Sunday. Malin & Daniel also bribed theirs, to see "Flickan som lekte med elden".
What P and I got confirmed tonight, was that Robin is not ready to be left for a full day and a night just yet. He cried his way through the afternoon and didn´t stop until we were back, so I just canceled our trip to Stockholm next week. No Maxwell live at Berns, I´m afraid.

I thought about something when I was out on a (very heavy) lunchtime run today. This is a little something for those of you out there in a relationship.
Ask yourself this question: What makes your partner love you?
Make a list and then compare it to the actual answer/s. Does it match? Does it matter if it does? Is it the same qualities that were important when you started dating, or have priorities changed? Is it personality traits or learned skills or both that makes him/her certain that you are the One?

What I put on the list? Well, let´s just say that it didn´t include my cooking skills...