At the moment, my home looks like a D.I.Y-shop. It makes me cringe.
We visited the "Järnia"-shop today after the beach. Järnia sells everything from hoovers, screws, drills, paint to ice-cream...(yes, they do-by the checkout). The visit made me come out in a rash.

Let me tell you something. Having a home is lovely. Having a lovely home is, well, nice. But I´d rather walk around in flat shoes for the rest of my life than having to: paint a house, do some wallpapering, screw some screws or do some gardening.

The nightmare of all nightmares: to move in to a "renoveringsobjekt"( =a house that requires so much work it should not only be given away for free, it should come with a warning sign saying: "by taking me on, you will not have any leisure time for, like, the rest of your life"). Strangle me slowly, I would truly detest every minute that I would be able to stand inside that house.

It bores me to death having to handle tools. It gives me stomach convulsions having to live in the mess that is created by "transforming" your home. Having to spend one´s holiday tending to the house/apartment/garden would probably make me go insane withing 24h.
When people tell me that that is how they have spent their week/weekend/holiday/latest months, I never know what to say? "My condolences"? (Would that be a weird thing to say?)

Anyway, the good thing is: I know what I´m good at, and I certainly know what I SUCK at, so the way to avoid becoming a vegetative blob in the future is to never ever go close to anything resembling a screwdriver, a paintbrush or a lawnmower for as long as I live...


Warped Reality Space = IKEA


What happens in the warped reality space that is IKEA? I´d be grateful for an explanation to the phenomena that occurs every time I visit the blue and yellow monster of a shop.

Today followed the usual story: We go to get a few "bits and pieces". You know, candles, napkins, clothes hangers, towels, that sort of stuff. When we get to the check out, we are suddenly lodging not one, but TWO trollies. And when the checkout girl gives us the total, it´s the grand sum of 5.538 SEK!!!!!!!!! What the h..ll just happened?

We only picked up a few things?...Well, actually, then we get to the car...On the third try, we manage to close both the boot AND the two passenger doors. Phew! That place is lethal!

But it did give me the inspiration of today´s

Top 3 places for Fashion dyslexic people:

1. IKEA - Women: no, having angel wings tattood on your shoulder blades does not qualify you to look like a star. Men: 3/4 pants worn with white tube socks in open toe sandals...need I say more?

2. The Avenue in high summer - Women & Men: anything tight, anything lycra and/or fluorescent that hugs pieces of your body that does not want to be hugged in public... not a good fashion statement.

3. Liseberg - O.M.G (Oh.My.God)! Ice-hockey hairdos on the men and wicked, wicked perms on the women + bare midriffs (both men&women) + more 3/4 trousers with drawstrings at the hem (what´s with this trouser "fashion" amongst middle aged men of today???) + cycle shorts (cycle shorts??? No matter how fashionable cycle shorts would or could be, WHO can honestly say that they look good in them??? And that´s said by someone who has worked 17 yrs of her career in this EXTREMELY unflattering piece of clothing...)



Lazy bastard

Where we went today. Deserted, beautiful and empty. But, like with good mushroom-picking places, don´t ask me where it is, because I would have to kill you after I told you...


It´s hot.

I love it, but my brain is not functioning. Cannot believe that I managed to plan my only week of real holiday to this week??? The weather is tropical, which means that the temperature never drops below 20 degrees Celsius, not even during the night.

There will be one IKEA-run this week and I really want to see the new Batman movie, other than that I don´t want to plan ANYTHING.

Lazy bastard, that´s my new name...

Lazy B at yesterday´s fantastic bbq (thanks M&M)... wearing Strawberry dress from Covent Garden boutique....

...and new favorite - matching Fornarina Strawberry belt...



Should I get another tattoo?


Where? (on my body, I know where in LA I would have it done!)



GIRLS just wanna have fun


4 generations of Sinders/Björn. My lovely, lovely grandma, my mum, my sis and darling Daisy

Last night: fabulous Katy Appleton and I, getting ready to hit the Absolut Black&Silver/Elle-party at Push. Please note my 2 hour shoes. (Called 2 hour shoes because that is the time limit that one can wear this 12-inch+ Cinderella-shoe...)


EGO hour


Choosing photographs for my new website which will be launched this autumn. Had the pleasure to work with Jacob Karström. What a talent he is! I can highly recommend him for anything that has to do with photography. He is based in Gothenburg, where he has a small studio,(but will also travel).

The day of the photo shoot was grey & miserable and by the time we´d finished shooting outside, we´d had everything from thunder clouds, bright sun to pouring rain. None of this stopped Jacob from taking some amazing photographs. See for yourself below - (and these are some of the photographs that won´t even make it to the final cut...)

Thanks Jacob for a fun day out and for making me look great!


I am bringing it HOME to you my DARLINGS!!!






Coffee to the people


Just got back!
Home is such a cool place to be.

I had forgotten just how beautiful Dalarna is. And how much land we have in this country. Sweden is the place to be when the world finally cracks.

Something else that I have noticed: it is impossible to find a descent cappuccino from here to Mora.

At least if you hang around the E45 and don´t venture away from the main road. Hello? It´s 2008!
The fact that no-one has had the entrepreneurship in them to start off a hole-in-the wall-espresso bar-chain along this incredibly busy road is sad...

More great coffee to the people in the countryside!


is a feminine name, a variant form of Joanna that originated in Latin in the Middle Ages, including an -h- by analogy with the Latin masculine name Johannes. The original Greek form Ioanna lacks a medial -h- because in Greek /h/ could only occur initially.


In my newly rented red car I drove to City Yoga after having Lunch with my Hot Hot Hot friend J on M Cafe (Contemporary Macrobiotic Cuisine — featuring balanced, nutritious, creative cooking)!

I was heading for THE PRACTICE (Teacher and student practice together in our most playful and advanced class), a 2hour long sadhana that a friend of mine (a wicked Yogini here in LA) recommended! I knew it was gonna be tuff (she only likes hard, sweaty classes that challenge u to the BONE :)! BUT, I had NO idea that it was going to be THAT playful (read HARD!)

Las night I did a 2hour sweaty class in Santa Monica with one of my favorite teachers, Bryan Kest. His classes are HOT, and demanding but they are SIMPLE, not EASY, but SIMPLE.
I love they way he teaches, he is always right on the spot.

Last night we stood in ARDHA CHANDRASANA, which really just means that you stand on one leg, having one hand in the floor and the other arm reaching up to the sky.

Bryan said
: - Cool down, don't get big EGO about what you are doing, this is nothing advanced. If you were to see this at a Cirque De Solei show, you would want your money back! :)
And he is soo right, we often tend to get competitive and even more stiff when we enter certain poses but Brian pulls you right back down, grounds you and makes you realize; WTF, it's only Yoga! Relax, enjoy and FEEL it!

BUT... back to today's Practice, I must say that the poses we (read they) did would fit into a Circue De Solei performance!
The first pose that we went into was HANUMANASANA (split). Yeasbamthankyoumam, you can
just imagine where we went from there!

Handstand One armed handstand Handstand into Crow Jumping into handstand w a block between your feet Pigeon, Full Pigeon 20 sitting on your knees and touching your head to the floor (behind you!) Drop Backs, 20 Push ups in Bridge pose, holding Bridge Pose for forever (for as long as it took for the 5year old kid to crawl under each and everyone of us!!) Vasistasana with full pigeon Lotus in every variation... well the list goes on and on!
I loved the vibe to the class, it was very laidback, and everyone was talking, chatting, laughing and helping each other out!

One of the students was RAINBEAU MARS
the new Yoga Profile for ADIDAS International!

Soo, I was planning on going to Vinne Morenoes class tonight but...

I think I'll drive down to THE GROOVE, do some shoping (spana på A&F hihhi) and catch a movie instead... yeah definitely!




You can't push a wave onto the shore any faster than the ocean brings it in.

- Susan Strasberg

I am floating around here in LA, just got my own car :)
I borrowed J's car the other day and Oh My God!
1: It is A LOT of traffic in this town
2: I was driving in morning rush hour traffic to a yoga studio which I had no clue of where it was, all I had was a hand drawn map
3: I was a tiny bit late
4: I got into the car: -Where the f..ck is the clutch?! Did it get stuck somewhere?!!!
5: Where it was?! - It was an AOUTOMATIC off course, I have never ever, driven a car like thet before!
6: In all my rush (to get to a yoga class, hahah) I drove pass 1 STOP sign, 1 red light and drove straight ahead in a file that said, only turn RIGHT!
7: Guesse what, as soon as I saw a parking space, I shoot into it and walked the last 2k to the yoga studio :)

Good thing I got my own car now :)
Wish me luck!



On the road again


New York
...and tomorrow: Dalarna. Mora/Orsa, to be more exact.

Necessary packing list:
- mosquito net
- mosquito repellent
- Wellies
- 1 waterproof jacket
- fishing gear
- bucket for blueberries
- camera for outstanding nature photographs
- warm sweaters
- 1 pair of denims
- 1 silver bikini
- 1 pretty dress
- 1 pair of high heels

- hiking
- blueberry picking
- picknick on the "fjäll"
- bear spotting and last, but not least:
- fishing

Does this mosquito net go with my gold-dress and new heels?

I LOVE Dala-horses! Ethnic fashion at its best... ;)

Siljan at night...

This is really how pretty it is.


Boob Aerobics, anyone?


Things I love about living in Gothenburg, in no particular order:

- the coffee, there are a few outstanding coffee places in this town and only a few places in Italy can beat the cappuccino made at da Matteo or Bar Centro (Kyrkogatan 31). I am SUCH a coffee snob.

- the people, laid back & fairly unpretentious, in comparison to a lot of places.

- the size, small, compact and easily traveled.

On a completely different note... I had lunch with a friend in London. She works as the group training manager for Gymbox.
Gymbox is the UK version of Crunch, (which is a chain of fitness clubs in the US, famous for their outrageous class names).
Anyway, in order to get free press, here are the latest fitness classes that you can find at Gymbox, London:

- "Naked Aerobics" I asked if I could watch the instructor audition for this class! (...but I was kindly,yet firmly turned down...bummer!)

- "The WAG workout" For (and by) bored Wifes And Girlfriends of football players. The WAG is a VERY British phenomena.

- "Boob Aerobics" Ehhh...aerobics for your boobs. Loved P´s question: "I guess that´s a popular class with men, then?"

- "The Stiletto Workout" - this class is actually run by my friend Zoe. And yes, I would EXCEL at this particular workout, I´m sure!

- "Bitch Boxing" - A boxing class in a proper boxing ring. Open for bitches and their friends (or enemies?). Great after a slow/bad/upsetting day at the office...

- "Core Whore" - a core class with a difference. Taught by a very colorful transvestite in his/her FULL on drag queen outfit. And he/she doesn´t take any prisoners. I HAVE to see this class next time I´m there!

New for autumn: Parkour classes - for anyone bored with their normal gym workout who doesn´t see a problem with jumping off buildings, railings, or anything else that happens to be in the way...

I hope they have a rockin´ insurance....

Lost in LA LA Land

I'm sorry, it is all coming, but right now it is jut TOO much!

I live in a gorgeous appartement, in a great area, eat amazing food, take fab yoga /dance classes, walk around in dream body gym environments and ride in fast cars with hot music!

In know it all sounds very much LA and it is... and I LOVE IT!

I'm not sure if I'll ever be back!

Toninght is the BATMAN movie premier, I am going as Batman and my boys as Catwoman!

Off to yoga now, Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, do some American Apparel shoping and Raw food eating, beachbathing and then a class with Vinne Moreno in Venice before the Movie!





Home Sweet Home.

Wanting to land for a few days now. Inhale some fresh air. See my family. Go for a run. Hang out with friends. Digest. Sleep in my own bed. Go for a bike ride. Lift a kettlebell or two.

Just be.
Just breathe.
Just live.




I'm in London. I LOVE this city! Not that I could live here, because the distances are a bit too long, the air is a little bit too polluted and the tempo is just a little bit too hectic, but damn, when you come here as a guest, a tourist - then you can just grab the best of what the city can offer and ENJOY.

The summer sale is on.
I had all day free to visit shops yesterday, since P was booked with an old University friend. (The only break I had, was having lunch at Wholefoods, Kensington.) They went to Tate's Gallery and I, I bought shoes. Shoes and bikinis.
Lucky I could round off "a day of spending and commercialism" with a phenomenal yoga session with Jonathan at TriYoga SoHo. Not to be missed if you are a yoga fan, visiting London before September.

Ps. Goat's butter=SUPER YUMMY! Yeah, really!




Soo after a long Monday I am soon to be ready packed and set to leave. I wish I could sing the song “all my bags are packed lalala” but I am not quiet there yet!

I hate packing. I have this pretty picture of myself as a “light” traveler; it is one of my highest wishes but every time I fail… Well, anyhow

After one week of turning myself upside-down, inside-out in Båstad I am now ready for a total DETOX of Sun, Hot hot hot Yoga, Running, Surfing, Wheatgrass shots, Maos kitchen, raw food (that includes chocolate ☺ ) and heaps of Californi Dreamin’

I will be playing with:


Eating at:

MAO’S (oh yeah!)

Shopping at:


Do you have any tips for me in Los Angeles?
Please let me know!
I’ll be back in Sweden again in August, and I’ll promise to bring some sunshine with me ☺

Lots of love


BÅSTAD i efterhand

Went to a dinner that STUREPLANSGRUPPEN arranged last Saturday in Båstad and here are pieces of the dinner conversations:

She -Åh, det där gröna… eh… åh vad heter d…..?!..........
The rest of us- ?
She – Eh….. ja.. SALLAD!

Me: What do you do?
He: I arrange package travels around the world where I guide clients to the best restaurants, clubs, hotels etc.
….food is served….
He: Åh, Basil
Me: No, sorry it is Spinach!

I spoke about my VIPASSANA, silent meditation and 10min into the conversation one of the girls (who have been quiet for 10min) says: “Ohh like kinda ORANGE…. Just like that, out of the blue

We also did a competition: What is in your pocket?! Of course I won – I had an almond, who can beat that at 4am when the burger queue is 100m ☺

Yeasbamthank you mam!

Letting go

Arguments are won intellectually, not love.


Here comes the bride...


Attended a beautiful wedding yesterday. A great chance to dress up and wear high heels. Thankfully the weather cleared for the ceremony and both guests and the wedded couple stayed dry for the afternoon...

Dress from Patrizia Pepe. Clutch bag from Hoss. Favourite shoes from Guess.

Wedding Ceremony in Trädgårdsföreningen

You may now kiss the bride...

Sam, with his two gorgeous (and single) brothers!

The stunning bride, Erica, in her fabulous wedding dress! MOJO likes!

The married couple arrives to their reception...on a white Scooter! Nice!
Could this be the most beautiful couple getting married this year?
Sam & Erica Aziz

I´m off to London now for 5 days. Yoga, shopping and lots of fun! Promise to keep you posted. :)



I would normaly NEVER be drunk, jumping on tables before 1pm but this MAN can make me do ANYTHING, ANYTHING!!! Just watching this sends shivers down my spine!
My highest wish is to be reborn as a DJ!
A year ago I hardly knew what HOUSE music was, I had never heard about Axwell, Guetta, Ingrosso and I would have agreed with my darling (She says: What the f..ck do you play those loong ass INTROS, just play the god damn song so I can dance..hhaha Love ya Soy!), but now, this moves my soul, my bones and shakes my whole damned body! I danced from 1pm til 1am non stop with glas in my foot, i didn't even notice it... until the morning after... ajajaj... BUT it was all worth it!




Days Like This

Inom 36 H i skåne o halland...

Roadtripp Båstad - Halmstad
Rosé på torget
Världens minsta middag - 6 tigerräkor
TAXI med 6TV - men utan alkohol
Lilla Helfwetet AXWELL Halmstad
Världens Bästa Gäng - skåne, gbg unites in halland
Naken chocker
Världens Bästa DJ
TableDancing UTAN Skor - högklackat e ju obekvämt, varför inte barfota?
Svar = Krossat GLAS
Förlorad ring
tisdagsklubben PR
Taxi hem 100m
Natt dusch a la PT
Klarvaken med tuppen

Ifyllnad av gårdagens luckor
Letade efter ring
Roadtripp till Båstad
1300 Rosé
14ish AFTERBEACH på PEPE´S med AXWELL darling
Rosé, Rosé, Rosé, Champagne, Champagne, Champagne
Battle - Vi vs alla andra
Pull ups
Öppna skjortor

1708 Private Driver hem
Möter mormor
1730 Fina o fixade (tyckte vi...) för Lars Wallin Soaré
Kändisar - tydligen
GI Ola - "E de lågt GI i din drink eller?"
Wallin "Dina klänningar är waaaay 2 expensive"
Bygg Matte
party, party, party
endast 1 fylle samtal (mobilen)
Pizza med Steven Simons o andra
Madisson - kärlek
Taxi mot SAND - försökte hoppa ut i farten, inte alls som på filmerna...
BÅTAR - stora o snabba
LOFT - Jag o gubbarna (Ekwall, bygg matte o några som spelar fotboll)
Går på Toa men hamnar på Pepes, fel dörr
Bicky som har ELITE hotels - jag pitchar en affärs tanke...
Systrarna Graaf
Ebba von Sydow- jag pratar blogg
Let´s Dance Tobbe
Han från Ace of Base
han från BLOND
mer sportkillar man borde känna igen
en POPSTJÄRNA - Fantastic 4, jag kan inte tro att det är på riktigt
Nattmat - mmm
Bageriet har just bakat klart vaniljbullarna mmm
En diss
Vaknar med tuppen :)


Take on the kettlebell challenge


Sunday 17 august 15.00-16.15 you have the opportunity to come and train Kettlebell - "in a crowd" with me, Mo, at Gymnasium, Sisjön (Gothenburg).

The class is for anyone out there looking for tough, simple & functional training - results guaranteed!

Toned gluts? Check
Toned abs? Check
Toned arms? Check
Elevated heartrate? Check
Fun? Seriously Check
Training soreness? Guaranteed.

You want more info? Email me at info@in-cycle.com and I´ll send you the flyer!

It´s been said before: Be there - or stop complaining.