The temperature is rising...


The temperature kept going up today and during my afternoon fika with darling JOJO, I could feel my head cooking...LOVELY! (I know, I know, I´m such a sun worshipper...)

When P disappeared to do his deklaration, I went for a 3k run in Änggårdsbergen.

Or rather, I ran for about 2.5k in total and walked about 500m when the pain in my appendix scar got so bad my eyes were watering. It was all worth it though, because the last 800m-1k, felt great! (Especially after my second stop for a pee...sadly now it´s definitely bye, bye Skatås...)

Pre-run in a sea of colour...Skirt Lacoste, Vest and necklace H&M, shoes Mango, organic banana Eco Store...

7 months pregnant...Post-run...wearing running shorts! (which rarely happens in this country, since a temperature above 20degrees C is required...) Shorts, shoes, running sunglasses & functional T - all NIKE



Summer, summer time...


A day in the sun, with temperatures close to high summer...what more could one ask for? The most stressful thing that happened all day was passing the Tingstadstunneln... That place always make me break out in a sweat and hope that I get out of there alive. Weird, eh? Dodged yet another speed-control this morning and enjoyed an ice-cream in the afternoon.

All is well - all is good, and tomorrow is a day off!!! :)

Have a great Valborg!

SummerTime and the living is eazy :)

One of those days where you just wanna chill out in every breath you take!!
And suck out all the juice of it, the PRANA :)

Summer is OFFICIALLY here, according to JO!
  • There was a wasp in my window this morning
  • FIKA is a MUST at least once a day in the sunshine with your loved ones
  • JORDGUBBSTÅRTA - Mamma forgive me, but this one was THE BEST one I've ever tasted :) From BROGYLLEN - one of the best FIKA places in this city!

  • People are ALIVE in the morning classes at 7 and 8 am I am being greeted with smiling faces - from everywhere! Even Jim the supposedly anti morning man is up and alive :)
  • Had dinner in the gras last night - excquisit
  • Teaching the Swedish military some REAL Dynamic Outdors Training under the blue blue sky!

So come along with me and the rest of the universe and slow down a little, enjoy a bit deeper, and chill like the wonderwoman/man that you are!



If you´ve got it - flaunt it?

Wearing dress from American Apparel, downvest & sneakers NIKE, sunglasses Versace in week 31...


How heavy is too heavy? I´m fascinated about the way the human mind works. When I cannot see myself in a mirror, etc, sometimes I forget I´m pregnant...but as soon as I can see the reaction to my belly in other people´s faces (especially those who don´t know me) or if I pass a mirror or catch my own reflection in a store window, I feel big, heavy and start moving like a ton of bricks.
I´ve noticed how baggy clothing makes it worse...so here´s to tight-fitting lycra! The only way to go with a big belly! :)


If Not Why Not?!

Mo had some weird encounters with training at FIBO hahahah!!

In stead of looking for inspiration at expos I like to find inspiration in art and life around me!

Right now - I can't stop watching and learning about Free Running and Parkour!!

Foucan is my HERO!!!

The problem is that I am only watching and reading at the moment cause I am a bit scared of where and how to start....

And like one of the greatest masters of all time said:

Knowing is not enough, we must apply!
Willing is not enough, we must do!
- Bruce Lee

So I am thinking, maybe today is a good day?

My vision is to bring this kind of functional training into groupfitness :)

I'm soo excited!!!

Peace ya'll



Weirdest thing at FIBO 2009


This will be my last FIBO-thread for a while....but I had to post this - the most WEIRD thing on the whole expo and the winner of the WHY, OH WHY competition....

Well, you can all judge by yourselves...

NITENITE, Sweeties


Your Way has no name

Ojojoj goosebumps (ja gåshud ni vet)!

And the thing is that I often pass this station (Liverpool Station) when I work in London!

I want to be part of it!

For me this is YOGA! A lot of people often ask me - What do you work with? When I answer Yoga, the immediate next question is: What kind of yoga do you do?

Yoga is just a reflection of my practice and the evolution of my art but I don't restrict my way to the domain of physical movement.

It's about living life as fully as possible, mentally, physically and spiritually - and this is why my way has no name, because no one word can encapsulate the journey!

Carpe Diem Jo


What doesn't kill you ...

...makes you stronger!


Are you sure?!

Cause I really don't see the point !!!

Instead of taking my bike to Skatås (it is a cruiser, cruiser bikes are supposed to stay in the city!) I got a ride with ler & långhalm :) The common mission was SKATÅS but the individual mindset differed slightly:

Me: I HATE uphill running - I can't see the point! Isn't there a flat track?

Ler: I LOVE running! Åh, I wish I could run the mile, it is such a fun track - up and down! Not flat like the 8k! Åh I love running, I wish I could run and run and run and listen to the birds (but his benhinnor doesn't like running as much as his spirit:).

Långhalm: I like uphill, that's the only exciting part, other than that whats the point? I hate running! I much rather be in the gym!

So the three of us went for it!!!
I went for the 10k and they for the 5k and gent's as they are they waited for me at the finish line!
And let me tell you - the only reason I made it through the 10k was the notion that there were 2 hot/funny dudes waiting for me :)

It's all about MOTIVATION isn't it ;)

Sweet Dreams Jojo

FIBO, day 3 - business and bye bye


I missed the JUKARI, Fit to Fly -launch on Thursday night, because I chose to usher the team back to the hotel instead, after a looong day. From what I heard I missed a spectacular circus show (with real circus artists one should hope, since Jukari is the product of a collaboration between Reebok & Cirque du Soleil), but not one single person at the launch (and there were only VIP-industry people there) could see the meaning of it or the functionality of it in a real, existing club.
I discussed it with a collegue the next day:
My questions concerning JUKARI, are: How much did it cost to develop? Who is the product for? How many of the world´s fitness clubs have got the room (read:ceiling height) to actually start the program? WHO will teach it? Retired circus artists? I know several. Not.

...and why, oh why didn´t Reebok pour all that money into making wearable shoes and goodlooking clothes instead???

Activio did so well this year. It´s a delight representing a Swedish company at FIBO - especially when the product is so GREAT! The feedback solution system got a lot of attention over the last few days - which it should.
This is the 3rd year that the company is presenting at the expo - and my 3rd year as the team manager for Activio. Having followed the twins from their early days, I have to say: Great job, Tom & Daniel, you go from strength to strength!

Lucky for me, I had (for once!) realized my own limits beforehand and rationalized myself out of the expo 1 day early... Let´s just say that Putte would not have stood for another day. He seemed a bit cranky at the end of day 3...
I was quite shattered when I arrived back in Gothenburg around 22.00 Saturday night, but very, very happy about what the last few days had brought for my client.

Go Sweden, go!

Getting better and more goodlooking each year...
Talking about the Activio booth, folks...

...but I have to say that it also goes for the TEAM!
Damn, you did a wonderful job, guys! Susanne, Åse, Sofia, Mari, Per, Malin, Linda, Magnus, Andreas - THANK YOU so much!

Benny - former collegue and Urs, my former boss during the early days at Schwinn...
Plus me, wearing size XL in shorts AND jersey. Never has the Activio logo-man looked more happy on my belly...

Paco - Poster Boy of Keiser indoor biking and a wonderfully nice person

Ok, more "news"...Computerized training, screens and entertainment could still be seen everywhere...but do they really sell that well??? The answer? No.

Doing cable work on a wobbly board, anyone?
Do heavier weights and more crosstraining instead, I´d say.

Feel the anti-gravity. In a machine not too different from something you would find in a fairground. Again, have I seen it in any facility anywhere in the world? Er...no.

...and in today´s category of Why, oh why....
Well, you can judge for yourselves...


Thank YOU!! For all your help!
This is my CHOICE!!


She is my precious and it's only been 1,5 days :)

She is so comfy and qt. She attracts ATTENTION like I could never do and since she is part of my company JIRA that's perfect! My bro is working on the JIRA logga for her at this very moment (if he's not sleeping from al the partying he is going through right now hihih).

I was supposed to be in Stockholm working this weekend but since my voice hasn't appeared yet I decided to stay in Gotheburg - trying to find it :)

After a couple of ultrapowerenergy hours I started to be able to relax - much thanks to my cruiser!!! She is perfect for me - I've decided NEVER to rush again!
From now on I shall only cruise through life :)

You are more then welcome to join my cruising club!

SoftFlow Jo


Fibo, Day 2.Friends Day


A bit too tired to string a sentence together. Day 2 was hooking up with old friends and collegues day. And finding out the latest gossip in the European fitness world.
There were some really jucicy things discovered...I´ll keep you posted.

Technogym has finally launched their own spinning bike. Not bad.

Star Trac have invested their cash on a new cardio bike instead. Looking like a spinner, driving like a spinner, but with a HUGE LCD-screen to keep you entertained while you bike away...

Launched at FIBO, Schwinn´s new indoor bike. With magnets instead of a braking system (no squeeling), an aluminium frame, adjustable handlebar (fore and aft) and a medium sized screen in the middle of the handlebar, giving you cadence/watts/etc.

Former collegues Marcus (Schwinn) & Martin (Star Trac) from Germany.

Fab, wonderful Italian friends Giancarlo & Antonio from spininside.it
Who also reads MOJO! :)
Love ya, guys

The One. The Only. The Original - Johnny G.
Founder of SPINNING & Kranking.
Friend and mad source of inspiration.

This is how happy the team was after the last show of the day.
Showing off the beautiful yogitoes-towels we kindly were given by yogitoes US.

...and finally...KRANKING.
Check out the power of Mike Michels (on stage). A great friend and former collegue from LA. How do the Americans do it? Year after year they make us Europeans look like unfit, untrained couch-potatoes...



Can people Change?

"I don't like computers - they only give you answers" - Picasso

Come on, ROCK my world why don't you ;)

BitterSweet Dreams darlings


Day 1, FIBO 2009


Back again - FIBO 2009!

Hard work, but great for networking, FIBO is a real test of endurance. Day 1 went well, lots for first class leads for Activio and the team was brilliant together.

Tired now. Stretching, showering and then straight to bed. Both Putte and I are knackered....

Dream Team before the 1st show of Day 1

Mari, Åse, Linda, Malin & Sofia

Andreas Wester doing his best to rival my belly, and Magnus Gårdmark

Not one of the more successful indoor walking programs. Everybody looked asleep.
Why, oh why, number 1...???

Why, oh, WHY, number 2...???

WHY, OH WHY, number 3...????? Also called, Asian Elvis in a hula-hoop, anyone?
To be continued

I need YOU!!!

I need a BIKE!!!

To transport myself to work (in the city)
Transport to FIKA

Which one should I go for?

Please, I can't make up my mind...
One that is functional and might not me that stolen or one that is Hot and comfy (might be a bit slower) and might get stolen (or more likely to get stolen?!)?

Snälla Bullen Hjälp mig!



Germany, here we come!


GERMANY - here we come (Putte and I)!

Leaving P at home with Jonathan Monks to stretch and yoga...

Check out Jonathan´s class at Yoga Buddhi on Saturday.

Wish me luck in Essen... :)



Bringing down the HOUSE!

Tomorrow that is :)

I have mixed all my fav BODYJAM house tracks into a smashing HOUSE class!
Join me at Sportlife Exclusive 5pm Wednesday! If you're lucky I might let you stay for the BodyBalance class as well ;)

Of to bed now, soon I hope! Having a hard time winding down with all the amazing music playing in my ears.... la di da di da :)

Sweet dreams - I know I'll be dancing in mine ;)

LOVE jojo

Tan me up


Just came back from trying the manual sun-spraying at Mazi.

I´ve tried the sun-spraying-shower-machine-thingie before and almost had a claustrophobic attack - I´ve tried D.I.Y sun-spraying (not a bad result, but even being a yogi - how on earth do you get your back an even colour???) - I´ve gone off sunbeds completely, they give you wrinkles and feel dirty-in a bad way - and finally, it´s too long until I´m able to suntan in the normal sun, given that I´m pregnant (I get discoloured pigmentation just by looking at the sun these days....).

I was recommended Anna, by mutual friends, but since she unfortunately wasn´t working until Thursday and I desperately needed some colour before tomorrow, I booked an appointment with Mieke instead.

She was lovely and took good care of me and my body. I now sport a more golden colour already-(final result to be had within the next couple of hours...)

350 SEK for an instant tan without wrinkles? Yes please!
Comes highly recommended.


Next stop, Germany


Tomorrow we´re heading off to FIBO-Europe´s largest fitness fair, with thousands and thousands of visitors in 4 days. This will be my 10th time or so at this love-hate expo.
ALL the big manufacturers are represented and if you are in the industry working with any kind of equipment, you HAVE to be there. I´m consulting for Activio, which means that I´m in charge of the shows that happen in their booth during the fair.

Hall 3 booth D18 - promise you´ll come and see us if you are visiting!

I´ve hand-picked a Swedish team that will fly down to Düsseldorf with me tomorrow and stay on the bikes for 4 days. Well, not 4 days in a row, but approx. 10min 5-6 times a day - EVERY day.
This requires a team which is not only physically strong, but also high-spirited and easygoing. On day 3 and 4, when the going gets tough, the last thing you want is 1 or 2 people who start to fade, nag and drag the rest of the group down. I think this year´s team will nail the positive spirit right on, they are a wonderful bunch of guys and gals who will be there for each other and lift each other up when needed.

The main team is also divided into 2 smaller teams, as they will help with answering questions in the booth during certain alocated times (in English, Swedish, German and even Russian sometimes...:)). Team I: "Golden Hits"(because they are old) and Team II: "Tyskblöjtechno"(because they hate tyskblöjtechno)...
yes, I know, I´m sick.

The rest of the day is spent preparing for tomorrow.
Picking up my new business cards, having a "sun shower", doing some light yoga, preparing music and packing...



R you one of those?

I woke up with NO VOICE today!

It must be a combination of to much work, a cold and no sleep!
But HEY, I've had a GREAT week!!

Worked with NIKE and Susanna Kallur in Stockholm - She is an amazing person! Radiant!

Taught an amazing workshop in home sweet home
Gothenburg ( some of my Global yogis attended it, yeah! And an amazing girl from up north whom I've only known through this blog and e-mail, Karin you ROCK!)

After so much work + a cold I asked my mom if it was a good idea to have some red wine, for the cold I mean?!
Her answer: Well, I don't know, but you'll have a lot more fun :)

And so I took her advice! AL NIGHT LONG :) Although I exchanged the wine for some gin around midnight :)

So right now I am pondering - perhaps I left my voice at the bar 5am? Did I?
Have you seen it?

With out a voice what better to do then to
MEDITATE :) If you're one of those crazy people who's still not doing it (HELLOO), here's WHY you should do it (again):

By the practice of Meditation, we become aware of the underlying reality of the world and of ourselves as arising and passing away every moment. We realize that the process of change continues without our control and regardless of our wishes. Gradually, we understand that any attachment to what is ephemeral and insubstantial produces suffering for us.

Whenever something happens in the external world that we do not like, there are unpleasant sensations in the body. A meditator focuses the entire attention on these sensations without reacting, just observing them very objectively. It is very difficult in the beginning, but slowly it becomes easier to observe the gross unpleasant sensations - what we call pain - with a balanced, calm mind. Pleasant, unpleasant, makes no difference. Every sensation arises only to pass away. Why react to something that is so ephemeral.

With meditation, we learn to be detached and to keep the balance of our minds in the face of any experience. Then we begin to experience what real happiness is: neither the satisfaction of craving nor the forestalling of fears but rather liberation from the cycle of craving and fear. As inner serenity develops, we clearly see how others are enmeshed in suffering, and naturally the wish arises, “May they find what we have found: the way out of misery, the path of peace.”



Sunday LAZY Sunday


Had a seriously lazy day today!
1. Slept until 10.00am. Me, P AND "Putte"!
2. Went for breakfast/fika at Starcups, where we hung out for hours with Yvis, Sabbi, Meddi, Alva, Sis, Mike, Febs and JO. What bliss to be in such animated and lovely company!
3. Drove out to countryside. Went for a walk and had barbecue in parents´ backgarden (after impromtu nap on couch....). :)

Ehhhh...and that´s about it. That was my Sunday off...
I´m so
GOOD at taking it easy!
(Well, at least at irregular intervals...)



.... but it was so worth it :)

Yesterday was an amazing day!
Even though I was full of SLEM (i.e. sick) I had a great time teaching the Yin and Yang workshop at Yogabuddhi :)

Started out in the studio with some dynamic moves with the kettlebelle and then moved outside in the marvellous weather! It was FULL ON :) The contestants, oh sorry, YOGIS, were real fighters and pushed it real good! The session ended in a slow hip opening flow mmm.
After some yummy organic lunch we started all over again, this time with organic moves, in contrast to the muscular energy we worked with in the morning. The flow escalated into ecstatic dance and downhill was a slow flow focusing on the spine.

Thank you my super troupers! Well done!
Since I always get way to caught up in what I do I never seem to get any pictures from my events (note to self: Improve photo skills!!).

Today my voice is on another planet... wish I remembered where?!
Of to work now on some privates and then I was hoping to do some fika in the sun but right now it looks pretty grey... oh well sunshine from within right

If you can't make it fake it ;)

Have a lovely one dears



Scar tissue


Bump after a 3k run in week 30

The Bump, P and I went for an afternoon run after having coffee and ice cream and lunch in the sun all day. P said that people we met in the forest were glaring at him accusingly, as if he had forced his highly pregnant wife out for a torturous run... Defensively after 2.5k he said to no-one in particular: "...she dragged ME along!..."

Running is an adventure these days. My slow, low jog is not fast but a lot of fun. The only thing bothering me (except from the desperately having to pee-issue) is my old appendix scar.
The scar tissue beneath it is stuck to my ever expanding abdominal wall - a feeling very much like if someone had actually sewn the inside of my skin to muscle and bone a few layers down and now movement gets it to stretch - unwillingly...

So, without fail, about 5-10minutes into a run I will have an excruciating pain in my right side. Like a severe stitch, times 1.000!

It really hurts like hell for about 5min+ and then normally it goes away, like it never happened.
During those 5min I´m not a good role model for exercising whilst pregnant. My face is all scrunched up, I´m running (staggering) sort of half bent over and I probably look as if I´m on my way into labour.... Hence why I´m hiding away in the forest these days during my runs... :)

Appendix scar anno 1989



Now what's up with that?

So since MO isn't complaining today I guess it is my turn ;)

What's up with people who talk about being straight forward, honest and open?

To me it seems like a lot of people are good at the talk but what about the walk?

My problem (and it shouldn't be a problem really, but in this society it is) is that I always trust people, if they say something I naturally think that they mean it, for real! (even when it is a joke, that might not be too good, that's why they call me POM!)

I guess it's complicated, it always is, that's just they way it goes...

If I get better I'm gonna shake some serious bootey to this song Saturday :)



Serious Change of Attitude


Serious change of attitude on the go!
Sometimes you just need to go far enough in one direction to realize that you cannot go any further or you might explode....(hahaha, in my case almost literally..).
After another heavy day yesterday, feeling moany and tired and fed up, I was so sick of myself that I could hardly stand my own company.

I cannot change the fact that there are about 10weeks left, but I can change my attitude towards it. ("It" being both the time left, the fact that the bump is heavy, that I am tired, etc, etc)

I´m going to do my damned best to ENJOY the remaining time with my free-passenger being INSIDE my belly! (Soon enough he´ll be out, wanting to get fed, wanting to get nursed, wanting to have his nappy changed, wanting to have some serious attention...)

If I´m tired, well, then I will sleep.
I feel big and heavy? Well, live with it! This will be the only one time in my life that I will experience that feeling, so learn from it.
Bebbo is kicking me all over the place? Celebrate it! He´s obviously strong and healthy, so therefore will deal with the trip down the birth canal much easier.
Today is a new day. And the start of the rest of my pregnancy. ♥



This Guitar's got many strings!!

It's been a ROCKY past three days!
Haven't been able to sleep during the night cause of fever and coughing and still having to get up at 6 am to work 14 hours full on.
Thank you my heroes who made this possible, you know who you are!
I love my job but tomorrow I am not setting any alarm ... hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep. Thinking of treating myself with something nice tomorrow, like a BIKE... or something :)

As soon as I'm allowed I'll tell you why I've been working so hard (being sick and everything), I think it was worth it ;)

Much Love from a couch close to you ;)



10 1/2 weeks

Darling D a few weeks old + auntie...


The photograph above was taken less than a year ago.
It´s hard to imagine that in 10 weeks or so that will be me - with "Putte"!
Before Daisy arrived I had hardly ever held a baby before, let alone changed a nappy (or had any interest for that matter to do any of the before-mentioned).
I am immensely grateful that sis went first and that I found out that: 1. babies are not as scary as they seem 2. some babies actually accept being held by a true beginner.
Having said that, becoming a mother is an incredibly intimidating prospect and as much as I look forward to it, as much does it scare the living daylight out of me... :)

10 1/2 weeks. The countdown is ticking at monumental speed.


Feeling a bit like this 2day

This is what I feel like now....
Sorry that I haven't been updating you latelly.
Had a wonderful Easter in Skåne: Malmö, Annelöv, Båstad, Malmö :)
But on my way back (Monday) I started feeling my throat ... yesterday I was in bed all day except for teaching my 6 classes and trying to sort out my energy bills (I have apparently been paying my X's bills for over 2 years... what about that !!).
Couldn't sleep at all this night... I hope I will be able to go to Stockholm later today (some exciting work)...

Will keep u posted friends

Love love Jo


Good Cop Bad Cop


Good and bad things with today,

1. Had top notch meeting with new business partner+lawyer. All to hush-hush to talk about yet, but I´ll be back to you all with more info at the end of the summer.
2. Received painful, but oh, so good OPEN-treatment by P.
3. Finished great new book by Marian Keyes "This Charming Man". Yes, am a sucker for this type of "chic-lit". One of few genres that can distract me. Unless someone gets murdered in the first chapter, I normally loose focus after 20 pages... Or as I debated with P this evening (who´s a fan of most Nobel prize, come Pulitzer prize winners), "Name ONE Nobel Prize winner who has sold more books than Steven King?!" I rest my case...)

1. Not being able to go for a run, because a) felt too front-heavy, one of those days when Bebbo has decided that pushing out towards my navel and downward is the only way to go... and b) because I had a treatment (no exercising allowed afterwards).
2. Finding out that the apartment I wanted to look at was on the 2nd floor without an elevator. (An absolute NO-NO for future life with Bebbo) And the apartment that I DID look at was kinda dark and needed a lot of love, probably too much love considering the price tag...
3. Being called "REALLY FAT" ("Nu är du allt RIKTIGT TJOCK!") by a female neighbour whom I hardly know. My hormones were rushing. Had to bite lower lip not to yell: "Yeah! Unlike YOU, you skanky ho´..."
Yes, I know...very childish, immature and foul-mouthed. But managed to hold my true thoughts back and rose above it. Somehow.



Anusara Yoga Teacher Training


Just back from the last day of my 4-day Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (TT) with Neesha Zollinger.
Watch Neesha teach on yogatoday.com.

What I love most about the Anusara Yoga method, are some of its principles that are used to teach students how to find their ultimate expression in their asanas. Especially muscular/organic energy & inner/outer spiral. Some of the loops are also helpful (although I don´t agree with all of them).

I´ve done a bunch of TT´s now and I will most probably do several more - the yoga path and being a yoga teacher is an ongoing project and a journey for life...
As with most Yoga TTs there are always some golden nuggets to bring back to your students.

For me, this time, the golden nuggets were:

1. Really understanding the inner/outer spiral and how to teach them in a comprehensive way.
2. Working on and trying to perfect hands-on adjustments (forever-going project...).
3. Getting into my own practice again.

Neesha talking about the business of yoga and how to start a Kula (yoga community)

Christine of Yoga Buddhi modelling Virabadrasana I

Sara & Susanna listening attentively

Half of the group watching Neesha showing hands-on adjustments

Doing Pincha Mayurasana in week 29...
Fab for starting a BIG baby party in your belly!



Me and my...


wish you a HAPPY EASTER from the middle on nowhere that I call HOME!

Isn't it funny ... I love coming home and long to do just NOTHING but it takes me soo long to cool down and SLOW down! :)

After a full on Thursday in GBG with the lovelly M:P (who's one of Londons hottest personal trainers) and Mo + company in the sun, facial, haricut, classes and more I took the train to Malmö where I meet up with Anna Key to shake some bootey.

Just of the train I meet my old roomie from Venice Beach. He is a surfer/climber/architect and one of the most chilled out people I know :) And just like that he decided to join us ... the dancefloor wasn't safe ;)

Friday - should have sleept till noon the least but wooke up bright and early 7am (after 2hours of sleep)!

Now I am waiting for the Andersson Chicks to gather for Easter! Talk about witch craft :)

I might be slowed down by sunday ... and then it's on again Monday teaching BodyPump at FORUM, Malmö with miss Key!

Have a colourfull one darlings



Techno Head


For anyone trying to call or sms me this weekend: If I take ages to get back to you, it´s because my old Nokia has finally broken down and I´m borrowing P´s iPhone... My NEW Nokia has been handed in for service, since it:

- shut itself off
- let the screen go black for no apparent reason
- would shut down calls - in the middle of answering, or in the midst of a call
- would not start the camera until the second try-EVER
- would RANDOMLY change the date whenever I chose to turn the phone off
- would store all my sms´s in it´s own, not very logical at all, order...
(when I got to the last point of a very loooong list of complaints, the guy in the Telenor shop looked at me with sympathy and went: "I guess you´re not TOO happy with this phone, right?"
You got that one right, mate.)

So, learning a completely new system and not being bothered to download the program I need to transfer all my SIM-contacts to the phone... Give me a day or so to get back to you?


Happy Easter


Attending a yoga teacher training this weekend Fri-Mon at Yoga Buddhi with Neesha from the US.
Yes, all Easter weekend. "Hahahaha, must be mad", you probably think.
Regular readers of this blog have already figured out the answer to that one....




Baby blue(s)


He won´t be cold if he decides to arrive early...
Hat, body, tights with feet. Some in white, some in beige and yes, actually some in blue...
Is this really happening?


I LOVE you but I will CRUSH you!

So hows the running going?
Ey Ladies?

This morning I was fighting my own leg's, it SUCKS... but hey ... sometimes true love is all about pushing through!

To remain within your comfort zone is an option but don't then hope to rise to great heights.
The successful path is rarely the easiest or most comfortable: to evolve is always difficult. Life involves lots of risk-taking and it will always be a succession of challenges, but don't be afraid to lose!
It's only by tasting the bitterness of your mistakes that you will enjoy the sweetness of your achievements!

Looking forward to another full on day with a fab visitor from London, some BodyPump and the midnight train to Malmö and perhaps some HOUSE al night long...



Thoughts Become Things!

I know it!

It's been a beautiful day :)

Working full on with 6 classes/clients
Lovely lunch with yogini C
Massage ... well ... it was ... or it MADE me totally FLUMMIG! I guess I needed it more than I thought!
Got my spons from GAINOMAX - and even better - got a personal delivery dude! ASSUME!
All in all a GREAT day - and it all started with this in my e-mail inbox :)

A flower doesn't turn toward the sun because it needs to, but because it wants to, and so the process is effortless and joyful.

All things considered, what do you WANT?

for a moment there you started to glow....

Have a good one


Week 28...


is a behavior which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. Psychology researchers also have three criteria they use to categorize procrastination. For a behavior to be classified as procrastination, it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying. (Source: Wikipedia)

Being pregnant has turned me into something of a procrastination expert. Not necessarily by choice, more because it´s become impossible to predict what shape I´ll be in from one day to another. Today is yet another good day. My energy level is high and I feel good.
Yesterday was a BAD day. I was so, so tired that even a 90min nap in the middle of the day barely helped getting me out of that permanent state of tired dizziness.

It begs the question once again, how do normal women do it? And with normal, I mean women with a 9-5 job??? I need to work hard according to schedule 2-3 days per week, but the other days I can totally be my own boss and decide that a rest is far more important than anything else in the world...

I´ve had quite a few people asking me lately how it´s possible to continue exercising and teaching with the bump getting bigger day by day. The training is the EASY bit. It´s the other 22-23 h that´s a challenge! To carry these extra 10kg around hour after hour, day by day - that is HARD work.

Talking of teaching, I´m doing my last kettlebell45 tonight... Want to join me? This is your last chance until September! :)
The rest of my classes I´m keeping on until May 6/May 13.