Here it is...

If I was to buy one single piece of designer clothing this winter, it would be this jacket:

Straight from the runway - the reserve shearling funnel neck aviator jacket from
Burburry Prorsum (one of my personal designer favourites).
Christopher Bailey is a genius.


Chillin like a villin' in the south!
Last days of holiday coming up and I'm so excited about working again :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Buns of steel?

These 2 legs + bottom pushed PB during today´s deadlifts!

80kg with more to give!!!

Thank you Anna (the coolest, not to mention STRONGEST pole dancing cat in a pair of heels) for the inspiration!

1.5 times my bodyweight is 85,5kg and twice my body weight is 114kg.

Say no more. I think you know where I´m heading...


Pssst...It´s a secret...

Except from JOJOs amazing new space, there will be another exciting new venture opening up come September. One that will be able to offer ALL the things I´ve been missing in a training environment in Gothenburg so far...
BUT, it´s a bit of a secret for another few weeks, so don´t go telling anyone...

What you ARE allowed to tell and even shout out loud, is word about the new Incycle Newsletter.
Especially if you are into RUNNING, SPINNING or KETTLEBELL-training.

You want a newsletter? Click here or email monika@incycle.se


Of the NEW PT Space at Linnégatan!

I am soo excited :)

Today I bought:

Romerska Ringar
Foam Roller
Hopprep :)
Perfect PushUps tools


Can't wait to go in there and PLAY

Like this kinda....



Swedish Summer (weather) Sucks


There are few things that can get me out of sync/balance/flow, (you choose).
But the two that can, are:
- hormones,
- lack of sleep.
Hence the hate I´m feeling for Swedish Summer weather after not sleeping properly for 4 days.

What was expected: 2 days of warm sunshine before heaps of rain (supposedly) will hit the country by tomorrow.
What was found 1: A bikini clad Mo, wearing a BIG sweater by the ocean yesterday, for 1h of adult freedom, trying to ignore the blue lips, the clattering teeth and the body being covered in goose bumps.
What was found 2: A bikini clad Mo, covering up in an even BIGGER sweater + denims today, braving the clouds and finding minutes of warm sunshine here and there, but not and I stress this, not at one single point being able to undress down to the bikini because of the risk of catching pnemonia...

And pleeeease, spare me the: "...but oh, we had wonderful, HOT, sunny weather for WEEKS in July!!!"
Is this what we have come down to? Excuse me, according to the calender the definition of "Summer" is: June, July AND August.
Are 2-3 weeks of hot weather really what we should be celebrating as our summer???

I LOVE Sweden and I would not like to live anywhere else in the world, but I have to say, the weather is, and always will be, our biggest negative.
To me, a year where I had to holiday ONLY in Sweden and nowhere else in the world would be a punishment not a treat. So there.

Go with the flow


Spent the last days in the making of our home and yogastudio :)

So excited about TRX, Red Cord, gymnastic rings:?!, pullup bars, bolster, handstand stuff, mirrors, colour... Etc etc :)

Today was a break with the Karlsson family :) jihooo!
8+1 tiny person started with breakfast at our castle, then Gbg pariserhjulet, of to Tjörn and boat to Åstol where smoked shrimps were served with ice cold beer :)

I was supposed to work tonight with a special and very fun thingie (Trollhättan can u guess ;) but it was pushed fw, perfect for me as the boat was delayed :)

Tell u more later ;)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)



It was just as good as I hoped.
I give it 5 chicken fajitas out of 5.
Christopher Nolan´s "Inception" certainly delivered - a great choice for Date nite!



I should come with a big warning triangle, blinking, on the top of my head, I really should.

The text on the triangle should be saying: WARNING: Be aware - CLUMSY person near you - WATCH OUT!

This is what my finger looked like after today´s lifting session, after it got stuck in the weightlifting rack...


With a throbbing finger I eventually managed to get some squats, overhead squats, presses, lat pulldowns, deadlifts and mock handstand pressups done...

Robin is staying with grandma & granpa tonight, so P and I are having Date Nite!
Restaurant dinner followed by 2h20min of "Inception". Yummy!

I dug deep into my wardrobe and came out with the following:
Wedges, Fornarina,
Lycra tights, American Apparel,
White vest, H&M,
Grey V-neck cotton throw, Six.

- Blinged from my iPhone


Family Portrait


What a strange day it has been.
Got woken up by a hyper Robin at 8am.
Normally I can get him to fall asleep again until 9am, but he wouldn´t have any of that this morning...

Result: felt lethargic all day - even after heaps of coffee and a wonderful buggy-run at noon.

Needed a powernap to get back into the swing of things, which was good, since we had superduper talented Alana over in the afternoon for her portrait project.

This gorgeous woman is releasing a book of photographs in the fall with the theme "Expressions".
My whole little family was involved, and the photographs I´ve seen so far have been amazing!

THANK YOU, Alana! ♥

This evening will be cool and calm.
A movie, a glass of Chianti wine and then straight off to bed.
Let the good times roll, eh? :)



Pink rocked!
After tearing down a wall mr A served litchi cocktails before the archicho dinner with home made Ginger butter! Yum

At 9 we decided to head out to see Pink, 920 the tickets were ours and 930 she popped out of the bow looking fierce, strong, present and like having FUN

Knowing that Mo was sitting behind me and some gorgeous lady-friends were jumping in front on the stage :) pure love!!!

Went for drinks at Port De Soleil, gorgeous venue, smashing drinks :)

Today is a day of wallpapers :)

Never done it before, nor has A...

The fact that normal wallpapers cost around 100-200/rule and we paid 1000/rule makes the whole thing a bit more exciting ;)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Live from Ullevi


Watching Pink live at Ullevi.
She ROCKS and she reminds me of my JoJo!

- liveblinged from my iPhone

Blingbling Cowboy back in the Loop

Hat bought in Massa Marittima, Tuscany, bikini H&M
Coming back from a 2 week long vacation takes a while. And I´m not talking about the travelling. I´m talking about the mindset, the speed of processing things that has got nothing to do with choosing what kind of lunch to eat or where to go for dinner.
I woke up this morning thinking that maybe it was all a dream?

It did feel incredibly good though, to get 35min in the gym lifting heavy weights (deadlifts, squats, overhead squats, presses, cleans and pullups - I was flying!) and sweating it all out. After 14 days on a solid pasta and meat diet, I´m ready to get back into some serious training.
Actually, I crave it.

I used my running gear 4 times whilst away. At 7am in the morning, when the sun still stayed friendly and the temperature landed around 29-30 degrees. Doing no records, but enough to keep my blood circulating and enough to create an appetite...

Answering e-mails and contemplating work stuff now. Off to buy a pair of binoculars before the very spontaneous evening activity, decided only yesterday: PINK in concert.

Have a kickin´afternoon, kids!



@Trädgårn 2night!

At the moment I'm putting together IKEA closets and drinking with wine with Swedish fishes :)

How's your Friday doin?


Honeys, I´m HOOOOME!


It has been an amazing two weeks.
The company.
The food.
The wine.
The scenery.
The food.
The ice-cream.
The tiramisu.
The shopping (oh, I´m broke).
The food.
The sunsets.
The history.

As you´ve noticed I´ve had almost no internet coverage for the full two weeks - and hardly any mobile phone signal either...

It´s been bless, actually.

But now, I´m back - and it feels GOOD!

Hope your 2 weeks have been wonderful as well!

The Scenery

The Shopping

The Tiramisu

The food

The wine
The company

The sunsets

The ice-cream

Trends in Training?!

Well - All I can say is that TRAINING is CHANGING!

Jane Fonda Official Site

Do you think that it will reappear like FASHION?

It was HOT again a couple of years ago if I remember right?

Today I'm teaching a CORE class, haven't taught in weeks!!!
Gonna be FUN!

Perhaps a soft run and the of to FURNITURE LAND before the tearing down of walls continues :)

If you're in GBG this week - the nights are FULL ON!

Tonight - The man, partner/friend/Co-worker to David Guetta - J.G at Port du Soleil :)
Friday - The amazing PINK
Sunday - Steve Angello :)
And then... My FAV AL TIME SOFT COOL NIKE Sponsored DJ


See you where?

Life is GOOD!!!



Let IT Go!

Daphne Rose Kingma is the author of The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart. She wrote this really great article about letting go. I used to/still do sometimes :) confuse “letting go” with “not caring” and it took me forever to really get it; this article mentions the difference.

An excerpt:

When your life is falling apart, there’s always the impulse to hold on: to him, to her, to it; to the way it was, to how you wanted it to be, to how you want it now. But in order to get through a crisis, you will have to let go of whatever is standing in your way or causing the problem; these are the handcuffs around your ankles, the tin cans tied to your tail. You will have to let go of whatever isn’t serving you, whatever you no longer need, whatever keeps you from moving forward, whatever you’re so attached to that you can’t see where you’re going… .

Letting go is scary. It’s a free fall, an act of surrender. It’s releasing ways of being and things you thought were important, and then being okay with the fact that they’re gone. Though it can feel like passivity, letting go is in fact a shift in consciousness that’s a critical part of how you will solve the problem.

Beautiful Day

2day We're building the YOGA STUDIO :) Yeahhh

+ It's My NAME DAY hihihhhihi




It could have been ME!
Jumping up and down to Axwell's supadupa ONE in the hot hot sun screaming, loving, loving!

Instead I feel like Carrie B in Sex n City 2, looking at expensive furniture and staying indoors, all time dedicated to furniture, painting, cleaning, planing!

I do like it, not just all the time and not when I am the one having vacation whilst my poor BO is working full time and when he comes home he is exhausted whilst I'm there waiting like a restless puppy with tons of suggestions and proposals...

Not quiet in sync...

It is with a very grown up soul that I now say enjoy Visby kids!
Kiss her Hello from ME

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

The most precious muscle is...


Sunny Day


GOD in MOJO :?

I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross and therein I found Him not.

I went into the ancient temples of idolatry; no trace of Him was there.

I entered the mountain cave of Hira and then went as far as Qandhar but God I found not.

With set purpose I fared to the summit of Mount Caucasus and found there only ‘anqa’s habitation.

Then I directed my search to the Kaaba, the resort of old and young; God was not there even.

Turning to philosophy I inquired about him from ibn Sina but found Him not within his range.
I fared then to the scene of the Prophet’s experience of a great divine manifestation only a “two bow-lengths’ distance from him” but God was not there even in that exalted court.

Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw Him; He was nowhere else.



Summer trippin'

Enjoying the freedom of having a car and went for a drive to Malmö, meet up with mom and checked out what's hot in the furniture/interior design world!

How is it possible that out of thousands of carpets we choose THE most expensive one..., not only an tiny bit more expensive but double the price!!! Without knowing the prices, just picking the one we loved the most, hate having expensive taste!

The crusing to Helsingborg and a lovely picnic with the Karlssons at the beach - YUM!

Today is another soft day chilling in the garden, picking some blueberries at HovsHallar and now IceCream in Torekov!

Summer it is :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Båstad Live

Chillin in the garden here in Båstad :)
This is summer for me!
When I talk to my friends most of them say, oh no, how can u stand it, bathing in champagne isn't my thing and squeezing with drunk people in hot tiny rooms!

My answer - that's not my thing either - This place for me is where I grew up! Taking early morning swims with grandma and picnics in the sunset, watching the glamour during the midnight walks and fantasizing as a little girl what it would be like to be on the other side of the club walls...

Today I come here for the memories but also for the FUN!

It isn't even close to the glamour that I dreamed of, I've been in ALL the rooms, even the very tiny tiny VIP ones and it isn't fancy at al! In fact you have to be quiet drunk to enjoy it.
I have a distance to it and at the same time I enjoy being in the center of it, jumping up and down to the beat of world famous djs looking like I just went for a midnight swim!

This year I am also enjoying the fact that I can be here with my love, that we can mingle and party like animals ;) and then walk home (with my shoes in one hand and him in the other) and fall asleep in each-others arms!

After a hard core tennis game in the garden:

We're now chillin with strawberries and rosé waiting for bro to show up and join the party!

Hope your having a ball out there!
Be safe!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


I'm aliiiive!


...and this is where I am!
High up in the mountains outside of Florence, enjoying spectacular food, wine, company and scenery.
I'm so relaxed my head is spinning.
In Thursday we're heading off south.
Missing you all!


- Wine blinged from my iPhone

Your Hot then your Cold...


I could kill for one of these (hm, no not really, but I could run/jump/scream quiet loud for one :)
WOW !!!

I love the rain :) I love WATER!

Today I'm getting some tiny work done - feels good :) Than I'm gonna try the NEW BODYBALANCE nr 50 :) Looks really great!

Have a Splashing day Mojos' and remember if you crave the heat - there's always a HOT MOJO class ;)




Wow It is HOT HOT HOT here in Sweden!

For two days I've slept - Guess I needed it!
After painting the bedroom I took a two hour powernap :) YUM!

Unfortunately I can't sleep when it comes to bedtime - perhaps the HEAT and lack of movement added to the insomnia so today I decided to MOVE!

One Bodypump and one Bodybalance + night swimming later I am feeling FAB :)

I am a person who HAVE to MOVE! If I don't I loose my positive outlook on life and my energy goes down below zero - it is so obvious! I don't move because I want to look a certain way I move because I want to FEEL a certain way! And I know that YOGA is the best way for me to move :)

When I got back home I found BODYBALANCE nr 50 and BODYJAM nr 54! Jippie! I know what I am doing tomorrow morning!

I can't wait to get back to work again - Great feeling!

Sweet Dreams Mojos :)






She is truly AMAZING as a person, as a woman, as a yogini!

I feel the pull - I have to go there SOON!




I love to MOVE

How you doin out there in the sunshine?!

I'm chillin around in Gothenburg this weekend :) YUM!

Some High Heels in Båstad and in GBG!
Thursday night was the premier for me at Port Du Soleil and I was NOT disappointed - WOW what a venue - I'll be back chilllin there again :)

Now when I say that I love to MOVE - I am NOT referring to MOVING furniture and belongings - but BODIES! I LOVE BODIES - And when I watch guys like this I just wanna get out there and PLAY!!!

Now this Saturday is dedicated to our new hOMe :) Of to LOPPISAR now and then painting the bedroom in KRETONG! Can't wait for the black rubber "tappeten:?" = Wallpaper? to arrive next week!

Perhaps a stop in ÅSA BEACH to meet some other FUNLIFELOVING people!

Gotta LOVE Summer time!

What do YOU LOVE?



Happy Days

How many bikinis does it take to make a holiday in Italy?
The right answer: 4.
Hm. Or maybe 5?
At least I´ve limited the shoe collection down to 5 pairs and I think that is a personal best!

My packing for private trips is very much different (organized!) from my packing for work (ohhh, chaotic!) - and I actually started to write lists and stack clothes (Robin´s) in neat piles on Tuesday already.

We´re spending almost 2 weeks in two different places in Tuscany - the first place is close to Florence and the other little paradise is in the south of Tuscany, close to the sea.
On our last 3 days we will brave the heat and do ROMA - one of my favourite cities in the world!

Please excuse me for not being able to do regular blog posts for the next two weeks.

I´ll be back for regular posts from July 23, until then:

Ps. I WILL be here now and again of course, just to check out how you´re doing...

"Kos Killen"


Chillin in the sofa after breakfast in the fields here in the lovely south :)

Sorry for not blogging, answering emails or even the phone... But it has been SO NICE to be offline :) I do that WAY to seldom - what about you?

I must say that I am even more then IMPRESSED by the Greek island of KOS. Rhodos didn't even come close.

It might have been the fact that we were treated like kings and queens, owned the beach, the club, the watermelons hahaha - U name it!

It might be the total LOVE flowing, the coments, the chats, the dancing, the sunsets, the sunrises, the recapping of the night in the pool with a frappuccino nearby :)

I am now PROUD to call my Bo a "KOS KILLE" ;)

I close my eyes and feel the LOVE filling up inside just reminiscing :)

Still I did long for the green fields of SKÅNE - breakfast with Åke and Mom, fika with grandma!
Tonight a quick stop in Båstad and then back to Gbg - still on vacation - I do crave MOOOVING!!!

Photos might come up here later - but they must be X-rated i believe...

Hope you are ROCKING your SUMMER



Holidaaaay, Celebraaaate


On Thursday PARADISE awaits...
1st stop:

"As soon as you leave the main road of Valdarno turning up in S.Ellero, you start getting the countryside scenarios of Tuscany. Just after the last small cottages of Donnini village, Villa Pitiana sparkles of elegant yellow in the wood landscape. The countryside around the villa is dotted with yellow, the colours of the Roman camomile, yarrow and dandelion flowers: their colours and scents crown the other plants sweetening the strict green colour of the large woods of the property climbing up the mountain till reaching the Pratomagno edge.

Pitiana's beauty and charm open a door to the past. The villa still retains the articulated architecture of a millenary history, from the foundation as a fortified farm, to the utilisation as Benedectine monastery and eventually to the conversion in nobleman elegant Villa in the IXth century – lately revised in to a tourist residence. Architecture, decorations and furniture maintain memory of flowing of ages and styles."




You can hear them in the city, morning, noon and night.
Polluting the air and making my adrenaline pump.
The motorbikers without a silencer or even worse - a tampered with engine that sounds like the war has broken out everytime they pass your bedroom window.

I would sit on the roof.
Watch them through my laser sight.
Make the shot with an SSG69.
One single shot.
And then have a bite from my apple.


What a life

What a party island

And soooo much L O V E :)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Thailand Wellness 13-28 March 2011

Richmond Bachia

Fredrik Sjöberg

Per Markussen
Monika Björn
Thailand Wellness vänder sig till dig som älskar träning i allmänhet och gruppträning av högsta klass i synnerhet. Oavsett om du är glad motionär eller seriös instruktör, så har vi något att erbjuda dig under våra två veckor i Thailand.
Du kan resa från alla större flygplatser i Sverige och du kan välja om du vill vara med på en eller två träningsveckor.

Vi är otroligt stolta och glada över att presentera vårt samarbete med några av världens mest välkända topp-presentatörer under Thailand Wellness. I flera års tid har dessa fyra träningprofiler rest runt om i världen och inspirerat tusentals instruktörer.

Nu har du möjlighet att ta del av denna samlade erfarenhet i en exklusiv och superlyxig träningsresa till Indigo Pearl Resort. Läs mer om Indigo Pearl Resort och se bilder här.

Gå med i vår Facebook-grupp för mer information och de senaste uppdateringarna. Klicka här för att hitta dit.

Antalet platser är begränsade, så först till kvarn...

Frågor gällande resan? Maila katarina.lundin@fritidsresor.se

Frågor gällande träningen? Maila monika@incycle.se


...and the accessories...


Earrings: approx 1.300:-, vintage Valentino.

Butterfly ring: 29.90:-, H&M

Watch: FT80 sponsored by Polar
Mala: Birthday present from JoJo
-liveblinged from E6

Summer outfit


28 degrees at 9am requires a true summery outfit.
I LOVE this dress/top (depending on how daring you feel...) from the NIKE Holiday collection.
Since we´re hosting Robin´s family birthday-do today in the countryside, I´m dressing it up with funky blue heels from Nine West.

Happy sunbathing, remeber to wear sunscreen, kids!

More lycra-glamour to the people!!!


WHOHA! The Blingbling winner is...


...well, first things first:

The right answers:
1. Finland
2. 177
3. Tunisia (Djerba)
4. Thanks for some great suggestions!

3rd prize goes to: Jenny Hultcrantz

2nd prize goes to: Helena Olmås

and ta-taara-ta-ta-ta-taaaaaaa, the Grand 1st Prize goes to: Jennie Düring!

Congratulations girls! Well done!
E-mail me your postal addresses and your iPhone shells will get to you by snail mail. :)