Gorgeous and funny roomie Elaine Rydberg. We´ve known each other since back in the days and she is such a great gal!

WHOPPA! "Mama" is so proud it´s ridiculous! Magnus & Jessica KICKIN it BIG STYLE during "THE SHACK". FABTASTIC!

If you experience the photograph above as blurred, you have been attending too many training sessions this weekend.
JO - partner in crime and awesome friend - Love you!


The NIKE Blast Day 1


During Power, Grace and Glory, my pedal suddenly came off.... Sometimes experience carries you through the weirdest moments.
It was one of the better convention classes I´ve had for a while.
THANKS to everyone who joined!
Photograph borrowed from Terese.

Former colleague Slatco Sterzenbach.

2 x sweetness and loveliness: Jess & Anna Key

Gothenburg shines: Magnus Gårdmark & Anette Rusten Hertzman

Sweden´s by far largest Crossfit class to date: 250 people on the floor

Andreas, Rickard and Erik showing how it´s done

They´re fab and I wish they would branch out to my city: Crossfit Nordic.
Erik and Rickard with "påläggskalv" Andreas.


The Evening before The Blast

The evening before.
Just landed back in my hotel room after a rockin´MOJO Yoga® pre-blast together with darling JO and about 20 wonderful yogis.
Just spoke to my little family on Skype. Miss them much, but I know that from tomorrow morning until Sunday evening the weekend will pass in 250km/h.
All is ready, all is prepared.
I just want to listen to my spinning music one more time and spend another 1-2 hrs on mentally preparing my lecture, then I will feel completely at ease.
I look forward to the weekend, as crazy and as busy as it is.
Will I see you in the crowd?

NIKE Weekend - Let the good times roll


It´s great to have her home again!

Branded for tomorrow...

Love the new NIKE free shoe

Great friend Per Markussen hitting a pose in a jacket we are not allowed to show (Autumn/Winter 2011)


Hit me with The BLAST

Finally in place.
Didn´t think so at 15.46 when Robin decided to cry so much, he threw up his dinner all over himself/the floor and my newly washed T-shirt. He was a tad upset that I was leaving again.
It´s certainly getting harder and harder to go away. It was impossible for me to imagine what it would be like, until now...

Anyway, I call a cab - my train is leaving for Stockholm at 16.12. By the time I´ve changed into clean clothes, washed Robin up and changed his outfit, it´s 15.55.
I´m out the door with the phone clinging to my ear. By the time I reach the operator of taxi company number three and he also tells me: "Sorry, no taxis at this moment", I´m ready to kill someone. WHAT?! I live in the center of Sweden´s second largest city for Christ´s sakes!

And I live in the smack bang middle of the city because I want to be able to call a cab any time of day, drink my coffee in a proper coffee bar and not having to cut the bloody grass!

At 16.05, I´m behind the wheel in my car.
No, I didn´t keep to the speed limit and I almost handbrake-skid into the parking space at the train station.
16.10. No valid parking ticket. I get my VISA-card out. At 16.12 I´m by the right train track. Turns out the train is 6 minutes delayed due to late arrival. Good old SJ!
I think my heart slowed down around Skövde.

Eventually I´m here. So is my music, my spinning shoes, my lecture and my friends.
I´m ok, now Hit me with THE BLAST!


PB Clean´n´jerk - YES!

PB in clean´n´jerk today at 40kg!
Also on the menue: a rockin´, hot smokin´first ride of Power, Grace and Glory.
I´m not sure WHERE I can take my Sisjön Spinning Students next. They are incredible.
3 days to go to The BLAST! :)

Photograph borrowed from Jess.


Run or DIE

...not really, but how can we not run, when that´s what our bodies are made for?

Sure enough, living in the Stone Age, it was mostly done when trying to avoid a hungry lion or catching dinner, but still.

Managed to get my butt out the door twice this week which is a personal best for months.
Icy, slippery, cold and...absolutely bloody wonderful.
Hey, Skatås/Änggårdsbergen/Slottskogen, I´m back.
I´ve missed you.


MOJO Yoga PRE-BLAST Stockholm 28/1


MOJO YOGA Pre-BLAST Fredag 28 januari


Birger Jarlsgatan 36

17.00 -18.00 Klass (öppen för alla)
18.15-19.30 Teori (öppen för licensierade MOJO-instruktörer)
Pris: 250:-

Blogspot BUG

Until the blogspot bug is fixed, we will have another kind of header - and no headline... Peculiar...
I´ve tried to fix it for about 2h now, but at the moment, I´m about to throw 2 computers out of the window, so nitenite... see ya tomorrow!


Weekend in January

January has officially started!
Worked with Sierra, Maria, Jessica & Jaime for 2 days, perfecting their kettlebell skills at MyrbergBjörn. Heaps of sweat, swings and smiles! I love weekends like this, when you get to work with what you love, have great friends around AND sleep in your own bed! :)

Sierra, Maria, Jess & Jaime

After the course finished on Sunday, P and I made a quick visit to do half an hour in the gym (yes, training.) and sneak in for a picture
"The Shack".
Magnus & Jessica will ROCK the HOUSE next weekend at NIKE Stockholm!
Damn, I feel like the proud mother...

How well would you say the Incycle team knows me, when they got me THIS as a birthday present?! An absolutely wickedly, amazing bracelet from Fairytale, which I have been drooling over since I first saw it! It´s so me, it´s scary.
A thousand thanks to Linda, Magnus & Jessica, I truly love you guys!

What a B-day

Spent in London :)

Breakfast English style, then heading down to Soho! Where we meet my childhood friend Eve just like that on the street! She lives in the USA .... How amazing is that?!?!
Managed to sit down at a coffeshop who served wheat and gluten free banana cake, heaven YES!!!!

Shopping and laughing we then went to the convention arranged by James D'Silva! The first class sucked but Maria and I had a laugh and a hughe ego boost hahaha
The second class was with the trainer of Etan Hawke amongst other, and DAMN did that kick our asses, oh YES indeed!
Finished of with a hot yoga class!

Before dinner and drinks we just had to take a powernap at our qute hotel!
Then the night was spent at CUBA, or at least so it felt!
Cottons rocked :)

Now of to Jivamukti yoga with cat as a warmup for Forrest!

Love Jo

And thank you for al the yummy b-daywishes!

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Take a Tripp to PARADISE

Work Out Åre

Oh my GOD - it's the 5 year Celebration - I can't believe it!!! Already!

Anyway I am very excited to be invited up to Åre to PLAY again!
I love the vibes up there - playful yet strong and focused!

+ So many BOMBASTIC presenters this year!!!
Well Done Thomas!

The Crew of 2010!!!

Will you be joining us?!

Friday Flow Jo


London baby

Again :)

Lots and lots of stuff to be done before that though...

Very exciting stuff!!!
Tell u all about it as soon as it becomes real!

Now bedtime yogis
Love Jo
- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Late nite

Late nite work at MyrbergBjörn tonight, when we had parts of BK Wobbler doing Kettlebell/Yoga for 1h.
They worked HARD and there was a HUGE amount of serious faces going around the room...
Well done guys, I´m glad you don´t know where I live once the training soreness will rear its gorgeous face in the next 24-48h or so.... :)

- Liveblinged from my iPhone


NYE resolutions?!

Hahaha - This is from one of my students....

I DO LOVE her :)

"This was totally my reaction when I walked into yoga today and saw all the people crowding up my class with their NYE resolutions..."

Have a great one




Photographer: Alana Da Silva

A picture can say more than a 1.000 words...

(...much more to come later...)


100% Earned - Make yourself

The page is up and running. You can click here to get there.
Make yourself - 100% earned. A message that I´m more than willing to stand behind. Anyone who comes to my classes knows that.
My own challenge? To do a 100kg deadlift within the next 6 weeks and 114kg before Midsummer. What do you think, will I do it?

If you do, you can support me HERE.

Easy does it

Photo shoot number one this week is a wrap.
Photo shoot number two coming up tomorrow morning.
A pleasure to help out today, when gorgeous and talented team ECWC + darling JO rolled out the yoga mats to bring on the shakti energy at the photo shoot for Yoga Games.

This will be THE yoga event to attend in June at Svenska Mässan here in Gothenburg - for ALL of you who love to get your high on your ecological yoga mat, whether in Sukasana (easy pose) or Vrkasana (handstand).

Shanti, Shakti, Shumbu (peace, power, plenty)!

A Yoginis World

I know I’m a yogi when I look at this and think ‘wow, I bet she does a lot of spinal twists’!!!

The day has been spent shooting pics for THE YOGA GAMES - jihoo I am so excited over this event! So many GREAT teachers coming to Gothenburg JUNE 3-5!!!

And you know what - I'm the girl how just can't get motivated by achieving things like handstand, being able to do bendalloverasanas, lifting heavy things, running a distance in a certain time. Am I not competitive - HELL Yeah I am. But I just don't find it motivating to train for things like that! I do yoga and sports because it makes me feel SO GOOD! That is enough for me :)

AND - this is what I am coming to hihi - Today I managed to do several poses that I for sure couldn't do last year - I haven't practised particularly for them, they just happened today :)

Must mean that my training is spot on!


How about you?!



Girls night out

We see each other too rarely, but when we do - sparks fly!
Anything goes: family, travels, fashion, work, relationships, work, children, a tiny bit of training (I´m the only one who´s a fitness nut in this company), social media, more work... I think you get the point.
Only one of us is employed, and her position is so special that she hardly knows her own title.
It could be: "SupadupamegamanagerbossresponsibleforestablishingthebusinessinHKandmainlandChina", but I´m sure that would not make her justice.
For the rest of us it´s the love and juice and challenge and freedom and creative madness that is self-employment, that´s the name of the game. Hence the work talk. And we´re not even close to being in the same line of work, which makes it even more interesting.
What is VERY predictable is where we go for food.
The Asian Invasion crew ALWAYS head down to the same Chinese restaurant.
Well, to be fair, we tried to go somewhere else tonight, but it turned out they´re closed Sundays. Their loss.

HOW predictable...

I LOVE these 3 gals, I really do.
Beautiful both on the inside as well as the outside.
And yes, the photographs are not supposed to do us justice. I like to keep this crew to myself.
At least for a little while longer.

What's on a Girls mind 6am in January?!

Sweet morning Mojos!

I'm into the 6am wake up time now - actually feels ok :) Even on a Sunday!
Last day of my GLOBAL YOGA TT part 3 and I am so grateful at the same time as it is SUCH hard work...
Sometimes I'm thinking: WHY Am I doing this?! I am exhausted after each day. But then my soul answerers me: You know why!

And I do!

Yesterday this was one of the Peak poses :) YogiDandasana! Whoppa or what do you say ;)

After the grande FINALE today I can't wait to come home and relax with the love of my life! Oh I've missed him like this rabbit/dog?/Mouse? would miss it's cookies!!!

And then what?!

Well January here we come!!!

- 2 photo shoots
- Perhaps a DVD from Global Yoga - would you be interested?!
- London Baby YEAH!!!!!! With Drinks and party then Ana Forrest - a little YIN to the YANG!
- Landing straight in Sthlm ready for THE BLAST JIhooooo where I am teaching 3 PURE FRESH NEW out of the box blue classes!!!

+ It's my BIRTHDAY soon Jippie :)

Love a very excited Jo
(keep your fingers crossed that I won't self sabotage January this time ;)


Quality time

Luxury Saturday ahoy!

Afternoon tea, 4-course meal and staying at the suite at Nääs Fabriker for the next 20h or so...
Just P and I. How wonderful is that?

I wish you a smashing weekend, MOJOs!

- Liveblinged from my iPhone


Sweet Morning

Nu kör vi!!!

Global Yoga part 3 coming up!

Oh so excited.
It is a pretty FULL on 3 days - but I've played with al the yogis before and I know that they are ready for this transformation :)

Lets dive deep into the world of body mind and soul

Aho Jo ;)


Winter Wonderland

The city was gorgeous today...

- Ice-blinged from my iPhone


Ready, Steady...oh, where did everyone go?

Oh. It´s like 2011 made a false start out of the starting blocks and I sort of got left behind, waiting for the judge/referee (or whatever you call them - the ones that stand by the sideline and whistle madly when someone runs off too early) to call everyone back and re-start all over again.
Do you know what I mean?
Anyway, MyrbergBjörn has opened with a bang and I´m A) slowly getting used to being a studio owner and B) even slower at getting used to teaching a heap load of classes again.
I have two more to go tonight, 1 spinning class at Gymnasium/Elixia Sisjön and 1 Kettlebell YIN at MyrbergBjörn.
Wednesdays will be a bit mad this spring.
4 classes AND training with my PT.
But still, I did a PR in deadlifts today! 95kg. 95kg! That IS mad! 1.6 times my own body weight.
Let´s hit 2.0 before the summer.

Final Destination

May you all stay aligned with your heart's fire and use yoga as your vehicle for the journey with no return-ticket...

Sat Nam Jo



Tomorrow is the official start of 2011.
For me,
for Incycle,
and for the new MOJO.
It´s a truly exciting year ahead and right now I cannot wait to let it loose.
I must admit I felt a bit in awe and I was questioning if I was ready earlier today, but because I have such amazing people around me, the only thing I feel right now is inspiration and dedication.

Bring it on two-oh-eleven - I´m ready!