I got it from my mama


Jo: After doing some thinking I have to blame it al on my mama!

1 I LOVE the smell of AJAX allrent, it makes me shiver with joy and mys! I cannot stand a dirty apartment. Even when I have TONS of very important work to do, if my place is messy or dirty I have to clean it first before doing anything (another solution I found is to escape) ...else!

2 The sound of the vacuum cleaner does the same for me, jag myser rakt in i själen (perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my mother used to turn on the vacuum cleaner and put it under my baby bed – it was the only way to make me sleep).

3 I hate skrynkliga underlakan it just doesn’t work for me!

4 And what’s up with guys wanting to come home to you just like that, helt appropå, for sex. Yeah yeah I agree with Mo, foreplay for hours and hours is not my thing either but what happened to dinner? Or even a fika?

Note: Note sure about N4, don’t know if I got that from my mama?!


What a Girl Wants!

Mo was practically forcing me to write this list, but as I started I must admit that it gave me quiet a few laughs... actually still smiling at it, and it's only a first draft friends! What do you think? Rimlig?

  • Humor
  • Karriär – Veta vad han vill uppnå, ha ett driv
  • Atletisk, Sportig, intresserad av att röra sig, lag sporter eller träning
  • Äventyrlig
  • Struktur
  • Ödmjuk
  • Karaktär – vågar stå ut
  • Kan/Vågar/Vill saga emot mig o diskutera
  • Ärlig
  • Öppen
  • Vill ha barn
  • Kreativ
  • Känsla för hemmet – ordning, inredning, smak
  • Stil – inte mode tönt men gillar att klä sig
  • Bra Hållning
  • Trevliga o roliga föräldrar/släkt
  • Får mig att le
  • Bra sex – vågar testa o kommunicera
  • Trogen
  • Lite svartsjuk
  • Romantisk – omtänksam, fantasifull
  • Vågar o Tar intiativ

At first I thought that this might be an impossible list but as I bollade den med Sniffa Lim chica så nja... inte alls omöjlig :)



LOPPIS på KOMMERSEN bord 44 & 62

3 MAJ Kl.10-15
4 MAJ Kl.10-15

Vi kommer att loppisa ut mängder av TRÄNINGSKLÄDER, DESIGN KLÄDER, SKOR & ASSOSEARER som är praktiskt taget OANVÄNDA!

Kom även förbi om du är intresserad av sköna MÖBLER, BÖCKER, SMYCKEN och massa annat användbart!

FENG SHUIAR hemma o allt som inte använts senaste året ska bort!


Feeling hot, hot, HOT...

Mo: Back on the horse...Went back for more Bikram at Union Square. Stayed alive all the way through...whoha! Although the Bikram series leaves a lot to be desired, there´s a lot to be said for a really hot room... The sweat, the heat, the bodies...make sure you feel comfortable in a bikini...

Whoha - happy after surviving my second class at Bikram, Union Square...

Quick smoothie at Jamba Juice and then a second class, this time advanced level at OM Yoga (and yes, I HAD passed the door about 4 times yesterday when I couldn`t find the right address). Again, the hype was better than reality... Sweet, sweet teacher with a soothing voice and great technical advice, but hey, soothing is great for sleeping - and not so great for a sweaty workout (I know you are with me on this one, Jo)...

In the afternoon we went to "Bodies" - an amazing exhibition at South Street Seaport. NOT to be missed if you`re in town.

Hey guys, you didn´t have have to get all dressed down just because of me?...

Rounded the day off at the cinema and saw a hilarious comedy: "Baby Mama" - also highly recommended!

Managed to shop 0 (ZERO - ZILCH - NIL) things today! YES, 10 points for me (and my credit card...).

Only 2 more days to go...

Ps. Jo, you`d better get that list done until I come home, girl! :)


You wanna TREAT yourself GOOD?!

One Week full of morning sunrise walks, yoga, cardio, meditation, dancing, personal training, SPA, treatments, dinners, champagne, joy, passion, disco a la studio 54, Shows, entertainment, Russians in tiny swimming wear, beautiful Swedes giving it their ALL!!

We are leaving in June, it is an all inclusive ride and I can guarantee that you will return as ONE HOT SHANTI HUMAN PIECE OF BEING!

Me, two amazing stylists, one coach, one Feng Shui expert and perhaps one of the hotest, No1 personal trainers/dancers alive will be there for you 24/7!

You do not want to miss this week!

To Do List: Monday...

1 Practice THIS! Damn, I need to sharpen up. My yoga teacher often tells us: "If you get a big ego and start to feel cocky in your practice, go se a Cirque De Solei Show"

2 Write a LIST! Mo is soon returning from NY and she is expecting a full on LIST from me!

...oh sorry... what the list is about...
You have to ask her!



Day 2-4 in New York...

Mo: What can I tell you about these 3 days?
I blew the total of my shopping budget in one day... Yesterday Jarl took us to an amazing outlet north of NY (I have to kill you after I tell you exactely where...) and we spent about, ehh, the whole day running (yes, running!) between Gucci, YSL, Fendi, etc etc.

More yoga, had a fun class with the m.a.d founder of Laughing Lotus: Dana Flynn. Crazy stuff, but she got me sweating (and no, I did not faint....)

More news later, leaving for class now...

Before I rush, You want to go to New York? You want to stay in a luxury apartament for a fraction of the price for a hotel? Check out www.nyc-jc.com Fantastic.

21.20 Sunday
Finally got to a Jivamukti-class today (after I realized I had forgotten which number on Broadway I would find Om yoga...). Jivamukti is one of the world`s most famous yoga schools. It prouds itself on resting on the firm pillars of having the right yogic attitude, chanting, learning sanskrit, meditation, having a strong practise etc. You could say my expectations were high...
By the way, chanting ("singing" in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit) is NOT my thing.
So, 10 minutes into the class having had to listen and "sing" to the TERRIBLE false voice of the "holier than thou"-instructor I`m ready to wish for a sing-a-long to Schlager. (Well, almost...)

The rest was the "Emperor`s new clothes" - Jez, I would have had a better class in Gothenburg!

What is the lesson of today?

1. Chanting makes people look stupid. And sound even worse. People who start holding their hand cupped by their ear (think live singing recording, or a soul singer whaling) whilst chanting and waving their body from side to side should probably be shot.
2. Yoga in the big Apple does not automatically qualify in the Big League.
3. Marketing is everything. Jivamukti has done their homework. An average class can still suck.

To be continued....

Vad gör man med en söndagsmorgon...

På 7e dagen vilade GUD!

Jag klarar mig med VÄLDIGT lite sömn, jag kör på gärnet i veckorna, jobbar sena kväller, går upp tidiga mornar. Till och med extra tidigt för att hinna med meditaion och uppvärmining innan mina pass. Varför kan man undra?! Jo, för att jag ÄLSKAR det!

MEN..för att hålla i längden så ger jag mig en dag i veckan (försöker, men på senaste tiden har det tyvärr bara blivit varannan v, oops) då jag inte gör någonting, jag menar INGET!

I lördags låg jag i sängen till kl 1700! Till slut var jag så hungrig att jag var tvungen att gå upp o äta frukost (kan man fortf kalla det frukost då?). Sen gick jag o la mig igen!
När jag var sambo så tyckte min respektive att detta var vansinne o jag förstår honom för jag ger mig inte många "lediga" dagar o när dessa väl kom så var jag som en kokt grönsak! Men allt jag kunde säga var:


Idag är det söndag och jag sköt som en raket ur sängen, drack aloe vera, mediterade 60min, satte på mig mina älskade NIKE FREE med NIKE+ installerad och Ipoden på Shuffel gav jag mig ut på en lång upptäcksfärd i skogen. O gissa vilken låt som poppar upp...

MARE MARE, vad gör man med en söndagsmorgon... (hittade tyvärr inte MARE MARE på YouTube, men denna gör ju en lika glad! Sa jag att Niklas Strömstedt var min första idol, tillika förälskelse?! Jajamensan, det står jag för!)

Har man FLOW då eller har man FLOW?!

Idag är en bra dag



Blod är tjockare än Vatten

Now both mamma and Åke is gonne!
I miss them both, even Åke!


In my previous life I was a dolphin!
Do you know what you were?

I know because I love swimming and playing in the water I can stay in for hours and hours. BUT, I HATE SHARKS! I’m scared to shit by just thinking of them! Why do you think I took my “dykcertificat” in Malmö? And didn’t go scuba diving when I lived in South Africa!!!

How did I travel from being a dolphin to a yogi? A big white shark ate me!

So when I found this pool in San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile I feel of my chair out of excitement! Who wants to join me!??


Human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over 70% of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, the quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes, the molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.

In the summer of 2007, I lived in Venice Beach, California. A surfer/yogi that I meet would type out words on a piece of paper and paste these written words onto his water bottle thinking that the water reacted to the words!
As I left Venice he gave me a book written by Masaru Emoto, Messages of Water

Why did he write words (other than his name) on his water bottle?

What kind of crystals were formed from the words?

On the plane back I started reading the book:

"Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes, the molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment."

So then, what kind of words would create smaller clusters and what kind of words would create larger clusters?

According to Mr Emoto, negative phrases and words create large clusters or even no clusters at all whilst positive, beautiful words and phrases create small, tight clusters.

R u with me? Does it sound CRAZY (i promise I am not bakis, I had a good 10h sleep last night, perhaps o bit high on sugar though, writing this)!?!

The way to think of this is in terms of vibration. It's easy to understand that language, the spoken word, has a vibration. Well, written words also have a vibration. Anything in existence has a vibration. If I were to draw a circle, the vibration of a circle would be created. Drawing a cross would create the vibration of a cross. So if I write the letters L O V E, then these letters put out the vibration of love. Water can be imprinted with these vibrations. Beautiful words have beautiful, clear vibrations. But negative words put out ugly, incoherent vibrations which do not form clusters. Language is not something artificial, but rather is something that exists naturally.

So what did my budy write on his water bottles?

Apparently, there is a special combination that seems to be optimal!


Just one of thes
e is not enough. Love needs to be based in gratitude, and gratitude needs to be based in love. These two words together create the most important vibration. And it is even more important that we understand the value of these words. For example, we know that water is described as H2O. If we were to look at love and gratitude as a pair, gratitude is the H and love is the O. Water is the basis that not only supports but also allows the existence of life. In my understanding of the concept of yin and yang, in the same way that there is one O and two Hs, we also need one part yang/love to two parts yin/gratitude, in order to come to a place of balance in the equation.

Love is an active word and gratitude is passive. When you think of gratitude -- a combination of appreciation and thankfulness -- there is an apologetic quality. The Japanese word for gratitude is kan-sha, consisting of two Chinese characters: kan, which means feeling, and sha, apology. It's coming from a reverential space, taking a step or two back. I believe that love coming from this space is optimal love! Just as H2O, it's an essential element for life!


Today I tell myself:


Eternity is a really, really, really long time, I think we'll be able to squeeze everything in.
Meet me at the afterparty!

Day 1 in New York...

Mo: First day in New York and it`s 29 degrees! Wicked!

Well, after a soy capuccino at Starbucks and a breakfast come lunch from Wholefoods, we found Jivamukti around the corner. We also wanted to check out the Birkram yoga studio in the same building. I was quite excited about finally getting the chance to REALLY sweat it out in 40 degrees plus, so when we got the opportunity to try out a week of classes for 20 dollars we said yes immediately and went in to change into yoga gear.

The class started out ok. Not a very exciting sequence, but it was nice to be properly warm. About half way into the class something weird happened. I started to feel incredibly nauseated and when I watched my own face in the mirror it was white with very red bloches all over...
We were asked to do a pose that I have done a zillion times before. A pose that I normally could do in my sleep. Something even MORE weird happened. The voice of the teacher suddenly started to fade, I could feel my body float, I was in a dream! Time stood still, colour disappeared, there were the most amazing black dots playing around, distracting my vision in my dream...I was FAINTING! Only pure perseverance and grit helped me remain sort of half standing with my head between my legs almost touching the mat. I hear someone saying "Maybe you should sit down?"

Damn, I`m soooo incredibly stubborn!!! Did I leave the class? Over my dead body! I stayed right until the end and managed to almost get a grip over my fainting, nausea & dizzyness...
J.E.Z. Barely survived my first yoga class in NY.

What to do?

Had about a ton of pineapple and melon from Wholefoods, eaten in the scorching sun at Union Square and then went to a Breathing Restorative Yoga class at Yogaworks on 5th. You know what they say: "...just get back up on the horse...."

Will I go back for more Bikram? I promise to keep you posted...


Who let the DOG out...

Guilty as charged!

Sweet morning started with:
  • my meditation (yeees, not being proud I know I know… but yeees!!! I feel so good every time I get up early and do my meditation, yesbamthankyoumam)
  • took along morning walk in the forest (slottskogen haha, anyone wanna join me for Frisbee Golf?)
  • had an amazing breakfast and home made cappuccino (the best in town, my NESPRESSO is the shit!)
  • before I went to work. What an efficient förmiddag ☺
Meet my mother for lunch, she’s in town to design and develop the look of a new SURPRISE that will HIT Sweden in August! She brought our dog cause the dogsitter was sick. Åke is a very happy 13-year-old border terrier. He loves me cause every time I’m home, in skåne, we go for long long walks (so long that he hardly makes it back, I have to drag him). This was Åkes first visit to the BIG CITY and as mom and I went out to do business he decided NOT to stay in my apartment…

We left at 1230, came back at 1730 (I was just gonna pick up my gear and leave to teach Body Jam at 1810). We expected to find a happy barking dog; instead we found an open window!


Mother panicked! I had to take command!

So if you heard rumors about to blond women running around Gothenburg yelling:
They aren’t rumors, it actually happened! (Must admit that I in that moment regret naming the d
og ÅKE).
6min before my class started and NO Åke. I had to run. Mom called the cops, and guess what… Åke was in STENUNGSUND!
Do you know what it costs to bail out a dog? 1060 SEK, and that does not include the cost of driving 12miles back and forth in rush hour traffic!

How did my Body Jam go? I admit I have been more present! Even the participants knew the choreography better then me.
Afterwards I practically dragged myself trough the streets of Gbg, 100m from reaching my appt I walked straight into a lyktstolpe, and I mean STRAIGHT into it, baaaam I hit the ground.

Mom is exhausted, I have a huge bula I pannan but ÅKE is as happy as ever!


What is pulling YOU today?

Fotograf: Johan Larsson



Jag har provat min vigselring :)
Ja ha tänker du, soo... men då känner du inte mig...

När jag var lite lekte jag aldrig mamma, pappa, barn. Jag tyckte det var dödens tråkigaste lek, och om jag någon gång tvingades att vara med var enda option att vara barn (alltså det som jag redan var i verkligeheten, fy tusan för att vara mamma eller pappa, gud vad tråkigt!)

När jag var liten åt jag bara Pappa Gris. Varje måltid frågade jag om det var pappa gris vi hade till middag för om det var kultingar eller mamma gris kunde jag INTE äta något. Jag fick förvånansvärt alltid samma svar: - Det är pappa gris!

När jag var liten ville jag aldrig gifta mig. Mina barbies gifte sig aldrig, dom hade bara te party! Jag sa: - Jag gifter mig bara på ett vilkor. Antingen under vattnet eller på toppen av pyramiden och han ska bära upp mig (tänkte i smyg att det nog inte fanns någon sådan galen kille som skulle gå med på något sådant och om det fanns en sån tok så var jag stensäker på att det inte fanns någon prälle som skulle palla med att klättra upp till pyramidens topp eller hålla andan så länge), jag var safe!

Mina föräldrar var aldrig gifta. Pappa gav denna dikt till mamma istället:

Att gifta sig! Man är väl inte dum.
Vi ämnar ha vår frihet i behåll.
Du stannar hos din man. Jag har mitt rum.
Vår enda lag är: födelsekontroll.

Vi böjer inte knä för någon präst.
Vi avger inga trohetslöften just.
Så lyder eden vid vår bröllopsfest:
Jag älskar dig, så länge jag har lust.

Hjalmar Gullberg

Än idag är jag inte jättestor och dessa mönster har följt med mig. Jag gillar fortf inte att leka mamma, pappa, barn, jag äter inte pappa gris (inte mamma o kultingar heller numera). Har väl hänt nån gång att jag har fått hålla en bebis och en o annan kottlett har väl slunkit ner men... Gifta mig... det var först några månader sedan... kommer inte ihåg om jag drömde eller mediterade men där var han!

Jag ser omvärlden genom en vit slöja, bröllops låten (ja ni vet den klassiska) spelas och jag går fram mot en mörk man i smoking (eller har dom frack?).. det läskiga är att han vänder sig om och jag ser ansiktet .... WHAT!?!

Belive it or not ... Jag vet vem jag ska gifta mig med!

Man vill bli älskad,
i brist därpå beundrad,
i brist därpå fruktad,
i brist därpå avskydd och föraktad.
Man vill inge människorna någon slags känsla, själen ryser för tomrummet och vill kontakt till vad pris som helst.

Hjalmar Söderberg

Ur Doktor Glas

Finns det återställar° tapeter även för hjärtat? Jag menar i värstafall, som en fallskärm liksom...

°återställaren är en tjock tapet som ska dölja ojämnheter, men egentligen döljer den bara symmetriska ojämnheter.

Make LOVE not WAR

Enlightened acupuncturists teach that healing and killing
points are the same. This suggests that the
intentions of our actions determine the course
of our destiny.


The Internet is for porn

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is NOT Porn!
Seriously, I’m trying to take some kind of “outfit” pick

Well.. Where to start really..No I didn’t leave my mind at VIPASSANA, but a promise is a promise…so here it is:

THE PLYSH outfit I got from a very dear Body Balance participant today ☺
My participants are THE GREATEST, with one hand on my heart I swear that they are truly unique!

By the way, how they do it, all those Fashion “Outfit of the day” blogers?
I really tried for about 15 min but first my arm wasn’t long enough and when I finally stood in front of the mirror I just got a pick with a huge bright flash ?!!

This is truly the best I could do

Sweet dreams

New York, New York...

Mo: Just over 12hrs until I leave for NY! :)

One week of fabulous yoga, food, shopping and quality time with P. Jez, I´m sooo excited!
The camera is packed and I hope to be able to blog, if not every day, at least 3-4 times during my stay. Talking of which, if you are lucky enough to be going to the big Apple in the near future, let me recommend www.nyc-jc.com This is where we´ll be staying and I can highly recommend it. Luxury apartments for a fraction of the price that you pay for a week in a hotel on Manhattan.

Actually, since I´m using air miles for this trip I´m paying a total of 800SEK for my return flight, not bad considering I´ll be "slumming it" in Business Class tomorrow - Cph-NY...
(The things I do for you guys to create a great blog!...)

To be continued...


Photo of the year

Mo: ...and on another note... I just found the photos below on M.G´s Facebook account. And I fell in LOVE with the photograph below. I´m sorry, but I suffer from utterly sick humour. It´s like the competition "Find 5 things wrong with this picture". Well... I won´t say anything else.

E.H - I love you and you take a phenomenal photo. Fab nail vanish, by the way! :D

One step closer?

Mo: This must mean I´m one step closer to my 5-year goal of being on the front cover of DI??? The twins owned the front page of DI today. It´s flattering when the company that you have worked with for the last 3-4yrs wins the "New Young Gaselle company of the year" in competition with 98 other companies.

To qualify for the competition the company needs to:

1. have grown organically
2. have done at least 3 annual reports
3. employ at least 5 people
4. have an annual turnover of at least 4Mkr
5. have increased its turn over with a minimum 50% over the last year
6. be led by an entrepeneur under the age of 40

Activio´s latest turn over was almost 9Mkr (number 81 on the list turned over 100Mkr+), but the impressive stuff was the increase from the year before: 311%.

Well done guys, we deserve it!

Pretty woman

I'm out

I'm back

I have this much to say tonight; (take into consideration that these are the FIRST WORDS spoken by me since Thursday 1pm)

If you gonna do ONE thing in your life:


Jo: If you come out alive, watch this film!

I can't see a movie twice! Even when I wish I could, since it was so fantastic or something like that, I can't! Why? Cause I have such a good memory. I remember exactly everything, everything!!! BUT this one, this one makes me cry, laugh out loud, shiver, hug my pillow, sing along and shake my bootey. And I don't care if you might be "one of those" who thinks this movie gives a negative, unrealistic view of life as a hooker. Look at Turtles, Bamse, all I have to say to you: IT´S A FILM! People are not stupid!!!!!

Ohh I wish my life was like Julia Roberts....

Another big + for watching this film again being "byxmyndig" is that there are quiet a few lines which I totally missed (didn't get) the last time :)

Sweet dreams


Glam, fab, wonderful and sexy...

Å.H, E.H & M.G living it large at PUSH

M.G, Mo and Å.H posing at Lounge(s)
whilst E.H is bribing the DJ to play r´n´b

Mo: I let the pictures speak for themselves. Some of the best moments in my life have been spent laughing, discussing, contemplating, gossiping and just being in the wonderful company of other women. Last night was full of such moments...

M.G & E.H two phenomenal role models for mothers with 2 children, who manages to juggle family life, work and the ability to look completely STUNNING when the night brings it on.
Å.H a beautiful friend for life who has been there through thick and thin and who will still be there in years and years to come.

Yes, and for all the men reading this blog, it´s true: when women get down for an evening of drinks, glamour and gossiping, we DO talk about sex, breasts, relationships and the importance of the size of a man´s... By the way, whatever was discussed in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen, but just to let you have a sneak peak:

Top 3 things that a man can do to impress a woman that he wants to be romantically/sexually involved with:

1. Don´t hesitate when the time has come. Show her that you really want her and that you can "handle" her. Never worry that she will break - she´s not made of porcelain.

2. Foreplay is all good - but not for hours! - if she goes quiet and doesn´t move in half an hour, she has probably fallen asleep and wants you to wake her up when the action starts...

3. Be sure to become a fantastic kisser. If you can do the kissing right - and not only right but as a true World Champion - she will melt in your hands and (maybe even) be yours forever.


From macho to glamour...

Mo: Never say I´m not versatile...from raw, macho kettlebell-training at 3pm with a wonderfully motivated group of 30people (couldn´t believe the class was full, with the sun shining outside on a beautiful spring day) to an evening of food, snacks and glamour with the girls!

I expect them around 8pm with party dresses on and high heels ready. I´ll be serving an Italian theme with pizza - I love that, because it will be the last thing that they expect in this house... - pieces of parmesan cheese, tomatoes and mozzarella pn sticks + olives and of course Italian wine.

As a welcome drink we´re having freshly made appletinis - 50% juice made from fresh apples in my juicer and 50% vodka + crushed ice, shake vigorously, separate the ice from the drink and voilà: you got a healthy (well, sort of...) appletini!

We´re on the guest list at Push and it will be nice to see if it lives up to its reputation as Gothenburg´s hottest night club at the moment... I must admit - it will be so much fun to dance the night away! I´m just hoping tomorrow morning will be just as fun... :)


Randy Pausch Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Mo: I know it´s an hour and a quarter, but if you can spare the time, watch this incredibly warm, humorous, motivational and truly inspirational speech.


Revolutionary decision

Mo: There was a period in my life that I got completely hooked on "ER". I watched it every day for about 3 months! I also had a weakness for "Scrubs" during it´s first 2 seasons in Sweden. At the moment my favourite show of all is "House". I ADORE Gregory House, and I´m quite sure that I have a not so secret crush on Hugh Laurie, at least that´s what P keeps telling me.

All of these hospital inspired TV-shows... it´s so funny that I got casted as a head of medical department in the modelling job I did today. I got paid to wear a white coat and to look all conservative, academic and knowledgeable... :)

For being an ex-TV-show person it will probably shock you when I tell you that I don´t own a TV today. My friends have got used to the idea by now, but it still raises more than a few eye brows in ALL social circles when you drop the comment: "...ehh..no actually I haven´t seen that person/show/series/program/ad/etc...since we don´t have a TV"

The response is of mixed character. Everything from a dropped chin, stunned (or embarrased/awkward - "Poor people, can´t they afford a TV???") silence, to a gasp:

"WHAT???! You don´t have a TV???!!!"

It´s amazing how we are the only people we know who have actually CHOSEN not to have a TV.

I must admit - it wasn´t my idea. When P first mentioned it, I rolled my eyes and went: "Are you kidding? No TV? Why?" But in a moment of madness, I said yes, let´s give it a try for a couple of months. And you know what? I haven´t even missed it ONCE!
When I really want to see something, I watch it on DVD, in the cinema or .....beep....it and watch it on the computer.

When I thought back on exactly HOW many hours I had spent (on the few occasions when I had some free time) just zapping between channels and then ending up watching "You are what you eat", "Nanny 101", "Top Model" and the DIY-program of the day + a whole load of bullsh..t advertising - I felt dizzy and sick. Actually on a night like that I would feel nauseated after 2h of "fast-food-TV", very much like the feeling you can get after too many gossip magazines, paparazzi photographs, a meal at McDonalds or too many sweets.

The free time you suddenly get every night from not having a TV is amazing. The quality time that you spend with your partner is second to none. The freshness in your head when you go to bed - with only chosen images on your mind is very different from the lethargic feeling you can have after too many war images, too much crappy sit com or too many sanitary towel adverts...

I challenge you to try it. I challenge you to try it and to find out what you could do with those hours instead, whether those hours are spent on your own, a good book, in the company of friends, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children or your pet.

Keep me posted. Let me know how it goes and good luck!




"etadapi gamishyati"

Should I stay or Should I go

Wanna get under my skin...

This is my kinda humor!
I love the old lady (should I stay or should I go), she is 93 years old!

This book makes me laugh out loud each time I walk by it in my apartment. I’m thinking of doing one of the following embroideries:



Men inte ska vääl jag

Tänka på Refrängen

Skit i det du

Många bollar i luften

Nej det gjorde du inte

Real Gone...another Swenglish list

Im on my way to the 2nd VIPASSANA in my life, ever!

Right now I can't decide if it's a good time to go or not so I'm doing what I started doing as a 4 year old preppy girl; A LIST!

  • Jag missade just Lena PH o Orup på RONDO, hur gick det till? Blev noga o kärleksfullt utvald till att följa med (fick äran att sitta mitt mellan två highlly IN LOOOVE couples) då det var TV inspelning o de ville ha extra snygga sångfåglar med i publiken (kanske inte riktigt därför). Det var extra viktigt att jag kunde denna kväll eftersom TV inspelning=alla stolar måste vara fyllda! 1: Jag råkar slarva bort min biljett (troligtvis blev den söndersmulad i tvättmaskinen) 2: Jag ringer o bönar o ber o får följa med ändå, jag ska möta paren i entrén 1910, showen börjar 1930! Perfekt tänker jag, jag undervisar min PILATES klass sen drar jag snabbare än bixten till Rondo! JAg skryter om kvällens festligheter för mina deltagare, min bästa Mango slår vad om att jag kommer att få sjunga i micken o jag säger att det kommer bli succé för DANSA I NEON vär typ etta på min lista i 3 år! Rusar hem, av med kläder, tar en titt på klockan för att estimatea tiden och ser att hon är 1945, hmm när skulle jag vara där egentligen?? Googlar RONDO, ingen svarar, ringer mina turturduvor, ingen svarar, hmmm! När skulle jag vara där? 1910 eller 2010? JAg har trollat bort 60min av mitt liv! Får tag på RONDO o frågar när SHOWEN börjar, då hör jag applåder o inser, NEJ! -Pausen då, när är den? -DET ÄR INGEN PAUS! FAAAAAAAAAAAN
  • Jag har kastat ut mesta maten i min kyl så att den inte ska bli gammal medans jag e borta så jag har ändå inget att äta hemma.
  • Daliorna som jag köpte (hon lovade att de skulle leva i minst 14 dagar minst!) Dog idag! Passande! Gav jag dem kanske för mycket kärlek? Hade ju tom köpt GÖDNING som jag var nära på att dricka själv en morgon istället för algerna.
  • Jag pratar för mycket.
  • Skönt med VIPASSANA för då är det ignen som pratar med en när man äter så jag hinner äta upp min mat innan den blir kall.
  • Jag har inte tillgång till dator eller mobil o kan alltså inte jobba övertid.
  • Jag kan inte skicka iväg fylle sms
  • Jag sparar pengar då VIPASSANA retreaten (silent camping som vissa vill kalla det) är GRATIS
  • ?
  • Mo hostar värsta DRINK kvällen med high heels o allt i helgen, vilket jag missar :( O jag som hade övat så i mina klackar.
  • Missar första GO HAGABADET med sjukt grymma Maria Linghult FORZA och PAN ASIA AfterTraining
  • Man får inte mat efter 1130
  • Man måste åka buss dit (jag gillar bättre tåg)
  • Jag kommer inte kunna blogga på 4 dagar
  • Ingen beröring what so ever på hela helgen
  • Man måste gå upp kl 4 på morgonen
  • Man får inte ha några dofter på sig (jag som brukar lukta sååå gott)
  • Jag kommer inte kunna skicka fylle sms
  • Missar jag kanske något bra på TV?
  • Missar Roys PUSH middag för femtioelfte gången
  • ?

So what do you think?

Should I stay or Should I go?

Everyday Is A Winding Road


A day (almost) off with Mo

Mo: One of these days... Woke up at 06.45 by the scaffolders who were dismantling the scaffolding around the church opposite our bedroom window... On my day off. If I had had a machine gun there would have been blood. A massacre going down in my street.
I´m not kidding.
I even imagined how I could use the inside edge of my deep bedroom window as support for my AK4. Afterwards I would have a smoothie.

Instead I went to yoga.

Wonderful morning class with Jo. Funny moment: Jo: "...bend your back more...more!...push into my hand!...! Me thinking: "I`m PUSHING! ...and I KNOW THAT NOTHING IS HAPPENING since that is my immobile part of my bloody back!!!" Jo:"...ehhh, great...there´s a small bend there now, I think?" Me thinking: "Yeah, right!" So that is how my students feels?

After breakfast with P and Jo, I went to teach my morning yoga at Gymnasium. Wonderful crowd - wonderful class.

At 11.00 P and I went running around 8:an in Skatås (8k). Sunshine. 11 degrees. Fresh air. Bliss.

Had lunch. Handed in my bike with the puncture.

Worked for 2h (yes, I know, I should have had the day off, but it was almost a day off, right?). Picked up my bike and a take away coffee.

Drove back out to Gymnasium to teach a 60min spinning class. As mentioned before, I love that class, the people coming to it are so dedicated and so strong, it´s a pleasure to lead them through their workout.

Back home now. Will have a phenomenal chicken cooked in coconut sauce with peppers and mushrooms, served with quinoa, followed by apple pie. YUM! No, I did not do the cooking. P did. I´m useless in the kitchen...
Yes, I know I´m spoilt.

After dinner, an episode of "Cashmere Mafia" and then bedtime..


A day (almost) off with Mo...


VIP Message!

We feel it has been deemed absolutely necessary to divide all MOJO fans up into two groups:
The "Very Good Looking Crowd" (VGLCs), and the
"Holy-Cow, I Can't Even Believe They're Human Because They're So Gorgeous Crowd" (HCICEBTHBTSGCs).

Further, because this is a non-discriminatory BLOG, from this day forward both the
VGLC's and the HCICEBTHBTSGC's will be treated absolutely the same, without any deviation whatsoever, except - all HCICEBTHBTSGC's will be able to acces the new POSTS' approximately 72 hours ahead of schedule!

You know who you are ;)

What goes on...

Lorna "the legend" Malcolm, Mo & Sexy Zoe

...during Presenter dinners, at conventions???...
Well, question: what do you get if you gather a bunch of narcissists together under one roof?...
A whole lot of Colgate-smiles all around! :)
Photos taken during the Fitpro dinner in England Saturday evening...

Me & Zoe

Paco & Melissa

...amongst others: Steve, Yoav & Robert...

Steve & Rebecca

Wiggle it, girlfriend!


SEX Fredagar framöver kombinerar vi det vi är bäst på! Träning, Bad, Mat, Dryck, Skönhet och Musik i ett av Göteborgs skönaste hus!

Tillsammans gör vi...

Hagabadet goes...

  • 18 April FORZA AT goes PAN ASIA
  • 30 Maj HERE I AM AT goes ORIENTAL
  • 13 Juni FIGHT CLUB AT goes BBQ

NÄR: Fredagar Träning i världsklass 17-18 AfterTraining (AT) 17 och framåt
VAR: I sköna lokaler & under göteborgs bara himmel
HUR: Anmäl dig på www.hagabadet.se/event
PRIS: Medlem 185kr / Icke Medlem 265kr