Work in progress

Mo: This is what I´m doing tomorrow... and this is why I´m still in front of the computer - working - at 21.05pm Friday night.
It will be fun, though. :)


Jammin, Hope U like Jammin 2

I love my job!
Taught the new Body Jam release from Les Mills today and the participants rocked the club with some funky Disco Hip Hop and fierce House, cowabunga!!!

Wow, the girls (jeep only girls so far, where r u guys?) were amazing!

This is not something you want to miss out on.
And watch out, soon you will see people
shakin it in the clubs ( the after hours clubs oh yeah!) around Gbg like never before... ouch!

Pony orgasm

Mo: I visited the Wellness fair in Gothenburg today. Me and Jo had talked about going there tomorrow, but I am so late with some of the stuff for Saturday, I just have to have the afternoon off for work. (Ehhh, that sounded more strange than it was meant to...)

First of all Mango and I had to look for the entrance for about 10minutes. It´s never a good sign when they don´t use the main entrance for an expo. It means that the area for the exhibitors will be s.m.a.l.l. - and...it was.

Swedes are getting more obese. The number of sick people staying home from work is increasing. Last year sick leave cost this country 101 billion SEK (an updated number which I got from a colleague today). And what do you get at "...the sold out top event for wellness..." (the marketing departament´s desperate way of selling the expo in today´s paper)???

Well, short of crystals, fortune tellers and body levitations, it was the usual suspects. Companies trying to sell you products, some machines (one wonderfully, obscure thing formed as a saddle with a wiggling part - it looked a bit like the electronic ponies that they have in supermarkets for children - put 10kr inside and it starts to shake-but without the actual pony part...I just wish that there had been a line with grey, old women queuing up to this thing, because then I would have understood the point.... a free orgasm hiding in an exercise machine! Ohhh, it would have sold itself!!!!!), food, fitness centers, weight loss clubs, insurance companies, massage tables, etc.

Is this were we´re at 2008 with wellness in Sweden? No wonder we are one of the world´s richest, sickest countries...

My saving grace was the fact that Maria´s phenomenal Dermanord was there and I didn´t have to travel out all the way to Västra Frölunda to buy their products at the warehouse. (Don´t forget, this is the girl who thinks Majorna is the suburbs...yes, I know, don´t even mention it...)
Anyone who hasn´t tried Dermanord´s Shower and Bath oil aromatherapy eucalyptus, should order it now! Use it as an after sun, on your chest when you got a cold, to the premier for the sexy, shimmering look, in the shower, before bed...anytime, anywhere and it will give you that glowing, wonderful shine.
I ended up buying Dermanord products for 1.000:-. I should be sponsored.


No regrets

Mo: "The minute you think that you can stop transforming yourself - you´re over and done with"
B. Franklin

I have lived until this day with no regrets. But the Top 5 things I would tell the 17-year-old version of myself would be:

1. Being thin does not automatically make you happy, rich or give you a successful relationship.
2. Sweden is a God-damn wonderful country to live in. London is freezing in the winter and the French do not shower.
3. Long distance relationships suck. And they never last.
4. Yes, some friendships will end. And it will be for the better.
5. NEVER accept a student loan from CSN. They will bled you dry a few years later. Rob a bank instead!


We are Family

Each moment is just what it is. It might be the only moment of our life, it might be the only strawberry we'll ever eat. We could get depressed about it, or we could finally appreciate it and delight in the preciousness of every singel moment of our life.

My brother lives in London, I live in Gothenburg and I miss him every day!!!

He is amazing

RUN Forrest, RUN

Mo: There are things that just cannot be explained. One of those things is the rush you get from running.

I used to hate it. I´m not kidding. It was something that I could never see myself doing on a regular basis - and I´ve always been an active person - but running never seemed to get me, if you know what I mean?

How sick am I then, when I decide that Adventure racing might be my thing? Adventure racing that a lot of the time consists of mountain biking, kayaking and...orienteering. Which means running. Long distances. In the forest. In the mountains. In the rain. In the cold.

I did it. But I still hated it.

After 3 years of racing I stopped. It was too time consuming and too bloody expensive. Especially for the happy-go-lucky-amateur-level I was at.

I put my running shoes away and didn´t think I would ever need them again.

Less than a year later I was a 40-60min/2-3 times a week girl... What changed?! I´m not sure, but I think since my day job has to do with indoor training and group fitness, I was missing "me-time" and I was missing the outdoors. Or I was just getting older and more mature... A big part of me think it´s because I´m so incredibly stubborn and pig-headed, that I decided: "Damn it, I´ll keep on going until I like it!"

So I did, and now it´s just a part of who I am. I am a runner.
The rush, the calm, the quiet and the endorphins... too good to live without.

Mo´s top 3 reasons to go running:

  1. It gets you outside
  2. It´s free
  3. People who run are better in bed



This is for you my KRULL!
(OBS! I did not buy it in IKEA)
The Furniture Factory will certainly bee a less glamorous place now that you have left it. But I (and your man) am so happy for you. And proud that you have the guts to follow your heart in pursuit of your passions in life! You inspire!

And POM, Thank you for a magic Birthday gift! I haven't got the words to describe it so I'll sing it instead:


Secret fetish

Mo: I have to admit to a secret fetish... It´s something I´m not proud of, but it´s like an addiction that gets worse with the years. I try to be discreet about it. I even try to hide it, but to no avail...

...every time I´m in a supermarket, I cannot help but to stare into other people´s baskets/trolleys to see what they are buying...

It´s a type of voyeurism that really gets me going... it´s like: "Show me what kind of food you shop for and I´ll tell you what kind of person you are..."

It never fails to surprise me how much pre-cooked and processed food people actually buy! In my local ICA-supermarket, they have even re-arranged the delicatessen in a way that the pre-cooked food is given the no 1 slot right in the middle, with about 3 times the space as the salami/ham/turkey.

Are we that short of time these days that most people only take the time to cook dinner at the weekend? (...if even then...)

If the food that we put into our system is there to fuel our bodies and give us the energy to keep on going at neck breaking speed - how can we expect "dead" food to do that (and with dead, I mean food that was prepared days ago and then re-heated/micro wave dinners and processed food)?

Do I judge people from what they buy? Hell, yeah! If I was single and saw a cute guy in the supermarket and he was there to buy canned ham, 1 minute noodles, ketchup, 1 micro wave dinner and a packet of fags, I would be so not interested.
Just like people stare with disgust at my own food shopping, which mainly consists of ecological greens and vegetables, fish, oatmeal-products, eggs, butter, bread and the occasional bag of KRAV-labeled crisps.

It´s easy to hate the slim bitch with the politically correct grocery shopping...

Me, I´ll just keep on staring back. Or rather, back at their trolley.


One down...2 to go...

Representing our sponsors: Daniel & Marko from Svensk Fitness/Activio and Sigge from Eleiko - thanks guys for making this weekend possible!

Beautiful Pernilla from Inpuls in Luleå

Mango is having a ball!

Please note the curled upper lip...

Mo: Home in Gothenburg after a looong day in Umeå... We are very pleased to have landed the first of three Functional Tour weekends. All in all, the concept worked great and although people were severely tired, they were also very happy with the day and the different types of classes. Both me and Mango are looking forward to our next stop which will be Oslo/Stockholm on March 8/9. Stockholm is already fully booked and we will be working hard this week to free 5-10 more spaces.


Self Hypnosis part 2

It's not just me and Mo who use self hypnosis !!!

Self Hypnosis Björn

Functional Training

Magnus and Mo have been on the top of my list for quite a while now but ... sorry guys ... the winner takes it all and here he is:

Schyffert: Gympa i duschen...

Luleå rocks!

Mo: I am so sorry I haven´t been with you for a couple of days! Travelled to Luleå yesterday and Thursday was just made trying to organize the last details before the start of our Functional Tour...

Today we hit Luleå... We offered 5 different classes: Core, kettlebell, Stability ball, Spinning and Yoga + 1 lecture. People came from all over Norrland to join us. It was awesome. I´m so inspired working with Mango. The whole man is a source of inspiration when he moves, when he teaches and when he talks...

The people seemed happy and the day flew past! 

Thanks a bunch to Daniel and Marko who gave us a lift from Luleå to Umeå. It saved us from 41/2 h on the bus and took us to our beautiful designer hotel Hotell Aveny in no time at all. 

Now we´re recovering in our room with Häagen-Dasz Macadamia Nut brittle, chocolate (Mango) and salt candy(me)-therapy. Life is so bloody wonderful sometimes. 

Ps. Even Mango considered giving up Schlager for 2 seconds after tonight´s final.

Tomorrow we´ll see what Umeå has to offer. Nitenite.



I' m lovin it, la la la lovin it!
Started the day with a fresh walk in the woods (slottsskogen:) and an amazing breakfast that is not of this world, R u ready?

  • Blötlägg 1dl bovete, lite russin och katrinplommon, en näven nötter på kvällen innan du lägger dig.
  • Skölj av på morgonen och blanda i din favorit skål med:
  • 1 gul kiwi
  • 1 näven blåbär/hallon/eller passionsfrukt
  • 1/4 granatäpple
  • 1 msk linfröolja
  • 1 dl ekologisk yoghurt (soya e gott o proteinrikt)
  • Sprinkla över en mix av linfrö, pumpafrö och solroskärnor (köp färdig eller mortla själv o ha i kylen)
  • Ringla över Akacia Honung och goji bär!

Till det äter jag ett kokt ekologiskt ägg, dricker färsk jos (apelsin, morot, äpple, ingefära) med Super Greens och avslutar med en god hemagjord espresso!

Med denna kickstart överlever man Göteborgs sneda evigt piskande skyfall!! Och jag lovar att det tar max 6min att tillaga!

After a start like nothing could stop my Mac and me! We were fierce!
At noon I went to Hagabadet to work some more and joined Daniel for some heavy BP and delicious lunch.
I know, it sounds to good to be true but then I had a facial and massage for 3 hours with THE WORLDS BEST skin therapist, God Dam it Affi, u rock!

Did some shopping at EkoStore and now, after having skipped around the streets of Gbg (the storm is wicked 2day, hihi) I'm meeting a fab woman for dinner and drinks at Kafé Japan!


Because I'm worth it!


Does True Love Exist?

I got e-mail from a beautiful friend in New York yesterday and I almost fell of my chair by the beauty and honesty in her words. It would be a crime not to share it with you!

"One of the biggest challenges in my life was to dismantle my belief that true love was not possible. That being in love was a sign of weakness and that the reason I was not in a committed relationship was because there was no one out there that I could find who I could see myself living my life with. These were really my beliefs and they were very difficult to dismantle. The past 4 years most of my personal journey and work in life coaching was to keep looking at the fear I had about being in love and re designing my vision of love and relationships. Probably one of the biggest things I have come to realize is that if I want a relationship that is deep, loving, honest and spiritual I need to be that myself and that I am 100% responsible for anything that is missing. If I want a trustworthy partner I have to be trustworthy. If I want an open and communicative partner I must be that myself. I realized it is a choice to see the one I am with as "the one" and the amount of love I experience is dependent on the amount of love I am giving."

I have thought a lot about this myself having been in four long relationships with amazing partners. Still none of them lasted, why?

During my three months of traveling in India I did a 10-day Vipassana retreat in the Himalayas and that’s when it hit me...I felt UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I felt it for the first time. Sure I had been talking about it before (especially in my own yoga classes) but I had never felt it. It dropped from my brain down into my heart.

Now I'm letting it marinate there!


What I want right now: Part 2

Mo: Three reasons to be longing for spring 2008: creations by Etro, Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo. The future´s looking bright, the future is neon...


Every once in a while, with gaps in time that stretch for eons, someone like YOU comes along who instinctively trusts their inner senses more than their physical senses, the unseen more than the seen, and whose life-insights are so piercing that they unwittingly blow the entire model of spiritual evolution to smithereens.

Lets ROCK this DAY


Ass kickin' friends

Jo: I love my friends, even though my inner thighs and shoulders would say that MO is more of an enemy than friendly friend as we woke up in pieces this morning!!!
I can't wait to play with those BASTARDS again.

Give it too me
Give it too me
I want revenge

Playing around with the MAD mango at lunchtime didn't make the whole situation less intense..!

Thank GOD for PUKKA TEA, ANJA's warm spirit and healing hands!

Don't get me wrong though... I love them all, my ass kickin' friends. Just can't wait to serve it back to them!

I dare you all to join me in UPSIDE-DOWN Yoga tomorrow morning 7am. I dare you darlings...

Tight ass and toned arms - anyone?

Mo: Damn it. I have muscle soreness.
I loooooooooooooooooooooove my kettle bells - the fastest and most fun way to toned arms and a tight ass since sex!


Turn me on

Mo: What decides the chemistry between two people? Is it in the feromones? Is it in the body language? Is it in the way that you are both brought up and pre-conditioned to like someone with the same attitude/values/thoughts and strengths as your-beautiful-self? Is it true that opposites attracts or is that only initial curiosity? (...and then curiosity killed the cat...) or, as we say in Swedish "Children who are alike play best together" (...not really as cool in English...)

Whatever the reason, there will always be people that you automatically gravitate towards. People-men and women, because it does not have to be a sexual thing-who will turn you on intellectually, spiritually and mentally. People that you cannot get enough of and that you always enjoy spending time with.

Cherish these people and make time for them in your life. Make an inventory every six months or so, and you ask yourself: "Who in my life makes me feel great/intelligent/sexy/beautiful/smart and absolutely fabulous?"

Put those people on your priority-VIP-list and enjoy that chemistry to its full potential.

This is how we (THEY) do it

Jo: Yees! I've never feelt more aerobic in my entire life. This is PURE inspiration folks! Movement, survival, passion, fear and pushing it to your edge!

I did my best that day (doesn't show in the clip, sorry somebody had to film, I just happend to know how to use the camera ;) right).

Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it.
Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you've got, and fix it as you go!



One that happens is

If it doesn't, it isn't

Off to play with the Kettlebells now Jihaaaa


Wanna be startin something

Mo: Can I just say that I actually miss the time when music videos told a story? It´s most probably a sign of how old I´m getting, since the era of the story telling-music video had its hay day in the 80s.

I can clearly remember the evening (Dec 2, 1983) when Michael Jackson´s "Thriller"-video was released. I sat there, in my parents´ living room, ready and charged by the video recorder (yes children, in those times VHS was still the bomb...) and watched the incredible dancers/make up/story line with an open jaw, thinking "That is sooo coool!". Other memorable story telling-music video moments were Madonna´s (then controversial) "Like a prayer"-video, Aha´s cartoon for "Take on Me" and Wham´s "Last Christmas"...

How many can tell the difference between Rihanna´s latest videos? Jay-Z? Leona Lewis? Coldplay? Amy Winehouse? (Really, could that woman have a more suitable name????...)

This is why, in a gesture towards music history and my teenage years, my album of the month February 2008, has to be Michael Jackson´s "Thriller, 25th Anniversary Edition" - with the zombie cover, of course!


What's LOVE got to do with it

Live a Limitless Life

Have you asked yourself the question today, what do I need today?

What is my heart longing for?

What am I afraid of?

What am I stressed about or hating about myself or my life?

Often, we are afraid and without even realizing we automatically do things to cover up these feelings before even considering them as very important keys to uncovering our life's purpose. Our goal in life is not to avoid feeling fear or heartache ever again; the goal, I believe, is to experience these feelings and to use them to uncover limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. We can then use the power of awareness to surrender them. If we don't recognize that we have fear, or that we are sad or lonely, and only rush to numb these feelings with food, alcohol, shopping, getting angry, sleeping, or overworking or whatever else. Instead of having a breakthrough, learning a lesson, or acting lovingly and courageously, we only feed the unconscious behaviors that keep us exactly where we feel we no longer want to be. These habits and behaviors quickly become our way of life, and we barely even notice that what at first was a choice has now become a habit. A habit over which we feel powerless. So often, it gets to the point that we don't think we can stop overeating, biting our nails, smoking, drinking, hating or overworking ourselves. The truth is that of course we can, but we will then have to deal with the feelings we tried to escape in the first place. We will have to be willing to feel the hunger, the sadness, the fear, the heartbreak. We will have to learn to be with discomfort in order to be free.

Our unwillingness to be with discomfort is obvious: at the slightest hunger pang, we rush to eat, though our hunger will rarely be satiated with food. The empty hole in the pit of our stomach might be a longing for something else, which we misinterpret for physical hunger. When we are unwilling to really feel and investigate ourselves, we take up mindless habits to divert our attention from our pain with a quick fix, but that quick fix often holds us back from feeling wholly powerful, beautiful, free, in love, and at peace.

I think it is very important to understand this point: our heart will get broken, and we will experience fear, loss and failure. This is all part of life, but the perspective we choose to adopt is what enables us to feel free and empowered, or victimized and powerless.

So now what? Do we just hang out and resign ourselves to the fact that life is hard and then we die?

I think a powerful perspective is to embrace that life is all things and that the range of emotions we feel willingly helps us stay awake, empowered, alive and enthusiastic about all that is possible. We can choose to remember that the emotions we feel contain messages, which urge us to uncover the real messages in our soul. We must remember that there is not one person on this earth who knows what we are here to offer and what gift we possess to give to the world; the only way we can find that answer is by following our heart, uncovering our passion, and feeling our fear. Can we learn to embrace the heartache of loss like a gift, and move through it, instead of trying to run away from it? If so, we can continue to grow in the awareness of who we are and why we are here.

For those of us who choose to live life mindfully, with the awareness that our purpose is to live life as a warrior, willing to accept full responsibility for our thoughts, attitudes and actions, and to align them with the intention to live our best life: a life of service, a life we love in a body we love. No one says this path is easy and I don't think it ever was meant to be. Those of us who work out regularly know that an easy workout will not produce the stronger body we are looking for, and we can learn to look at any challenge the same way. The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward.

In the name of love we bow to each other.


My bloody Valentine

Mo: According Wikipedia, Valentine´s Day is: "...a holiday celebrated on Feb 14. In North America and Europe, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine´s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. The holiday is named after two early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished."

I saw numerous men hurrying around town today, looking stressed and haggard. Some were carrying flowers, others badly disguised chocolate boxes.

Does love come in a card, a bunch of flowers or in chocolate? (I´m not even really that fond of chocolate and my sister+husband run one of the loveliest chocolate store´s in the city...)

Is it a good thing to have an official day for love or does that just make us suckers to the commercial powers that be?

Maybe it´s just a way of giving the finger to single people saying "you suck, today is for couples only!" - at least that´s what some of my single friends think. (If you took offense to that line, the politically correct line should be: "singles awareness day"...)

I haven´t made my mind up yet. I would like every day to be a day of love. For couples,singles, straight, gay, bi, dogs and cats. What I do know, though, is that the roses I received on Saturday (6 days before the "official" day!), see the "Roses are red" thread, are now more beautiful than ever!


For the love of the bike

Mo: I love my spinning students. After 13yrs on the bike, thousands of songs/terrains/classes later-it´s still so much fun! ...and it has got all to do with the people who come to class...

At the moment I´m only teaching 1 regular spinning class at Gymnasium Sisjön per week, since I´m normally doing 3-4 spinning classes at weekend conventions/teacher trainings/etc, but that Wednesday 6pm class gives so much back it´s unbelievable.

My typical student right now is in his/her 40s´ to 50s´with a very mixed training schedule. Anything from weight training, golf, body pump, yoga, to running and spinning. In a full class of 40 spinners, about 40-50% will be men.
That´s a good number. I´m very proud of that.
(And no-I´m not wearing tight, cropped tops or even hot pants - but very un-sexy bike shorts and bike jerseys.)

Will I still be on the bike in 20yrs time? Hell yeah. Most probably. As long as my students keep on inspiring me and as long as I can find music that makes the small hairs on my arms stand erect, I will keep driving the flats and the mountains...


Happy 2135

The Year of the EARTH-MOUSE

Jo: The celebrations are on in Chinatown day and night (they celebrate for 15days!!) here in London.

When I was in Dharamsala in northern India last year I went to see a Tibetan Astrologist to get my AstroBirthChart made. I had heard that he was something very special because I'm usually not into astrology!
(Ok here's the thing: I meet a Spanish guy who showed me an article from the 4th of June 2004, he kept it in a plastic pocket and told me that the article was the reason he was in India. It had been hanging on his fridge for more than 4 years now. The piece of paper showed a photograph of an old Tibetan man sitting in front of a jade green wall wearing tiny glasses and a big black dune vest. The text was in Spanish but it said something about him being one of the most famous astrologers in Tibet, but that he couldn't make an AstroBirthChart for himself since he didn't know when he was born. Sad, mind blowing, amazing and out of this world unbelivable that the Spanish guy had keept that piece of paper and now stood in front of me, it had to be a sign I thought).
I knew when I was born so I decided to climb up the mountain to the Astro Center to find out what I had been in my previous life (a dolphin I think) and what I will become in my next life. And most interesting, what will happen in this life!

When we got there we were introduced to the old man who agreed on seeing us after I told them that the Spanish man travelled to India only to meet the old man (he couldn't speak English and was way to nervous and excited, he even pointed out to me that the colour of the walls were identical to the picture!). We asked if we could do a reading. He smiled compassionately as Tibetans do and said that we were welcome to sign up for one but right now he was booked for 2 years ahead.

I am now number 874 on the waiting list!
Yes Bam thank You Mam

He gave us two calendars and told us that 2008 was going to be a prosperous year according to the sun, moon, stars and the Dalai Lama. It is a good year for new beginnings! And YES I agree...

Even Better, the Tibetan New Year starts on the 7th of Feb. and the party lasts for 15 days, so if you already failed with the promises you made on Dec 31st 2007, now is your CHANCE !!!

Join me and Madonna as we ring in the New Year with one of the best songs and videos of this lifetime!

You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You're frozen when your heart's not open
You're so consumed with how much you get
You waste your time with hate and regret
You're frozen when your heart's not open
If I could melt your heart
We'd never be apart
Give yourself to me
You are the key



Body beautiful

Mo: In the big scheme of things the body is built for movement. Today was a day when that statement was tested down to the bone.

After a lovely morning yoga at 7.00 am (ohhh, how tough it is when the alarm goes at 6.15), (in which P thought I was on drugs, since I felt so energized half way through the class that I got them to work on handstands by the wall), I took part in Magnus Ringberg´s Core Interval class (weight plate+step board+mat + your own body weight = fun, hard, great work out) at noon..

I was sweating after 20min. My heart rate increased. My legs could feel it. My arms suffered during the push ups. I loved it.

Bless him.

I know his body transformation over the last 1-2 years has not only got to do with a lot of raw food and vitamin boosts, but also a lot to do with an absolutely amazing cross-training program.

We often discuss health and fitness and I count myself lucky to have such an inspiring friend/work colleague. We both agree that in the debate of fitness/health/weight loss, the majority of people would benefit from doing more simple, basic and tough training.

That´s one of the reason´s why we are doing our Functional training tour this spring. It will be a pleasure to take functional training around the country. Stockholm and Gothenburg is already sold out, but if you want to join us in either Oslo, Malmö, Luleå or Umeå, let us know!

Anyway, straight after the Core Interval class I had another hour of yoga. The body is amazing. The body simply loves moving.

Let´s celebrate our bodies more frequently - be happy about what we got and use it more often.


What is yoga? Part 1

Vrschikasana (The Scorpion) II performed by stunningly beautiful
Simi Cruz

Mo: Being a student of yoga for nearly 8 years now, I´m still pondering the question: What is yoga? So the direct meaning of the word can be translated as "union", "to join/attach/apply" and it´s bigger meaning could be described as Patanjali describes it in the Yoga sutras:

"Chitta vrtti nirodhah"

- which in English means the "the stillness of the fluctations of the mind".
(Which always makes my really childish mind laugh, since that gives me a mental picture of a brain that farts... I know, as my sister always says, I´m hopelessly immature for my age...).


What I know of the meaning of yoga - in the world of Mo, it has to do with a way of thinking, being and acting - both towards yourself and others.

To have respect for yourself and your own mind and body. Listening inwards and really listening.
To let whatever happens on the mat (emotions, feelings, moods and reactions) tell you a story of who you really are. Whether on or off the mat.

It´s easy being saint-like, cool-headed and totally aware, when you are in beautiful, quiet surroundings with like-minded people, but what happens when you´re behind the wheel and someone cuts you off in traffic when you are late for an appointment? Or when you end up having to work with people who leave a lot to be desired? Where is your yogic attitude then?

I´m still such a beginner. I´m learning on and off the mat every day. I´m still fighting my ego -which sometimes can be the biggest fight of all.

Looking at phenomenal Simi Cruz (pictured above) I have a DESIRE to be able to do what she is doing. But who really has the desire? The pure, loving part of me, or the tough, ego-driven part of me?

I practiced yoga in two ways tonight. 1. Physically, because I went to the shala for my mysore practice. 2. Mentally, since I decided to cut my practice in half because my body didn´t resopond the way it usually responds. I was light headed and dizzy. So instead of doing 2h, I did 1h. And I did it with love and compassion. No ego, no must.

By the way, a good example of non-yoga: when I came out from practice to pick up my jacket and my boots, someone had thrown my favorite NIKE-"uggs" in a pile on the floor and not bothered to put them back on the shoe stand.

FYI: VERY un-yoga like behavior.

There are obviously more people out there but me who are beginners at being yoga.


Sunday Bloody Amazing Sunday

Jo: Woke up at 920am (or my alarm woke me up) with a head the size of a giant watermelon (to much champagne anyone?). But who cares when you know that all you need to do is put on a cozy big sweater, dark sunglasses, slip into your Uggs and walk down the street 200m to sit your little touchy down at one of London’s BEST brasseries!
Yes bam thank you mam

Ask me if the fruit plate with honey and greek yoghurt came in at the right time?!
Perfectly accompanied by scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough and a creamy cappuccino to go with that. Thank you J for a bloody amazing Sunday starter!

After breakfast I walked down Portobello Road and ended up on my favorite street, Westbourne Grove where I just happened (read HAD TO, there was a SALE!) to step into Sienna Millers new store twentyeighttwelve. I left with a smile the size of London Bridge and one beautiful shopping bag (in each hand).

After that much hard work I enjoyed a yummy togo carrot/ginger juice and headed into Soho where I had lunch with a gorgeous up and coming designer who works at Liberty (do not miss this top of the line fashion castle). The Japanese lunch inspired me to dive deeper into the elements of life (earth, air (or is it wind mango:), fire and water according to some, MO might say it is fashion, fitness, food and sex. What are your elemts of life?). I LOVE Water so what could be better then diving into the pool at the 3rd SPACE. I'm thinking that this place is the blueprint of my dream business!

During the week I will dive even deeper into these places:

KX Gym
Life Center
Sanook Spa

And many more...

Don't let the bedbuggs bite

Roses are red...

Mo: Sometimes it´s that easy and yes, sometimes I´m that predictable. A big bunch of beautiful, tall, red roses
will bring a smile to a woman´s lips,
will make her think the world of you and if bought for no special reason at all-
have an even greater effect than if it´s for her birthday/anniversary/etc.

To any man reading this: Do remember - flowers touches a woman´s heart... we´re not al(ways) about diamonds, expensive handbags, luxury holidays and designer shoes... :)))

No time for Sleep

Jo: After a fantastic first day in London with yoga, pilates, brunch, shopping, dancing and a superb dinner with amazing friends finishing up with bottles of champagne, this is what we end up looking at, all night long!
Must admit I'm having some trouble sleeping !!!

Who are your favorite athletes?


Retail therapy

Buy of the month according to Mo:

A Filippa K dinner jacket for less than 50% of the full price (2.700 SEK).

1. Always go for classics in the sale.
2. Ask yourself: "Do I look beautiful/sexy/wonderful in this item?"
3. If the answer to the above question is no: why would you like to pay for something that wouldn´t do that???


Jo: Janet my love (You and an Double Daim is keeping me alive)
Yeah that’s sexy sexy sexy sexy!
U lift me!
When you hear some feedback you go and take it higher!
So, here we go:

SJ you SUCK. Last week the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm took 6 hours instead of 3! THAT is NOT OK. Today you were supposed to bring me back to Gothenburg in time for my flight to London. What happened? The train stopped in FLODA (don’t ask me where Floda is situated, all I know is that it costs 565 SEK with a taxi from Floda to Järntorget).
I didn’t miss my flight (I’m sitting on it now) but instead of eating a juicy fresh micro biotic chicken salad with a gingercarrotapple juice I had a Daim and a Ramlösa. Its 11pm Swedish time, I have been awake and working since 455am, I’m on a Daim sugar high and I don’t expect the coming down to bee sweet and smooth. In fact, I feel sorry for those around me in an hour or two…



Mo: Jo just called. This is such a scoop. On Tuesday she´ll be having dinner in London with one of the biggest stars in the world. At home, at another friend´s place. All I´m saying - this is H.U.G.E. It´s so big it cannot even be told. Yet. Stay tuned. You will be able to read about it here on MOJO in Jo´s own words as soon as it´s done. Tell your friends.


Boycott Schlager and supernatural powers

Mo: It was such a long time ago that I had a weekend off at home that I cannot seem to remember what "normal" people do during their free time? I´m hoping to spend the next two days catching up with a few things at home (tidying the office, changing a few light bulbs, going to the re-cycling place etc), having dinner with friends and hang out with P.

Saturday will be spent trying to avoid the "Schlager-fever" that has hit Sweden over the last few days. It´s like mass hypnosis! How is it possible that people want to buy into this money making machine year after year?

Were Schlager goes in - sanity and taste seems to be going out!

Unless you are 12yrs old, above 70yrs old or gay (yes, ALL my beloved Swedish gay friends LOVE the Schlager festival... every single one of them...one of them even declined a free gourmet dinner on Saturday night because it´s Schlager night - the first of about one zillion...)-there is no way to enjoy this charade of publicity hungry Swedish "stars"!

It´s "The emperor´s new clothes"-phenomena

So I guess what I´ll ACTUALLY be doing this weekend is to avoid false singing and bad clothing... wish me luck! :)

Supernatural talents my friends possess, chapter 1:

"Långe-Robban" ("Very-tall-Robban") 201cm tall, holds the Swedish National Silver Medal in free-diving. He can hold his breath for

6min 03 sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leaving on a JET Plane

Jo: The alarm will go of 455am tomorrow and I will stroll to the train, enjoying a fresh breakfast on my way to Stockholm, do a great job there, perhaps eat lunch at YogaYama and then mix some music on the train back to Gothenburg. Arriving back in Gbg at 615pm, strolling to my apartment in Haga to change clothes, pick up my Londoner Suitcase, stroll back to the train station where the Airport Bus leaves at 730pm.

What do you think about that?!

Or: I could wake up to late, RUN to the train, have no time to buy breakfast, having to eat the old, dry sandwiches from the trains deli, feeling tired while trying to look fresh, have no one to eat lunch with, running out of batteries on the train back, Running to my apt only to find out that I just missed the Airport Bus with 3min and the flight attendants (after taking a cab) won't allow me to bring my yoga mat as hand luggage!

Hmm, I’ll think I'll go with the first version - Lets Visualize it :) And ad some self-hypnosis to that as well, yeas bam thank you mam!

Who creates your reality?

Save the planet

The book of the century?

"Buy this book for everyone you know: If it makes them join the fight to stop the seemingly inexorable six degrees of warming and mass death, it might just save their lives."

"An apocalyptic primer of what to expect as the world heats up...it´sobering stuff and shaming, too. Despite its sound scientific background, the book resembles one of theose vivid medieval paintings depicting sinners getting their just deserts."

Extracts below are taken from the book SIX DEGREES written by Mark Lynas
ISBN 978-1-4262-0213-1

"By the end of this century, the planet will heat up between 1.4degrees and 5.8degrees Celsius, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Six degrees may not sound like much, but as this sobering, engrossing, up-to the minute book warns, a six -degree rise in Earths´s average temperature would be enough to reshape our world almost beyond recognition."

"...some species may survive by migrating, but countless others are doomed to extinction unless decisive action is taken right now. "

"...whole countries will disappear as their people become refugees. By the year 2100, great swaths of New York, London, Bombay and Shanghai may be flooded."

"...denial is a way for people to resolve the dissonance caused by new information that may challenge deeply held views or cherished patterns of behavior...(it´s the) same mental faculty that smokers use to pretend to themselves that they won´t die early, or that mountain climbers scaling Everest use to imagine themselves invulnerable even as they pass the frozen bodies of previous mountaineers who have died on the very same path..."

Mo: Read it. Buy it for your family, your best friend, your spouse. Spread the word.


Ipod My Love

Jo: Just got my new Ipod Classic 160GB jihooo!
I ordered it on Apple Store because it is so easy and you get to engrave a text on the back of it. On my Nano it says: Thoughts Become Things so on this new Black one I thought that it should say: Etadapi Gamishyati Fuck the Pain away but as I continued my order a new window popped up saying: Inappropriate message text!!!! WHAT??!!!

Don't we live in a world with the right to speak our mind, nonetheless, to write what ever the f..ck we want on our own private Ipods? I was in shock! I mean, I never ever use the F-word, but I love the song with the title F..ck the pain away. And it makes me feel a bit crazy, almost naughty if you know what I mean. I wanted to write a letter to Apple, explaining that I, a very sincere Yoga Teacher never ever use the F-word but for a change I would like to have it engraved on my new Ipod, it kind of makes me feel alive, present, and awake!

What do you think? Shall a write them an e-mail, or perhaps call them?

This is what my new Black Beauty looks like now:

Good thing I'm creative :)

Now the only thing remaining is: How the F..ck do you download your DVDs into the freakin' Ipod??!!


Wish me luck (or help me)

One woman show

Mo: Having great friends can really lift the clouds from a rainy day. Adding to the fact that he is one of Sweden´s best personal trainers, M is always inspiring, happy and great company.
So at one of our favourite coffee places we pondered over business decisions, the past weekend and life.
We always seem to have masses of things to do, but we also try to take time out at least once a week to catch up on the latest.

The challenge of being a one (wo)man show in our business is how to make what you do more profitable without having to be there yourself. It really is a challenge, since in many ways you are your own product. So, unless you start selling something, producing something or employ other people, it´s very difficult to get your company to grow. Once you´re fully booked, you´re fully booked...and being busy is great, but it also means that you have less time making strategic decisions about the future...
That´s when good friends, who are also in the same line of work, comes into the picture...it´s hard, not to say impossible to brain-storm by yourself, and also quite boring. Meeting my closest friends (who all seem to be working with training & wellness in one way or the other) several times a week is not only a social thing, but it´s also my way of cross breeding the "work-fika-break" (A VERY Swedish phenomenon which normally includes coffee and cinnemon buns...) and "the-meeting room-brainstorming-session"...

My favorite shoes at the moment:

Biker boot by ASH
(bought in the sale 50% off (!) for 1.500SEK at Rizzo Sthlm)



Jo: So I'm on my way to London to help my SupaYogini friend with her Yoga Studio

I did the same thing last year in Feb/March but this time I'm only staying for 10 days.
On my ToDo list (other than working) is:

  • Visiting my brother who fell in love last year and moved there
  • Playing with Jonathan Monks, an amazing person and yoga teacher
  • Shakin my booty at DanceWorks (dangerously close to Selfridges)
  • Getting Fab massages from a brilliant dancer and dear friend (he needs to practice giving massages, poor me :)
  • Getting Street inspiration from this cool, gorgeous dancer/choreographer
  • Dining and sipping cocktails with the most gorgeous people in London
  • Working with KHAYA
  • Shopping: Chie Mihara shoes, Shu Uemura products and lots of other things!
  • Eating at LEON, an amazing Mikrobiotic fast food store
  • I also LOVE Wagamama and YoSushi for simple, fun, healthy food
Wow the list will go on and on.... now bedtime with "Books I have loved" by Osho
If you have any TIPS for me in London, places to see, relax in, shop, dine, u name it. Please let me know!

Jumping into bed now
Sweetest dreams