A little less Hurt

If there is something you want to say – say it!

If you want something – go get it!

If you feel something – really feel it!


It is really that easy!


All I Have To Give

Oj oj oj

Det blir en bra vecka!

Friendship - new + old
Family - old
Music - new + OLD :)
Work with my own firm - Future Brainstorming
Looking into a new office
DANCE al night long... (perhaps liite många kvällar... but take into account, I'm doing Mo's share as well :)
Walks with my duggs (se SNATCH)
A tripp down South
Buying ticktes to LA :)


Aim high



BEACH 2008

Here's an OLYMPIC DIET tip for all you people heading for, say BÅSTAD, in a week or so...

My ex is soon competing in The Olympic Games in Beijing. He is already very very fit and must loose 10kg in order to be in the top, competing for the GOLD. I asked him about his secret and here it is, only on MOJO! This is his very very professional and result guaranteed advice:

"The only real diet: If it tastes good ... spit it out."

Good Luck


A snake in Paradise


I have always wondered what you do in a hot country when the novelty of scorching temperatures, great beaches, fab swimming water and beautiful sunsets have started to wear off?

Is it possible to work during above conditions? And if so, with what? I know there is air-conditioning and I know that hot countries also have a working government, police force (well, sort of), supermarkets, hospitals, etc etc, but I most honestly say that I find too good weather uninspiring.

Strange, I know, coming from one of the biggest sun-worshippers ever, but, to be honest - it is lucky that I live in a fairly cold climate. I would not get half the stuff done here that I do at home.

I admire southern Europeans. How they even get around to finish school, let alone get a career or start a company is a victory that I am not sure I would have been able to achieve if I lived here.

As you can tell, my head is turning into mush. Looking forward to having my brain cells back on Wednesday. Otherwise, all is beautiful in paradise! :)


How to have Sweet Dreams!

Not long ago I slept in a bed with ironed sheets.
It was one of THE BEST experiences in a long long time!

I would kill to have that EVERY night.

Do you know someone who irons their/our/my sheets?

If so, please hook me up!

Of to my NOT ironed bed = Skrynklig, buu!


Croatia is beautiful...


...and I'm having a beautiful time...

The Russians are...well, Russians, but they are also getting kinder and better behaved for each year. At least the ones that attend the fitness camp.

When it comes to queing for food at breakfast and dinner time, it's the law of the jungle - toughest elbows gets to the food first! And this goes for children as well as people between 80 and death. Yesterday P got shoved out of the way so hard from the coffee machine by a grey/blue-haired lady, he almost fell on his butt... Febbe and I had tried to warn him beforehand, but it's something that needs to be experienced rather than told about. I guess that's what happens when you come from a country that has lived starvation closer than most in generations very close to today's.

Croatia seems to be a beautiful country and although I was warned concerning the lack of service-mindedness amongst the locals before I got here ( by a Balkan-friend of mine), I have to say that we have met nothing but kindness and fast service.

The water is crystal clear, the sun is hot and lots of barbecued meat has been had. Sounds familiar? Yes, it almost feels like deja-vu (don't kill me for the spelling, this keyboard is driving me nuts). Life in the last month is a beach!



I think you...

...left this at home?!
Or somewhere, obviously it isn't where it should be!


I shot the sheriff


Don´t shoot the messenger...

In less than 36 h I will be on yet another beach/rock/pool side for some hot fun in the sun. Yes, I know - I´ve just come back from Crete. But this time I´m actually, ehrm... working!
Well, sort of.
I´ll be teaching 4 yoga classes in a week at a Russian fitness camp in Pula, Croatia. Not really HARD labour, I know, but still.

The challenge is getting a group of 30-40 Russians to do yoga, or anything even resembling yoga when all they understand in English is "yes", "no" and sometimes "right", "left"... and yes, unfortunately my Russian leaves a lot to be desired. Interesting, eh? Especially when you have a big group of people in down dog-position (upside down, with their faces turned away from the teacher, ie me) and none of them can understand what you´re saying... well, you can probably imagine...

It´s all in a day´s work :)

The laptop is traveling to Croatia with me and I´ll make sure there´ll be regular posts from the sun, the sea and the sand!!! Life is wicked!

How High?!

In my MIND/HEART right now:

In order to Fly HIGH one must dare to go deep deep down!


It's the
Third Law of Physics which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!

How deep are you willing to go in order to lift up?

Because I'm FLY


Fortunately for MOJO I can tick off ALL of the below on MO's list!
Let's see:

- uncontrollable drunkeness - CHECK
- someone who breaks down and cries - CHECK
- at least one couple splitting up - HM, IN THE LONG RUN, CHECK
- 1 good fight (involving blood) NOT AT MY PARTY BUT CLOSE BY, CHECK
- someone kissing (or even worse, shagging) someone else´s partner - CHECK

(...and not very rarely, it would of course, be the same 3-4 people involved in all of the activities above...) - YEEP, HAVE TO AGREE

...by the time hell was let loose, I would be off, trying to hitch hike my way back home... WELL, THIS IS WHERE WE PART, FORTUNATELY I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS, (one of them told me to find a bed to lie down in and he promised to get me before they left, and so he did :) I am very very grateful!

The day after was a handful of FUN...
Trying to remember the last 20h of our lives as we road the train down to Landskrona...
I am not sure, but I can imagine that the other passengers... had a wicked time as well... :) kinda like a live Ricky Lake show !

Thank GOD for slow food, slow walks, wide fields and BIG sofas on the country side! Thanks to that I am a WHOLE person again, and it is only MONDAY :) jihoo!


Midsummer´s Orgasm

Lovely result, eh?


After a beautiful midsummer´s weekend, I´m back at home. Midsummer´s eve was spent with 6 great friends in the country side. We ate, talked, laughed, ate some more, discussed, laughed and then finally, ate again. :) None of the people present were drinkers, so no "snaps" at the table, but there were some whiskey consumed later at night.
I used to HATE midsummer´s weekend. It reminds me of my late teens, where I seemed to have the habit of ending up at parties way out from civilization.

Obligatory ingredients would be:

- uncontrollable drunkeness
- someone who breaks down and cries
- at least one couple splitting up
- 1 good fight (involving blood)
- someone kissing (or even worse, shagging) someone else´s partner

(...and not very rarely, it would of course, be the same 3-4 people involved in all of the activities above...)

...by the time hell was let loose, I would be off, trying to hitch hike my way back home...

Sadly, for MOJO readers (it would have made a fabulous thread, wouldn´t it), this midsummer lacked all of the above and that´s what made it great!

Now, returning home from another relaxed evening at P´s sister´s, I decided to clean out my training wardrobe. 2h later you can see the result above. Those are my training clothes. Yes, I know, do one REALLY need that many training outfits? Ehhhrm. Apparently. And I´ve just to give away about 2 carrier bags of stuff that I do not use.

I have to admit, cleaning out wardrobe space - and seeing the result afterwards, is almost as good as an orgasm. You know what I mean.


Jo, Don't quit your DayJob :)

How can it be....

As I plug in my camera from the weekend, these are THE ONLY pics I managed to take...

The NIKE Team members really enjoyed the Fashion Show...
There was something for everybody

As a winner of the sailing competition I got the BIGGEST room with two floors :)

DAGENS RIS/ROS goes to the guy in the restaurang bathroom, sthlm saturday night- Whom I yelled at - GET OUT OF THE LADIES ROOM - he yelled back - GET OUT OF THE MENS ROOM!
Soo sorry I now se that you were right, my appologies :)

Do you want to EVOLVE - I got the monster for you! I am now a Full Skilled RedCord Trainer
Watch out

Yep, that was pretty much it!
I'll keep my photoskills as a hobby for now... or what do you say :)


I don't go for 2nd Best

I am back after what feels like a lifetime (6days really) in Stockholm. On the train ride home I went (with a little help from my Ipod on shuffle and a BIG Chai Latte) deep into the alleys of my mind/heart.

Do you want to plug in?
Here you go, access granted!

There is a tiny little 4-year-old girl inside me yelling:

“If I can't have what I want, I don't want anything.”


Can’t live with them but how the h..ll do we get rid of them?

Expectations turn up in many forms—from what we expect of ourselves to what others expect of us and we of them. You may have high, low, or even negative expectations. You also have large expectations and thousands of small expectations that arise in your life every day. You may expect that certain efforts will yield desired results, or believe you can be in control of your life, or be totally convinced that the so-called good life must have particular components. You may be enslaved by your expectations of what defines a good marriage, a good person, or success. More than likely, you expect to behave in a manner you know is right, and you expect to be treated similarly.

My WANTING mind is driven by desire, aversion, and anxiety; it creates an illusion of solidity and control in a world that is constantly changing and unfolds independently of how I believe it should.

I know that the ability to RESPOND to change rather than REACT to it is the biggest difference between those who feel free and those who are caught in the suffering of life. When you REACT, you are opting not for the mind of possibility but for the mind of expectation, and you are left disappointed, hurt, lost, angry, or defeated.

Sadly I find that when you are not real with yourself, it is impossible to be authentic with others. When you are in denial of the existence of your expectations, you limit the possibility of actively participating in the truth of your life in every moment and prevent accessing the power of the love of those close to you.

After all this time
The sun never says to the earth
You owe Me

Look at what happens
With a love like that

It lights the whole sky."

- Hafiz

This is the power of giving to life without the burden of expectations.
Now, all I have to do is to apply it.... again, wish me luck :)



Cloning oneself might not be a bad option, after all...


Isn´t it weird how, when you constantly work with developing yourself, learning about yourself and you think you sort of got it, something happens/comes along and throws you off balance? And not even gently, but more like a hurricane blowing your head off....

Yes, this is what makes life wonderful, fascinating and sort of, well, unpredictable and it teaches us about humbleness and to remember the fact that we are never, ever fully learned. About anything.

In my case, this whole week, and to be honest, this last month has been a wake-up call for me. I´ve come to realize that I have to go back to basics and re-learn how to say NO.
(Whooooha, this is something that I thought I HAD already learned, which meant that I thought I did it often enough, but, hell no, it´s like: "Let´s do that lesson again... How did I do that? Oh, yes that´s right, run through the procedure in your head
of which things that needs to be dealt with and prioritize. P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.Z.E."

I really thought there for a while that it´s possible to do Everything. That Everything is just a state of mind. That Everything comes naturally. Ehrm... As a matter of fact: It does not.

Soooo, me coaching myself, has given me the following homework: in the next 24-36h, set a Top 3-list of work related things that I will be doing this autumn/winter.

Top 3, mind you,
not the Top 54.268-list...

Everything that falls outside of that list will get a NO. Thank you for asking, but NO thank you.

Wish me luck....


DREAMS, do they come true?

During the NIKE weekend we did a 4-hour COACHING workshop!
The Coach was, well, special! : )
But in his defense I must say that I am a very spoiled girl when it comes to coaching. I have THE best coaches around me 24/7, jihaa yes bam thank you mam.

Even though he kinda sucked I saw a picture, a vision that I have never ever seen before. It was SCARY… because it doesn’t fit into the path that I have PLANED for myself.

Here goes – I won’t tell you the whole story, only a couple of people know and they are either my dearest dearest friends or somebody who got unlucky Saturday night as ME, Jo, decided to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth (even if it breaks all the rules in “how to catch a man”…) so help me GOD!

It includes:






Long live the DREAM

Fika Queen in action


...to back up Jo´s beautiful thread...

Some photo evidence that Jo, indeed, is the FIKA Queen of Stockholm:

Really? MOJO´s own hang out in the big city? Well, actually, we preferred the place down the road...

Where we had smoothies and carrot cake....

After our fika marathon, we went to have a huge burger + fajitas at TGI Fridays (see earlier photos in "D-Day"-thread) - a place which you can only visit when you are a guest in another city than your own.

Suddenly Jo goes: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NONONONONONO!!!!!!" Jumps up and down her chair and makes a HUGE, DISGUSTED face. I think that she has spotted an eight legged animal. One which I hate (and would be doing exactly that face if I saw)... It turns out that the truth is almost worse...

This is what JoJo saw:

Get a grip, man. This is NOT the side order you would like served with your fries... Check out the spots on both sides of the crack... sorry, couldn´t help it.

Happy Fika!

FIKA makes the world go round...

Lets see!

Jo: I am not a FIKA person, but the last 24hours has been CRAZY!
I’m in the big city (bigger than Gothenburg, i.e. Stockholm) and I guess it is fair to say that I am on a FIKA marathon.
Making up for all the fikas I didn’t attend the past year or two.

What keeps me going when “mjölksyran ligger på”?
I think of a FIKA professional who once coached me:

Me: Åhh, it would be so nice to FIKA now.
He: Well, lets do it then!
Me: But I am not hungry.
He: What has that got to do with it!!!

Thank you krull!!

This is my Sthlm schedule so far:

Fri-Sunday noon NIKE TEAM Gathering – say no more!


Big Big Breakfast – kinda like the Las Vegas Buffe! Said that I wouldn’t eat anything else that day!
12ish, FIKA with Mo
15ish T.G.I.F with Mo

16ish FIKA with Mo and NIKE team member and soul sister Maria Linghult

18ish Fresh Strawberries and bedtime

MONDAY in the Big City:

Morning walk to Bikram Yoga (I do NOT recommend yoga in a HOT HOT HOT room the day after the after party!)

DuCalme – my favorite yoga studio in Sthlm - Beautiful but HOT! Love the reward: melon, grapefruit, and water with
cucumber, lemon, and apple. Big plates of nuts and dried fruit, ayurvedic teas and more ☺ Yummy!
13ish LUNCH with Fab Dancer and Co-Worker Åsa
15ish FIKA with NIKE boss Lina and Åsa

16ish FIKA with hot hot hot dancer Omid at World Class

18ish Dejt with my Curly Soul mate R – Cinema w XXL popcorn (we saw THE HOTTEST Guy in my opinion, Ashton Kutcher, good thing that Demi Moore will pass away any day soon due to old age, I’m first in line : )
After that FIKA!

22ish FIKA with another HOT Blondie


Morning Walk in the amazing Swedish Sunshine Walked all the way out to Djurgården and found this!!!!

The four-leaflet clover is an uncommon variation of the common three-leaf clover. According to superstition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders. According to legend, each leaflet represents something: the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck. Legend also holds that if a lady hangs a four-leaf clover on her door, the next man to come in will become her husband.

I also found this:

Only in Sthlm can you sell a "walki" sandwich for 178sek !

11ish FIKA with the NEW NIKE member Annika Sjöö – Gossip about the weekend, who did what, when, why, how.. update!
13ish LUNCH Dejt
15ish FIKA with an EX-Boyfriend, haven’t seen him in 2years…exciting
….and the list goes on and on…

What will become of a …. Can u say FIKA UTBRÄND little yogi?!

Phuuu… life is hard!


Body to die for


How much do you really want it - The body to die for? The tight ass, the lean thighs with the matching flat abs? If you REALLY want it, Kettlebell-training is what´s going to get you there!

Tonight was the last test run before the big launch in August. I´m training the Gymnasium staff on August 8 and then I´ll start running regular classes from August 25 - Mondays 17.00 and Wednesdays 18.30 - be there, or...stop complaining!

Full Kettlebell-class in action...

Marie and Christin - beautiful students and friends.
(Sorry guys, both beauties are already taken...)

I brought my own body guards to the class tonight. Freddan & Joel - Wonderful friends & great people - with sharp minds and kind hearts....
YES, girls - they are BOTH single!!!...)
Please, start queuing to the right...

Party people

MOJO introduces:

Fabulous Camilla Kostenniemi...

Incredible Maria Linghult...

Norrlands beauties, Maria Olofsson & Lina Andersson....

...and our sexy JOJO!


I was tired this morning.....

I forgot what hard work it is to be a party princess!

...and that the price you pay is:

- snoring uncontrollably for a few nights, making sure your partner has to sleep with earplugs inserted,

- feeling as if your body weighs 1.000 kg, because you bloat beyond belief,

- having your skin break into spots, where it´s greasy and yet, at the same time having patches of flaky dry skin in the rest of your face,


- not knowing when you will have your functional brain back in action again!....

MOJO Getting cosy around 2am

Party theme of the evening: colour! Jo and Mo, with Lina, Anna & Åsa

Viva la Vida


Could it be any better?

Morning in a city close to salt, dark blue water and I am in the middle of it :)

There is nothing in your future except for what you put there

This is one of the most powerful reasons to why I am very keen on doing my morning meditation! The strawberries were sweet as I opened my eyes after o few breaths (or many I don't know) of meditation this morning! Now I'm off to BikramYoga, a few meetings, (some business, some pleasure, some totally... new).

For some reason I can't explain... I do not know the reason... but this is a Viva la Vida day, a SPLENDISSIOMS day, bells are ringing (or perhaps it’s just the left over sound from all those F..cking church bells ringing last night, sthlm what’s up with that?!).

There is nothing in your future except for what you put there

Now: Lets rock this joint!!!

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word

But that was when I ruled the world



MOJO before sailing, pre-party....

JO celebrating being the sailing CHAMP!!!!

One of the unfortunate boats... looking sad, lonely and very, very calm, in the not so windy weather...

MOJO is "the day after" at a small, not very clean 7eleven in Kungsgatan, Stockholm. It was late last night and after a few glasses of wine, gin&tonics, etc, we danced the night away on a rented yacht in the Stockholm archipelago...

The activity we got to do yesterday was: sailing. We were divided into teams of 4 and got to handle a J80 for a few hours. There was NO wind. There was hardly any action in the boat (if you don´t count the shouting from the MOJO-team at their respective crews... what, competitive? Us?) Well, at least Jo made MOJO and her sailing roots proud by taking 1st spot in the whole racing competition. (That was after she had to chase her team around the boat with a whip, screaming at them (read: him...) to get their(his) big butt(s) into gear...)

NIKE team Sweden, Summer 2008 - pre-dinner

Now we´ll be chilling in the center of Sthlm for a few hours before Mo heads back to the West Coast, whilst Jo will be hanging in the major capital for a few days of training the Swedish Olympic teams in yoga and other exciting stuff!

There will be photos from the weekend published on the blog tomorrow. Well, some of them at least... after a few hours of censoring.....

Mo2daJo - party style!

Jo: I agree
and... something happened... I started talking... and I DIDN'T STOP!

Now - off for some delicious FOOD mmm

Food for hung-over bellies....

Happy Sunday




In Stockholm at SAS Radisson Park Hotel. 22.43. A bit tired after a long day at the Nike office. Great to see the team again, old faces mixed with new. Tomorrow there is 1/2 day more of "office work" and then we´re off for the secret fun. I want to start the day with a morning run, so it will be an early night for me. (Maybe I can convince the party princess Jojo to go downstairs to represent Mojo at the bar?...)

Jo: I agree (not tonight...saving it all for my gorgeous coach (all categories, MO))

MOJO's Version of:
SMELL NO EVIL (excpet Jos, feet 2night, sorry)

Guest star: MANGO


BLISSFUL for sure

They thought of it all!!!

Upon arrival (walking down the red carpet with my beautiful blond bejb, Annika Sjöö) we were welcomed by COMSOS and photographers. Once inside, more COSMOS, popcorn, all mixed up in a sea of gorgeous women all dressed up a la mode!

I´ve noticed that after all those cosmos and spraking withe wine I DO NOT have the words to describe this romantic gala night...ha ha... so I'll just hint it in random letters... :)

Gorgeous ladies (and ladies only in the first part of the evening!)
Steaming HOT Popcorn
Tighta rygglösa klänningar
GODDIE BAGS - Twist n tango, Fendi, Dior, Cosabella etc etc
Private Taxis to the afterparty
Tartufo Dolce
Handsome men loosing losing their capability of speech...
Hot male singers
AfterParty at AVENYN with BranMuffins
Anxiety over - not having packed, and leaving for sthlm in 4h!!!

Can you have too much?


The future is bright


I hardly can believe it, but I missed the VIP-preview of "Sex and the city"- the movie, tonight.

Yes, sad, tragic stuff, but I had more important things to do. Anyone who knows me well, will know that it must have been seriously important stuff going on...and yes, readers of this blog will be aware that I have reached a stage in life where having great shoes is still a necessity, but it does not buy one one´s dream home and it does not lead to dreams being fulfilled. That´s all that can be said for now... but I will be back with a full report on the subject in due time.

Luckily, Jo represented MOJO both at the premiere and, I hope, the after-party, so a report will be had!

This weekend will be spent in Stockholm and then on a secret location, when MOJO travels north to participate in the yearly NIKE sponsor meeting. Since both me and Jo will be away, there might not be any blog threads until Sunday, but we´ll promise to make up for it with lots of pictures and some inside gossip when we´re back!... :)

Have a lovely weekend - and GOOOOO ZLAAAATAN!


Love me Love me Do (or - I want EVERYTHING)



Yes or No or Maybe? Is Maybe an answer?

Do I really have to choose?

Can I do everything, please? Can I have everything?

Probably not. Why not?

Would it be easier if I was happy with being a check out girl? Or a shop assistant? Or a librarian?
Would it really? (What a different person I would be!)
Interestingly, I have found that in some environments and in some groups of people, I tone down...and quite a few shades...because I don´t want people to feel uncomfortable. Or intimidated.
So, I loose some of the colour and some of the sparkle - the loud laughter and the wild body language.
As I was talking to one of my best friends today about being different, she told me about an incident at the weekend where she met one of her boyfriend´s relatives for the first time. She said: "....I suddenly felt the... 2.4 children, with the dog, the house and the husband...and I so didn´t fit into that picture... Not with my work, my looks or my interests. I wanted to SCREAM! It just wasn´t me" (Please, let me just point out one thing here, there´s absolutely nothing wrong with the "2.4 children, the dog, the house and the husband", as long as you keep the core of your true essence intact...)

Yes, I know, we are all different - celebrate!, we are all special - wonderful!, we are all....etc, etc, etc, etc, blablablablabla, but is that really true? (Yeah, right.)
If that is the case, I should never tone down, or (when I cannot be bothered), intimidate people because I´m not apologizing for knowing what I want, what I like, what I need, where I want to be in 5 or 10yrs time, or the fact that I know that you cannot be loved by everybody. It´s impossible. It´s not even COVETABLE. Stop trying - Today. Just be yourself, because you will have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. You might as well get along.




We did well

But I was hanging with these two tough guys ☺

Zlatan … you have to try harder if you want my attention ; )

Sweet dreams