The day after the BLAST in OSLO

Is it ok to be in love with your business partner? I am.
Fierce JOJO during my kettlebell class on Saturday.
Photograph: Jess.

Matthew´s class on Saturday

Don´t ask me what they´re up to, but preparing for having their picture taken....
Febs and Jo

What is it with me and Finnish men???
Kimmo - the coolest guy in Helsinki

Dinner on Saturday was a BLAST! Believe me!
Bruno, Camilla, Åsa, Febbe, Matt, Anette & Jessica.
I laughed so much and so hard, my abs were sore the next day!
Photograph borrowed from Jessica.

We´ve known each other for years, but it´s not until the last year or so that we´ve been able to spend more time together. I love this girl. She has so many wonderful qualities, I could go on for days. A true friend and gorgeous personality sums it up.
Photograph: Jessica

Jessica, Åsa & Maria warming up before the dinner

Åsa (my abs hurt a lot thanks to this cool cat) & Camilla - Pretty and FUN!

You could think they are brothers lost at birth... ;)
Bruno (I KNEW you could sing!!! Always suspected it!) and Matt.

The one and only. She works HARD for her money: Lina Andersson - NIKE Wizard.
Thank you for 2 magical weekends!

Febbe, Anette & Matt looking happy and less hungry.

A HUGE shout out to wonderfully talented Tony Stone.
The man, the myth, the legend.
There are several reasons to why this man is still at the top of his game
(except from pure talent and hard work).
A few of them:
* humbleness
* professionalism
* curiousness
* kindness
* straight forwardness
also, after so many years in the industry he´s still to this day participating in other
presenters´classes and showing great interest in other people´s work.
MOJO salutes you, Mr. Stone!


Anonymous said...

whoohooo, it is so (so!) cool to follow your blog, and it makes me laugh so often, especially now seeing the photos of M and B. I remember the camp when we stayed in my place in Schwarzsee with the group. I can imagine how much you laughed ! Big hello and hug from Fribourg/CH - Nadja

Magnus said...

Fina bilder! Kram:)

Jessica said...

I love you to and i am moved over your words... thanks you absolutley fab woman! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

LOVE the fact that we make you laugh but noooo f-ing way I believe your abs were sore because of it.. ;)