Morfin & Bricanyl


I was given a strong cocktail of Morfin and Bricanyl to help my body recover after 12h of food poisoning AND contractions...

After months of waiting the big day had finally arrived. The BIRTH.

I remember the heat wave we had in Gothenburg that week.
I had already been plunging into the Swedish sea on more occasions than I could recall - and I´m normally one of those people who don´t bathe unless it´s +25 degrees - in the water.

I looked very much like a stranded whale in the end. +24kg on my small frame. I hated it.

This photograph is taken 1 week(!) before delivery, can you believe it???

On the day of the delivery, just hours before the big occasion, I looked like this:

Varberg 2009-07-01
Ohhh, the face of a fed up woman!
Tomorrow I´m the mother of a 1-year old son. Where did time go???
Time flies and the love just gets stronger. Amazing.

Shoe Fetish


"What do you mean, What am I doing???"
"Mummy, mummy, it´s MUCH better like this, I promise!"

- Blinged from my iPhone

The Greek island

The infamous party island of KOS (Swedish might be the same ww!)

Coming up

40 fun lovin dancing kings and queens gather to celebrate life itself :)

I've never been there before!
Luckilly my Bo has been there 10 years altogether :)

See you on the otherside!
Monday that is!!!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Competition Time



Here goes: MOJO Competition Time! And do we have some fantastic prizes for you - especially if you are an iPhone addict like me and JO...

3rd Prize:

2nd Prize:

...and the GRAND 1st Prize (of which there are 2 in Sweden at this moment...):

And for any Runners-up, who don´t own an iPhone, I have this incredible blingbling phone strap:

Now, HOW can these incredible items be YOURS?

The only thing you need to do, is to answer these questions:

1. In which Nordic country was MOJO born?

2. How tall is P? - in centimeters, please?

3. Which country is MOJO travelling to on a Wellness holiday, October 4-11 this year?

4. What would you like to read about more often on MOJO?

Send your answers as a comment to this post before noon, Thursday 1 July.
The winners will be published here on the blog on Friday 2 July.

Ps. Oh, yes, you are of course allowed to email me your answers as well, if you don´t want to give anything away to the competitors... ;)

Remember, participating is nothing - winning is everything!

Let the best (wo)man WIN!






Sensitive readers-stop reading now...


1. I lost my car key. An unbelievable nuisance.

2. I've got a tooth removed and the right side of my face is droopy because of the anaesthic.

3. I won't be able to do any hard training tonight because of the damn tooth.

4. Right now, I am a moaning b**ch.

...but I still got a sense of humour:

Yes. It´s disgusting.
...but quite funny too...

Old and (not so) WISE?


I´m right there with JO: WTF?!

It´s 2010 and the world´s largest sport hasn´t learned how to use technology when in doubt? (Or rather: when 5 people have decided to go: "Ohhhhhh, I´ve seen nothing, done nothing, understand nothing"...)

You could go CRAZY for less!

I feel for England and anyone supporting their team tonight, I really do.

ANYWAY, tomorrow is being spent working on admin stuff, having some meetings and then, at lunch time, on the most hot and gorgeous day of the year: pulling a tooth out.
A tooth of wisdom at the top left corner of my mouth.

By the way, come back to MOJO tomorrow, because if all goes well, you can win some cool stuff here on the blogg - especially if you´re an iPhone owner! Say no more....


England-Germany whoppa

Sunday bloody Sunday!
At least if you ask the British followers this very minute...

Germany - England 2-1 after 37min and then Eng 2nd goal gets missed by the judge...


I'm not a big football fan at al, my boo is, I can look at it an think, gosh this is funny stuff, grown up men running after 1 ball, and loads of money surrounding them. But hey, if you really start to look at anything in this world it becomes rather stupid and weird!

Except LOVE that is ;) right!

Midsummer turned out wonderful with lots of love and hOMe feelings :)

Saturday consisted of painting, unpacking, a trip to the coast to listen to live music in the sunset - lovelly!

Then out of the blue bro came to the city, he craved RAMEN and couldn't find it in Halmstad :)

Breakfast in the clouds this sunny morning before a tripp to IKEA - I love this place :) and more over I love being there with A, he's even better at it than me, I've really found my match :)

Perhaps I'll chill in the sun now with ELLE magazine and some cider :)
After al it is vacation :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


With a little help of my friends

What a fabulous weekend it is!
Yesterday turned out lovely, despite the fact that I have this anxiety thingie concerning big bank holiday weekends.

The weather was stunning, the food was outstanding and I spent the whole day surrounded by dear friends and family.

I was a bit agitated and cranky at first (before the guests turned up) but then it was impossible to feel anything else but relaxed, totally laidback and very, very happy.

With one of my best friends: Yvis.
An AMAZING designer and ohhhh, so talented woman.
I will miss you when you´re away, sis. Love you dearly.

True happiness in a photograph.
My little sunshine experiencing his first Midsummer night´s Eve.




The bright side of midsummer...

- Liveblinged from my iPhone


There is à certain way you should be doing it.

That's just the way it is here in Sweden, one of the most modern and fair countries in the world, right!

I do love this place here on earth :)

And I do love traditions! (yep, I'm one of those!)

Waking up in the new appartment, still full of boxes and no idea of where my things are, but hey - that's the charm - some say ;) As I headed out to meet Mo for a coffe I was struck by the ghost feeling in the city, EMPTY! You could even hear the wind blow through the empty buildings...

At the moment I don't mind.
Being here
I do miss NYC 2day, don't ask me why.

I do miss my little family, I wish they were closer, like around the corner...

It is a beautiful day - no matter what, weather or not, inside, out!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)



"WHO in their right mind set their alarm at 7.30am to go out for a run on Midsummer´s morning?"

The moment I finished that thought at the top of Pliktabacken, I saw a familiar figure coming running towards me.
Gorgeous E, (who´s become a regular at my classes during the last term) - out running at the same unbelievable hour as myself!

In total I met about 10 runners this morning. So. This thread goes out with a big bag of respect to all of you out there who have managed to make training a part of your daily routine, whether that is on challenging hours (I am the WORST person in the morning...), unexpected hours, big bank holidays, strange places or else. You deserve it and I salute you!

Happy Midsummer´s to you all!




I am proud to present not one but two AMAZING women who will be gracing the InCycle Team with their talents, drive, knowledge and fierce personalities:

Jessica Clarén will be joining the Incycle Cycling Crew.
This cool cat lives in Stockholm, where she has a loyal and strong following
week after week.
She is a whirlwind of power, grace and a true inspiration.

Therese Nordström (previously Hagersjö) is an incredible self-made running STAR.
What she has accomplished so far in her running career is impressive beyond words -
and she´s only just got started.
Incycle is proud to be able to collaborate with Therese on various running events
You can read marathon.se´s interview with Therese here.

Ladies, I look forward to working with you both!


Almost holiday...

...almost, because I still have a few meetings and about 4 more days of admin work to get through before the REAL holiday begins...
But, I did teach my last classes for this term today!
WHOHA, a great gang joined me in the crazy interval class that we rode in Sisjön tonight. Not to mention my yoga regulars who sweated it out on the mat at 9am this morning.

I did presses, chins and technique work with Martin today. I sucked. I slept badly last night and my back was completely out of line. Excuses, excuses. Important thing: I was not as strong as I would have wanted.

Well, well. Had a superinteresting meeting at 1pm. The fruit of this meeting will be seen on September 12.... :) OHHHHHH. Exciting!

Tomorrow I will welcome not one, but two new faces to the InCycle Crew! Stay tuned....

Let's MOVE

It is happening!
He calls me an old lady as I am kissing the windows goodbye for the last time. He says it's not very yogic but I don't care! I really LOVED this hOMe :)

Goodbye sweet

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


InCycle Crew meeting

Had a lovely meeting this morning with the Incycle spinning crew, Magnus Gårdmark & Linda Jonsson.
We talked about the past term and the coming months.
I aired an idea I´ve brewed for a little while and Magnus & Linda were all go!
Also, the Incycle family might grow in numbers very, very soon.
And no, neither Linda nor I are pregnant...

Linda and I just happened to be perfectly colour co-ordinated...
Magnus got excused from wearing purple.
Instead he went for the extremely fashionable striped sock and of course, the SWOOSH - which he rocked!

Not my colour (it looks blue in the picture, but it´s acutally more lilac), not my material, not very good when you are desperately wanting a pee,
but, I love it!
Sexy, soft and comfortable - from the NIKE Holiday collection...

- Blingblinged from my iPhone


Amar Bharti Baba, his arm held up for 27 years.

My opinion... Things like this where you are petrifying your arm to attain enlightenment is enlightenment fail. And somewhere along your path you got attached to non-attachment.


Of to my first PT session Cowabunga

And then painting, painting, coffee, lunch, painting, hot yoga, painting, meeting, painting, moving, sleeping :)






I can't wait to hit the painting finish line!!!

Nike's next punch line is that you gotta EARN your victory!

If you could compete in painting I should be given the gold medal!!!

Besides painting I took time to train with fab MO: spin/kettel/ hotmojo!!! Yum

Dinner was eaten as a picknick in the sky!

I'll invite you with pics soon :)

Guesse what I'm doing 2morrow...?!


That and a sesseion with my new PT ( nervous! Funny feeling!)

Sweet dreams Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Working night and day

Tomorrow is a day full of planning for the autumn... Robin is going out to the country to hang with grandma & grandpa and I´m in meetings and in front of the computer all day.

Talking of work, this year´s most gorgeous teaser so far is for theconvention.se -
Gothenburg´s newest (and brightest?) star on the fitness scene.

November 6.
MOJO will be there... Will you join us? star

Live from the chaos that is...

...getting a new passport...

- liveblinged from my iPhone


Because I have Loved life - I shall have No sorrow to Die


As I am painting mine :)

My fingers have the colours - snow, kretong and chocolate :)

What about yours?!

Breakfast in Haga, Lunch at Publik, coffee at Doppio where I meet fab Mo + Family and finally homemade rhubarb pay :)

Now bed before the colouring continues in the morning!

Sweet Love my friends


Intervals and Song of the week

It´s been a laid back day.
Except for some interval training.
I went out for a pleasant jog and ended up doing hill intervals. How the hell did that happen?
I was so tired at the end of the last interval that I thought I was going to faint. Or die. Or both.

On a different note: Song of the week!
This man´s voice does SOMETHING. That´s all I´m saying.
I love all the stuff he´s done so far.


I do

She Said :)

Just minutes after we ran past The church!!!

Llife is amazing :)

On the train back hOMe to the love of my life now, after cowabunga days with the Nike Team - I love those guys!

Mo sleeping by my side and this soulman in my ears with the perfect lyrics:

I will Shelter you!
I could hold u in my arms forever :)

The rap over the weekend is coming up... But first we ask u, was there NO, ZERO, NULL, 0, kiss in the church??!?!?!

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Day 2 NIKE Team Meeting 2010


After 2 full on days in Stockholm with the GORGEOUS, TALENTED Nike Team Sweden at our yearly kickoff, consisting of:

* product information
* discussions of future trends in the fitness industry
* a fashion lecture by one of the Fahrman sisters
* a sneak preview of the beautiful Fall 2010 collection
* great food
* mojitos
* raspberry shots
* so much laughter my stomach hurts
* team competitions, guess who´s team won??? WHU WHU WHU WHU!!! DAA DAA DAA DAA DAA DAAAAA (White Stipes). Well, you can probably guess...
* a beautiful boat trip with more food and more funny coloured drinks and GTs
* an overnight stay at pittoresque Villa Söderås in Lidingö
* a theatre workshop - which was so funny, I cannot even begin to explain! SUMO SUSHI is all I can say....
* a kick ass RIB-Boat trip

Thanks guys. What can I say? TEAM, you rock the boat as always.



- live blinged from my iPhone


NIKE Team Meeting 2010


At the NIKE office...

Robert Sörensen, Per Markussen & Åsa Fornander

Must haves Autumn/Winter -10
On my wish list....
I will be running in this one come October
Anna Lindh, JO & Åsa Eriksson

JOJO & Dorotka Baburin
Petter Ehrnvall, Åsa Eriksson & Per Markussen

Me & Cecilia Gustafsson

Maria Olofsson, Fredrik Andersson & Emma Johansson

Åsa Fornander, Fredrik Sjöberg, Elaine Rydberg, Anna Paringer & Cecilia Gustafsson

Robert, Fredrik, Niklas Liljesand, Febbe, Petter & Per

Our dinner place

Åsa, Elaine, Lina, Jo, Dorotka, Åsa, Anna, Emma, Maria, Sara(NIKE Running), Maria, Anna, Cecilia & me

Elaine & I