SEX in a pair of boots


These days it´s a constant struggle to manage to whip myself out of low heeled shoes and wearing anything else but tights...but today I managed a good compromise. First I wore these:

My good ol´ (well, maybe not that old...) NIKEs took me on a 5k run at lunchtime...

..but then it was time for THESE! SEX in a pair of boots! I LOVE these Steve Madden boots, one of my best Ebay buys ever! Hrrm, I found them in my parents´ attic on Sunday night, where I´d decided to store them after last winter and then forgot where I had put them ...

I ALSO found my favorite military green Zara-parka in said attic... So versatile, practical and stylish, it was a fab PRADA rip-off when it came out and it still looks good! Now I only have to find my oxblood-coloured leather jacket...where can I have put that???



Why do YOU workout?

I train because my body is a temple and a fun park!

I train because I want to be able to carry my own bag, fix my home, catch the bus running and climb the highest trees to see the view!

I train because I want to be able to pick up my grandchildren and toss the around :)

I train because I don't want to be a spectator, I want to be a participant!

What about you?

Saprema Jo

Belly dancing...


A little bit larger day by day... photos don´t do my belly justice at this very moment, it´s actually bigger than it looks...
Work wise, there are a lot of new exciting prospects that have come in over the last few days both nationally and internationally. I can´t say more at this very moment, nothing is for sure until I have it on paper...but let´s just say - this autumn will be rocking!

One of the things I CAN tell you is that I´m finally moving to a proper office in the next couple of months. Hopefully in the same place where P is working today (but larger).
I will have an office there AND I will have a room for training, which means I´ll be taking on a small number of (dedicated) private clients.

There have been several advantages with working from home, but now I long for having work at work and home at home. I´m sure this feeling will be even stronger once Bebbo arrives.

Tomorrow I have one of the final meetings with my new webmaster.


should be up and running within the next 48h!
(At least the Swedish version!) Can´t wait! From what I have seen, it looks gorgeous!
Ohhh, exciting stuff!


How do they do it?!


Amazing that I am this clear this morning :)

After doing a day English style yesterday!
Started out with running 1 Swedish mile :) Jihaaa, this was the first one this year and not a minute to late since I am still planning on running the GBG varv!!

Back home in the flat, a quick shower and then my flat mate and I took the bus down to Putney to watch the Boat race (every year Cambridge and Oxford compete on the river Thames, apparently EVERYONE in London wants so see this! It's even on TV!).

The traffic was jammed so we decided to run (or he did and I had to follow). Feeling like James Bond we ran down the street jumping over black cabs and red buses. When we finally reached the river they were gone! But as someone said - can you imagine a boat on the river... can you imagine it passing... so there you go, now you've seen it let's go for drinks! And so we did!

I don't drink beer but I thought that NOW was a good time to learn how and what to drink in this beer jungle!

So we went to 6 different bars and this is what I (little me) had:
  • One pint of GUINNESS
  • Capirina + Brazilian Food (loads and loads of meat)
  • PIMMS and more PIMMS
  • 2 big mojitos
  • 4 gin and tonic
  • Curry


And this was on a Sunday night! I don't know how they do it, even after the last GT they picked on me for NOT drinking more, even at the Indian Curry house they picked on me for having a lassi instead of a beer!

I have no idea about this day but my plan is to train with JAMES agin in his studio, then train with the crazy Edward Clark and then teach yoga for 3 hours ...
I will let you know!

Miss u sweden, see u soon!

Love Jo


Happy birthday, DAISY!


I worked with Friskvågen in Varberg today. A beautiful training center close to the castle and water. 18 people attended the continuing education and it was a pleasure having such a dedicated and "hungry" group. It made the day pass very quickly and around 16.45 I found myself at my favourite little person´s 1 year Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daisy!

Check out the photograph above in which she has birthday cake for the first time - and almost on her own! Yes, that is happy whipped cream all over her face... :)

P and I are inundated by the same question: "Have you decided a name yet???"
The answer is no.
Until we do, we have the FUNNIEST working name! Since we want the name to work in several countries, especially latin- and English speaking countries, P came up with the brilliant idea (this was done JUST before falling asleep the other night, great timing..) of trying to crack the most DIFFICULT name to pronounce in as many languages as possible... The result sent us howling of laughter. Try the following:

"My name is Putte".."no, no, PUTTE...P...U....double T....E...PUTTE"
"Me llamo Putte"
"Ich heiss Putte"
"Je suis Putte"

Say these out loud to yourself. Without laughing. Eh, good luck.



Spinn of Hope 28 March 2009

As you can see, I´ve had to ditch all my biking wear - everything is too tight! Thank God for NIKE´s running collection! :)


Back on the X2000 again! :)

After 1 1/2 rides, I feel quite good. My body is still responding well to being on the bike.

I´m not sure how the rides were percieved by the people following by live-wire and it was kinda tricky to teach in that forum, but I have to say that I am very proud to have been a small part of this charity event. Both Matt and I were a bit starstruck when we got to meet Magnus Bäckstedt - The Big Swede - one of Sweden´s best cyclists EVER (newly retired since February 2009). The man has won one of the stages at Tour de France, he has won Paris-Roubaix, he has pulled over 1.000 watts in training (!!!) and is a giant both literally and figuratively speaking...and a nice person with it, it turns out.

Matt & I with one of Sweden´s best cyclists of all times: Magnus Bäckstedt.

Billy from Barncancerfonden welcoming the 30 or so centers around Sweden and celebrating Studio Aktiverum in Helsinborg-they single-handedly managed to raise 100.000 SEK!

When Billy from Barncancerfonden introduced the live rides by telling his very personal story about how his own daughter fought against cancer for several years and lost her life to the disease in 2006, one´s own little everyday hang ups felt quite insignificant and it felt incredibly good to be DOING something. 300 children fall victims to cancer in Sweden every year. Barncancerfonden gets 0 kr from the government and has to raise any money by themselves.
Spin of Hope is planned to be a yearly event and if you couldn´t join us this year, please do so in 2010.

With Emilia on the bike

A big HUG to Emilia who turned out to be a real trouper. She only started spinning in October last year, to get in shape for Melodifestivalen. She managed to both look glamourous AND sing during the 25 minutes that she was on the bike. Since there was a communication mix-up along the line, the only schlager we biked to in the end was Emilias own song, You are my world (which turned out to be a perfect flat road). So, even if that might not qualify as a proper schlager-spinning class, I can at least say that I´ve lost my schlager-spinning virginity for the right cause, in the right place with the right person! :)
In the half hour or so that we got to chat, I was charmed by Emilia´s personality and we had some very interesting conversations about everything from food & training to life & love.
I wish her the best of luck for the rest of 2009, with the release of a new album and a tour coming up.

Happy and content after the class


Wanna PLAY :)

Soo filled with inspiration from meeting so many amazing people! And I would love to share this energy, this PRANA with YOU! Join me in Gothenburg or South of Sweden so that we can rock the boat together :)



Förändring sker i dansen mellan intention och kapitulation. Parktiseringen av att stå stark i din intention (Yang) samtidigt som du vågar ‘bara vara’ och acceptera (Yin) är två lika viktiga och nödvändiga krafter. Ovasett om du praktiserat yoga innan eller ej är du varmt välkommen att dyka ner i din potential denna lördag då knoppar kommer att brista!

26-28 JUNE


Johanna joins forces with some of Swedens best kept secrets in order to give you a yogic midsummers dream! Lets eat, move, create and stretch our bodies, minds and souls together in the middle of nowhere yet right at the center.

For more info check out JIRA




On March 28 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour. Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.


Schlager Spin???


A packed day ahead, getting ready for Barncancerfonden´s Spinn of Hope in Stockholm tomorrow and the 1-day continuing education course I´m doing for Friskvågen in Varberg on Sunday.
You know I told you I would have Adam Tensta on stage with me tomorrow? Turns out his management stopped him from appearing: "..that´s not good for your image as a hip-hoper..."
Eh, say what?
1) Is he 50cent?
2) Does his management own him or does he have any free will?
3) And anyway, 50cent probably would have done it and "flipped the bird" to his management if they told him what he could/could not do.

So now, MANGO, I will do 30 minutes of SchlagerSpin after my own 60 minutes!

I´m joined on stage by Emilia and SHE gets to choose the music (her songs). This MUST qualify as a Schlager-ride??? Finally.
Febbe, Mango & Robert, wish you were there to see and hear it with your own eyes and ears...



This one is for U Mamma!!!

Cause you are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


You inspire and encourage me to be ME

Thank you!

Have a FAB birthday


Pregnancy business


Can I just moan a little bit?
This morning I was woken up before 5.00am by a very lively and playful baby inside my belly. The kickin´ and turning went on for about 2h(!) before I managed to fall asleep again around 7.00am.
This pregnancy business has its ups and downs.
I´m feeling the extra weight a bit more everyday. I´m hot and bothered. I sweat. (Hey, I´m Asian - we don´t do sweat! )
I spend a frighteningly amount of time going to the bathroom for pees.
I´m running out of ideas of what to wear with my staple wardrobe these days - tights.

9kg+ and I´m heading into the 3rd trimester in 1 1/2weeks, so there´s still some extra kilos to be counted on. My skin is dry as "fnöske" (think Sahara Desert) which means that it´s also very itchy. Do I feel the "glow" yet? Not really. Do I feel the benefits of the extra amount of testosterone that some women have experienced when expecting boys? Still waiting.

To clarify-having a child will be wonderful, extraordinary, etc etc, but the actual being pregnant? Oh, give me back my normal body and energy level ANY day...
Puss Bebbo, despite the stuff above I love you already.



Highlights of today....


Highlights of today:

1) Spending time with P on a semi-free day. We had a great "work" meeting where we set our goals for this coming autumn both as a couple and concerning work. I will tell you all about it shortly, but basically it means that we have taken the first step to work more closely together.

2) Deciding when to stop teaching before having baby. I´m going to drop my Wednesday Kettlebell 45 class in 4 weeks...the rest of my classes I will keep until May 13, then I´ll have about 6 weeks of my own training, resting and getting PREPARED for the big adventure. My last big weekend job is on May 16.

3) Singing along veeery LOUDLY in the car to THE CURE, thinking about P.

4) Having some wonderful homemade waffles, made by P, with whipped cream and organic blackberry jam.

"Whenever I´m alone with you
you make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I´m alone with you
you make me feel like I am whole again

Whenever I´m alone with you
you make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I´m alone with you
you make me feel like I am fun again

However far away
I will always love you
However long I stay
I will always love you
whatever words I say
I will always love you"


Working out or Working in...?!

You think this looks hard?!

This ain't nothing compared to what I did yesterday here in London!

I trained with THE man who trained her to get into that pose...

And let me tell u, that pose was the WARM UP! No, for real! I had one of the best workouts ever. For one hour I couldn't think of anything else then here and now, since James kept on correcting me and making me go deeper into my practice.

He teaches his own blend of yoga/pilates/gyrotonics! All mixed up in a sexy black bed that looks something like the cadillac you use in pilates.

After one hour I walked out feeling energyzied, tall and spacious... today I feel the same + soar...

(Note it is not the girl on the picture who wrote the blog, but she walked up the same stairs!)

I'll post some pics from the studio when I get back home since I didn't bring my camera cord... smart!

Let me tell u, this man is ROCK HARD but with a HEART of GOLD! If I could I'd kidnap him back home to Sweden!

Now some work from my (well not mine) spacious penthouse, then some Bikram Yoga, running before I teach classes in the city tonight!





My pollen allergy has started its season. I have a constant frog in my throat and I´m sneezing my way through the day. Yoga has made it so much better though. My eyes and my nose are not half as affected as they used to be 10 years ago. Now I normally only have to take tablets on the worst grass-days (and those don´t start until June). Right now it´s hazel & elm, April/May it´s birch, then June-end of August grass...

I know that one of the things you should do on the heavy days is to stay inside. But since I felt a bit under the weather also yesterday, there was no way I could stay inside all day today as well...so at lunchtime I went for a run. Felt better when I came back. I had a smoothie, worked a bit more and then thought:

"Oh, let´s go on the bed of nails (spikmatta) for 20minutes and meditate.."

I woke up 45minutes later all dizzy....

Someone is going to bed early tonight

I have to move my feet forward from underneath my body if I even want to see the tip of my running shoes these days...

...and this is what my 6 months pregnant belly looks like from the side after a 5k run...

My (or actually P´s) bed of nails. I´m giving it a serious shot for 2 weeks-minimum 20 min per day, to find out if it makes a difference for me or not...


Spinn of Hope this Saturday


You still have time to join Spinn of Hope this coming Saturday, 28 March!
12h of spinning for a good cause! Register your team and join us at a fitness center near you.

Click on the name above to get to BARNCANCERFONDENS web page for more information.
Bike with me by webcam between 11am-12.30pm. I just found out that I will be accompanied by Adam Tensta during my last 30min!



Blog of the week



MOJO has been nominated "Blog of the week" by Spark i baken at Veckorevyn!


MO & JO make humble bows and thank you for this fab appointment...

MOJO says Thank you!

m&m Funktionell turné Stockholm 2009


Photos from Sportlife Östermalm yesterday. THANKS to all for your everlasting energy and "träningsglädje"!

Extra big shout out to Titti & Agneta who welcomed us with open arms to their fantastic club at Karlavägen 100 in Östermalm.

Thanks to Fredrik Andersson, immensely popular Les Mills-profile and Nike-team colleague for lending us a projector, Daniel H, Daniel M & Tom M for representing Swedish Fitness & Activio.

Also, fab to see you in the YinYoga-class, MMA Usama & Kyukoshin Niklas (awesome fighters but more importantly also nice as teddy bears...) - being more flexible than most!

Do YOU want to join us in Gothenburg on April 4 or 5? Contact me on info@in-cycle.com for more details. :)

m&m Funktionell Turné Stockholm 2009

Gorgeous Mango doing his Functional Moves class

Participants being strong and focused. Spot blogger Terese Alvén in pink and Helena Olmås in red

P inspiring about food & nutrition

On the bike with Mo

Spot the fish! Sportlife Östermalm had this fantastic Aquarium wall looking into the spinning studio! Fab!

Mango & I welcoming participants in the lobby

Belly & I during the Cirkelfys-class...

Niklas running faster than the camera...

THANK you TITTI & AGNETA at Sportlife Östermalm for hosting this year´s tour!


Maybe it's because I'm a



Right now it feels like it cause I am on my way to LONDON, AGAIN!

Leaving on my jet plane to teach Yoga, run, dance and explore the city yet another time!
Will be back again in 2 weeks!

This weekend was AMAZING!
Teaching the last part of GLOBAL YOGA in Gothenburg this time.

The schedule is massive as is the workload both for me and the participants, BUT it is soo worth it!
The feeling on the last day is unbelievable!
I am so PROUD (like a little hen mum) of you my GLOBAL Yogis!

Hope to FLOW with you soon again!



Traveling home


On the train back from Stockholm.
Knowing fully well that I always get motion sickness from using the computer on the X2000, I will keep this short and sweet.
Work went really well and we had a great group of people joining us at Sportlife Östermalm.
It is such a luxury working with fab people and having both Mango and P there made it feel like the day flew past.
I deserve a sleep-in tomorrow morning! Zzzzz....


Leaving for Stockholm


Leaving for Sthlm this afternoon.
The Belly is heavier than ever and I have no idea how Bebbo can suddenly feel 1kg larger overnight??? Anyway, I´ve walked around feeling like a whale all morning and I pray that this will get better until tomorrow, when I´m teaching 1 spinning class, half a circuit and half a yoga class. :)

We saw these on our way back from running errands:


Have a great weekend, folks!



...and the answer is.....


We both found it hard to fall asleep last night. Just QUITE excited...

When we got in to the ultrasound room, the midwife (Mw) goes: "So...you are here to find out the sex of your baby...?"
Us: "Mmmhhhm"
Mw: "Ok, I will check the vital bits & organs first..."

She goes on to check the brain,
the heart,
the kidneys,
the diaphragm,
the stomach,
the spine,
the feet,
the hands,
the placenta...

About 10min have passed.

Mw: "Now let´s see if we can get a good look at the sex organ..."

She finds the pelvis and to our amusement, our baby spreads its legs in a perfect V.
Mw: "I´ll take a still picture"
She holds the picture and starts drawing a white line on top of the photograph, making a shape...
Mw: "Perfect picture...What do you think that is?"
What felt like at least 10 seconds pass.
Mw: "....ooooooookeeey....well, these are the testicles and this..this is the penis..."


We laugh, we cry, we are stunned!!!! It´s real!!!! It´s amazing!!! We will be parents and we are expecting a Bebbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My lipps are sealed!

And I have known it all the time.....

but MO will tell u!!

as it is her belly !!

GLOBAL YOGA Gothenburg part 2, day 1 is over! A great set of yogis!!

108 push ups just like that... well done!

After the education, my plan was to go for a run BUT there she was! Wonderful ANNA KEY so swiftly changed the run for some food, wine and gorgeous company instead :) Mmmm

Back home and ready for bed !!

See u on the other side :)


Now, I KNOW...

...what it is, BOY or GIRL, kicking around inside my belly!!! :)

...but I can´t tell you until tonight! We are having sis+husband, mum & dad around for dinner at 6.30pm to tell them first (sis & mum climbing the walls right now, they are SOOO curious).

MOJO-readers - you will find out around 9pm!

Love ya!



Sunny delight

Thanks to Riki who gave me the head´s up on
BRANDY´s live concert at Trädgår´n on May 14! An absolute MUST! Can´t believe she´s coming to Gothenburg? And to such a small venue??? She´s ACE. Best Brandy song to date? "I wanna be down"

15 hours to go until we know if it is a BOY or a GIRL doing all the sumersaults inside m
y belly!!!

I really took advantage of the sun today.
First of all I moved my office outside for my morning meeting with Mango. We managed to reserve a spot in the sun-out of the wind at Da Matteo, Vallgatan.

Yum. Da Matteo´s award winning coffee (one of their baristas just won the Swedish Championship) + croissant.

Mango and I set the final details for our m&m tour and our Stockholm delegates will have a seriously fun day of training, or what do you think?:

Functional Moves
Lecture on individual nutrition

Want to meet us? Come to Sportllife Östermalm on Sunday 22 March between 10-18 and say hello!

After some work in front of the computer at home, I changed into my running gear and went for a beautiful run in Änggårdsbergen.
(Interesting fact for any pregnant runners out there: Just the knowledge that I could pee behind a tree whenever needed, helped - much better than Skatås...)
I love running in Änggårdsbergen. The terrain is very hilly and therefore excellent for fartlek- or interval training.

However, I´m not fast right now. I can feel the extra weight and although my body is circulating about 50% more blood in the system, during pregnancy heart rate is NOT a good gauge when it comes to exertion. The only thing that really works at this stage is a subjective measure of breathing rate, leg heaviness and ab-tightness.
I have to say though, normally I celebrate my body daily for what it allows me to do with it, but these days, I SALUTE it and make humble bows in awestruck delight each time I go running, go on the bike, work with the kettlebell or do any other strenuous exercise...
The body is an AMAZING invention.

You can see the maternity belt (fantastic invention) sticking out under my running jacket... It might not show in this picture, but I´ll have trouble real soon doing my jacket up...



U tell me!


The SUN is Shining and I am on my way to school to learn more about the Placebo effect! So interesting!

I need your help on some things....

1. I am doing a workshop en the 17-19th of APRIL in GOTHENBURG! My only weekend of before the summer - and I would love to play with you! But WHAT DO YOU FEEL LIKE DOING?

Let me know and I'll wrap it up in shiny glossy paper with a bow :)

2. Which one is your favourite?

3. What would you like to read about?

I often get so caught up in the moment... and write about that but if there is something that you would like to read more about just let us know!!

Have a FIERCE Thursday!

Circus JO


The Bump reaches new heights


Something happened during those 5 days in Barcelona.

I went to Spain with a small bump and came back with something considerably larger and heavier...

I sort of got the message the other night when I was trying to wear my vintage KIZZ t-shirt and it hardly covered half my belly, so now it´s time for big and baggy. (Unless I´m training, then tight is still fine, I just have to order some larger clothes, because I´ve definitely outgrown size S...)

I had lunch with darling JO today and I was happy to be able to properly introduce her to Bebbelina, as she was kickin´around madly at that time. It´s kinda spooky feeling a baby´s movement for the first time - very Alien-like...

Had a fab spinning+kettlebell tonight, and I have to say I´m surprised how strong my stomach muscles still are? Will try to find the time for a run tomorrow - it was too long ago and I really want to make the most of this weather.

One of the tunicas/dresses that I borrowed from sis the other day. I think it might be from MQ. Boots by Ash. Tights from Kookai. I´ve lived in my 3 pairs over the last 3 months...

...and here´s the Bump. It´s hard to catch it in a photograph...a bit like the Loch Ness-monster or Big Foot....




First timers... pain and pleasure!

Today was a VERY exciting day!

I love and fear doing new things!

The FEAR part:
1. I want to be able to do it PERFECT the first time!
2. Since there is no such thing as perfection (if there is it is boring, so anyway), this is hard!
3. I hate failing!

The LOVE part:
1. Afterwards I feel AMAZING! Cause I overcome my fears.
2. It puts things into perspective!
3. I feel like a child again!

Today was a FULL ON trying-new-stuff-day.

Cirque du Pom Pom
- hanging in fabric, net, trying to do a flickflack. All this whilst posing for the camera (pics to come soon :)

- after missing out on 3 weeks I hesitated on going (what if I look like a fool, being the black cheep whilst the others just cruse the surface.... )
- But I went! AND learned how to do this:

So charged that I don't know if I'll ever fall asleep again :)

Jabadabadooooo Jo

Spring is officially here


SPRING is officially here!

How do I know? I brought out my bike today. Me going on the "Red Danger", only happens when the temperature is above a certain level and the sun is at least slightly warmer than giving you frostbites...
I look forward to spending time biking around, not having to search for a parking space or getting sore feet from walking. However, I´m an expert in breaking traffic rules on my bike. I guess this needs to change now that I´m to become a responsible mother in a matter of less than 15 weeks...(heeeelp! Am I ready????)

My first day home was spent on the computer working, teaching a spinning/kettlebell-class at noon, having a quick lunch coffee with sis, stylist friend & Oriana + an afternoon meeting with Mango.

The Bump is reaching new heights (or horizontal dimensions, more like it). It´s actually getting more round every day and I´m starting to have a slight problem with getting my shoes on... I looked at myself naked, sideways in a mirror 2 days ago and I couldn´t help but think: "Will my stomach EVER be flat again after this??" Oh, good ol´vanity.

On Friday I have a weigh-in at the midwife´s, which will be interesting. Since we don´t own a scales I have NO idea what kind of weight I have put on. Not only that, but we´ll also find out if it really is a BEBBELINA in there, or perhaps it´s been a BEBBO all the time????!

Time to place your bets, folks!

Me, on my bike...yes,yes, without a helmet, I know...some things just never change

My fantastic 3-geared Crescent, with the obligatory bike basket!



My HEART belongs to...

Wonderful LULEÅ!

Thank you for your amazing energy :)

Even though I should be exhausted after 3 full on days of teaching, only 1 day away from the speedy vacation in London, I am not! All thanks to the great Yoginis who opened up there hearts and minds and listened to what I had to say :)

On the flight back home last night I read my new book:

A History of the HEART!

It is amazing! The heart powers our physical life, but throughout human history it has also been viewed as the seat of our deepest emotions.

While the Egyptians ensured that their dead had their hearts with them as they entered the realm of Death, the Aztecs removed hearts from living victims and offered them, still beating, to the gods.

This most precious of organs encapsulates our humanity, representing both our physical being and our conciousness!

I have to read some more now, lying on my SPIKMATTA :)

Sweet Dreams all hearts!


Gothenburg - Barcelona 4-3


Sunbathing my feet at Buddha Bar, Barcelona...

...having Arabic inspired food with yummy non-alcoholic (!) beer!

Tapas with more non-alcoholic beer...

Fab lunch with gorgeous Jessica Exposito & Petter Ehrnvall at Tapas Madre - highly recommended Tapas place & Restaurant

Gothenburg - Barcelona 4-3

Weather 0-1 +20 degrees and clear blue sky from the moment we arrived, to the moment we left...
Food 1-0 Sorry, Barcelona - except from Tapas Madre - highly disappointing.
Shopping 0-0 No, no, no! Acid colours and hand dyed batik patterns are SO not attractive!
Smoking 1-0 Smoking ban? Don´t think so. People were smoking everywhere....
Beach 0-1 Well, Gbg doesn´t even have a beach to begin with, so no battle there...
Fashion sense 1-0 (In Barcelona) people in general just don´t care.
Old things to look at (not counting people) 0-1 LOTS of old buildings, statues, monuments, etc
Traffic 1-0 BIG City = BIG traffic jams

End Result: It´s GREAT to be back, although it was hard to leave +20degrees and a clear blue sky.



Your EDGE?

Feels like I just landed in my apt and now I am on my way again!
To LULEÅ and INPULS who celebrated 10 years today, BIG CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Still on a high from London and Tina Turner! Wow!!!

What a lady! She ran back and forth on a very very narrow stage 10m above thousands of people IN High high heels!!

There were NO safety nets or safety lines!!!

So I am thinking that I need to live a bit more on the edge... in order to evolve and be like TINA when I am 70!

What do you think about THIS ?!

Off to bed now, have to get up at 430am to fly to Luleå!