11 months after the birth of Robin

One of the reasons why I really wanted to put my name down for the RKC was to find a strong incentive to help me fulfill my goal to:

Be stronger and in better shape than I was before I got pregnant,
within 1 year of giving birth.

Tomorrow Robin is 11 months old.

End of May, beginning of June 2009. 36 weeks + 5 days.

June 2009. Look very closely at this photograph. And no, it hasn´t been through photoshop.
38 weeks. 2 weeks to go (!!!) before touch down.
I grew even larger in the last 14 days.
+24kg in total.

10 months and 3 weeks after giving birth.
It´s possible.
It´s do-able.
I´m STRONGER and fitter than I was before I got pregnant.

Photos from the RKC

Somehow, blogspot is not collaborating too well tonight when it comes to photo editing...so here comes, in no particular order, photographs from the RKC weekend in Copenhagen...
Thanks to everyone involved,
Thanks to all the great, fit, inspirational individuals who I got to spend some more time with over the weekend. You all know who you are.

The weekend was such a refreshing change from the normal fitness circuit.

There was NO excuses made over the 3 days.
Not one single: "I can´t because of..." or "I have an old injury so I have to modify..."
No complaining.
No bitching.
Everyone came prepared.
Everyone was friendly.
Everyone wanted to learn.

When there was a new task given, it was dealt with.
When we got an extra 20 swings and an extra 20 swings and an extra 20 swings (on Saturday with did over 600 EXTRA swings, outside of the swings that were already in the drills - yes, Andreas counted), the group woopped and cheered and went ON WITH IT.



The two lightweights, -56kg, Agnes from Hungary and I

Hard kickin´ Kyokushinkai Andreas Almén waiting for his results.

Anna showing how a 16 kb should be handled...
Gorgeous girl with equally gorgeous personality.

..and in our training clothes... Anna and her hubby Jon train regurlarly with one of
(in my opinion)
Stockholm´s best trainers Fredrik Norström.
You could tell.

With my team leader Geoff.

Thomas from Fightfit & John

Kettlebells, anyone?

Luigi (in the red vest) pressed the Beast (48kg).
After watching my snatch test he walks up to me and says:
"That´s going to be my inspiration for the rest of the weekend".
You got to LOVE the italians!

The three Musketeers. They look hard, don´t they?
In fact they´re lovely.
Henke, Fredrik & Andreas.
Thanks for great company, guys!

Here with 2 of my favourite Danes: Kresten Gaub & Thomas Filt.

Sweden, England, Denmark, Russia and Norway. All getting along, all looking happy. :)

Over achieving Asian, ohoy!
The Grad workout. See-saw presses and double swings over the length of a football field.
At one stage I was screamed at by a snappy Dane (who wasn´t even part of the education team and who I hadn´t even seen before the grad workout) to:
"Slow down!! Do not pass the team leader!!!".
Errrr.... I´ve never been to the army and never will.
I didn´t even know that was in the rule book.
To keep the peace I slowed down a bit.

Pavel Tsatsouline at the end of day 3.

Tennis Abstinens!!!

Back in GBG :)

LOVE but WOW - I do miss the Tennis ....

Oh well - guess it is just up to me to get started :)

3 more weeks of FULL on work and then SOMMARLOVE :)

Here is a greeting from the NIKE crew in Lisbon, where the EXPRESS yourself part of the day was held! What a place - i'm going here on my honeymoon!!! (part of it ;)

Was going to Skåne the coming weekend BUT NIKE offered me a very exciting Job, both for me, and also I want to be there for my sponsor when they need me, in Sthlm! So that's where I am going this weekend!
Will tell you more about it soon (as soon as I understand what it is that I am actually doing hhihi :)

Sweet dreams MOJOs



RKC day 3 - I'm there!

YES! Proud and happy to have passed and recieved my RKC certification today, after months of preparation.
It's been a fun, sweaty and fabolous weekend.

A full report follows tomorrow.. About the course, the experience and all the wonderful people I've met and got to know.
But for now, the only thing I want/have the energy to mention:
I'm deeply impressed by Pavel himself. What an inspiration. Knowledgable, involved, passionate about his work and a true professional. I take my hat off for you, Mr.T. TRULY Inspirational!

Power to you, MOJOs, as Pavel would put it. ;)

With Pavel Tsatsouline & Kenneth Jay

hOMe sweet hOMe

Thank u Åre for amazing days!

On our way back to Gbg now, chillin in the empty and peaceful airport, mmm! All soft and sweet in mind and body after a FreePower class and Fire Ride with mr MG :)

I do love my job, my life, you - the participants, and the high fresh air here!

And tonight's gonna be a good night - before the week flow starts all over again!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Day 2 at the RKC

My hands have almost survived day 2 at the RKC...
They were really hurting me during the last hour, but hey, that´s what I expected to happen...
I will give a more full report by Monday, but for now-it´s time to hit the sack.
Just spoke with P and Robin is having a bad spell at home with a bad stomach, fever and being generally sick and I feel horrible not being there to help out...
Whatever happens here on day 3, it will have an end and by tomorrow night I´ll be back with little one and big one-that´s what´ll keep me going when my hands explode around 15.00 tomorrow afternoon.

Big Russian having double beef steaks for dinner...and you wonder why they are STRONG?
Lovely dinner company: Alex (Russia/Paris), Jon, Anna, Marcus (Switzerland) & Oscar...
Thanks for some great laughs!

LIVE WorkoutÅre 2010

Jippie! We made it and so did my bag :) Al the way from Lisbon to Åre 3 flights and one car ride later the 3 of us landed at Holiday Club!

Last year I couldn't make it as I was training with Ana Forrest in NYC. And I must say that I did miss it :)

The crew does a GREAT job arranging everything and making us instructors feel at home and comfy! So comfy that I am now in bed - enjoying some work on my computer whilst my love is following the great advice from the master Matthew G - SLEEP!!! Hahaha

The Mojo Yoga class this morning ROCKED! Thanks to the great yogis in the room - WOW - Thank you for reminding me of why I LOVE to do what I do!

Some breakfast after that, then the new BodyCombat - man did I feel it :)
Lecture about the Harmonic Athlete by MG - Lunch - a walk near the lake and now power nap for some and office work for others. It is interesting, I tried to take a power nap since I was up at around 6am today (went to bed at 1am..) but I just couldn't do it, I had WAY to much energy!

Let's see what happens 2night, people who know me and have slept with me (no dirty thinking hey!) know what I am like.. so the answere to 2nights question is......... ?!

Are you watching the EUROVISION?



I KILLED the Snatch test in 3min 40sec! YEAH!

Amazing stuff and it felt so incredibly GREAT!
I wanted to post the video of my test, but the file was too big.
I will write a longer post after dinner, but for now: DAMN, how wonderful it was to FLY!
Thanks for all your well wishes and positive energy, it definitely helped like rocket fuel! :)

Day 1 of the RKC:
I had set my alarm 6.30am. Didn´t really know how much I could allow myself for breakfast, so I held back a great deal.

We reached the training venue just before 9am. It was only me and another girl planning to weigh in below 56kg and we were both hungry, a bit nervous and psyched up.
Imagine our distress when we all of a sudden were called into our groups and asked to bring our test sized kettlebell with us! What? No weigh in? No extra carbs before the test?

We both got to stay with the 12kg, but I have to admit, I felt a bit disappointed that I didn´t get to prove my weight after ALL that mad weight focus over the last month...

Anyway, I was a tiny bit worried that I´d gone to low on calories and therefore would feel the effects of the adrenalin too strongly. You know, when you start up you´re on top of the world and then after 2min you just DIE...

So I decided to go on speed. Do as many as possible in as little time as possible before you loose it, was the plan.

I started off HARD and hit a snatch every 2 seconds. 15-15-10-10-Flew up to 50, started to feel it around 65. When I reached 80 my breathing was getting more laborated and when I reached 90, I remeber thinking, thank God, only 10 more to go....

The last 10 felt like an eternity, as if I was snatching in syrup. When I reached 100, I just screamed straight out: YEEEES! (It looks very funny in the video!)

I was the fastest one in my group (and of the day), but I had no idea how fast.
(Not that it matters at all, because as long as you do it within 5 min, you have passed.)

3 minutes and 40 seconds??? I killed my PR with 40 seconds!!!

Jez, it felt so good!

The rest of the day was challenging, but I was strong all the way to the end of day 1.
(Much thanks to an absolutely fabulous lunch! The best I´ve ever had at any training course.)

My body feels fantastic and I´ve kept carbo loading during the evening.
Looking forward to tomorrow, now it´s time to hit the sack!

Nite nite!

Ripped and ready at 7.30am this morning
...and this is what I had for lunch+ an extra plate of potatoes...yummy, yummy, YUM!
My hands before...
...and my hands AFTER day 1...Check out the blister...
...actually it could have been A LOT worse. For now, I only need tape on two out of five fingers and so far the skin on my palms stick together...


NIKE 2011

Can only show u bits and pieces from the 2011 NIKE collection....
But let me tell U - IT ROCKS!!!

Those of you who's heading up to ÅRE might get another sneak peak of it!

Of to tell the European Nike crews what's in stall for 2011 and forward regarding WOMENS TRAINING!
Then a open bus around Lisbon (so that I at least can say that: Yes! I've seen THAT ;)

Long flight with many stops to get my touch to Workout Åre! One of my FAVOURITE EVENTS of the year! The crew arranging it ROCKS and so does the participants! High Expectations :)



GO GO GO MO!!!! Show them what FIERCE LOOKS LIKE ;)



In place at the conference hotel (waaay) outside Copenhagen.
I´ve unpacked - and almost had a heart attack when at first I could only find one training "sock". Normal shoes are not allowed during the certification - here the "barefoot" (or at least almost barefoot) philosophy has taken over completely, which means: "Shoes on? Well, NO certification for you, victim." Yes, it´s actually true.

So, imagine my panic when I, for about 5 minutes thought that Robin must have managed to hide one of my 5fingers whilst tearing through my suitcase last night! Sure, I did a lovely (pink, of course) pedicure around midnight last night, but I HATE having cold feet, and we´re supposed to be outdoors for 3 days!
Phew, turns out sock number two had only got stuck between two compartments in my giant bag...

I´m having something to eat (last low calorie dinner for a whiiiiile!) now and then I´m going to the Meet´n´greet at 7pm.
I´ll keep you posted!

Before I go, I just HAVE to show you this ingenius bag.... PERFECT for weekends like this and big city shopping trips to London and NY...
Stage 1. A small squeezy Nike square...
Stage 2. Et voilà: A very funky, functional, ultra-light sportsbag!



....after 6 months of focused training....
....MINUS 2 kgs after 4 weeks of dieting, broken down to:
- 1 week of being even more aware than I usually am
- 2 weeks of STRICT LCHF
- 2 days of P´s special mix (which you shake´n´drink)
- 5 days of minus 1.000 calories
I´m ready to spend a full weekend with ex-military-/armed forces-/secret service-/power lifting men.

Yes, there will be a few women as well. Out of a list of about 45 names, I saw about 10 that must be female. I don´t think it´s a wild guess though, if I say there´ll be a maximum of 5 of us for the weigh in on Friday morning. There´s normally a shortage of small women at these events.

I´m well into my bubble right now. I´m RARING to go.
I´m happy I put my name down.
I´ve loved having a very real strength focus this spring and I´m proud of what I´ve accomplished so far.
I´m looking forward to doing something out of my normal fitness world. I´m looking forward to be called a "victim" and asked, sorry: TOLD to push my limits.
I´m looking forward to grin and bear it. Putting my head down, digging my heels in and staying quiet in the back of the class. Wearing neon pinks and yellows.


Training clothes - check
Hand towel - check
Sunglasses - check
...hmmmmm... I wonder which ones of the nail polishes goes best with iron?...

Love of my Life x2

Of course there are others but sitting in a hotel room with a view over Lisbon (20th floor jihoo), preparing my two classes for the BIG NIKE event 2morrow whilst eating fresh room service and watching the French Open :)

Life could be worse ;)

Have a Gorgeous Wednesday evening Yogis!

Love Jo

InCycle Newsletter June 2010

Vill du bli en bättre löpare?
Lördag 4 september InCycle Löpardag
Therese Hagersjö
Långdistanslöparen Therese Hagersjö kommer att ta med dig genom en dag fylld av träningsglädje. Oavsett vad du har för målsättning med din löpträning får du med dig verktyg att jobba med på egen hand för att utvecklas.
Teknikträning, styrka för löpare, rörlighetsträning och inspiration till att skapa ditt eget träningsprogram står på schemat.
Pris: 795:- ink.moms. Lunch ingår.
I mars 2011 kommer vi även att erbjuda vår första löparresa. Mer information kommer.

Millennium Exclusive 2010
Spinning 2010 - Periodisera mera!
Lördagen 11 september bjuder InCycle in till en unik
inspirationsdag för spinninginstruktörer
tillsammans med Magnus Gårdmark & Mattias Reck.
Dagen omfattar allt från mer djupgående träningslära gällande pulsträning/periodisering, till hur man kan marknadsföra sina klasser och använda sociala medier som ett sätt att skapa en ny typ av kommunikation med deltagarna.
Workshopen leds av InCycles populära utbildare
Magnus Gårdmark tillsammans med Mattias Reck, tränare för Sveriges bästa cykellag Team Cykelcity.
Pris: 995:- ink.moms. Lunch ingår.

For more info: www.incycle.se


Packing my bags for Copenhagen.
Update will follow during the evening...

Do you think this is enough colour?


Lisbon to Åre


Flowing of the GREAT energy from the last couple of weeks! Croatia :) YUM
And Asia Spa - Check it out HERE!!!

TODAY - What a day :)

Core/Stretch and Hot Yoga at Hagabadet followed by a lovely breakfast with Gorgeous Blondie Maria :)

Then some work at JIRA office, an interview for Aftonbladet (I think... :)

Free Power and Yoga Detox at St Jörgens park and now showing my apt and crossing my fingers that they like it so that I can open my new YOGA space in August and invite YOU to Exclusive Private sessions and fun Kula Yoga!!! Yeahh!

Now it's time to pack my bags again. This time for Lisbon where I'll be teaching NIKE Europe a master class and showing them the new KEY styles for 2010 - LOVE my sponsor!! The new theme for autumn ROCKS!!!! Wouldn't wanna be working with any of the other brands out there :)

You'll see ;)

After Lisbon I'll take the plane straight to ÅRE where my RockNRolla Hunk partner meets me :) And perhaps YOU? Will I see you at Workout ÅRE this weekend?!

I'm teaching CaramelCore, MojoYoga and Free Power :)

Beautiful Dreams Loved ones


Live from EGO

Arranged by Driftig.nu, the EGO-event is supposed to be an evening of inspiration for self-employed women.

I put my name down a couple of weeks ago. I thought: "Ok, why not? It can always be good to see what they´re up to and if these events are different from what I think..."

I have prejudices about quite a lot of things.

When a lot of women are gathered around in the same space, I expect them to be quite "clique-ish" and "catish", that´s just how we are. You know what I mean?
Checking each other out (shoes? clothes? handbag? hair?), not smiling or talking to strangers and other very irrelevant, not very networking- or business sound behaviour.

Was I wrong?

Well, the first thing to happen is: I get in line to check in and I end up standing behind a woman who also seems to be there on her own. She turns around - I smile. She blanks my smile and goes on to stare at my handbag - and wait for it! - my shoes.

1-0 to me, I´m afraid.

Next up: the exhibitors. I walk past make-up. Jewellery. A stand where you can leave your business card to enter a draw to win chocolate, jewellery, books and a SPA-treatment. More jewellery. Books. And finally, a small stand for BRG (Business Region Gothenburg).

Is this really what other business women want? Make-up and jewellery? I certainly don´t. Not at a business event.

The highlight of the evening? Meeting Åsa & Beckis! I haven´t seen Beckis since we were dancing the night away about a decade ago!

The presentations? Elisabeth Gummesson, wonderful, bubbly Annika Sjöö & Babben - great!
Sanna Lundell: super-talented woman who should have prepared better. It´s NOT ok to have to read from your notes throughout the WHOLE evening - even when she introduces herself and who she is!...
The panel: Great to see Malin, the founder of Prickig Katt on stage - she´s an original and I like her. The only man on stage for the evening... Who booked him? I was very NOT impressed by what he said/how he said it/or anything else for that matter.

Entering the event at Konserthuset in Gbg...
Thanks to these gorgeous women who made my night!
Beckis, Helen, Malin & Åsa.
Beckis made us all proud when she won something in the lottery!
The price? A necklace! Of course.

- blinged from my iPhone

NIKE Summer 10

Here are parts of the gorgeous new Summer-10 NIKE collection that landed in my lap yesterday.
STRONG colours - gorgeous pinks, yellows and blues.
Purple shoes or white and turqoise - funky as funky can be...

Hooded tee from the Sportswear collection,
shorts from the Fitness line,
shoes the one and only Air Max...
One of the gorgeous Nike Zoom "Sisters"

- Blinged from my iPhone

What are YOU waiting 4?

IT is TUESDAY - The GREATEST Tuesday in YOUR life so far!!!

What are you waiting 4?!


"I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure…so put pressure on me!!!"

INSPIRE ME back with YOUR Story Plz!!!


I´m there!

It´s been a tougher ride than I expected, but, I´m finally there.
The last kg was most definitely not giving up without a fight.
After a weekend of a super-special diet, consisting of fibre, fat and protein powder (eaten as shakes), I´m back on the tiny amount of 800-1.000 calories a day and feeling good.
Introduced carbs lightly again yesterday and it seems to work.

Hardly recognize my body when I look myself in the mirror.
I look fit (6-pack, ohoy!), but skinny. Too bloody skinny for my liking.
3 days to go...



It's lucky we work together, otherwise we would hardly have time to meet, hang out, brainstorm or just be...
Catching her mid flight between 2 countries, she's my Jo2daMo!

- live from my iPhone. Me wearing sunscreen 50, Jo wearing her new gorgeous Prada shades.


Almost there...


...or:"Skam den som ger sig"...

The conundrum now? To stay down until Friday morning and not loose any more strength.
Right now I´m weak as a 105-year old cripple with endurance as an overweight smoker in 40 degrees heat. I think you get the point.

Beautiful and Scary

Can life be both? At the same time?

Most definitely!!

And I do find it fascinating

we are co-creators of the world that we appear to encounter

Hope you had a beautiful with a twist of scary day ;)

I am preparing for THE BIG GAME tomorrow before we take of and return from one paradise to another!

Thank you Croatia - Thank you ACE :) Thank you EARTH!!!

LOVE and sweet dreams Jo

ps - Well done Göteborgs Varvare ;)


Impressive friends

Gorgeous Therese wearing knee high pink running socks, a white vest and the obligatory Grethel-braids with less than 3k to go at this year´s GöteborgsVarv.
She finished Top 10.

You rock, girl! Super-Congratulations!

- live blinged from my iPhone

Good luck tomorrow!


Happy running tomorrow: Therese, Magnus, Robert G, Pete, Erika, Tobbe, Jim and everyone else we know that are doing the fabulous 21k at the world´s largest half marathon - Göteborgs-Varvet! Go Tigers!


Go shorty


New hair! Again.
Gosh, I´m starting to look scrawny...and it´ll get worse.
BUT, only 1 week to gooooooooo!

- blinged from my iPhone

What does Tennis do for U?

Writing to you 8km outside of SPLIT :)

Back in my room after fab morning yoga and breakfast x2 :) ( I LOOOOVE Breakfast!)

for almost two years I have been teaching yoga to a group of powerful PRANIC Women in Gothenburg! They play Tennis, practice yoga and have a network amongst each other - they call themselves ACE!

During 4 days they invited me to come join them in Croatia and of course I said YES! Not only because I LOVE Yoga but because they are such lovely and funny women to be around!

The schedule is TIGHT and FULL ON as one can expect when it comes to POWERFUL women such as these!

Morning Yoga
Evening Yoga
Lecture from one of the women in the group and cocktails

It was exactly 7months since I held a tennis racket in my hands for the first time - that time it lasted a week and I am soon to move in together with my dåvarande "Tennis Coach" :)

Who knows where Tennis will get me this time :?

I do know that it excites me!!!

putting on my white tennis skirt now

Have a beautiful day loved ones



Meat at MEET


Because we´re worth it...
With Robin sleeping at his grandparents, we celebrate this week´s events with an amazing dinner at Meet...

Starter: fresh mussles and cray fish, steamed with garlic and spring onion
Main course: luxurious entrecote with fresh greens and vegetables even makes a very carb-low woman very, very happy

...finally wearing high heels again...

- blingediblonged from my iPhone