Live from the NIKE Convention in Stockholm Day 2

Live, day 2 from NIKE Sweden...

Getting our beauty sleep at Scandinavia´s largest convention

Bruno Sardella & Tony Stone

Marvin J Foster

Fredrik Sjöberg & Robert Granat (Friskis & Svettis)

Vanessa Livramento, Les Mills

Spinning action

Peter Van der Brink from Gymnasium

Main Hall

MOJO at the end of the long, wonderful weekend...

- Blingbling reported from my iPhone

Saturday night...

The table at Smak. Cool idea. Lovely tasting food,
but a place where if I was going there for a dinner date, I would have to have a steak before I went out to be able to be sociable...Portions for 2-year olds.

Bruno, Tony and Matthew Griffiths

Elaine & Gail (Tony Stone´s sidekick)


...and we're going to bed. Me and my roomie & friend Eloin-Boin (Elaine R) are back in the room ready to hit the sack. The former party princesses have now officially matured!

C u 2morrow!

- Blingblinged live from my iPhone


World record???


I could hardly believe it: 210 incredible, strong people joined my kettlebell class today at 14.30...
It was an amazing sight with so many people swinging their KBs at the same time...thanks to all who came, sweated and conqured-you guys were fantastic!
I'll post a video clip this coming week.



On your marks, get set.... GO!


Ready and eager to go Rock Victorious! Wow, all excited about the weekend.

After the yearly meeting at the Nike head office, a wonderful coffee with awesome Terese

(photograph borrowed from Sparkibaken.se)

and fierce yoga with a radiating JO - I'm ready to rock'n'roll - are you?



Packa pappas kappsäck


The night before leaving to Stockholm and tomorrow´s meeting in the Nike office, I´m sure I´m going to forget something at home. Too lazy to make a packing list, as long as I have my music, my contacts, my phone and my purse, I´ll be fine.

Talking about said purse - I almost left for Oslo without it last weekend. I just remembered as I entered the taxi and had to run back upstairs to get it...

P was laughing when I told him I´d bought stuff to prepare sandwiches to bring with me on the train. I never do that. I want to do it, but I never seem to get round to it. Knowing how starving I was last year before lunch, I´m not going to make the same mistake twice.
(I see this as a great way of practicing before Robin gets old enough to have school outings...you know, packed lunches and all that malarkey...)

I´m so looking forward to my 2 kettlebell classes this weekend. 2x200 people. Cool.
Maybe a little training as well. Tony Stone & James Da Silva, at least. That, and several meetings. It will be fun! It will be hysterical! It will swoosh past faster than you can say Air Max!

I promise I´ll keep you updated. And remember, if you are at the NIKE Stockholm Convention this weekend and you see me, come up and say Hello! :)




Beautiful, disgusting day


Can I just start by saying: The weather was DISGUSTING today, but the day was beautiful!

After yoga I had a facial booked. It turned out to be the longest lasting facial I´ve ever had - 2h 15min - WHOPA! That´s what I call value for money. Only problem: It left me short of time to my next appointment: a self-tanning session. I have this aversion toward sunbeds and my skin goes a sour milk yellow/white colour in the winter, (NOT very flattering together with the latest Nike spring collection, which is an explosion of colours - and yes, you may call me vain...), so.... best place in town for a "natural" tan: Anna H at MAZI.
It was easier said than done, trying to keep my face dry, running towards the car afterward. Rain/snow/and more rain made the city look like this:

Whilst waiting for my newly sprayed body to dry, I flickered through some magazines and found this:

The quality is not great, but it´s a picture of an iPhone-pimped with Swarovski crystals around the brim. The pimping is done by a company called Guldplatina.
How much they charge for the phone? Wait for it...
17.995:- SEK
I´m sorry, come again?
17.995:- SEK.
Ehhhhhhh... ooookey.
Check out yesterday´s blog post and try to put a price on that... :)



BlingBling Love

Some people know you better than others.
One of my best friends, finaste Y, (actually, I call her part of the family) just got back from 6 weeks in Hong Kong. She knew how much I LOVED my old blingbling iPhone-shell that she got me a few months back, so as a delayed birthday present (together with heaps of other beautiful stuff, Y-you´re wonderfully mad!), she got me this:

WOW. Spot on. BlingBling Love at its best.


Bring on the HEAT

Photo: Jacob Karström Logo: Meddi Kabrizadeh


You want an invitation?

Just let us know.


Soft Secrets

3. Berätta 3,5 intressanta fakta om dig själv!

  1. Yesterday was my FIRST TIME ever in MUAY THAI - Jihaaa! Scary but OH so fun!
  2. I LOVE most kinds of FOOD but I just can't stand FISKBULLAR (hm English here would be FISHBALLS :) In 3rd grade I told the teacher that I would vomit if I had to eat it, still she forced me and hence - VOMIT all over the BAMBA... I told her so!
  3. I SUCK at SPELLING - IT was my worst subject in school! And since I was a HIGH performer in everything else I came up with a strategy here as well: After DIKTAMEN (where the teacher read a tale and we had to write it, focusing on correct spelling) we had to re write al the words we mis-spelled 3 times. My average was 10-20 misspelled words, but I was a FAST writer and my goal was ALWAYS to FINISH FIRST so that NOBODY noticed that I was a TERRIBLE speller :) GREAT Hugh... NOT!
  4. I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC - Even though I hate admitting it cause I like to be MISS INDEPENDENT...
So there you GO!

4. Välj ut 4 andra bloggar du vill ge awarden till

Same as MO - don't really have time to read many bloggs, even have a hard time keeping up this one hihi BUT here they are:


Tjing Tjong Jo

MOJO creates

Wow. Thank you Soffan, Jessica & Magnus, who all nominated MOJO for the blog award above!
To publish the award the following needs to be done:

1. Kopiera awarden på sin blogg

2. Länka till personen som gett dig awarden

3. Berätta 7 intressanta fakta om dig själv!

4. Välj ut 7 andra bloggar du vill ge awarden till

5. Länka till deras bloggar & kommentera hos dem att de har en Award att hämta!

So, I will give the award to 3 people and tell 3 1/2 interesting things about myself and I´ll let JO do the other 4+3 1/2... :)

1. I have a VERY lazy person living inside me. If I can, I take the elevator and I LOVE taxis!

2. I don´t wear make-up regularly, but I have THE biggest collection of Chanel lipgloss of anyone I know (The result of travelling with work for 15 yrs and having too much free time at airports...) - 90% of which are NEVER worn - and probably never will be.

3. I am a true arachnophobic. I can´t even write the word of the...thing without having cold chills running down my spine.

3 1/2. I never shaved, waxed or else with my legs until my 32nd year of living.

The nominating other blogs? I have very little time reading blogs, so when I do, I swing by the blogs written by people I know in person, like Jessica, Magnus and Helena.

Rocking with

THE best!!
Oh yeah
Nike Oslo rocked and so did my Monday - full on work + classes and then my first ever Muay Thai lesson jihaaa :)

Sthlm hold on - looking fw to seeing you there!

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


New InCycle instructors


Here are the new InCycle spinning instructors who joined Magnus & Linda at the Certification course on Saturday & Sunday. Thank you M&L for a fabulous job, even when my head wasn´t properly screwed on, you saved the day and delivered! :)
Wow, I´m so grateful to finally have found these brilliant personalities.
Check out Magnus and Linda at this year´s NIKE Sweden event - they will SHINE!


Hot Yoga in Gothenburg from March


Hot MOJO will be found in Gothenburg´s first Hot Yoga-studio at GYMNASIUM Sisjön from March.



Hot MOJO-teaser...


...Why yoga in the cold?...

...when you can join us in 38 degrees from March?
Hot MOJO© comes to GOTHENBURG!


NIKE Oslo 2010


Just got back.
Sorry I haven´t been able to update you during the weekend, but there was an awful Wi-fi connection at the Clarion Royal Christiania Hotel.
-10 points for that, Clarion.

The weekend got great scores, though!

Rockin´ energy, cool people in class, lovely friends and fun conversations -
What more can you ask for from a working weekend???

Right before my spinning class on Saturday...
HOT Spinning, since the temperature in the room was close to 38 degrees.

Mango doing his thing - Functional Moves

Arja, Åsa & Susanna looking fit and happy.

Mad hair, Thomas, Susanna & Arja before Åsa´s fantastic Powerstrip-class.

Catslide´s Christina from Kronsj showing how it´s done.

Ladies with an attitude - Strike a pose...
Gorgeous Jo & Åsa before their Body Jam-team teach.
No pregnant options were needed.
Private joke, sorry...

Thomas from Bergen & Susanna from NIKE Finland.

A weekend with 2 of my best friends = heaps of laughter and fun stories!

Alan & Marit from Maxpuls.no in Trondheim after my KB-class. Great people - fit people and very, very nice indeed! Thanks for your help and support, guys!



Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy biiiirthday!

Happy 27th Birthday, darling JOJO!


Back on the road

My hair went even shorter on Wednesday...
Have I shown you my gorgeous iPhone-case before?
Hopefully soon to be found in a shop near you!
I´ll keep you posted.


Leaving for Oslo in a little while. My back is almost back to normal and I really look forward to this year´s first convention!
My erratic packing finished, I´m hoping I haven´t forgotten anything important... (ehhh...contact lenses, music, cycling shoes, yoga mat....)
This will be such a cool weekend, since both Mango & JOJO will be there.
Strange to be away from the family, though. My first 2 nights away from Robin... Tough.

Have a great weekend, folks!



26 was sexy...

27 is FIERCE!!

There's a party coming up!
3 days ago I was panicing but now much thanks to my coach and the groovey amazing peop's around me I can't wait to get on that stage in Oslo :)

Global Yoga Pre Con - Be Fierce! Oh YES!!
BodyBalance 48 - sweet and smooth like a criminal ;)
FreePower - Did I tell you that I start Muay Thai next week:?
BodyJam 52 - I'm in a dark period and lovin it! Hard, rough, unpolished - I can't get enough!

This is the start of my 27th year on this planet! What did you do at this point in your life/what do you want to do?

- Jo flowing on The IPhone

Go ALPHA-females!


Is there such a thing as an Alpha-female?
If there is - What is she like and how did she become the way she is?
What significant personality traits does she have?
And does she get along with other Alpha-females?
The thought struck me today as I was going about my business.

My own answer is yes. There is definitely such a thing as an Alpha-female.
She carries more testosterone than most women and like it or not, this means that she carries more traditionally male traits such as being competitive, straightforward and analytical.
She was born that way and certain environmental factors can either strengthen or weaken what´s already there. You CAN also become an Alpha-female and here´s what´s needed:

An Alpha-female is a natural leader and secure in her own skin. She doesn´t have to put other people down or elbow her way forward to be seen or heard- she gets ahead anyway.
Therefore all the Alpha-females I know (and that´s quite a few), get along well with other Alpha-females.

She gets stressed by:

* Lazy people
* Incompetence
* People who talk slowly and never get to the point
* Bullies (she will bite your head off if you try to bully someone weaker in front of her)
* Flakiness (people who never keep or follow up on their word)

Spot a false Alpha-female by:

* Listening in to her conversation - if she constantly talks about herself and her own virtues...she´s false. A true Alpha-female is where she is because she can listen. And she doesn´t need to tell you about herself all the time.

* Look at her appearance - if she always needs to be visually perfect, with a full on made up face with each piece of hair in place...she´s false. Remember, a true Alpha-female is comfortable in her own skin. With or without a fully made face.

* Watch her around men. If she suddenly changes her voice and let it go "baby-pitched", flicks her hair and batters her eyelashes...definitely a fake. A true Alpha-female can be one of the boys any day any time and doesn´t feel the urge to change into something different just because there are penises in the room.

Alpha-females out there, MOJO salutes you!
You make the world a fun place to be!



Smokin´ HOT


I´m not sure what happened, but when 2009 went into 2010, SOMETHING definitely happened. This year has just begun and it´s ROCKIN´, SMOKIN´HOT already!
There are so many things in the pipeline, that I´m not sure where to begin...
There are so many fun things going down, I unfortunately had to say no to Workout Åre AGAIN this year, since I´m already booked in Copenhagen that weekend...

As you know darling JOJO is on loan to Veckorevyn for 8 weeks, but she has promised to stay true to all you MOJO-readers as well.

Now, on Saturday I will be able to tell you big news no 1. Yes, BIG NEWS and actually quite AMAZING news if you live in Gothenburg or visit here often and love Yoga.

And hopefully by next Monday, I´ll be able to give you the inside on exactly what is happening on October 4- Oct 11...Let´s just say that anybody who wants some MOJO-magic should really mark those dates in their calendars.

Focus this week? NIKE NORWAY.
Travelling on Friday.
Teaching Spinning, Yoga & Kettlebell Saturday-Sunday. Always a fun event, always a pleasure.
Interesting meeting Friday evening. A HUGE project for 2011.
Could be something, could be nothing.
If it turns out to be something - you´ll be the first to know.

Ps. For those of you a little bit more curious than others: Everything will be revealed ahead of schedule on Twitter... ;)


I'll be BACK

But for now my bags are packed and I am ready to go, I am standing here outside your (internet) door, I hate to wake you up to say Good Bye....

I promise but for 8 weeks I'm tasting the green grass over at VECKOREVYN with another cool cat, Niklas aka LILO!

The ROCK Victorious blog will mostly be written in Swedish... sorry ... but I will def pop in and create here on MOJO as well!

On Rock Victorious you'll find tips on how to BOOST your 2010 with everything from training, play-lists, delicious and nourishing food, fun places to play at and fun people to visit ;)

Plz do stop by and see me over there :)

Much LOVE guys




Get ready to Rock´n´roll...

E-mail monika@incycle.se for the exclusive MOJO-flyer...



m&m Funktionell Turné 2010

Dagen för dig som gillar tuff och enkel träning. Välkommen på en träningsdag som riktar sig till dig som är gruppträningsinstruktör, personlig tränare eller motionär.

Klass 1: Functional Moves med Magnus
Klass 2: Pulsspinning med Monika
Klass 3: Core-träning Workshop med Magnus & Monika
Klass 4: Ruffie Training kampsportsinspirerad träning med Usama Aziz & Musse Hasselvall
Klass 5: Yoga 360 grader med Monika & Magnus

Datum: 20 mars, Malmö
21 mars, Göteborg

Pris: 1.495:- för hela dagen + lunch.

Boka genom att betala in på bg: 5227-3786.

Nytt för i år!
Boka enstaka träningklass för 395:-. Gäller så länge det finns platser kvar.
Heldagsdeltagare har förtur.

Maila oss din e-post, telefonnummer samt vilken stad/klass/heldag anmälan gäller.


Beware - Children Ahead

I think I´m fairly fit and strong.
Yesterday when I´d just woken up, I turned to lift Robin from the middle of the bed up in the air and my back just went. P fixed it last night, but this evening I could feel it nagging the whole way through my Kettlebell-class.
Robin is around 10kg now and he´s getting heavier for each day. HOW does mothers who don´t train DO IT???


Setting it FREE

Lovely Sunday :) and guesse what I've been doing al day...

Putting ALL my receipts in files!!!

It feels so great doing things that you have been putting of doing, agree?!

And all this action thanks to my newly found COACH :)

Not only that - she made me ask my boyfriend to help me... Something I would never ever consider doing, but during our coaching session I heard myself answering - Yeup, I'll ask him...

Life is lovely - there is so much potential and energy that is just waiting to be released :)

Let go and Flow!

Sweet dreams

Ps tomorrow THE BIG Thing will reveal itself ....

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


From CHAOS comes order...


We started the day relaxed with a lazy breakfast. When our pre-made Sunday plans suddenly changed (no brunch -free time instead), we looked at each other.
P takes one look at my face and then moans: "Nooooo, don´t even say it... It´s Sunday, there´ll be millions of people!!!"

1h later we´re on our way. To the blue and yellow place.

Let me explain, P and I have never had a storage in all the places we have lived in for the last 3 years. (First place: Short term lease without storage, Second place: huge apartment, but with flooding in the basement=no storage, Third place: today´s apartment. Since we moved in they´ve been stabilizing the ground of the building=no storage...)

Try to keep some order in your living quarters, when everything you ever have accumulated is to fit into 3 rooms...
(Just my shoes need a room of their own!)

On Friday the basement was finally done and HURRAY, from now on it will actually be possible to enter the spare room! :)

Why does this place induce so much STRESS in me?

From chaos...

...comes order....
I loved the red boxes, they just had to come home with me.



NDT down in Norge :)

Well done peop's !!
A bit chatty to start with so I had to pull out my FIERCE self hihi
But once in the Arena they rocked it!

Here creating their own class

Some of them could already feel the amazing butlift that this class offers ;)


Now I'm on the train back home - first time ever (train Oslo-Gbg)

Looking fw to waking up in my own cozy newly feng shuid appt.

On the scheduel for Sunday:
- sort out all my kvitton
- brunch as a well deserved midpoint break
- a walk in the sun (plz mr sun, come out!!)
- see some of my loved ones
- prepare for a wicked full kastrull on week!

Love from the night train and again Thank You Oslo!!

- Jo flowing on The IPhone