How to survive the after-BLAST

After 2 days filled with sweat, adrenaline and LOVE from delegates, team colleagues, friends and aquaintances, it is always a challenge to survive the Monday after.
I was incredibly pleased with the weekend.
Having 3 sessions is fun and great, but also a big energy spender, as both JO and I can vouch for.
The "Power, Grace & Glory"-ride turned out really well. Despite some technical problems before the class and my pedal falling off during the warm up (yes, it´s true), the rest of the ride was smooth, but also very strong. Yum!
The MOJO Yoga session, which was placed last on the schedule on Saturday, still drew almost a full room. Lovely!
Sunday held the session which I had prepared for the most - ("Starting your own business within the health and fitness field") - in running clothes, on the yoga mat, driving my car, etc, etc, I had gone over the content of my lecture over and over again.
I felt inspired and positively nervous before, which is always a good sign.
Also here there were technology issues before we could start, but luckily it never really threw me, since the PPT-presentation was extremely simple and not that important.
Thanks to Jessica, who except from being a fab friend also turned out to be an excellent tech support! :)

For a kick ass BLAST, I especially want to thank:

* My NIKE Team colleagues
* NIKE my sponsor
* All my fantastic participants!!! Wow, I´m humbled every time.
* The Incycle-crew. Jessica, Magnus & Linda, what can I say? Even when you call me mum and take pictures of me sleeping with my mouth open, I love you guys. And that says a lot.
* JO. Beautiful, talented and a fab girl.

Almost forgot the answer to the headline!
Here goes:
- sleep
- more sleep
- water
- silence
- sleep
- GOOD food
- cuddles
- hugs
- sleep
- kisses
- training

Now: getting charged for BLASTing OSLO!

Saturday morning at the MOJO booth

Actually, when I see those tights like this, maybe it wasn´t such a great idea after all?
Photograph borrowed from superwoman Sofie at Fitness Magazine.


Jessica said...

I do looove You MUM, ;o)
All that you are is truly amazing

Magnus said...

Tack för en grym helg och all sedvanlig support och stöd. Och.. förlåt för bilden.. :)