Question for the weekend


First free weekend in over 5 weeks. Nice to have both Saturday and Sunday with the family. We begun the weekend with a lovely dinner with F&F last night. I will miss Febs so much when he now officially packs his bags and moves to Stockholmo. It´s sad, but also absolutely fabulous. Finding the love of your life makes you radiant.

Is it the time of year or is it something in the water? The theme at the moment seems to be either a) falling head over heels in love or b) breaking up. Weird, isn´t it, how these things always seem to happen in clusters?

By the way, to all iPhone users out there: which subscription (abbonemang) do you have and are you happy with it? I´m with Telenor at the moment, but it seems like 3 has got the better deal with iPhone. Saying that, trying to understand the small print is a nightmare...All feedback is welcome. Help!




On the train to Sthlm, Carolina Wallin Peréz singing sweet KENT covers in my ears - I LOVE early mornings - love smiling to people early in the morning, love kissing people goodbye in the morning, I don't even mind that I'm not the one who gets to sleep for another 2 hours...

I also love the fact that I will be PLAYING with the glowing Global Yogis for 3 full days - 1 month we left each other fully immersed into the the NEW world of YOGA - they have been practising, exploring, tasting what it is to LIVE YOGA for a month and now we meet again to further deepen their understanding of Yoga - perhaps making it into knowledge - one day it turns into wisdom!


Mo - Have a FAB weekend with your beautiful boys




Cheap life insurance


Nice day today, stunning weather and I managed to be quite productive between walks. Had a great meeting with a glowing JOJO in the afternoon, with many laughs and fab stories. I always leave our fikas with a beaming smile on my face - Love it!

Went out for a run tonight, wearing my day-glo "roadworker" vest. A very cheap life insurance. I don´t know how many people I´ve almost run over in the last week, wearing black, running across the street right in front of my car... with or without dog, pram, bike, etc.

The run got slightly interrupted at the top of Linnégatan since some mad man supposedly had brought explosives on to the tram. The whole street was sealed off.
Eh, say what? "I´m so pissed off, I´m gonna blow up the number 6 tram!" People are strange.



4 months after delivery

36 weeks+ 5days pregnant...

Almost 4 months after delivery...


Almost 4 months after delivery, I´m happy with what my body has achieved so far. Make no mistakes though, I´ve been working seriously HARD to get back in shape-and I´m not there yet. Anyone who says that they "...bounced back in shape, just through breast feeding!..Amazing, isn´t it?" is either a lier or wasn´t in that good shape before they got pregnant. I´m calculating another 3-4 months or so to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy. And I´m still not sure I´ll get into my favourite Acne jeans even then.



Winnie the Wise one

Much going on :)

It is Fun, it is sometimes confusing - and when I read Mo's post today I felt YES!! That is exactly what I need to do as well!!

Right now I am working one hour at a time, maximum a week and yet there are so many proposals and fantasies around me that I would like to sit down with and play with! I guess I have to create that space for myself and JIRA (it isn't happening by itself !!) and perhaps I'll invite Mo as well - as "bollplank"

As one of my biggest idols says:

Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.”

Winnie the Pooh

Sweet Dreams Jo



Exciting stuff will happen within the yoga community in Gothenburg spring 2010. I will tell you more about it as soon as it gets official, I promise, but for now, the thing I can say, is that I will definitely be teaching more yoga come 2010!

I´m trying to sort out my work goals for next year. It´s not easy, and I have given myself the month of November to truly anchor some big decisions. I get bored easily. I need challenges. I have many opportunities. But with a baby in the house there needs to be a sound balance between a career and a family focus...

Sometimes I think I want to become a rich housewife and go shopping all day long (well, at least for 5 minutes), but then my head nearly explodes with boredom, just thinking about not achieving something on my own. I want Robin to grow up with a "present working mother". Someone who is there for him, but someone who is also doing things for herself to become an even happier mother, add to that the vain hope of being a source of inspiration...





I had so much fun yesterday and laughed so much that today my stomach muscles are sore!
We surprised M&R with a fantastic day of Svennesexa. They got secretly married last year and haven´t thrown a wedding party yet. "Not on", reasoned two of their best friends and managed to get 20 people together to celebrate a delayed Stag do/Wedding Dinner.
The kidnapping happened at the Vann Spa breakfast buffét. Wow, they were SO surprised - wonderful!
Following breakfast, we competed in the Gay Olympics, which contained the much known disciplines such as: 100m in high heels, Long Throw with a little handbag, Sack Jumping in a tight skirt, Throwing darts at well-known homophobe, etc, etc. :)
Team M won! (yes, yes, yes!)
Lunch at Stenungsbaden, followed by a studio recording of Kenny Roger´s/Dolly Parton´s "Islands in the Stream"- both a CD and a DVD... What a fantastic day!
It was rounded off with a gorgeous 3-course meal in the evening.
Thank you Bettan & Fanny for a perfectly arranged day!



Charged and Recharged


Hey. What a day.
Had a lovely start with a morning fika together with Katy. Haven´t seen her for ages, so it was great to catch up.
Packed Robin and all his bags+pram into the car and left to go to grandma´s and grandpa´s.
By the time I reached Slottskogen, I was thinking to myself: "Hmmmm...it´s cloudy today...normally the police is only out in nice weather..." Next thing I know, I see how a policeman is pointing his speedgun-thing towards my car. Since I have past that same place about 10 times in the last 12months when there has been a speedcheck, I know the drill. I watch in my rear mirror as the second policeman pulls out on his motorbike. My heart is racing. I´m doing almost 15km above the allowed speed limit. (Yes, yes, I know. I´m bad. I should be setting an example and be following the law much more often...)
I swear loudly in the car. I´m in a hurry, but not 3.500:- worth of hurry... The bike is following me and I´m waiting for him to overtake me and wave me in...when I see how he starts giving signals to...the car behind me!!!
It turned out to be a good day. And yes, I bought a lottery ticket.
Had a productive and interesting lunch meeting. Went to pick up Robin.
When P came home, I went out to Gymnasium and got there just in time to see the end of JOJO´s buttkickin´AFRO and to join Katy´s yin-yoga part.
Thouroughly enjoyed it, both mentally and physically. Just what I needed after a very eventful day.

Recharged, Chilled and Ready for the Weekend!

JO, Katy and me after the class



Get inspired

Katy Appleton

Escaping our all vegetarian yoga retreat to have a frothy cappuccino...Ssshhh, don´t tell anyone...


If you are in Gothenburg this weekend - and you are a yoga fan, you have to join our own amazing JO and fabulous celebrity trainer Katy Appleton at their "Ultimate Yoga Workshop". Katy lives in London, where she runs Apple Yoga. She was the yogi behind Geri Halliwell´s acclaimed Yoga DVD and regularly train English royalty.
I´ll be joining the beautiful girls tomorrow at Gymnasium Sisjön 16.30-18.30.



3h that rocks my Wednesdays

I LOVE Wednesdays! Why? Because:

09.00 Yoga class - this class is packed. How on earth can 35 people+ make time for yoga 9-10 on a Wednesday morning? Dedicated and loyal followers, what could be a better start of the day?

17.30 Spinning 60min A sold out class with a crowd that ALWAYS rocks the house. Incredible. Average age? Around 40. These guys and gals know how to train, they want to train and they do it well.

18.30 Kettlebell 45min. For the members looking to push themselves, both with heavier weights and higher reps. And you know what? I have some clients who walk the 3m or so straight from the spinning room into the Kettlebell class. That´s a helluva 1h45min workout, not for the fainthearted...

I love Wednesdays because they are a constant reminder to why I love my job...



Not worth dying for

Ok. You can almost see the fleece scarf. Almost.


I got tired of coughing so in the late afternoon I went out for a run. Wearing running tights, a Nike Pro vest, a long sleeved fleece, a windstopper and the most essential item from October 1-April 15, my fleece running scarf. I have a very sensitive neck, throat and ears. If I go running in the autumn/winter with a bare neck, my ears and throat will be sore and swollen for hours.
I felt so much better afterward and although I´m still coughing now and again, it´s not as violent.
Sometimes it´s hard to know if training will help or make it worse when you are feeling a bit under the weather.

My rule of thumb is:

* Fever - NEVER, EVER train. Anything. Normally I rest from cardio work for as many days as I´ve been having a temperature. Fever for 3 days? I´ll take a minimum of 3 fever free days before I´m back on it.
* Sore throat - tricky one. If it hurts when you swallow - REST, if it´s just itching and uncomfortable, I normally allow myself very light intensity work.
* Runny nose - light to medium intensity cardio work if it´s "on its own". If accompanied by a sore throat, see aforementioned point.
* Achy body - NEVER, EVER train. This is normally the pre-stage to fever.
* Cough - on its own: light to medium intensity cardio work. Accompanied with any of the other symptoms above, see previous answers.

When I was (a lot) younger and lived in Scotland. I taught 21 classes/week. (Yes, yes, utter madness, I know). I got a cold. I continued working and training. I went down with the flu. 2 weeks off work, sick as a dog. I ran a high temperature, had achy joints, body and a throat that was killing me, etc etc.
I had about 2 fever free days and then pushed myself back to teach 21 classes. I didn´t even last a week.
Suddenly I went down with a monster high temperature, I got so light sensitive that I vomited from pain when the curtains were opened in the morning, I had a migraine from hell (I normally don´t even have headaches...) and I couldn´t turn my head without throwing up. A day later I was admitted to the infection clinic at Glasgow General Hospital. I had menengitis (hjärnhinneinflammation).

I stayed at the infection ward for over 3 weeks. When I finally got to leave the hospital I was under strict orders not to walk any further than from the bedroom - to the bathroom - for 6 MONTHS!
I lost so much weight (10kg on an already small frame) in the first few weeks that I looked like a walking skeleton. I got exhausted from walking around in my home. My immune system was so low, I wasn´t allowed to visit any crowded spaces, let alone a supermarket in the first weeks after being hospitalized...

I´ve learned my lesson the hard way. If I have any doubts about any of the points above (sore throat, runny nose or cough), I always choose the safe option and take an extra day of rest.



Fame and Fortune


I start the day with a lovely fika. MG and I haven´t seen each other for ages and it´s always great to catch up. We talk business, training, life and future plans. I laugh and laugh and laugh so hard when MG tells me that I have met - and hosted - the most famous of the "Swedish Hollywood Wives". (Remember, we live without a TV, but how on earth could I have not heard the stories???)
She was here, in Sweden, at one of my events. She was working as an LA-personal trainer back then and she was dating a presenter that I hired. Case closed.

The rest of the day was spent chasing a Vårdcentral that would see me and prescribe a cough medicine. I have been coughing like mad since Friday and I would like to be able to have a good night´s sleep (between feedings) and not having to worry about waking the rest of the family.
At 3 o´clock the problem was solved.

I taught Spinning/Kettlebell at 5 o´clock. Hardworking mountainbike professional Åsa E came out to join both classes, since her competition season has ended. She said she was tired but happy afterwards and promised to come and join a future yoga class as well.

I´m hoping for another stunning autumn day tomorrow. Running with the pram is on the schedule for the morning, followed by some work in the afternoon.



“Decision is the spark that ignites action.

Until a decision is made nothing happens.”

Today is just one of those days...

After a Fab week in Turkey - where I dropped willingly into the present moment without hesitation or any DAMP over having to check my e-mails, doing my office homework etc etc. Just going with the flow of the Mediterranean flow!

The thing is that the "everyday" flow hits you like a wall when you get back - especially when you are as naive as little me and plan 3 full on Yoga Teacher Trainings in 3 different cities without blinking just like that...

Waking up this Monday was like moving my feet in a 10 ton block of cement - No FLOW there aight!

Thank GOD for close friends and soul mates! Meet N for the first time in months and months - but still it felt as though we never parted. It's like he knows me and I know him - better than we know ourselves! Interesting. For a minute I felt like crying - don't know if it was from over exhaustion, sadness that I haven't spent time with him in a long long time or pure happiness. Either way it felt GOOD!

He made my heart skip and beat in its PURE true rhythm again :)


Now - What do you need to decide?
Is there something in your heart that you have been wavering around, thinking you aren’t good enough, that you don’t have enough time, that you don’t have enough money.

What is it?
Make a decision...go for it and know that your decision will spark action and things will begin to happen...
Isn’t it time to decide?



Arvika T/R


Just back from Arvika.
Had a great time doing the heart rate training course at Hälsokompaniet. In the car on the way there, Linda, Magnus & I were so busy having a nice time - being complete chatterboxes - that we got "lost" twice on our way... Hm..I take full responsibility as the driver, but it was quite amusing how we managed to blow past Säffle without anyone of us noticing...
Let´s just say it took us 4h25min to get there and 3h15min to get home... Magnus´ nose was a bit pale at times, but he managed to keep it together. (Readers of this blog probably know by now that I tend to "misread" speedlimit signs at regular intervals...)
I am very grateful to have found Magnus & Linda - they are perfect team members and very talented teachers. They ticked all the necessary boxes when I was looking to recruit:

* knowledgeable
* talented
* sociable
* passionate
* team-players
* hard working
* loyal
* curious - willing to learn
Well worth waiting for.

Now, I can´t wait for my bed! I hope you have a lovely Saturday night!




Hits Scandinavia!!!

After less than 48 hours I entered Landvetter again (Gbg Airport)!

Loaded with energy and inspiration from one week in Paradise I jumped into 3 FULL ON DAYS of Dynamic Yoga Teacher Trainings for the Nordic SATS instructors.

Gothenburg was first - and let me tell you - they rocked the room in their PINK YoGirl outfits :)

After a full day of training, educating and giving feedback I jumped into a cab, a plane, a train, a cab and finally a hotel bed in Oslo!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting the Norwegian instructors at SATS Solliplass :)

The NIKE Dynamic YOGA class is a FUN, Simple (not Easy!!!!), Powerful class that I truly recomend!

If you want to try it check out offers at SATS who have the exclusive rights to the class this year!

I am also teaching the class here and there so if you want to try it with me let me know!

Of to bed now (ok I'm already in bed but I'm putting my silk eye pillow on my forehead in order to wind down - POM knows why hihihi - picking up my Fresh new book "A Path with a Heart" and then hopefully entering la la land within 30min :)



Work it baby


Wow, what a beautiful day. Autumn at its best.

Had a lovely, lovely girly lunch with Sus & Mari - (thanks again for Robin´s lovely presents). We discussed everything from training, travelling, people´s relationships to plastic surgery.

In the afternoon I went out for a buggy run around Slottskogen. I´ve caught the same cough that my sister & P are suffering from and I knew that the run would either kill me or make me feel better. Well, I´m still here.
Tomorrow, me, Magnus & Linda are heading off to Arvika.
I´m teaching a heart rate course there on Saturday and Magnus & Linda are shadowing +teaching a class each. This will be my 3rd visit this year (Värmland´s forests, ahoy) and I look forward to having some company in the car.

I can feel that I´ve been working 3 weekends in a row + taking care of Robin during the week.
I used to work EVERY weekend during season for 12 years...easy-peasy when you only have yourself to look after the rest of the time...This mummy is looking forward to putting her feet up come Sunday...



I am


But where is HOME

Where the heart is?!

Turkey was and is Amazing - YES it is the PLACE but it is for most and for all THE PEOPLE !!!

Laughing, contemplating, relaxing even crying - together hahah!!

For the first time in a LONG LONG time I didn't feel the:

"OH Thank GOD feels so good to be home" feeling that I ALWAYS get....

So my theme for the following days - or years if thats what it takes is this:




Be courages enough to LET GO - and know that it/he/she will still be there if it is for REAL





It is true. When you stop breastfeeding it feels as if you might be going bald judging by the amount of hair that keeps falling off.
At the moment I´m fighting a very uneven fight with white wooden floors and black hairs going everywhere... Hair phobic? That´s me. Hair is lovely as long as it stays on the head and quite disgusting as soon as it´s left its original place. Strange, huh?
I have to hoover twice a day at the moment, to be able to walk the floors. Not to mention the bed check in the morning for any stray hairs that has fallen off during the night.
Shame I look like a complete moron in short hair, now would be the time to have the big Cut.
If I didn´t find it so repulsive, I should have kept all of it and sold it to a wig maker...



Shake the disease


In the fight against this season´s colds, flus and other unpleasantries,
the prevention according to MO (in no particular order):

* SLEEPING (minimum 8h, preferably 10 if you already have something lingering in your system). Hmmm....this is more than a challenge with a 3-months old baby in the house. Luckily, since I´m not breastfeeding anymore, P and I can take sleeping-turns.
* Vitamins. Multivitamin-liquid, extra D-vitamin, C-vitamin + superpowerful Omega-3 capsules. Daily. Do not skip.
* Training. Low- to mid intensity-daily. High intensity - only when you feel fully recovered and know you can have a rest day the following day.
* Daylight. Come rain, come shine. Remember: "There is no bad weather-just unsuitable clothes" (Damn it, I´ve become such a MUM!)
* Laughing. Watch a funny movie, book an evening-in with people you know will bring joy and laughter into your house.
* Loving. Giving and receiving. Friends, family, partner (should also include a huge amount of kissing, as long as the giving/receiving end is not already carrying a bug).

Stay healthy, Stay well Autumn 2009



Money, money, money


Do you own a credit card? How many times have you bought stuff that you can´t really afford? How much do you have in debt (not counting car loan, student loan or house loan)?

I know this family. Two adults+two children at the ages of eleven and thirteen. The parents earn less than an average Swedish salary (judging by the statistics presented each year by SCB). Both the mother and the father have been completely stressed out over the last couple of months because they cannot get their finances from red into green, even though they made a complete bargain when they bought their house - and their "normal" living expenses (house, electricity, water&heat) are not abnormally high.
They do however live by the norm: "Our children should never go without". Now they are considering taking on extra work, nights and weekends, to be able to pay off debts and consume more.

What happened? When did it become a human right in Sweden to own a 52¨ flat screen, go on holiday several times a year and re-decorate the living room/bathroom/kitchen/bedroom over and over???
Which generation thought it would be a phenomenal idea to buy furniture, electronics, airline tickets, etc on credit?
When and with which generation did the mindset change? And WHEN did the idea of letting your children have everything they want, start sounding like a GOOD idea?

When I grew up, there were more things that my family could not afford than the other way around. When I wanted new riding boots, I had to save up half the cost myself. It took me 7 months. I started working weekends and holidays from the age of 13. There were a lot of things I wanted as a kid, but most of the time the answer would be: "No. We can´t afford it" (does anybody even USE that phrase today, or has it become extinct???) or "Ok, if you save up to half the amount yourself". My parents ended up owning half a stereo, half a pair of football boots, half a pair of Levi´s, amongst other things.
It taught me the value of money and to respect what you can and cannot afford. Something that a lot of adults out there seem to ignore....and something that it seems a lot of young people of today will miss out on.



Another day...

...in PARADISE :)

Sorry about the slow update! Life here is BEAUTIFUL! Even though the schedule is FULL ON it is less than my last couple of weeks in Europe - So I am really relaxing and enjoying every minute of this week!

This is a typical day:

7am Wake up and do my yoga practice on the balcony - watching the ocean and the mountains
745am Wake up my roomie
8am Tennis Lesson - YES I am learning how to walk again ;) Great and challenging being a beginner!

(My tennis coach :)

9am Breakfast
1030am YOGA Session
12am Lunch
1-4pm BEACH :)
4pm Tennis session No2 :)
5pm Dynamic Training
6pm Gym Session
630pm HAMAM :)
7pm SPA Treatments
830pm Drink and Dinner
10pm SHOW.... until we do it al over again and again and again :)

Next time you have to come with us!!

Much LOVE Jo Loving life and Tennis :)

For your Friday night


Thank you Magnus Gårdmark for the link!

Lovely dovely. :)

Friday night and everything´s alright


Lovely day with the acro yoga sequence this morning, thanks S&M (hahahaha, quite an unintentional abbreviation) followed by a few hours work, some quality time with the family and then a long overdue fika with E, S & S.

I´m working all weekend, an InCycle teacher training course here in Gothenburg.

I´ve had this major thread about people´s private economy (controversial) forming in my head for a couple of days now, but I´ll have to write it tomorrow, because we´ve got sis+family here for dinner now...

I wish you a smashing Friday night!



Try RUFFIE Training Saturday 7 November

Not to be missed: Usama & Musse in Gothenburg November 7


Ruffie Training 7 November, 15.00 at Gymnasium SISJÖN

Otroligt tuff och kul träning för dig som söker nya utmaningar!

Vad är Ruffie?
Funktionell styrke- och uthållighetsbaserad träning som består av kamprelaterade parövningar. Du behöver ingen förkunskap. Bara vilja.

Varför ska jag träna Ruffie?
För att när du kämpar med och emot en träningspartner presterar du mer. Du är så upptagen av din "sparring"-partner att du inte ens hinner tänka på att du tränar, istället kommer du fokusera på uppgiften. Du får en mer funktionell och användbar styrka.

Kommer jag slåss för mitt liv?
Nej. Faktum är att du kommer inte att slåss alls.

En träningsmetod framtagen av Usama Aziz och Musse Hasselvall. Tillsammans har de tränat längre än du levt.



Passion for training


I´ve finally got my act together and bought myself a Tempur pillow. I would like the mattress as well, but we are having a hard time deciding what bed to go with it... Luxury problems of the 21st century, eh?

I had a lovely day with my delightful yoga class in the morning, I then hung out with my family, had lunch with extraordinary Mangomo, followed by tonight´s brilliant classes spinning60 and kettlebell45. I truly love these classes since they attract the upper crust of members who are not afraid to go the extra mile. I love people who are serious about their training. Yes, it is nice to "train because it´s fun". And yes, group training is a "sociable activity". But, as a trainer, and especially the older I get (this is my 18th year in the industry, can you believe it??...) I now only want to work with people who have the passion, the dedication and the extra "umph" to put into their sessions...

I´ve been toying with the thought to maybe offer some personal training next year. If I do, I´d only take on clients who really WANT to train and who are not afraid to WORK for their results. Whether you want to run the 10k faster, lift heavier weights or loose a few pounds, nothing comes for free.


We Are Golden

Yeep - this is me (or he looks more like my room mate actually :) in TURKEY in a couple of hours!

This song lifted me through hours of packing - but hey - rather having FUN whilst doing it and doing it for longer than short and boring ;) Or what do you say?

I am looking forward to:

Yoga in the sunrise
TENNIS with my Tennis Coach :)
SWIMMING in the OCEAN Yeahhh
Dinners in the moonlight
Mojitos in the pool
Spending time with GREAT people
Sleeping in a BIG bed
Throwing towels on the floor
Jumping in the BIG bed

I'll try to update you from over there!

We are not what you think we are
We are GOLDEN ;)

TURKEY here we come 28° C Mmmmm



None of my bags are packed...

...but in my mind I am ready to go :)

Ush, I don't like packing - I my mind I am one of those people who don't need anything you know - I pack a T-Shirt and tights, a bikini and my ipod and that's it :)

In reality - Not so much!

One week in Turkey - Morning walks, Yoga, Tennis, Dynamic Training, Spa, Beach, Dinners, Clubbing, Cocktails, Boat trips - Phuu!

Don't know where to start with the packing - so much stuff that needs to come along with me... and in my mind my dream is still to be a minimalist....

Oh Well - give me a couple of hours and I'm sure it'll be fine :)


Reality Bites


I was going to throw it away, but the annoyed look on the guy´s (who was parked right behind me) face made me hesitate - he had one of those yellow ad-thingies on his car as well...

Eh, it was not an ad for anything. It was a bloody parking ticket. 600:-. #%*#!!!!



Truth or Dare?

This MOMENT - trying to stay present but it rushes and slows down on me every other second...

I am LOVING life, the opportunities I have to live a dream of working with my passion, with passionate people, in interesting times.

And then again - I hesitate - I want to escape - I want to be by myself - I want to let go, become a minimalist, move out into the forest, near the ocean and have a family.

These feelings scare and surprise me at the same time. Is it just that the grass looks greener on the other side or is it really... ?

How do you know?

Perhaps it isn't about knowing - but about feeling....
I LOVE feeling - and people who DARE to feel!!

There's to much KNOWING out there, it makes me wanna shout, re
bel and do exactly the opposite just because (like a 4 year old you know!)

This is my TRUTH:

It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your hearts longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain!

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.

I want to know if you can be faithful and therefore be trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty even if its not pretty every day, and if you can source your life from The presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to the sliver of the full moon, "Yes!"

It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done for the children.

It doesn't interest me who you are and how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself, and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.


Punch me in the head


We celebrated P´s birthday yesterday. It actually felt a little bit different (lovely different), now that there´s three of us.
P cooked (because we wanted the guests to be able to eat the food) a lovely dinner and we had some friends over for a Birthday-lunch.

I did some weights in the gym after my classes tonight. Hmmm...it would be good if I got around to doing some more of that in the next couple of months. I was struggling.

Sensitive subject coming up...
First of all I want to thank "I" for sending me the invitations. I do appreciate the thought.

I´ve had 2 or 3 sms-invitations to join this group of new mothers in their "walk-and-talk-and-fika"-activities. Have I joined? No. Will I join? No. Ever? No.
Why? Because I´m a time snob. (Which most probably is not even a word, I just made that up)

Even being on maternity leave, I find that the days just FLY past. There is room for one, maximum 2 "activities" per day. I´m a mother now, but I´m still the same person that I was before I got Robin. It means, I have the same friends, enjoy the same things and: I prioritize the same people as before. I just don´t have the time or the need or the inclination to meet new people just because they also happen to be new mothers and I desperately do not want to talk about baby poo, lack of sleep, or breast feeding for half a day with women that I don´t even know. Not to mention spending hours around lots of babies. I wasn´t a baby person before and I have to say I´m not really a baby person now... Two babies at a time - no problems, three or four or more? Ehh, punch me in the head already.

I declined all future group-mama-meetings (in a nice way) by sms today.



MOJO does Nike Tour Linköping


NIKE Tour Linköping 2009...

MOJO - ready to go...

Febs does his step-thang...

Boss and Boss. Lina from NIKE and Anna from Campushallen.

Gorgeous Cecilia G and Free Power Dance

Getting ready for outdoor training with Petter
This gal, Anna, was the the only one out of 6 from her center in Nyköping who braved the weather and joined the outdoor class... Good for you, Anna!

Febbe with Finlands stolthet: Kimmo-he rocked the house with his dance class, as always

Seated pranayama in the beginning of my yoga class.

The Gang: Febbe, Kimmo, Petter,
Camilla, Cecilia
& our very own JO



Dream Chaser


Bag is packed for Linköping tomorrow morning. I´m going to hit my bed b4 10 o´clock tonight...zzzz...

Whilst I´m away for work, I´d like you to ponder a question for me: Following your dream- ALWAYS the right choice or NOT?
I used to say ALWAYS the right choice...

I saw an acquaintance of mine today - he´s a songwriter/musician. He had a few hits in the 90s. He was on his bike when I saw him, and it made me think. He is 40+. He lives alone in his rented apartment. He doesn´t own a car. He writes songs that doesn´t sell and he lives his dream. Is he happy? Not the last few times I´ve met him. 10years ago maybe, when we used to bump in to each other everywhere in the Gothenburg nitelife. Then it was cool. Then it was hot. When do you let go of the dream? When, if ever, do you go: "Enough is enough, this ain´t working out, I need to do something else..."

What do you think?



Rough, rougher, RUFFIE!


First of all: JO-I´m on! I´m home that weekend in December, believe it or not, so-it´s a date!
MOJO-readers.... click here (say no more...)

Off to Linköping with JO and the rest of the NIKE-team this weekend to teach yoga! It will be so much fun, even if I´m leaving around 6am Saturday morning...zzzzz....I get to leave later than the rest of the team because of my breasts. Sorry, my breastfeeding, I mean. :)

If you are in Gothenburg on November 7, you HAVE to make your way out to Gymnasium Sisjön to join RUFFIE-hour! Ruffie is a brand new, smokin´hot group training class with influences from MMA (MixedMartialArts), wrestling and boxing (minus the sparring...).

The founders of RUFFIE are Usama "Sami" Aziz, a great friend and one of Sweden´s greatest MMA-fighters (on the cover of Fighter Magazine just recently) plus Musse (a humble martial artist also known from Z-TV´s fab "Rallarsving").

Sami getting into the groove...

I can´t tell you enough how much fun (and how seriously TOUGH) this class will be! RUFFIE will be out for the general public in 2010, but you can already now come and train for these sweethearts, ooops, I mean killing machines, exclusively on Nov 7.

As we say it here on MOJO: Be there or stop complaining.


Healthy Buisness 2009

Last year both me and Mo missed this event - so we have NO idea what it was like - But we like the idea of boosting the buisness and bringing forth Sparkling Passionate Personalities and Groups :)

Mo - what do you say? Perhaps it's time for MOJO to attend this GALA Evening in December (I know that I will be in town cause I will be teaching the New Les Mills releases :) Crossing my fingers that Mo will be in Gbg to so that we can make it a MOJO By Night :)

Have you nominated your sources of Inspiration yet?

I have :)