108 coming up!

What a full on day!
Classes - Man I'm gonna miss my HOT Yoga classes at Hagabadet, the students are amazing and the way they've evolved during the terms, well I don't even have words for it!
But from next week I'll be teaching HOT MOJO at Masthugget! It's gonna rock!
Hope to see u there - let me know if you wanna give it a try!

Then coaching, privates, Art Garden Spa - wow! Amazing place and amazing people to work with :)

Then evening meeting about 2morrows event!
Global Mala 108 sunsalutations and then the magnificent movie HOME at Draken here in Gothenburg!
U can buy your ticket there!
Now bedtime - 2morrow is gonna be another day with lots and lots of adventures!

I am so thankful for this life!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

To Russia with Love?

I´ve had the exciting opportunity to work in Russia a number of times. In November I´ll make trip number four to the vast country in the east.

Like in all countries, when you are there you meet lots of helpful and nice people, but BEFORE you get there, you have to deal with the bureaucracy of the Russian Consulate or Embassy...

My, my, my, you would have thought that between us - Mango (who has visited the former U.S.S.R as many times as I have) and I would have REMEMBERED what documents to bring for the visa application?


First of all, the website says: "Opening hours 8.30 - 15.00"
When we stand outside the gate, ringing the doorbell, a very angry Russian comes out and screams at us. Oh, nice.
We cannot hear or understand one single word of what he´s shouting. In the end he rushes towards us like an angry bulldog, sreaming and pointing to a sign by the gate: "Opening hours 10.00-12.00".

Oh, well.

So, Mango and I grab a coffee by Mahogny and have a lovely chat. (Thank God, Mango was with me...)
When we return at 9.55, we find ourselves second in line in a little queue.

And as we get let into the horrible, grubby, tiny space that makes up the visitors waiting room, it suddenly dawns on both of us: We have no insurance paper and no photographs with us!
So we´re basically missing 2 out of 3 things necessary to even apply for a VISA!

Yes, yes, yes, how could we forget, since we have been through this procedure 6 times+ between us?
Let me just say to our defence: like with any traumatic experiences, coping mechanisms like denial and pushing memories away are obviously very effective...
Visiting any Russian official space is just that: slightly traumatic.
At least that´s my excuse...

One of the 2 missing documents....

Dressed for autumn.
Golden ballerinas - Mango
Trousers - Maison Scotch
Top - Twist and Tango
Jacket - I love this high street take of the 27.000SEK Burberry Pilot jacket - Zara
Bag - A Burberry Cartridge Pleat Tote. Yes, the real deal and I´m in LOVE with it.
Enough to make you bag-happy for at least a year!!!


Date Night

3 classes later, I´m having date night with my husband.
P - not only the best in the world - but the best in the Universe.
Meeting him saved my life. In more ways than one.

Monday night is DATE night...

-Blinged from my iPhone


Shit and Shanti

Global yoga part one done :)

On the train back home. Exhausted and yet filled with prana!

I always learn so much when I teach! This time I had an "assistant" with me for the first time. She was amazing I had to think a bit differently which is always great!

When I teach my own trainings I don't have to schedule exactly what ti do since I know it all and use the flow of the group!
But now when I'm trying to expand Global Yoga I really need to look over my structure...

Thank GOD Sanna is such a cool Yogini ;)

Here she is!

Vapiano Saturday night!
Yummey pasta and my fab red wine Amarone (I think that's the name :)

Can't wait to meet Mo 2morrow to wrap the Hot Mojo TT!!!!

Now sleep!
Ate Burger King before leaving - yuk!!!! Really, I can feel it destroying my Prana, I can't believe people eat that shit!!

Shanti shanti Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Amazing Hot MOJO Yoga Instructors


7 new AMAZING Hot MOJO-teachers, coaches, leaders and yogis/yoginis are now done after 3 days of FULL ON practice, studying, teaching, learning, understanding, BEING and DOING Hot MOJO.

Congratulations to:

Filborna Arena in Helsingborg,
Masthugget Fitness Center, Gothenburg
Gymnasium Sisjön, Gothenburg

because you have some fabulous teachers coming your way!

I was so dizzy at the end of the day that I totally forgot to take a group photo. Shame on me!
Luckily I managed to catch these 2 gentlemen before they disappeared into their Sunday evening:

My great friend Sam & fab Jonas - Congrats Masthugget Fitness Club!


Work it, baby

Day 2 of the Hot MOJO Certification and exciting things are starting to happen for the participants... :)
I´ll get you some photographs tomorrow, I promise.
Right now, I´m tired and dehydrated.
Mission for tonight: Drink lots of WATER and go to bed before 22.30. So there.

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

This moment!

Every day is a miraculous day. Allow the spirit of love to prevail. Release attachment to meaningless things and remember who you are.

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Is really about sharing things!!!
Honestly and truthfully!

In Sthlm just done with the first day of Globla Yoga and this time with a Co-Teacher!

Feels amazing!
Always a lot on my mind, I really want my students to get it 100% not 98 or 99!

Great feeling knowing that Mo is rocking it in the hot studio! Trusting and admiring her capacity to the max - feels amazing :)
Although it is sad that some of the participants couldn't... Make it :(

Now bed time since early yoga is on the schedule!

Sweet dreams Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


HOT MOJO weekend

Day 1 of the new Hot MOJO Cert is finished.
What a great group of guys and gals that were SWEATING their way through Hot MOJO sequence no.3 tonight in the 38 degrees heat and almost 80% humidity!

Whilst JO is in Stockholm working Global Yoga, I´m back in Gotham City all weekend, spending more than a few hours at Gymnasium Sisjön´s ass-kickin studio 5.

Don´t laugh, but I was actually there already at 6.45am this morning - joining a yoga class. True dedication, wouldn´t you say? :)

Early night tonight.
Have a HoT, HoT weekend, friends!


Finally, it's happened to me...

It´s the start of a brilliant song from the 90s, but it also sums up my feelings of greatness when I finally hit the send button to the electronic application form for the supposedly HUGE queue to the daycare centers in Linnéstaden...

I´ve spent most of today researching and calling different dagis, booking meetings and chasing people down the street to ask them questions about particular facilities. Phew!

Well, now it´s done. The application form is with the council and I will spend the next 3-4 weeks visiting my different choices. Thankfully, you have the possibility to change the order of your choices until the day they offer you a space.

This morning was spent in the spirit of adulthood:

Arena Gothenburg´s breakfast meeting with Bok- & Bibliotekmässans CEO, Anna Falck.
Interesting and talented woman.

And then the rest of the day was spent searching for THE daycare center and watching caterpillars...

Wheeeeeyyy, my life is glam sometimes! ;)


At the moment is very different from what I usually do!

I invested time and money in a new PT - Which I can recommend to everybody!

If I had AL THE MONEY in the world - A PT would come very high up the list!
Cause just like you know - You need to take GOOD care of yourself in order to take care of others!

MY PT is very HONEST and sometimes honest can be tough to take - But hey that's why I hired and pick THAT PT!!!

So I thought that I would share what I am doing at the moment :)

We found out that my HIP Flexor was really tight and that my hamstrings are LONG - basically I am stretching the front of my legs and strengthening the back - hamstring on a ball works great for me at the moment!

Oh by the way - perhaps you wanna know my training goals :)
- Well - I don't get excited by numbers - FEELINGS excite me! I wanna feel all-round balanced and strong - LONG TERM! Last couple of years I've reached a plateau in my training - especially YOGA since that's what I tend to do most of the time!

I want to break things down and find my weak points - work with them - and the shoot for the moon :) (any way will do!)

As well as strengthening my hamstrings I am also working on connection with my low low abs - there is a centimetre or so where I feel ZERO connection. Sure I can pass by it without you noticing in most exercises but I feel that I am cheating!

Today's plan was legwork - but since my right foot isn't back in shape yet my FAB PT rearranged things and made me do PULL UPS in SO MANY ways!

My Program for the coming week is my "rehab" exercises + the PULL UP work!

Jihaaaaa - I am actually so excited about this kind of ISOLATED training - I've been doing so much "functional, full body" stuff for a long time and I can actually feel these isolated movements paying of already!

So - Summa Kardemumma - It is great to train "functional" - But make sure it is FUNCTIONAL to U!!!

My own clients are on there way and then packing for STHLM GLOBAL YOGA TT this evening!

Train leavs 0600 Friday.... Whoppa



Kick my ASS


What am I doing differently this autumn?
I´m much more stressed and flustered than I usually am at this time of year.
It´s not the work. I´m used to a very heavy and hectic workload. And it´s not the travelling. My God, during the years when I travelled the most, I did over 150 days of travel - in 1 year!

It MUST be the combination of: Work - New HUGE projects - and being a mother.
Wheeey, I´m finally getting a first hand experience of the working mother-stress syndrome.

Right now on my to-do-list:

* Finding a dagis (daycare). Finding THE RIGHT dagis to apply for. I´m alreay late. I would like Robin to start in January. The most popular dagis are applied for whilst baby is in the womb. Hello? I got a LIFE!

* Finding the time to apply for Russian Visa. Tuesday morning booked for this tedious task. Check.

* Booking classes for an AMAZING friend and world famous dance-/fitness presenter who will be in town in October. I´ve started to get ball(s) in rolling, but need to settle a few details first.
You want to book this STAR to your facility, I promise, cause she´s SMOKIN´HOT!

* Finalize legal papers for MOJO. This seems to be a task that just goes ONandONandONandON, a bit like those nightmares where you run and run and run and you don´t get anywhere. (AND you´re naked....)

* Picking up keys for my new Personal Training-collaborations. I´ll be taking clients to two different places depending on what they require. I picked up one of the two sets of keys today. After I panicked and freaked out for about half a lifetime because I had forgotten that I was doing just that. Not.Good.Because.I.NORMALLY.don´t.forget.things.

Lucky my spinning class tonight didn´t just kick the members´ tiny asses. It kicked mine too - and right now, that´s just what I need - endorphins and some adrenalin to get me back into the groove of things.

A bit like amphetamines supposedly have calming effects on ADHD-sufferers.

Which is just bulls**t, give them proper food, no sugar and lots of Omega3 instead, poor kids.

Over and out.


In Gothenburg rocks!

A bit ashamed over the fact that I've never been there before...

But let me tell u - on Sep 1st you have the opportunity to do 108 sun salutations and watch our amazing planet from above!

R u with us?

Now some office work and then appt projects this evening!

Had FAB privates this morning!

I love my job :)

Puss J

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Get down on it

Right now? A bit much. But in a good way.
Rest of the week?
More MOJO Yoga evaluations, preparing for this coming weekend´s Hot MOJO-certification, networking at Arena Göteborg´s early, early Thursday morning breakfast, classes, training and preparing.

Received my new Personal Training playthings today: Bulgarian Bag, sandbag + elastic bands.
Robin was VERY impressed...



Last days have been FULL ON!!

If you've read Mo's posts you know what I'm talking about. Or at least you know what we "can't talk about" ;)

Varberg and Mojo Yoga was amazing!
I left the yogis Sunday afternoon feeling very proud and confident that they will kick ass Mojo style!

It's really magical near the ocean :)

Sunday night was slooow and comfy with wine, pasta and a movie.
A feel asleep in the sofa so I decided to finish the movie Monday morning. I've read the book but didn't remember any of it... Anyhow, it was pretty slow and grey to start with (or 90% of it hahah).
I don't like NOT to finish stuff, but hey... Pressed play Monday morning and guess what - there were only 5min left of the movie and in those 5min 95% of the story was revealed !!!

Monday and today is just total madness!
Wonderful meeting with Global Yogis preparing for the Global Mala on Sep 1st - very inspiring!

Now powernap before it's back to the computer!

See you on the other side!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Löpar-Lördag 4 september

First of all: CONGRATULATIONS Therese, for your second place in Saturday´s Midnattslopp in Gothenburg!
You want to be able to run like the wind? Join Therese on Saturday September 4, in this autumn´s MUST HAVE for any runner out there, no matter what level you´re at!

Löpar-Lördag 4 september
För dig som vill bli en bättre löpare
Långdistanslöparen Therese Nordström kommer tillsammans med Monika Björn att ta med dig med på en dag fylld av träningsglädje. Oavsett vad du har för målsättning med din löpträning får du med dig verktyg att jobba med på egen hand för att utvecklas. Teknikträning, styrka för löpare, rörlighetsträning och inspiration till att skapa ditt eget träningsprogram står på schemat.

Pris: 795:- ink.moms. Lunch ingår.

Boka genom att betala in beloppet på bg: 222-9029.
Uppge namn, e-post samt mobilnummer vid bokning.


Really, today has been so weird (in a good way) I don´t even know where to start...
Actually, I can´t.
The two projects that are so, so enticingly close to be in the bag now, are nowhere near in the bag, until the bag is shut, locked and on the plane...if you know what I mean...

Even if I want to shout out loud, stand on the rooftops and just go for it, I can´t, because if it doesn´t happen, if nothing comes out of it, I don´t want to have excited both you and me for no reason at all...

Gosh, I´m just so happy that JO is there to share the excitement for the BIG ONE, because 1. Shared happiness is DOUBLE the FUN and 2. Otherwise I would EXPLODE.


Anything to bring my mood down? Well, I had a stone thrown from a bridge at my car today when I left the city, and it made my front window crack.
Not good - and very expensive to fix.

And you know what?
Not even that could bring my mood down!




Incycle & MOJO

I am extremely happy and lucky to have found such an amazing team.
Linda, Magnus & Jessica are all bringing so much knowledge, talent, spirit and ENERGY to the Incycle team, that the future is BURSTING with exciting prospects!

Magnus and Jessica did a fantastic job at the weekend, educating 12 new InCycle spinning instructors.

...and whilst M&J were working Gothenburg, beautiful JOJO did the weekend in Varberg with 12 new MOJO yoga teachers!
Hat off to JO, who on Thursday evening sprained her ankle so badly she couldn´t even walk!
3 days later she´s more than back on her feet and has been teaching yoga Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

The newly baked, fresh from the bike, team of 12 + Magnus & Jessica
(Photograph borrowed from JessicaClaren.com)

Meeting the fab 2 for a quick coffee at Central Station before Jessica headed back to Stockholm.
(Photograph borrowed from JessicaClaren.com)

Jessica & Magnus - "RADARPARET"


Posh Varberg!

Whilst Mo's running around in Sthlm I'm teaching Mojo Yoga in Varberg!

Let me tell u - it is more posh down here than I expected .. Everybody seems to be driving Corvettes (spelling:?!)

I love being back in business :)
Makes me appreciate the days at home so much more!

I'm a yin n yang girl for sure!!!
Always want something sweet after the salty and vice versa!

The yogis are working hard!!!

The second day is always MASH! And then like simsalabim on the third day it all comes together :)

Let's hope it does that 2morrow as well!

Now some red wine in bed and then sweet dreams!

For those of you rocking midnattsloppet GBG! Kick ass ;)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

The Return

Leaving Stockholm on time!
Had FUN during my hour on the bike at the GF Summer Convention! The crowd was enthusiastic, friendly and worked hard - always a winning combination.
Got to spend a few minutes with this handsome crew before class:

Maria, Petter & Robert (Anna had unfortunately already left)

Before my train left for Gotham City, I even managed to sneak in a quick fika with my multi-talented, fabulous yogini/entrepreneur girlfriend Ullis and her little prince E.

We see each other far too seldom, but when we do, sparks are flying!

We covered motherhood, the strains and benefits of being an entrepreneur parent, future projects (an exciting joint venture coming up in 2011), plus a zillion other things in 45 minutes!

Now, headphones and a nap.
Because I'm worth it.

- speedblinged from my iPhone

...and whilst the cat's away...

..it's a privilege to know that the 12 new Incycle spinninginstructors to be back in Gothenburg, are MORE than well taken care of by the wonderful pair: Magnus Gårdmark & Jessica Clarén!

Photograph sent by Jessica

- Not so stressed from my iPhone

How to do GO:T - Sthlm in 8h

On the X2000, going to Stockholm for a mad day...

Working for Korpen/Gymnastikförbundet

If I'm lucky I'll get to at least say hello to my talented NIKE collegues, Petter Ehrnvall, Maria Olofsson, Anna Lindh and Robert Sörensen (or fab Kimmo from Les Mills Finland!), but most likely I'll slide in like a hurricane on a banana skin, teach my class and before you can say "sweaty pants", I'll be seated in a cab back to central station for a 40min fika with my gifted, gorgeous girlfriend Ullis (and her new baby boy), before heading back to Go:t!

I got my coffee 2min before the train left the station...

- stressblinged from my iPhone


The Crazy One

I´m exhausted.
Robin has reached the stage where NOTHING is out of reach, sitting still is NEVER an option and voicing his opinion LOUD and CLEAR is obviously his first stage of assertiveness...
Tried to have a quick meeting with darling JOJO, discussing her damaged foot and this coming weekend. Turned out we forgot half the stuff we were meant to cover, much due to a hyper active and bored 1-year old...
A big shout out to gorgeous blog reader Anna, who stopped by to say hello!
Fantastic tattoos, beautiful girl!

Sexy socks

Stödstrumpa is The new shit!!!

Thanks to Mo's P I can almost put pressure on my foot :)

But I am far from walking, not even thinking about running :(

Setbacks make u stronger right!

During lunch at the Linne casa I read the magnet on our fridge:

"Always make NEW mistakes"

Guesse I just read the part about always make mistakes... Him - lesson: never read sloppy, always read All the words!

Did you know that stödstrumpor comes in many colours and sizes, not just a regular 38!
I do no, or my Bo know now!

Sexy Friday y'all ;)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Oskar Linnros


Tror inte jag gillat att springa så mycket som jag gör nu - och SAKNAT det så mycket som jag gör NU! - utan hans toner i lurarna!

Favvisarna är DIN MAMMA och ANNIE HALL


Nu rehab och kärlek till foten så hoppas jag kunna åka till Varberg i efm!



Here we go again

After a splendid magnificent day I went for the 5k in Skatas, felt as if I was flying :)

Unfortunately the wings weren't real and I crashed 200m before goal... ( someone had drawn a start line there for some reason and it was 2 feet deep...)

Flick flack twist fly turn smash landings later I felt it - F..k my right foot is out :(

Was I crying cause I didn't get to finish my race?
Was I crying cause I should have known better?
Was I crying case of the pain?

Probably all three!

Now I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to walk 2morrow and teach the Mojo Yoga training in Varberg!

Wish and beg you lucky star...

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


My legs were a bit stiff during this evening´s run, after doing PB in power cleans yesterday (40kg! Oh YEAH!), followed by squats/jumps/pistols AND a vigorous spinning class...
Love the new Nike PRO line - check out the pink top/"t-shirt" above. If you are a PRO fan, just note that they´ve made the sizes slightly bigger (which I guess is more flattering for most people). Small is normally skin tight on my torso, whetheras the new small is much more roomy.

- Blinged from my iPhone


WORLD here we COME!

I´m reading "The 4-hour workweek" by Timothy Ferriss right now (thank you JO for the loan!...and SORRY for spoiling your beautiful hairdo in tonight´s class, you fierce tiger, you!).

Some of the book builds on self-coaching principles consisting of techniques and principles that I´ve worked with before.Some of the given advice in the book is difficult for me to implement in my line of work at this very moment, (like answering e-mails only once a week, for example), but parts of the book are just wonderful, funny and smart.

"Doing the Unrealistic Is Easier Than Doing the Realistic.... It´s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre.
The level of competition is thus fiercest for "realistic" goals, paradoxically making them the most time- and energy-consuming.
It´s easier to raise 10.000.000 dollars than it is 1.000.000 dollars....

If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think. "

So WORLD here we come. Are you ready for some MOJO LOVE? love

hOMe - GLOBAL - GOD :)

What a day :)
Back in business even though it isn't FULL Speed yet - Good for me :)

The studio and the bathroom is now FINISHED! It is soo nice - I am flying around in my anti-gravity thingie every time I get a chance :)

Great meeting mixing business and beauty this morning :)
P is AMAZING! He cuts hair like a GOD!

Filming HOT MOJO sequence nr 3 after lunch - MO Kicked my ass during the filming and then she kicked it again at her 530 pm spinning class - MAN!

How am I gonna survive the PT session 2morrow morning?!

What else is cooking?


I KNOW - Mo and I are gonna ROCK the .... World! At least that's our plan :)
Keep your fingers crossed - promise that you will enjoy it wherever you are ;)

Teaching MOJO Yoga Teacher Training in Varberg this weekend - sycked about that!
Than the GLOBAL YOGA TT in Sthlm the weekend after that
and then....

GLOBAL MALA + HOME on Sep 1st!

Don NOT miss it :)




Love is in the air

In the big scheme of things, what REALLY counts?
To me, it´s: LOVE and FRIENDS.

Everything else are added extras to spice up my life, but not essential in the true sense of the word.

I feel extremely lucky to have both.
Lots and lots of love, with my partner, my son, my family and not to forget, a handful of really close friends, who offer some extraordinary friendships.
People who are there, through thick and thin, supporting me and cheering me on - both in good times and bad.

I wouldn´t be half the person without this amazing "safety net" and with it, I know I will reach the stars and beyond.
There really are no limits to what can be done and I´m amazed and grateful that this charmed life is mine.


My Heart belongs to


Happy B-Day Pappa :)

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die...

LOVE U ALWAYS and 4ever



A good laugh...


...will surely make your life longer!
So after a smashing double date nite with P, R & M, I will live until I´m at least 125 - that´s how much I laughed during tonight´s dinner!
Back on track with my tripple-supa-dupa-wammy: spinning/kettlebell/hot MOJO - it was delicious to meet all my fab regulars again after the summer vacation.
Smiles all around, and maybe, just maybe, one or two sore bodies tomorrow? jelir

Tomorrow is a day of working, training, meetings, pulling my last wisdom tooth (I promise, this time there will be no picture evidence on MOJO...) and the filming of this autumn´s Hot MOJO-sequence!

Sweet dreams, Mojos!

Axwell my MAN :)

Well - Where do I begin?!

The weekend a la JO style:

Thursday was a nightmare and it took pretty much AL FRIDAY to recovery from it. I even had to cancel my clients and I HATE doing that!

But the saying is true - after the storm and rain comes sunshine!

And I/we decided to make the MOST out of our last weekend of :)

Waking up slowly, making a big brunch and eating for hours around the big dinner table reading al kinds of papers :) YUM!

Continuing to take it slow - a walk to Way Out West just to have seen it this year!

A walk back home where mr A made cocktails to die for!

After dinner we chilled and watched SLEEPERS on TV - Juck - scary movie!!!
And THEN - The feeling of wanting to see Axwell at least ONCE this summer cam creping in. So at 00:30 we called a cab, at 00:50 we entered Port De Soleil (the kitchen way...:) and I think he came on at around 00:55!

Cowabunga what a GIG!
It was just a couple of years ago I sounde dlike my mother - A DJ - you're gonna watch a DJ?! WHY?! What is he/she gonna do?


Anyway - the most AWFUL thing happened on Sunday!
I COMPLETELY FORGOT that I was subbing a yoga class and went on a Sunday trip :)
When I cam home I had 10 missed calls.... Asking Johanna where are you? There's a bunch of people waiting here for you!!!


Oh well - I had to be honest and call my boss saying - I'm so so sorry, it totally slipped my mind - i must be on VACATION MODE still - I am TRULY SORRY!

So last night you can imagine what my dreams consisted of.... (yeup missing AL my classes ... STRESS!!!!)

Luckily that wasn't the case!
Just cam back from teaching my first classes this month - I LOVE MY JOB!

HOT YOGA 2morrow morning YEAH :)


Couch Potato :)

I'm getting a new one!

So I'm selling my OLD LOVED ONE :)

Here he is!
Selling him on blocket but if you're interested or know somebody who might fancy him let me know :)

Design Soffa 60tal Svart Skinn
Djup: 75cm
Längd: 225cm
Höjd: 130cm

Pris: 7000sek

Hämtas på Linnégatan 5


PS - Filled with SHANTI of course ;)


Time wasting

After spending ALL of last night recovering my whole picture library from computer obscurity (more than 6.000 files, anyone got a question on that?) I'm very much looking forward to day 2 of kettlebell mania.

In the morning, sporting some new NIKE gear...

...with the shoes and the bag to go with it...

..and then some serious business - OUTSIDE - today.
Toddler mums RULE.
Stina & Isabel in action.

-Blinged from my iPhone


Go Got!

Some days I love my city more than most days.
Today was one of those days.
First of all, an impromptu morning coffee with JO at our new fav hangout, Doppio.
I LOVE the fact that we are now literally only 2min away from each other, which is handy both on good days and not-so-very-shiny-days, right JoJo? minum

When I went on a slightly longer walk in the afternoon (I never venture too far from my "hood") I discovered the following:

They are finally here! The GRAB-and-GO bikes!

And they come with a bike basket!
Which gives a total score of 10 out of 10 in the world of MO.

WHAT?! A good looking bin??? And how surprised was I, when I realized that there are many, many, many bins like this in the center of the city!
Well done, City of GO:TEBORG
I´m proud of you.

Rounded off the late afternoon with a buggy run in Skatås, where I met representatives from all the big gym chains in the city.
(And yes, every single one of them was running and looking GOOD)

I even saw my old friend Bjarne galopping past in a blur (because he IS that fast), but it all went so quickly that it could also have been my imagination... :)

Early bed tonight, teaching a 2-day Kettlebell Seminar Saturday and Sunday.

Have a smashing weekend, friends, enjoy Way out West if you are there.
Personally, I´m hoping to hear Chemical Brothers all the way to my kitchen like I did with Lily Allen last year... celebrate


Like Mo I LOVE my new outfits !!!

Haven't been able to choose my FAV yet since they AL feel like FAV at the moment!

Wish I could sleep though...

Right now it is IMPOSSIBLE to even be in my own apartment :(

What's a girl to do?

Oh well - Hope your having sweet sweet dreams MOJOs

Jo 5 o'clock in the morning....



Had a great working day today.
Held 2 lectures for 80 people from the Fenestra School in Gothenburg on how to find balance and even better health in your life.

I was done by 13.00 and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with Robin.
So many things are happening in his little life right now. Since he started walking properly on July 22, I can see small new changes every day. He talks a lot, although most of it is hard for an adult to actually understand. :)
He´s such a happy little fella! Smiling and giggling and happily giving away hugs.
He´s also showing great will and determination (I wonder where on earth he got that from???) and yes, he has a bit of (my) temper. Hmmm.....

In the afternoon it was mini-X-mas!
I received the latest items from the NIKE autumn collection. I´m not sure how they do it, but each time I see the new collection, I´m deeply impressed.

The function, the material, the colours, the cuts, the design - all of it, second to none.

My favourites are too many to mention in one go, but here´s some of them:

You cannot but LOVE these NIKE Storm Warriors!
Such a perfect Gothenburg shoe, it´s ridiculous.
Waterproof, soft like a sock and cushioned.

I will dress these x-tended knit pants with high heels, because they´re worth it.
A gorgeous NIKE LS Top from the Sportswear collection rounds it off well.

Yes. The dress is NIKE. Can you believe it?
It´s figure hugging, black and grey and fits like a glove.
What´s not to like?