Thailand Wellness - Indigo Pearl Resort

Who wants to come with me, Fredrik Sjöberg, Richmond Bachia and Per Markussen to Indigo Pearl Resort in March???
You can read more about the trip here.

Winter Competition

Competition time -
WIN a free place at The Sportlife Winter Convention on December 12! Read more about the event here.
If you win, you can go to all these cool classes:


10.30 BODYPUMP® 76 - Pernilla Andersson & Kristin Andersson
11.30 BODYCOMBAT® 46 - Sarah Galàn
12.30 Kettlebells vs. Yoga - Pontus Wärnestål och Leon Martini
13.30 Full Contact Fitness - Henrik Olsson & Johan Pettersson Strömer
14.30 S-Core 26 - Anna-Maria Tedfeldt, Helena Cato & Karin Liberg
15.30 The Jump-off - Michael Gamble & Susanna Persson
16.30 Powerstrip® - Sandra Merino & Camilla Klemming
17.30 Zumba goes Afro Power Dance - Sara Hänninen & Sofia Heydeck
(Med reservation för ändringar. Observera att det finns 160 kettlebellklot på plats och de fördelas enligt först till kvarn-principen.)

You can enter the Fitness Festival for free and you have a free ticket for the FestivalParty at Estrad, Gothia Towers at 22.00-01.00.

To win, all you have to do, is to send an email to info@incycle.se with your name and your contact details. The first one on the boat is the WINNER! Easy peasy!

Caramel Core

Is one Of The best starts Of The day ever!!!!!
Wish I ha time for the lovely breakfast at Hagabadet after but of teaching clients now!

-10 this morning....
8 clients later and I will be flowing BB51 :) yum!

Plus I got a gift from a student today :)))) yeah I love gifts!

It's a beautiful day friends

Sat nam Jo ;)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)



Is now over for this year!
I know it will be back!

Thank you ALL of you amazing people how showed up for the weekend workshop, took the private sessions and the classes.
YOU inspire me :)

It has been an amazing week!

When David first contacted me I was in Djerba and I knew that I had LOADS of work to do in Nov, and that arranging a workshop wasn't part of the plan.
But the I couldn't resist it - letting my fellow yogis taste SUPERMANS practice - a practice that inspires me soo much that I fly al the way to NYC to get some of it.

And thank you SPORTLIFE for being such a COOL gym to let us practice and play there!
I love SPORTLIFE cause they are always fast and on when it comes to doing NEW stuff! That is part of the secret to SUCCESS!

I know that David and Lya enjoyed Gothenburg and that they can't wait to come back - a lot thanks to YOU guys!!!

My 2 SUPERMEN together - doe's it get any better ;)

David is such a humble teacher - he can teach anyone - and sees THE PERSON and helped him/her to pour magic into their postures! I love watching the transformation happen as I got to sit next to him on many of his private sessions!

Thursday night we were invited to the KONSERTHUSET by Karin! WOW!!!

After the concert we got to meet GUSTAVO DUDAMEL himself - he said that he would LOVE to play around with Yoga someday :) To me he is a natural YOGI!

After the concert we went to FAMILJEN and ate ELK :) YUM YUM YUM!!!!

After 5 classes with Superman my body felt like it was opening up from the INSIDE - amazing feeling!

What better way to round up the weekend than with SNOW and Liseberg :)

This week is full of teaching Privates, classes, a new PT session - Exciting!!! Studying the new BB as I am teaching it in Halmstad and Malmö the coming weekend!

And yes - just looked at venues for YOGA GAMES 2011!

Wat do you prefer in June?!





Help Us!!!!





...the two most gorgeous girls were these hotties!!! Åsa & Beckis from Gotham City gracing a huge wall in the spinning studio (!) with their beauty!

More history...

The Legend: Tonkins Anderson.

Richmond & Dimitri

Parts of the crew with Julio & Salvatore

Veronica - gorgeous girl, gorgeous personality.

PER "Have you heard THIS song?!"Markussen, dear friend and NIKE colleague

Travel companion, longstanding friend and fab PT, Matthew Griffiths and Andrea.

Romanian food - yum!

More Romanian food!

WHEN will we see this at a Swedish Convention??? A fresh juice bar!!!

- Blinged from my iPhone


What a fascinating country!
The people speak VERY good English, are super-friendly and hungry for knowledge.
The architecture is astounding and the old parliament building (the second largest building in the world) completely took my breath away. It's so beautiful yet scary at the same time. To know how many people had to die and suffer for a paranoid dictator to feel safe ( what's built underground is equivalent to 1/3 of the building's total area) is more than disgusting.
Anyway, I'm happy with the day and my 2 classes.
Now: relaxing for a few hours before dinner.
Have a great evening!

The only bank that was allowed before the dictatorship ended.

The parliament

- Blinged from my iPhone



That's right. In Amsterdam.
Luckily with my dear friend Matthew, although he hasn't seen too much of me for the last hour or so, since I've been cleaning.
No, not the airport, but my inbox.
I need a course in inbox management. I'm good for about 2 weeks and then I get terrible again.
How many emails do you have in your inbox? Just so I can get a grip about what's sort of normal...? I've read all mine and I've answered them all. And they total around...well...many. AND I have folders! Help!

It's a bit like my kitchen table, but that's tidy for about 5 seconds and then I have papers, reciepts, calendars, pens and other necessary stuff all over the place. That WILL change now though, as I get MyrbergBjorn up and going (with my office OUT of the house).

We arrive in Bucharest around midnight and will probably reach the hotel around 1am.
I get picked up at 8am in the morning to teach 2 out of 3 classes during the day.
My job is all but glamourous, that's for sure. Phew.


Those were the days - or - my life as an aerobics groupie

Packing my bags. Again.
This time I´m off to Romania. Bucharest to be exact.

I´m teaching spinning and a Functional Training class at the World Class Romania Event.

It´ll be a fab weekend I´m sure.
The event is hosted by one of my oldest "fitness" friends, Richmond Bachia.
We´ve known each other since -95.

Also teaching at the event is an even older acquaintance of mine - the man who is solely responsible for me taking my first trembling steps into the fitness industry:
Tonkins Anderson.
He was one of the VERY first American guest instructors to come to Sweden and he was for sure the first to teach dance aerobics in Gothenburg. He stayed here for about 4-5 years.
We´re talking -89ish. Can you imagine? Were you even born in -89???

I was there. 3-4 times per week. I had MY spot (which, by the way, I would KILL for).
And if Tonkins was sick, I would stare with hostility at the sub with a gaze that said: "...sooooo...who are you and what do you think YOU could teach us?" Man, those were the times.
Tonkins used to get incredibly pissed off if someone didn´t get his choreography.
He was famous for saying things like: "Honey, if you don´t know your left from your right, the door is right behind you". And yes, it was not only hearsay.

Lucky for me, I take choreography fairly well, so I managed to stay out of the evil eye for the 3 years that I belonged to the super-groupie-troupe. Wow.

Jez, such a LONG time ago and now we´ll meet again? Weird.

I might even take his class! Why not? For old times sakes.
Hahaha, maybe this time I will be thrown out of the class?



- snatches
- front squats
- skaters squats
- military presses
- chins
in the gym,
MOJO Yoga before the gym session and 60 min Wednesday spinning tonight - all with 90 minutes of yoga NY style already causing musle twitches all over my body... You could say I'm slightly sore...
AND I´ve got a private with David again tomorrow morning.
Wish me luck.

MyrbergBjörn business card. Wow. It´s happening soon.


Getting my MOJO back

First of all: a girl who likes her shopping stayed in front of her computer at 8am sharp.
It didn't really fly though, since the H&M virtual shop was crowded to the brim for the rest of the morning/day.
Grrrrr... Good marketing or not, it doesn´t go down well with me when you either have to queue in the cold outside your local H&M for hours, or hit the F5 button about 1.000 times in an hour and still not be able to spend your hard earned cash on the dress you´ve been drooling over.

Imagine my surprise, when I several hours later, visited a H&M shop to buy Robin new socks and found 1 of THE dresses almost in my size!
What a relief, because live it didn´t look anything like in the picture...

This, according to me, is the problem with haute couture designers doing clothes for normal people:

1. The materials are not even close to what they normally work with which makes the items look...well, not that expensive OR well made.
2. The clothes shown in the promotion movies are usually made with the real deal, which increases your expectations immensly.
3. Haute Couture designs are not made to be "compromised".

It happened with the Cavalli-collection, to the Jimmy Choo-collection and very much this time, with the Lanvin-collection. I´d rather buy normal H&M gear any day, actually.

In the evening I spent 90 minutes getting my MOJO back!
An hour and a half with Mr. Multi-Intenso, ass-kicked my joy and playfulness for yoga into shape. Just what the doctor ordered.
Thank you David and thank you JO for setting it up.

Said dress.
Mr. Multi-Intenso.

Christine & JO after class. Shining!


SUPERMAN p(l)ays a visit


Famous friends.
Darling JOJO & SUPERMAN paid a visit in tonight´s marathon: Spinning, Kettlebell & Hot MOJO.
What an honour to get the enormous pleasure to kick this talented man´s tight butt!

After having spent 90min more or less just WATCHING his awe-inspiring Multi-Intenso class 2 years ago in NY (think 10 handstands before the 30min mark...), I was thrilled to invite David to my triple.
True grandeur equals humbleness, that´s why David is one of the greatest in my opinion.
Tomorrow, he will have his "revenge" as I sweat it out on the yoga mat.

Except from teaching,
JO and I have filmed and bagged the second MOJO Yoga series - and man, does it FLY?! Whoppa!
MOJO Yogis out there - you will have a gorgeous spring sequence to look forward to - one that your spine will fall in LOVE with...

Before Hot Mojo

2day is my Sunday :)

Now hot mojo then massage :)))
Then filming the new Mojo Yoga!

Perhaps Meet 2night! The yogis crave it :)

Flow Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)



Is very interesting!

Today was a day spent with LOVELY Yoga instructors from SPORTLIFE!

THANK you for dedicating your time and breath 2day!

I am specially pleased with THE SURPRISE - that SUPERMAN himself - Mr David Multi-Intenso came and taught a workshop EXCLUSIVELY for these instructors :)

It was magic !

What was you might ask :)

Well - first of all for me to watch the yogis listen, take in and be inspired by this man (especially since many of them has taken my GLOBAL YOGA Teacher Training :)
To see him - adjust, share and really listen to the yogis in the room - skills of a true TEACHER according to me!
And for myself - to again PRACTICE with him!

Now - landing at HOME :)



On my way home from a rainy Lund.
Thanks to an awesome bunch of gals from 24Seven Fitness+ Lund.
They worked incredibly hard and showed a never ending enthusiasm for both the theoretical and practical work over the 2 days.
Also, thank you Jess for being You. Knowledge, charisma, dedication and friendship rolled into one.
I'm a lucky girl.

The gang minus Emel who had to catch her train.

Jess & I


Lund 24/7

We're in Lund celebrating Jessica's birthday by teaching a 2-day continuing education at 24/7Fitness and staying in with take away food and Ramlösa!
We're such party animals.


The NIKE Blast

Will we see you there?
Stockholm 29-30 January, 2011...


It is Friday :)

and according to Buddha the wise dude -
"Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden on the mind."

Thanks Pete ;)

Morning glory breakfast with love, now clients, then exciting MOJO meeting - making the new MJOJO YOGA seq :) Yeah!

After that another very interesting meeting (mind you I am a person who am often NOT TO excited about meetings :)

And then.... And then .. (as in "Dude where's my car :) - Strolling around in GBG with SUPERMAN, his Girl and my BO!

Could it be any better :?

Let go and FLOW



I SPY with my little EYE

I´m pissed off.

This is week number 3 WITHOUT my work computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I forgot it in Siberia, but HOW difficult could it be to send it to me by DHL?
VERY difficult, it turns out.
You want to know why?
Now, make sure you sit down for this one:

It is kept on hold in Moscow, awaiting a permit that should´ve been sent weeks ago by the local security service (yes, the remains of a local KGB). The permit is necessary to release the parcel that is my laptop - because of the "possibility" that it contains a latched system inside consisting TOP SECRET classified information!

And I thought the Cold War was over???!


Morning UP Yoga


Chaotic order

A day of chaos.
Good chaos in the morning - less good chaos in the afternoon.
Did PR in squats this morning and pushed 72.5kg on the bar. With more to give. YES!
Consistent work for 11 months is starting to pay off - and that´s on ONE good quality session a week! Imagine what could be done if I could squeeze only one more good lifting session into my schedule...?

The afternoon caused havoc in my work department. One of my projects seems to live a life of its own-and not in a good way. It will take some thinking through tonight to make some kind of decision to either hold on or to let go. Should I cut my losses now and loose what I have already put in, or should I stay and hopefully at least get my (financial) investment back?
Difficult decision.

In the evening, I decided to dedicate the energy of tonight´s spinning class to B. It happened quite spontaneously and wasn´t planned.

B is a true regular of mine. I´ve seen him for 2h every week for the last 4 years or so.

I know what he works with, I know his wife, I´ve followed the career of his kids, I´ve heard about their holidays, and I´ve seen him push and work and grow and sweat and passionately GIVE and exert himself week after week, month after month, year after year.

Hell, you know some of your clients for a lot longer than the life expectancy of the average marriage and you see them more often and more regularly than you hook up with most of your friends and even some of your family members!
No wonder you get shaken when something bad happens to one of them.

On Sunday, B passed out - at home in his garden - and was rushed to hospital.
Turns out he carries a very unwanted, horrible visitor. A malignant brain tumour that needs immediate removal.
I spoke to him on the phone earlier today to wish him well before his surgery.

B - my thoughts go out to you and your family. Come back soon.
Your bike and your bell will be waiting for you.


Storm in a teacup

The days are disappearing...well, not like sand in a time glass, more like a sandstorm in a tea cup...or something...

Had another great day, which started with me PUSHING myself out the door to go for an early morning run. It was extremely difficult to get myself out of bed to put on my running gear, but fortunately the weather gods were on their brightest mood today and offered a stunningly clear and sunny Gothenburg morning.

Had a lovely meeting with CC, who wanted to discuss entrepreneurship and how to put all those wild, beautiful ideas into action. CC - I am extremely flattered and humbled that you want feedback and input.
I am also absolutely convinced that we will hear/read/see more of this talented woman in the future.

Spent the rest of my working day with Christine, trying to get our heads around BABS, standing orders, cashiers, contracts, schedules, routines, etc etc. Let´s just say there´s more to these bits and pieces than meets the eye and it´s VERY time consuming. Not so much because of us - we are actually incredibly effective - but due to chasing bank people, telecom people, and other loose ends all over the place.

We did get a lot done though, and most importantly, we had serious fun whilst doing it.

Life´s too short to sweat the small stuff.



Starting to come together

On December 6 we´ll be opening on Engelbrektsgatan 34C...

Entrepreneur of the year

... Is....

Hm don't know yet!

One of our dearest friends invited us to this. A told me to "drop by"... So i did!

The thing out friend didn't tell us was that it was champagne, 3 course dinner, gala dresscode!

But hey, why not!
Meet many of my clients here, and perhaps some soon to be.
Entrepreneurship is very exciting to me. Had a very interesting meeting with Mo and lovely Alana earlier today... So maybe it is MOJO up there next year:?!

At the moment I'm crossing my fingers for this man:

Jarno - founder of Nelly.com

Also a great yogi ;)

Hope your Monday is Gala extraordinary ;)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

Working 9 to 5

Setting the details for MyrbergBjörn with Christine....

and then RUSHING off to a great meeting with JO and A and some other wonderful people.
ANYTHING can happen.
...and I thought 2010 was a fabulous year... ;)

- Blinged from my iPhone


All about CONTRAST

Back home after 4 amazing days in one of the world´s most beautiful cities.
We´ve had some tremendous weather - 20 degrees plus - + food and wine and coffee to last half a lifetime - AND we got to spend quality time together with the family.
I´m keeping my photographs for the family album. Except for these 2:

Ohhhhh...the best tasting wine I´ve had in ages...

Why Italians have more fun...


Last day at the CHEK holistic coach education!
Long days that are FULL of info that you want to get - all of it!!!

Today woke up at 5, now ready for some more terrifying facts about how we live, eat, stress, sleep, train in today's societies.

I feel how I am changing already, this is very interesting!

Tell you more soon

How's your weekend?

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)



Having a fab time!
My feet are killing me after all the walking and my teeth are stained after all the red wine I'm having - but hey, when in Rome, do what the Romans do! Or what do you say?

Mum was genuinly surprised about the destination and I'm extatic about the fact that we got to take her to a place she wanted to go all her life. Tomorrow: more sightseeing and maybe...ehhrm, just a tad of shopping... :)

By the way, thank you Magnus for sending me this.


When in...

First of all, this is the second time this week someone has recommended "The Cove".
I´m not sure I can watch it. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach when I see documentaries like that.
I am the woman who refused to visit Sea World (because I could never forget the documentary I watched in my teens about dolphins trying to commit suicide when kept captured) when I went to Florida on a paid for holiday with my then partner and his family.
We almost broke up about it (which I SHOULD have done. It would have saved me from a LOT of hassle and horror later on...).

Anyway, I will watch "The Cove", but first I got to go and come back.

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing mother is 70 next week and we´re taking her and my dad on a surprise city trip Thursday-Sunday. I think they still think we´re going to Denmark, when in fact we´re flying them to a place with lots of old stuff laying around, fabulous food, adorable wine, freakinly good shopping and the best coffee in the world.

I don´t really have the time to be away, but I´ll tell you something: It will be bl...dy fantastic to go away, re-charge, re-set and then: Rush for the finish line of 2010! Yiiiihaaaaa!

Keep well and strong whilst I´m gone, will you?

Is this for REAL?!

Is this really TRUE?!

Is it happening?!

Got many pics like this in a chain e-mail - I DO HOPE that the info in the e-mail is INCORRECT?!
Do you know?!
Have you seen it?!

Things like THESE make me shiver and at the same time I become very angry + SCEPTIC - is this for real or am I only seeing one side of the picture? Perhaps it's a RESCUE going on...?!

Am I stupid? Or do you have the same "glasses" on as me when you get this kind of info?!

Hmm?! Jo

The Body Is My Temple, Asanas Are My Prayers

This AMAZES me in so many ways...

Part of me is thinking - REALLY - doesn't look so good... Wow, why does hi throw his legs into lotus, aren't you supposed to do it slowly with the breath?! etc etc, there are many things I can comment on where my mind goes, hm,,, WHY do I even practice YOGA if this is THE MASTER of it...?!

And then...
There the other part of me - the part that I can't explain, it is not my mind, it is a feeling, of awe, like everything STOPS! I become still, my breath goes deeper, softer, flows without effort - a feeling I know, I call it smooth FLOW. Doing LESS, feeling more. It just FEELS right.

Where every you stand - I wish youFLOW in the form and way that makes you feel alive, present and grateful!

MAKE this day Count !



The good, the bad and the crazy

What a DAY!

It´s been good (work) and bad (traffic jams and SLOW moving traffic all over) and crazy (not enough hours in a day) - all at the same time.

Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a super-busy time right now?

I LOVE my PT-clients! They are such fab, hardworking people. I can´t wait to welcome them at MyrbergBjörn instead of having them driving all over the city.

It´s starting to come together. The planning of the studio that is.

Next week we´re off to the printers to make invitations, schedules, price lists + the December schedule and stuff.

You´ll be able to come and play 6-23 December for 595SEK ONLY
(or 100SEK/class).
The full December Schedule will soon be revealed.
We want you to check us out in full force before you make the decision to join us come January 2011... :)

Mark Sunday 12 December in your calendars now,
there´ll be an Open house 12.00-16.00 with GLÖGG and PEPPARKAKOR for anyone who wants to stop by, say hello and have a look around.

Caramel Core

That's how I start my Tuesdays :)
And then there's breakfast at Hagabadet :) yum

But... Today for once I ate breakfast before the core... Hm not sure if that's a great idea or not... I mean now I can't eat the yummy breakfast here, because I'm still full...

Oh well - lyxproblem!!

Of to JIRA studio now to meet my clients :)
Long working day

Flow Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


October in Pics :)

BIG THANKS to ALL that have come in my way the last month :)

I feel like I haven't been able to put it all down in words so here are some points and pics to let you know what's been happening, what feeling's in flow and places to go :)

From Present to Past :)

Finally - enjoying ghte Swedish Fall - I LOVE IT! A walk in Örkelljunga after the HIGH of THE CONVENTION - Thank you everybody Malin/Nils/Fatou and YOU THE amazing participants - 70 people in HOT MOJO Wow!! And lots of you flowing in Caramel Core :)

The BEACH in Monte Gordo - Cecilia and Sofia my Co-workers - Such powerful and yet feminine women!!! LOVE U
And again - U - All of YOU who made the week!!!

That includes these guys - when they didn't have IMPORTANT meetings evolving their company EWC - they gave 100% in all the classes - coaching, FreePower, AfroPower, Yoga - U name it! If you want to create an event/show your product THESE are the guys to talk to!!!
Talk about WARRIORS with sand in their hair! Again SO MUCH LOVE!

What a week in Belek Turkey - ALL IN!!!

The UP side of working here was 1: THE MAKE OVER 2: Being able to bring MOM :)

Surrounded by Beauty!!!

I can't believe it's just been 1 year!!! I feel more in love than ever and yet I feel so comfortable and safe with him :)

My WARRIOR - went from speedylee in the competition on the beach...

to close to death in just a couple of hours :( How can it hurt so much to see someone else hurt. At that point I wished that i could take his place so that he could have at least an hour without fever...

Now we're in the month of November!
David - THE SUPERMAN is soon coming :)
JIRA is developing into an AB :) Yeahhhh!
A DVD is coming up :)
Yesterday I got a personal e-mail from Ana Forrest that made me cry :)
And so much MORE!!!