Life as a toddler parent


Life as a toddler parent is all what I expected and so much more. The "much more"-bit is the one that you cannot prepare for, no matter how hard you try. It has to do with the turmoil of emotions and feelings that tumble through your body 24/7.

How a little person can have such an amazing impact on your life is...quite extraordinary.
It´s wonderful and amazing, but also very tiring and sometimes you do actually wonder why you didn´t appreciate some parts of your (previous) life a little bit more. Like the freedom of doing stuff when you want to do them. Go places you want to go to and just be...free to decide whatever.
(Now I find it even more hard to understand how some people can spend on average 3-4h per night just watching TV! If you don´t have any kids: get off your butt and DO stuff! When the little one has arrived, he or she deserves all the attention and there´ll be little or no time for improvisation..)

I still have moments when I think: "...ohh, and then I can do this or that, and...ooops, eh, that´s right, hmmm, I have someone else but myself that I need to look after..."

It´ll probably be about another year or so until it has sunk in properly, the fact that I am now somebody´s mum, considering I´ve had all this time (30yrs+) to only plan for myself and (sometimes) one other (adult) person.


What it is all about!!!

Back from Finland - THANK YOU for an amazing weekend!! And with YOU I mean the great participants and Finish Instructors! I know that you will ROCK the new releases!!

The weekend was intense - Always a bit nervous to teach NEW Choreography and material. Only 15min recovery between the modules and NO FOOD :(

So it was filled with BLISS that I leaned back in a car after arriving at the airport Sunday evening. (Isn't it one of the BEST things ever - when someone picks you up at the airport!!! Taxi drivers doesn't count!).

Not only did I get a private escort to the city - once in the City I fell a sleep on the sofa and 30min later dinner was served followed by one of my FAVOURITE movies!!

If you haven't seen the PEACEFUL WARRIOR yet - I really recommend it :)
That movie + the soundtrack from INTO THE WILD is my inspiration this week!!

"Where are you, Dan?"


"What time is it?"


"What are you?"

"This moment."

This week ALL my regular classes start - check the schedule on the right!

Will I see you at CORE 7am?

Sweet Dreams Beautiful



Song of the year


The song of the year.
Dedicated to my darling Robin. I hope you´ll get better soon, little prince.
I love you so, so much.


Suga Suga


What makes people compatible? Is it our likeness or our differences? What determines a life long relationship, whether that is a friendship or a partnership? I think it is a little bit of both. To say that "lika barn leka bäst" (likeness is the answer) or "differences attract" is only one part of the story.
My closest relationships certainly builds on both. A bunch of my absolutely closest friends and my partner all work with training, fitness and health.. but some of the people I see most regularly (who are family or like family to me) hardly train at all...

That´s why I find it highly amusing that my sister/her hubby + friends opened their third sweet shop: Sweets´n´chocolate in Olskroken today together with close friends. Candy heaven for those who are in that way inclined - not to be missed by "smågodis-fans"! :)




  • New CORE class - wicked playlist
  • The New BODYJAM release is FAST FEET... come AWAKE!! Wednesday 5pm
  • Thank GOD for the BODYBALANCE - The TAI CHI is perfect for the tight BJ calves!
  • MO - I think I'm in love with your Robin - Can't wait till he gets older so that he and I can chill in my sofa, watch Lion King and eat .... well perhaps he'll like popcorn:?
  • YOGA YOGA YOGA - Sportlife Yogis will rock this fall - after spending 4 hours with them last night - I'm telling you THEY ARE ON FIRE!
  • Packing - well it's only for 3 days this time and there might be someone picking me up with a home cooked meal waiting for me Sunday evening - Whoopa
  • Gotta admit - I think I am a ordinary lover - as in a lover of the ordinary! Growing up my brother always begged my mom for "ordinary" curtains, "ordinary" food etc. I LOVED the ODD stuff and I still do - but then what is EXOTIC to me is now IKEA, MEATBALLS, WATCHING FOOTBALL with POPCORN... well the list goes on!
  • What is your favourite thing to do during the weekend?


Status Quo


Day 2 on the goat´s milk. Status quo on Robin´s stomach problems. I didn´t even leave the house all day today, since complete focus was set on the new routine (goat´s milk/plum juice/carrot juice) - and the reaction to the new routine.

Thankfully, Jo came over to see us in the afternoon. Jez, we haven´t seen each other for absolutely ages! It´s lucky we´ve got MOJO to help us keep updated about each other´s lives. :)

Thank you JO, for glamming up our day!

It was exactly what both R and I needed: some positive energy with a cool vibe coupled by beautiful hair and fab stories! We love you, JO.

Tomorrow sis+family come back from Crete. I will drool over her tan and dream about a week in Mallorca in September. Yes, we are going. My whole little family, for a week in the middle of next month. Can´t wait!



Tears for Fears


Priority number 1: Getting Robin well. Right now, it´s the only thing that matters.
His stomach was much worse today. It makes me want to cry.



Need inspiration? Look no further... Part 2

Part 2...

Need inspiration? Look no further...Part 1


Inspiration comes in various shapes and forms...
Yesterday, I found out that an old friend and collegue is quitting her job as a fitness manager. She and her hubby (they are both in their 40s) are moving to California! They sold their beautiful house during the holiday, packed their necessities and sold of what they don´t need. In the middle of October they are off to start a new life "over there"!
When I talked to her on the phone last night I asked her what their plans were. "To live our dream and see what life brings us", was her truly brilliant answer. Damn it, woman, MOJO salutes you! Truly INSPIRING.

Unfortunately I didn´t have the opportunity to join Jonathan (Monks)´s fab yoga classes over the last few days, but when we talked about training inspiration over dinner on Sunday night, he recommended the clip above (in Part 2). Watch it in AWE. It will definitely inspire my training over the next few months!

Someone who inspired me today was J, who drove across the city to lend me his Windows XP CD, which I blogged about yesterday. Thank you, J, I´m truly grateful!

Tomorrow I´m hoping to inspire a bunch of people as I teach yoga, spinning & kettlebell at Gymnasium... Come and join me if you are free!


Something needs to be different

There are areas in our life we would like to be different.

At some point, something needs to be different.

What about today?

Can you imagine your afternoon being different? What about tomorrow?

Let your future be driven not by what has happened in the past, but by what you know is possible in the future...


I´m tired of using technology


First night back, teaching my regular classes. Boy, did that feel great?! 30min spin & 30min kettlebell. Time FLEW past. Fabulous to see my regulars and wonderful to sweat it out together. Didn´t realize just how much I had missed it! It´s soooo good to be back!
(Looking forward to Wednesday when I teach yoga in the morning and 60min of spinning followed by 45min kettlebell in the evening.)

Went to the Bostadsrättsföreningens-board meeting tonight. I excused myself after about 1h when Robin was completely bored and started moaning loudly.

The rest of the night has been spent FIGHTING technology. a) Bredbandsbolaget-who completely buggered our plans for fast broadband when they told us there was something wrong with the telephone wiring (ADSL) in our apartment - so we had to go with Comhem (24MB) - tonight I found out that all the apartments in our house are prepared for 100MB fiber optic broadband (which has nothing to do with the telephone wiring!) from, wait for it:...Bredbandsbolaget! When I call customer service, I get a lazy, uninterested young male on the phone. I´m going to kick up a stink...b) my home computer, which is: 1. OLD. 2. Tempramental. 3. I could not find my Windows XP CD anywhere, so when Windows decided to crash - nothing worked...

Anyone living in Gothenburg with a Windows XP CD lying around the house? Can I borrow it tomorrow? I´ll come and get it!...and I promise to return it in mint condition! Call, email, sms me, please!
This weekend I HAVE to buy a new server, but I need windows to work to be able to save all my stuff! (or do I? I am sooo computer illiterate sometimes....help!)
I also found out that one of my external hard drives got damaged in the move (the move from hell remember...) and that´s where I kept my back up....hmmm...I can feel a technological drawing to a close....



Getting BACK...

...on TRACK!

After landing in my apt late Saturday night - waking up Sunday in a pile of SHOES, clothes, clothes more clothes, books, recites, to do lists, laundry and the list goes on and on (there was everything except food in my apt!) - I kinda panicked - looking into my calender realizing that I booked myself up to my ears with work until Christmas Eve.

You know when there is just TO MUCH - I freeze and tend to focus on the small unimportant stuff. - Why is that?

Thank GOD Mom called (cause I would never call someone and complain or ask for help, silly - YES!) - and sorted me out as I was about to go deep deep into my drawers and start sorting out papers from 2005!!!!

Her FENG SHUI coaching got me back on my feet and 1 hour later I could see the floor and even dance on it :)

This morning was dedicated to BODYBALANCE 46 and soon I'm off to break a sweat with BODYJAM 50 - Let me tell you IT ROCKS! This beautiful song is actually in both programs - but the choreography differs slightly ;)

Wednesday I am teaching the NEW BODYJAM Release at Sportlife Exclusive 4-5pm followed by a YOGA WORKSHOP!

Then Friday of to FINLAND to spread the 90ties HIP HOP love mixed with some U2 MAGNIFICENT hip openings!

Right now - I can see clearly :)





Ok, about 4 boxes left in the whole apartment...not bad.
P has been working on the bathroom all day. The new cupboard turned out to be more than a handful to put into place.
I´ve been with Robin most of the day except for about 2h when I went to Gymnasium for their kickoff. I managed to get in about 20min of Kettlebell training before the meeting. Everything counts (in this case even in small amounts...)
I stayed for the first half of the kickoff and left when the 2 new sponsors started to show their lines. (Not to be rude, but I´m with NIKE and P needed both hands to get the bathroom done).
I would have LOVED to run Midnattsloppet tonight, but it has to wait another year.

Gymnasium´s new shoe sponsor showing their different models. They do great running shoes, I´ve heard, but I´m not so sure about their other lines.

...and the new clothes sponsor. Again some nice looking clothes, but I´d miss the versatility.
What to wear outdoors? During Kettlebell-classes? Not to mention on the bike?

...then I HURRIED home to be with this STAR...
7 weeks +3 days today.


All night long

Our new bathroom drawers got delivered today


It´s 00.46.
P has been working in the bathroom and I have been trying to get the office in order until now...
Robin finally fell asleep around 23.00 and we have been working constantly since then.

I did a surprise afternoon for P today! I booked mum & dad as babysitters and took P for an matinee movie. We saw Almodóvar´s " Broken Embraces" - great movie! I love Penélope Cruz, gorgeous woman. Tomorrow I promise you, the last one of the moving boxes is going OUT. :)




1987 - Nike - Revolution

Two more days with IAM1 here in Sthlm!

I have learned so much. When I came here didn't even know what shoe model I was wearing (when my boss asked me - did you get the AIR FORCE 1? I had no idea which shoe she meant and asked if it was the pink one:)!!
Now I can see myself becoming a SNEAKERS ADDICT - travelling the world in quest for the old and unique models, drinking smashing milkshakes and chillin with my chips and dips!

Must also admit that NIKE is a cool cat - al the PR they do is SO SMART! It really feels like it is urban, street and very personal when it's actually a Multimillion Dollar Company.

Take the AD in 1987 for AIR MAX 1. Nike took the
"Revolution" song and added it to their video just like that. Without asking Beatles for permission. It was the first Beatles recording to be used in a TV commercial!

Of course this wasn't OK - Law suits all over the place and LOTS and LOTS of PR

The end result: AIR MAX 1 SOLD OUT - Became an ICON - NIKE + BEATLES got massive PR so Beatles dropped all charges and everyone lived happily ever after

See - You can get the fairytale ;)

Of to work now - IAM1 Exhibit + BLOCK Party + VICE Party - I work HARD ;)



Highs & Lows


This week´s lows:
- Going back to the hospital with Robin. His stomach is still not working well.
- Having trouble with Bredbandsbolaget and therefore our broadband. Had to change to Comhem. Not so happy about this.
- Feeling stressed out about trying to combine family life & work. Refuse to be stressed about it much longer. Decision starting to form.

This week´s highs:
- Having a lovely fika in the sun with Malin I & Tim (3 weeks younger than Robin). Exchanging "new-parent-stories".
- Going to my first spinning class in 10 weeks. Feeling the endorphines kick-in like mad after about 15min! Oh, I love this! (Thanks Sofia N for a fab class!)
- Getting daily smiles from Robin and seeing him grow cuter and cuter for each day!

I have been trying to work in between feedings, nappy changes and painful crying bouts (Robin, not me...) over the last few days. Answering emails with one hand and making infant milk formula with the other... Yesterday I did an interview for Fitness-Magazine whilst trying to calm an agitated Robin at the same time. I hope my answers made any sense.
(...Small parentheses: How the hell did J.K Rowling manage to write Harry Potter whilst taking care of her toddler daughter???)
One week at a time.



First day of missing Gothenburg 4real

Having a GREAT time here but wouldn't wanna live here. Söder is ok but can't stand the centre - or is it just me getting tired of surface wanting real stuff, actual meetings between people not just paper dolls.

Jag gillar inte att ha förväntningar.
Jag försöker att inte ha några, och de jag har är små små.

Däremot så växer de.
Jag vattnar inte ens.

Lyssna inte

still DON'T want to get married !!!!

Guaranteed - Eddie Vedder Into the Wild

Pearl jam- Eddie Vedder - Behind Blue Eyes (acoustic) Did you know this was the original (is it? IT is right!!)

I now have soo much routine in the hotel breakfast I can sample it with my eyes closed

A couple of peops I have helped design shoes these last days:

And more
and now of to do some more...

Vart du än går

Christos Masters at Ambassador or what it is called...

Supposed to be a BIG EVENT PARTY of the week or year but I call it the club of inbördes beundran - couldn't care less...

The HIGH of the evening was meeting an old friend and THIS - NIKLAS STRÖMSTEDT - Last time I saw him live was on my fathers shoulders at MEJERIET in LUND. I don't have many idols, never was into Back Street Boys or anything like that. Except for this guy... And again tonight he made me CRY so the conclusion to all the blond bimbos, the back slick, the fuck me I'm famous, the painful high heels I guess it was ALL WORTH IT!



Two sides of a story


Which one of your "me"´s got to decide this morning?

I´m almost sure everyone would agree that we consist of at least two people (some would say more than two, but I leave that question to another thread). I call mine Performance & Lazy.
I think that people who train regularly are not mad, poisoned, lonely or missing out. I just think that one of their voices is more stubborn than the other, more loud and more demanding.
Lazy tells me: "Take the elevator! You don´t need the extra exercise!" And I take the elevator.
Lazy also tells me: "It will be much faster to go by car and you can save 7minutes!" And I take the car.
BUT...normally Performance wins!
Like this morning. Robin had his early feed at 7.00am-the sky outside was a light blue and there wasn´t a cloud anywhere (the luxury of living on the top floor).
Perfomance told me: "A perfect morning for a run! Imagine what it will feel like (afterwards)!"
Lazy screamed: "Are you freakin´mad??? You haven´t been out for an early morning run for years! You HATE mornings! It´s bloody 7 o´clock! Go back to bed! You suffer from sleep deprivation!"
Perfomance (in a cool voice): "You can just chill tonight instead of stressing out for a 30min run and remember, you are quite tired these days around 5 o´clock. Go on, get out, you will enjoy it. P doesn´t start work until 11.. Go now!"
And out I went.
It was lovely. It felt great, both during and afterwards.
Thank God, Perfomance is such a stubborn bastard.



What do you WANT?


What do you WANT?

It´s hard to keep focus amongst all the beautiful material things that we are surrounded by in this world...the fame, the fortune, the cars, the houses, the clothes, the holidays, the status, the chase of...happiness? Love?

Something´s in the air. I´m watching some of my closest friends go through the biggest changes and transformations in their lives at the moment and it has made me realize a couple of things:

I know the cliché: "No one else can make you happy, you have to make yourself happy" and I can agree with that to a certain extent, but my little family makes me so incredibly happy, that it is also true that other people can bring you happiness.

Finding a good relationship is HARD, not to say immensely difficult. How do you get the pieces to fit together, not to mention STAY together? When do you blow the whistle and get out? When do you know you have tried everything you can to save a broken liaison and when is it just self deprivating to even stay another day?

That is why, in this hour, I am undescribably grateful for having found what I want: to love and to be loved... That is what really matters.



The following info is in Swedish. We are creating an all inclusive week in paradise 7th-14th of October The orice is 15.500 sek and that includes - flights, transfers, 5 star hotel, food/drinks, yoga, training, spa treatments, entertainment/shows. Let me know if you want more info in English jira@me.com


Vi har skapat en resa som vi länge drömt om! En vecka där vi kombinerar det bästa av alla världar: Vackra miljöer, Gudomlig mat, Smart träning, Återhämtande behandlingar, Spektakulär underhållning och sol, sol, sol!

Var:RIXOS fantastiska resort i Bellek, Turkiet www.rixos.com När: 7-14 oktober 2009 Pris: 15.500 sek (enkelrums tillägg 2.400 sek)

I priset ingår:
  • Direkt flyg från Göteborg alt. Stockholm
  • Transfer
  • Hotell (stora rum med havsutsikt från balkongen)
  • Mat och dryck (fantastisk mat som slår allt! hur mycket man vill och närsomhelst)
  • Träning – Morgon promenader, yoga, pilates, core, funktionell träning, dans
  • Spa/Relaxe/Gym/Hammam
  • Utflykter
  • Underhållning
  • 3 st behandlingar
Det finns möjlighet att boka personlig träning, golf, tennis samt flera spa behandlingar under veckan.

Träningen hålls av Johanna Andersson, en av Europas mest eftertraktade tränare. Hon som reser jorden runt för inspiration men älskar att komma hem. Hon har inspirerats och studerat med världens mest inflytelserika lärare, så som Cindy Lee, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Bryan Kest, B.K.S Iyengar, David Life, Eric Schiffman, Sean Corn, Annie Carpenter, James Da Silva (Madonnas PT) med flera. Med sin gedigna bakgrund i träning som sträcker sig från yoga, dans och kampsport till tankekontroll står Johanna i spetsen för vad som är nytt och i tiden. Hon är sponsrad av Nike och är en av deras utvalda instruktörer i TEAM NIKE.

Patrik Lernberger blir din reseledare som hjälper dig med allt innan resan och på plats.

Veckans upplägg (Du är med på de aktiviteter och pass som du känner för under dagen!)

Onsdag: Anländer till hotellet och går igenom veckan. Bad/Relax och middag.
Torsdag - Lördag: Morgon promenad, frukost /sol/bad , förmiddags Yoga ,lunch/sol/ bad, eftermiddags träningspass, Hamam/Spa , gemensam middag och show/underhållning. Söndag: Båtutflykt med picknick.
Måndag - Tisdag:
Samma upplägg som torsd-lörd.
Onsdag: Morgonyoga, sol och bad tills vi åker hem.

Anmälan och frågor kontakta Patrik Lernberger på mail p@patriklernberger.com



It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it....

Woke up at 9ish - jumping around in my bed till 10ish
Skipped down to breakfast and ate only the red berry's in the granola and the icing on the cakes - again hard work but someone's gotta do it!
Went back to work in bed :)
Used all the towels and threw them on the floor
Walked to work in my purple t shirt
OPENED the IAM1 doors and a bottle of INNOCENT juice
And now I am sitting on the red carpet under the sun, studying SNEAKERS THE COMPLETE GUIDE so that I can help people design wicked shoes this afternoon



Blast from the Past

Spot the sleeping baby...getting tired just watching mum & dad putting the apartment in order....


Things are actually slowly starting to get together in our new place. We got a lot of things done in the last 2 days and I´m hoping tomorrow will really make a huge difference. After tomorrow there should not be more than 3-4 boxes left to unpack and those will have to wait until we get our bathroom completely set and until we do a second run to our other storage.

We went to a garden party tonight. Robin is 6 weeks and he does get around! I didn´t really know too many people at the party, but met a face that I haven´t seen for years. It was funny, seeing someone from my party-period. Was that really me in those years? Of course it was, although it feels like a lifetime ago.
I am grateful to have had that stage in my life. I never have to wonder what it feels like, dancing on the bar and ordering Long Island Ice-tea at 4am in the morning, getting home at 5am to go to work at 8.30am...

Hahaha, these days I struggle to stay awake past 2am!



Cool People Do Cool Shoes


And we are off - what a great start!

In the exhibition we have a NIKEID space where we invite artists/celebs to make their OWN UNIQUE NIKE shoe - this is where I spend most of my time.
Yeasterday Erika Vallin (Elle), Fredrik Strage, Adam Tensta, Daniel Lindstrom (Café), Li Svärd (Veckorevyn), Nisse Edwell, Pelle Porseryd and Anton Glanzlius made their shoes :) They have about 1 hour to design it - and they ALL turned out very different :)

Adam designed a really cool Air Max Classic - old school style

Daniel choose the NEW LUNAR RACER and designed a tight navy/vivid pink running shoe

The STUDIO is now open for everyone to come and see, create, chill out, charge!

Worked 12h non stop yesterday....phuu... BUT the result is smashing!

The plan today was BIKRAM yoga here at Söder but woke up and felt like the guys in THE HANGOVER ... hmm - didn't even drink 2 glasses of wine last night?!

That + the memory of Thursdays HOT HOT HOT bikram (Yes - it was MUCH warmer than normal, in my mind at least!) + me staying in bed for to long having to choose between EITHER Bikram or Breakfast - the choice this morning was apparent!

Of to the Studio now - Sun is shining into the 7th floor on Clarion - I just talked to one the coolest, nicest, qts, musicians/artists that I know - and he's coming to the studio to design a shoe next week - UNREAL!

Today I am expecting: CaliRoots peps, Adiamo Dymott, Paul Haukka, Jacob Öqvist amongst others!



Back to work

Magnus Gårdmark, Linda Jonsson & I doing our work meeting in the sunshine outside Starcups.


What a productive day! P had daddy-leave today, which meant I got heaps of things done...
First, I had a work meeting with the two new team members of the InCycle team: Magnus Gårdmark & Linda Jonsson. Magnus & Linda are starting on the InCycle education team this autumn. Yeah, one big step in the right direction! M&L are great people, knowledgable, humble and fun and I´m really looking forward to working with them.

After our meeting I answered e-mails and did some more work related stuff, until 2.30pm when I went off to have some "me -time" at the beautician - lovely!

Later in the afternoon it was time for furniture shopping. We desperately needed some bathroom cupboards. We went to IKEA. Nothing. Actually, the bathroom section at IKEA must be their department of shame. Normally I love IKEA, but in comparison to all of their other showrooms, the bathroom one was hardly bigger than our living room. And the selection sucked.

So off we went. To bathroom paradise: Rörshoppen. Wow. I didn´t even know that half of this stuff existed! We arrived 30min before closing and 29min later we were proud owners of not 1 but 2 new bathroom cupboards. Yes! One more task done on a looong list of apartment related tasks!

The whole family ended the day with a big dinner at sis´ with a large group of friends.

All in all a great day!



Sleeping Beauty


I went for a run in the late afternoon. STIFF LEGS after the hysterical 30min run that I did the day before yesterday. I´m not used to running on asphalt, which meant I could really feel it in my muscles and joints today... I literally ran into lovely Mango & Jessica in the middle of the forest! A nice surprise meeting friends in the depths of Änggårdsbergen.

I can really appreciate how important it is to get even 30-45min on your own, out of the house when you care for a little one. Because it´s all fresh and I´m not used to taking care of a child, let alone a newborn, it´s great, but also quite stressful and emotional.
How do single mothers do it???

I take my hat off for those of you out there that are going or have gone through this process on your own...

P has "daddy-leave" tomorrow. I´ve got a work meeting booked for 11am.
Since P is taking the first feeding session tonight, it means I´ll be able to sleep for about 7h non-stop! Whoha, I´ll be like a new person!

MO a.k.a Törnrosa.



On the train to Sthlm - did you know that they serve breakfast on the train :)

I am travelling with my bag containing not 1, not 3, not 5 but 10!!!! NEW pair of NIKE's


How's that for GLOBAL WARMING hahah

Oh well - sometimes you gotta JUST DO IT - at least I'm taking the train instead of flying :)

Other stuff that always travel with me are:

  • NETTIPOT + ORGANIC SEA SALT (Sthlm is a dirty dirty city, gotta take care of your organs!)
  • SPIKMATTA - Translation... NAILMAT?
  • EYE MASK - Those who have sleept with me know why!!!
  • IPOD (since my IPhone is gone gone gone and the new one is.... well taking it's time :( )
  • NIMUNE - Best skincare products
  • RUNNING SHOES (so yes I actually travell with 13 pair of shoes this time...) MIDNATTSLOPPET here I come!

My missions the coming days:

  • Try to meet my Sthlm friends that I don't get to see that often
  • BIKRAM YOGA - at least 8 classes
  • Run so that I beat my NIKE colleague in our Challenge on Nike+ (hope he has a lazy week!)
  • Learn all there is to know about AIR MAX and pass it on to the Swedish population
Hope to see you on SÖDER in my new AIR MAX MUSEUM :)

The IAM1 Journey
15th August - 23rd August
Studio, Åsogatan 115
Open Monday – Friday 12-7pm
Open Saturday – Sunday 12-5pm
Free Entrance



Doing TIME

... doing this LIFE

Isn't it soo much more fun when you come together?

To me this is YOGA!!

We are now in the middle of August 2009 - LIFE IS HAPPENING NOW. You haven't got forever!
Isn't it weird this concept of time?

I like to think that I am Great/Fab even at most things but there are a few exceptions and time is one of them.
Sometimes it goes by so slowly - like M sings and whoops all of a sudden there wasn't enough...!!

Feel me?

Had a conversation with a friend yesterday, as we were planning our 2009, and I realized that I had no clue wheater my dad past away four or five years ago in August. They way I had to figure it out was by calculating the number of summers spent in the USA doing teacher trainings.

To some that might sound awfull but to me, not a singel day goes by without me thinking of him, he is constantlly with me, in my inner conversations - often telling me to LIVE LIFE NOW in every BREATH!

I wrote down some of the things that he usually asks me so that YOU could answer them to if you feel like it...

1. Who do I love, and what am I doing about it?
2. Am I pursuing my dream, or is fear stopping me?
3. Am I doing something that matters?
4. What am I doing to help others?
5. Am I as good a person as I want to be?
6. What am I doing to live life with passion, health and energy?



Speedy Gonzales


I do EVERYTHING much faster these days:

* Shower - 3 min
* Running - everything over and above 30min is now Long Distance
* Write e-mails - hardly any pleasantries, just right on to the subject.
* Talk on the phone - see previous point.
* Fika/Lunch - gone are the long fikas and lunches. 40min max. Breastfeeding in public just ain´t my bag. I will do it if I have to and I have no problems at all with other mums getting on with it. Me? I just don´t like it.
* Driving home from the gym (alone in the car) - ehh, this one is hard. I wasn´t really what you would call a slow driver before...And now? Let´s just say that it´s (still) lucky I don´t have a sportscar...

Having a 1 1/2 month old baby in the house means that there is certainly no time for hanging about.
Who on earth made up the word "mammaLEDIGHET" ("mum´s holiday" = maternity leave in Swedish)???
OBVIOUSLY NOT anyone with children of their own!




Madonna - You rock!


We got to see the WHOLE Madonna show...


I´ve got so frustrated when I´ve read some of the reviews by music journalists and comments that so called "famous" Swedish people has made about M in different newspaper interviews.

a) She gets cut no slack because she is a woman. No one comments negatively on Mick Jagger being sexually explicit, working the microphone stand and wearing tight fitting pants at the grand ol´age of 63! Yes, Madonna plays the sex card now and again (which artist doesn´t?...and excuse me, have you ever been to a hiphop-concert?...), but not even half as much as the press tries to make it out to be. Yes, she wears tight fitting clothes - and she SHOULD! I´m not paying to see a show were the artist wears a tent or something that I could find in the high street shops.

b) Because she is in better shape than (ever?) when she hit the charts in the 80s, she gets thrown comments like "monstrous", "anorexic", and God knows what! I tell you, at 51, she kicks ass! She can keep the pace with dancers half her age and she has worked (and sweated) hard for that reward! It´s her JOB. She has an amazingly fit body. It scares men and make women feel inadequate.

c) "Famous" Swedish people (read women): when you say that Madonna was your childhood STAR and you ADORED her, you DRESSED like her and got so incredibly INSPIRED by her, but then all of a sudden you changed your mind and now you find her ____ (fill in the blank with some negative word). Listen up: It says more about you than her. Jealousy makes people ugly.

Madonna - MOJO SALUTES you.
Keep the good stuff coming!


Tickle me DARLING!

It's the little things in life right ;)

Sweet Dreams


A Global Yogini

Another day in paradise here on earth!
  • Madonna inspired training in the pilates studio (working on the routine that we did in London - loving it! Training that makes me feel TALL and SPACIOUS yet STRONG and ALERT, understand why M loves this workout!)
  • GREEN Drinks in the sun on the city's one and only (in my opinion) terrace with handsome company
  • Italian dinner with ice cold Chardonnay (we think - hard to tell when you just brushed your teeth!), in the SUN (yes it was a SUNNY day in GBG)
  • Pre Madonna party with Warner (admitting that I!! could have done a better job as a DJ but aside from that - SWELL)

  • +ve AMAZING YOGINI!! There aren't manny FEMALE FIERCE Role models out there (in my opinion) but this MOMA inspiers me! She's straight up, no fuzzying around - "Do it or not but don't waste my time about it" attitude.
  • +ve LYRICS!! Wow - Gandhi, Rumi, Tolle, I mean your all great but listen to this:
  • I'm gonna avoid the cliché
    I'm gonna suspend my senses
    I'm gonna delay my pleasure
    I'm gonna close my body now
  • +ve GOOD TASTE - Hot Dancers, Hot Stage, Hot Costumes, Hot Hot Hot
  • -ve THE CROWD: There were NO FEELING if you ask me... C'mon Sweden, don't be such a stiff upperlip - life is what goes on as you keep on making plans!

  • -ve Too many songs that I didn't recognize (guesse it's my bad) but it keept me from jumping to the stars
  • +ve Have to ad a HIGH to that last one - Haha Funny, but the songs that I didn't like yeasterday are my FAVOURITES Today:
    It's like over and over you're pushing me
Right down to the floor
I should just walk away.
Over and over I keep on coming back for more
I play into your fantasy

Even the devil wouldn't recognize you, I do

After M we went to Push! Let me blame it on the long walk there, on the girls that had to go and change their shoes (took 4ever), the waiting for people here and there (I am NOT a group person I guesse, I LOVE doing what I want, when I want and am not used to travell in big groups), the CROWDED night club, the fact that it is soo hard to flirt when you hang with 6 MALE FRIENDS (have to stop doing that - they get layed I don't!).

Overall a GOOD Night but if we were to put DAY and NIGHT in a boxingring - DAYTIME WON THE GAME by far!

Excited to hear what MO thinks about M's performance tonight! Miss my MO Soo much, haven't seen her and Robin in AGES - that will have to change next week!



Get into the groove


6 songs last Friday with U2 at Ullevi.
Will it be 8 songs at the Madonna concert tomorrow? :)




Life is a mystery, home is where the heart is, baby you'd be better of alone, it makes me wanna pray :)

To sum up some of the feelings right now :)
I don't know if it's the full moon coming up, the turning of the tides, the fact that things didn't turn out the way I hoped for, that there are NEW exciting things coming up, that I can't decide if I want to take over the world or become a housewife...
Anyhow - feelings are an interesting thing!

If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice

KRÄFTSKIVA in the South :)

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home

Home is where the heart is right!

When you call my name its like a little prayer
Im down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know Ill take you there

Don't go for second best baby
Put your love to the test
You know, you know, you've got to
Make him express how he feels
And maybe then you'll know your love is real

You don't need diamond rings
Or eighteen karat gold
Fancy cars that go very fast
You know they never last, no, no
What you need is a big strong hand
To lift you to your higher ground
Make you feel like a queen on a throne
Make him love you till you can't come down
(You'll never come down)

Never ever go for 2nd BEST!!

You deserve the best in life
So if the time isn't right then move on
Second best is never enough
You'll do much better baby on your own

Tell me love isn't true
It's just something that we do
Tell me everything I'm not
But please don't tell me to stop

I'm not religious
But I feel so moved
Makes me want to pray


Love Jo


Life with pain


Anyone who has lived with a child suffering from colic knows what I´m talking about...

At night you want to jump from a bridge, slash your wrists, or shoot yourself, because you feel so worthless,small and pitiful when you cannot ease the pain from the most precious thing in your life.
In the morning it´s a new day and you enter it full of hope and wishes that today is the day when the tears have dried up and the excruciating waves of pain shooting through the little body has finally decided to ease off. The day when you can start fresh and find the baby bubble without the worry or the trips to the hospital.
Maybe today is that day.




Sometimes you gotta go with the flow :)

I had ONE day at home and it felt weird. When you're used to being on a schedule with set times and places to be at it is hard to just drop down into spontaneity!

I mean HARD is GOOD - as long as it doesn't make you TIGHT ;)

So that is why I now hang in the smooth feeling of having a balanced, fun, Scandinavian month ahead of me :)

It is gonna be a month of JIRA work layered with this (imagine a pancake cake - pancake/cream/jam/pancake/cream/jam.... )



My bro is moving to Halmstad :)
A couple of days in the mansion chillin in the country side
Before heading back to the city ;)

M is in GBG - I was supposed to be working in LA but now that I am here - this ICON is NOT TO be missed! Neither is the AFTER PARTY ;)

10 days in Sthlm + 1 day in Amsterdam to prepare for THE EXHIBITION of the year :)

Seen this SHOE before?
A FAN of it?
Wanna make your own EXCLUSIVE ONE?
Let me know and I'll help you :)

Whilst in Sthlm - working with my love JUST DO IT - it would be a big SHAME not to participate in the MIDNATTSLOPPET!!

But I haven't quiet figured out how to fit n these DUDES on the same night...
Possible you think?

Once back from Sthlm HELSINKI awaits me!
Long time no seen my loved ones
Teaching the HOT SMOKING NEW LES MILLS releases

with mean machine PETTER ERHWALL as my teammate
Domed to be a GREAT finish to a HOT TAMALE month like August

What do you think?



NEW MOJO Aerobic Education

We only take limited numbers of participants so be quick... these spots sell out FAST!!!


Ask yourself...

In Swe (sorry) but this yogini always touch my heart :)

Jag är övertygad om att du inom något specifikt område i livet har förberett dig onödigt länge, önskat att livet vore annorlunda tillräckligt många gånger och att du har gjort fler ”de-tours” än vad du egentligen vill erkänna för dig själv. Ibland har vi en tro att vi måste läsa en kurs till, gå ner 14 kilon eller skaffa en större bil innan vi kan bege oss ut i världen.

Receptet är istället att injicera en tillitspruta modell större och sedan släppa fram det som väntar på att födas. Att spela liten är omvänt högmod. Vem ger dig rätten att låtsas vara mindre än perfekt?

Så fort vi mäter vårt värde i materiella ting är vi ute på hal is. Den inbillade tryggheten kan ryckas bort på en sekund och vi åker skör känslomässig berg- och dalbana. För att bli stadiga individer måste vi hålla blicken på det som är beständigt – solen inom oss som inte går att ta på men som betyder allt.

Tänk dig en ängel i ett stenblock. Innan du har hackat ut ängeln syns den inte, inte sant? Det vi behöver göra är att hacka bort det som hindrar oss att se det perfekta som redan finns där inom oss (och inom andra människor). Vi behöver inte veta hur visionen ska nås, det kommer att visa sig automatiskt då de hinder som skymmer vår sikt försvinner och då andra som ett resultat av det kan se vår Ängel tydligare. Detta är inte samma sak som att vänta på att bli redo utan något vi gör medan vi lever och utvecklas. Du är redo.

Fråga dig själv: Vad är det som gör att människor inte vill gifta sig med dig, anställa dig, ringa till dig eller umgås med dig? Vad är det du gör som bidrar till att din Ängel inte är kristallklar och skarp i kanterna? Vilka beteenden, vilka tankar och vilka känslor är det som styr dig och gör dig mindre än vad du skulle kunna vara? Tricket här är att titta noga på alla mindre smickrande beteenden, handlingar och tankar (titta och älta är inte samma sak) och sedan ta ansvar för det vi kan förändra, en dag i taget. Skygglappar, förnekelse och rosa glasögon leder oss åt motsatt håll.

Go get it



Get out of your own way

Back in my appt - my home - my ground. It is LOVELLY and surreal at the same time. Since MAY I haven't spent many days in my own bed.

The last days were spent in Amsterdam. Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, GAY Pride, amazing breakfasts, and the MAN OF MY DREAMS...

- "I like baseball, movies, good clothes, whiskey, fast cars... and you. What else you need to know? "

Mr Depp!!

Amazing as always in his latest movie - Public Enemies.
If you watch closely you'll find a lot of yogic scenes' in there ;)

"We're having too good a time today. We ain't thinking about tomorrow. "

More tomorrow
Love Jo

Living in a Box

Life in a box


On this, our last night before the move we decided to stay in a hotel and let the new tenant move in to our old apartment.
It´s quite an adventure staying in a hotel in your own city... I suggested the designer hotel, whilst P wanted the local, pittoresque family run one. When P pointed out the facts that A. Maybe the designer hotel wasn´t the most child-friendly and B. I hated the (non) service I had last time I visited the designer hotel´s restaurant, I was quite happy to go for his alternative.

So far, I can warmly recommend Hotel Lilton for anyone looking for a sweet, personal, centrally located room in Gothenburg...

EVERYTHING we own is now stored in the bedroom/come office in the old apartment. It means 40sqm filled with boxes, bin bags, suitcases, bags and more boxes... Chaos.

In 24h phase 1 will be over (thank God!) and the unpacking starts...

New place, HERE WE COME!



Everything counts (in large amounts)


The sun was shining for the first time in weeks.
P, Robin & I had a lovely fika with the fab Helena & Carro before we went to see P´s sister+family. Hung out at their summer house-very relaxing. Took a beautiful afternoon nap with Robin sleeping on my belly.
Returned to the city late.
Tomorrow we´ll finish off the last details before the move. Can´t wait! :)

Ps: It´s honouring to see that greatness has found MOJO! Thank you Ana Dulce Félix (female winner of this year´s GöteborgsVarv with the awesome time of 1.11.28) for taking your time reading our blog! You are a true inspiration to all of us "hobby-runners". Respect!




...everyone who has a ticket for U2´s 360 tour on Saturday in Gothenburg.
I was there tonight, saw about 6 songs (and then we had to rush home to Robin) and it was spectacular.
What a show. What a..thing (the claw). And what a party when they do their classic "Sunday bloody Sunday".
Old men rule. At least until Madonna gets to town.