Vacker Valborg

Back in Sweden and it is all so quiet!

Starting to get used to it again I guess!

I DO miss the YOGA KULA! Got plenty of ideas and cravings that Do make me a bit of a restless soul but also very creative and PRESENT!

It's a good thing when nature supports you!

Take the leap whilst all the other little buds out there are exploding into blossom with you :)


Let the weekend begin

After my lifting session I was off to meet fab Åsa. We haven't known each other for that long, but damn, I LIKE this woman. She's my kinda cat: driven, kind, gorgeous (inside and out) with a crazy sense of humour.
Meeting up with her always gives a great energy boost - NICE.

Later in the afternoon I met up with my significant other, darling JOJO and we tried to have an adult conversation whilst over-riding Robin´s "I´m bored stiff-let me out of this damn pram!"-wailing...

As sent from above a friend of JO´s walked past during our fika. He is the hair wiz from Paradise. I mean, really. Things this man don´t know about hair is not worth knowing.
He takes one look at my head and goes: "Your hair looks great!"
Me again: "HELP, I have a hair chrisis!"

In 2 minutes, the hair wiz tells me exactly what I should be doing with my hairstyle (not much, a razor - thin it out, keep more or less the same length), WHOHA - free hair advice from one of the most influential hair stylists in Scandinavia - and do you know what, dear MOJO-readers: Your taste is impecable.
Short is the way to stay.

Have a nice VALBORG :)

Åsa and I outside Deli & Friends. Picture taken by passerby (who first managed to film us instead of taking our picture. VERY funny film which just needed to be erased....)

- blinged from my iPhone

No rest for the wicked

My trainer knows how to motivate me:
"A person who manages to lift a heavy (heavier) weight with bad technique is still stronger than someone who lifts a lower weight with good technique... Your goal is to become stronger. You are stronger now. Your technique is not any better."

- blinged from my iPhone


Do you prefer it LONG or SHORT?


...my hair, that is! What did you think??? :)
I´m going through an identity chrisis!
Right now my hair has reached the length were I have to either:

A) Cut it really short.
B) Save it back to loooong.

What do YOU think?

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Weak as I am


I was NOT a happy puppy after today´s strength session. I SUCKED BIG TIME.
I mean, really, really, f***ing sucked.

First of all, I wasn´t able to do the planned deadlifts, because my left hamstring felt like it was going to pop (a strain that I picked up at last week´s session and thought I´d gotten rid of) when I loaded some weight through my thighs. This got me in a bad mood straight away, because I LOVE deadlifts and I´m normally quite strong here.

So then I was to work with overhead presses instead and, hello??? I was embarassingly weak! Freakingly, little girl weak. NOT bloody good.

My pullups/chins were also without any power today and although in my head I was exploding right up through the sky at 100km/h, when I saw myself caught on tape I was as fast as a poisoned snail crawls...

Luckily I had 3 smashing classes with some extraordinary members!
The yoga class this morning held over 45 people, the spinning class at 17.30 had smoke coming out of ears and noses and the Kettlebell class at 18.30 worked double swings, double cleans AND had the energy to do extra heavy getups!

Power to the people!

Go MO!!!!

Jihoo MO!
LOVE the pink one's!!!

Make sure to cheek out THIS


Wish they never forced me into those shoes!
My kids will ALWAYS be barefoot :)



Don´t you dare saying something


This photograph is for Fredrik & Martin:

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Simplicity, have som cake!

Baby I'm BACK :)

Have some Cake ;)

I always have a hard time coming back...


Getting back into the "old" flow

So now I've decided NOT TO! I will keep what I found in NYC, THAT PRANA and flow with it.

It is all about SIMPLICITY!

Simplicity is never to be associated with weakness and ignorance. It means reducing tons of ore to nuggets of gold. It means the light of fullest knowledge; it means that the individual has seen the folly and the nothingness of those things that make up the sum of the life of others. She has lived down what others are blindly seeking to live up to. Simplicity is. . .the secret of any specific greatness in the life of the individual!

Join me :)





After the toughest night so far in "Mum-hood", Robin looks like a "prickig korv" today.
He woke up with an even worse rash than yesterday.
Stressed out by his itching and crying I forgot I had put 2 tortillas in the toaster. Not a place for tortillas anyway, but there you go....
...and managed to set off the fire alarm, when said tortillas literally went up in smoke.
Our fire alarm goes directly to the fire station.
Let´s just say that the alarm is REALLY loud. Just like a fire alarm should be.

Robin JUMPS out of his skin, if he was crying before, that was NOTHING compared to now.
It took me a while to throw out the toaster through the kitchen window, start opening windows around the apartment and figure out how to de-activate the alarm.

...answering the call from the emergency center, I sheepishly had to explain that I´d burnt "some food" in the kitchen.
And it´s not even 11am yet.

This is one of the thousands of reasons why I´m banned in the kitchen...

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...and then when you are three yrs old...

...we follow up with this...
No, no, no, mum is absolutely not trying to make you do all the stuff that she can´t do, how can you say mean thing like that???

Next year, Robin!


Ok, Robin-this is what´s up next after getting your teeth!


List of days in the life of JO :)


Mo is right IT didn't kill me but I'm am almost wishing it did....

Pics and info coming up as soon as I'm in the SWE country!

Last days have been full of:

  • Yoga
  • KULA - Ariel, Nikki, Flight School
  • Celebrating amazing, stunning 50 year old NYC style
  • Miami DJ PARTY!!!! - or no sorry it was the Sushi Samba Brunch party but it sure felt like Miami
  • Shen Tao - wow - unique
  • Breakfast in the sun, lunch in the park, dinner at venues you haven't even seen in the movies
  • Some shopping :)
  • Some more shopping
  • Walking walking walking
  • Fresh Coconut water
  • Making friends for life
  • Falling in love
  • Getting my BUT kicked by Tyler Durden
  • Brooklyn
  • Night turning into morning, loosing conception of time
  • Yogaworks
  • Sankalpa
  • Jivamukti
  • Oro
  • Bagels in the sun
  • West village
  • East village
  • Strala

and now of to my last class - MULTI INTENSO with the wicked David at Kula! Followed by home made brunch in the west village before my flight takes of to Amsterdam/Sweden :)

You think?


Is spring finally here?


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I dragged myself around Skatås. Legs felt fine after yesterday, but it was night no 6 of bad sleep and I really noticed it in my heartrate. Much like running with a bad hangover (something I thankfully haven't experienced in a looong time).

Rest and recovery is on the agenda. Have a smashing Saturday, lovlies!

- blinged from my iPhone


What doesn´t kill you....makes you sore


Love it. love it, love it!

Even if I slept extremely bad last night, maximum 4h, for the second night in a row (Robin is teething and he´s had a temperature for the last 48h) and therefore felt like roadkill when I woke up:
I did a new PR on 1RM power clean (from hang) today: 45kg!
Which is 82% of my body weight.

Ohhhh, it felt Goooood.
5 weeks to go.

I´m seeing Martin, my genius PT, twice a week for the next 3 weeks.

It´s time to up my game.

Working my weakest link...
8 weeks ago I had very poor muscle development in this area and no contact whatsoever.
Still a bit unbalanced, but looks and feels so much better now, 2 months later.

Remind me...


"- Om alla höll fartgränserna skulle 125 liv räddas varje år", säger Torbjörn Forslund på Rikspolisstyrelsen.

If everyone drove their car sober/not stoned out of their brains/awake - those 125 lives plus at least another 150 lives would be saved, Mo says.


How life has changed since I became a mother


How has my life changed since I became a mother?
Well, how has it not changed?

Robin is 10 months next week and here follows a short summary:

* Yes. I have become less selfish. Suddenly somebody else is calling the shots.

* I appreciate private time more. Time being a mum. Time for training. Time alone with P and time together with my friends.

* I prioritize differently at work.
The things I do and say yes to, should bring me closer to my 5-year work goal. If it doesn´t, it will be fazed out, starting this autumn.

* I have more understanding and less understanding for other parents. More understanding: how it´s a puzzle most of the time to get things done. How not sleeping can get you to act all weird. How having a little one can be a very viable excuse not to be able to do things as spontaniously as before. Less understanding: how you can let your kids behave exactly as they want, where they want. I will never let that happen. If Robin starts screaming uncontrollably in a café or a shop, we will leave. Full stop. How having a kid is an excuse to stop training. Don´t get me started. There are enough gyms with kindergardens and most simple of all: running with the pram. Enough said.

* Earlier, when I was convinced I wouldn´t want any children, I looked everywhere for a role model: A normal, outgoing, well-spoken, succesful woman (or preferably several women) who lived without children by choice, and this is important! -not because they couldn´t have children /didn´t have a partner/ didn´t have the right partner/ were in a same sex relationship, etc etc.

I didn´t really find one. If you´re out there you need to come out of the woodworks.

Even when I was at my most adamant that I was not going to reproduce - ever - I still had this nagging feeling, "But I don´t want to turn out like the childless (by choice) women I´ve met, either..." What was it I reacted so strongly against in these women? It´s hard to nail it down to specifics, but generally, a feeling of immature selfishness - a Peter Pan syndrome, if you´d like. Something I could vaguely recognize in myself in certain situations. It revolted me and was definitely not something that I wanted to grow or nurture in my personality. Have I lost it now? I think so. Commitment doesn´t scare me anymore. In a sense, having the full responsibility for the life of another human being has made me grow up - and I like it.

* The LOVE. The unconditional love that you hear about, read about and you think:
"Ok, I´m ready so hit me with it"
And then, when it does, it´s like a cargo train, it´s like a hurricane, it´s like being swallowed by a black hole and spun around and around and around....and it scares you, inspires you, drives you, fills you up and just keeps growing, day by day, month after month, and I´m certain, year after year...

The love, the light, Mr. R.
22 April 2010


UpsideDown you're turnin me

inside out and round and round!


Made it outside the MANHATTAN island today, jihaaa a roadtripp to an AMAZING teacher - think I have to to a training there :)
Green green grass, sparkling lakes and organic little restaurants! A beautiful Yogi took me there, a lot of fun driving a car in the city!!

Then I went to Dharma Mittra WOHO what a dude! Tell you more tomorrow, of to dinner and drinks now :)





Are you allergic?


Do you have hay fever (pollenallergi)?
In that case have you felt it in the last 2 days?

The reason that I´m asking: I felt lethargic yesterday and today I found myself with a sore throat. The kind of sore throat that could be a) the start of a banging cold or b) a tough bout of hay fever.
Let´s just say that answer A is NOT even an option...


Do you KNOW what you like? Really?!

Now I remember WHY I don't practice ASHNTANGA anymore....

Isn't it funny how we evolve!
I remember how I used to think that the primary series was soo challenging and I was SWEETING it!
This morning all I could feel was stiffness, since I didn't think there was enough strength, mostly flexibility actually, a lot of sitting asanas and a WHOLE LOTA VINYASA, over and over and over!

The pose I like best is def the Shoulderstand LOTUS one :)

Isn't it NICE when you it becomes SO CLEAR - What you DO LIKE and DON'T!!!

What about you?

Of to some REALLY Yumme yoga now before INTENSATI tonight :)



Muddy fields and bad food


Suddenly muddy fields, bad food and expensive beer seems a bit more attractive.


Training Stuff

I still have some training soreness today.
I could feel my legs when I tried to push a bit harder at the end of my spinning class tonight.

I did a KB-training session after my run yesterday, which just increased the mounting buzz in my back and shoulders.

Tomorrow I´m having Fredrik around to spot my snatch technique.
If time is on our side next week, P and I will go around this place to check it out.

I´ve met these guys a couple of times at different events, and I tell you, the stuff they and their peers do is truly inspiring.



According to Deepak Chopra we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS!!

There are 4 forms of intelligence:

The first and highest one is BEING
Second is FEELING
Third one is THINKING and within this one CREATIVITY is the highest form of thinking
The last and fourth one is DOING, and the highest form of DOING is when we DO things for others!

IT was amazing 90min to hear this little man talk and answer questions from the audience at the NEW YORK TIMES office!

He came in wearing a black suit and grey NIKE LUNARLITES with Red/Pink SWOOSH hahaha

It's been an amazing weekend :) Love hanging out with the BEAUTIFUL Brigitte! We have so much fun!!!

The weekend has been full of:

Lounging at Lofts in the West village, lasagna, late night Yoga, brunch in NoLita, yoga, yoga, yoga at Kula, YogaWorks, Strala, Jivamukti, karaoke, up al night dancing, Italian restaurants, beautiful Yogi discussions, drinks at amazing cocktail places, lovely gin and ginger cocktails YUM, sunny realxing sunday in the sun, dry cleaning, home made granola, restorative, brazilian wax, Deepak, and now looking for a new place to stay since B's gorgeous man is coming over and I want them to have some PRIVACY ;)

I admit that I do have a hard time BEING rather than DOING sometimes, especially when I'm in a city like this, I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING! But the last days I've been enjoying BEING more and more!

Wish me luck!



Hidden talent

Mine is the yellow one


I have to admit that getting a NIKE+ Sportsband has helped my spring running. I joined the "Around The World in 40 days Challenge" and that was it. Now I´m obsessed with logging my k´s onto my nikeplus-account.
I almost freaked out earlier when at first, the site refused to recognize today´s run. Restarting my computer solved that problem and I feel happy with being in place 151 (of almost 900 runners) when half the challenge has passed.

Eyjafjallajökull - that´s a handful to spell.
And who would even care to learn how to spell it if it wasn´t for the hidden talent of this volcano to stop half of Europe in its tracks?

Can I just ask one question? Aren´t there volcano eruptions all the time around the world?
I remember visiting Sicily a few years back when Etna had just had a huge eruption just a few days earlier. Was there any airports shut down then in southern Europe? Er, no.
Have you ever heard about airports being shut down because of volcano eruptions before?
Not that I´m volunteering to be aboard the first Boeing to defy the air travel lockdown.
Just wondering.

21.58. Just learned that the volcano needs to be underneath a glacier, to be able to cause the havoc above. Well, you learn something new every day.


How Do you Survive?

Don't know where to start!!!

The last 24 hours and the ones before that to has been INTENSE with NEW experiences, new places, new knowledge, new amazing people :)

After some late night lasagna at an AMAZING open studio appartment in West Village we went to MIDNIGHT YOGA at Laughing Lotus - WOW!!!

Haven't done Friday Midnight Yoga before - Go Go Go!!!

Then karaoke in Chinatown, acrobatic dancing at THE BOX!! Oh La la MON DIEU and then breakfast before attending the Deepak Choopra Talk at New York Times!

Now Yoga and cosy time in bed before the moon wholes at KALI MA again and want's here back out on the street to eat the men and spit them out again! Some one has gotta do the dirty job right!


And have some CAKE!!!


Phat Planet


Drove back and forth to Mjölby today to teach MOJO Yoga at Medley Lundbybadet.
A lovely crowd of instructors raring to go in May!

The roads were quiet and I had some brilliant ideas along the way.
Funny how driving very fast (well, you try and drive on the speed limit to the song below!) and running (not so fast) gets my brain to explode with creativity...you know what I mean?

Have a lovely Saturday night, folks!


In Love with Lifting

Had a great session with Martin today.
Some people have been surprised when I tell them I have a personal trainer. "You? You don´t need a PT, do you???"

My opinion: You want to be the best at your game? Then you can never, ever stand still. You need to be in constant motion and always develop, always learn new tricks. Always be curious. That´s what will keep you on top, whether your profession is fitness/accounting/fishing or web design.

Sister was babysitting, so I could keep full focus on what I was doing. It was great AND I was frustrated. It was one of those sessions when I really got it highlighted to me (again) what my weaknesses are.
(My lower trapz+rhomboids, for example...)
It´s slowly getting better, though, and I´m finally starting to build some muscle mass in the area between my shoulderblades that used to be DEAD before.

It´s a shame most women are afraid to lift heavy weights. If they weren´t, so many of them would:
1. Reach their training goals faster.
2. Feel even more motivated to train - and train HARDER.
3. Look absolutely fantastic. I´m not thinking esteticaly here, I´m thinking about the empowerment it gives you to know that you are STRONG -you walk differently, stand differently and are not afraid to demand more SPACE.

I´ve fallen in ♥ with Olympic weightlifting.
So there.



Is KARMA a ...


Or what's UP?

Got a funny email from my brother the other day about KARMA :)

Now I'm the one asking - KARMA WAS UP?

A Wonderful day with yummey yoga classes, sunbathing in Union Sq, reading, chillin, getting ready for the Kirtan with oh what's his name, Ram Das and Deva Premal? I'll get back to you on that one...

Looking fw to showing the WORLDS GREATEST City to my LOVE who's arriving Friday night :)

Or let me rephrase that - Was scheduled to arrive Friday night! Now he called and told me there was a Volcano thingie in Europe?!!!

Was all my Yoga this week for nothing?

Sitting in the bar in NoLita talking on Skype about the BAD news, guess who walks in:?


I'm pondering the option of hiding my glass of white Chardonnay but then, No, what the heck!

She passes my table and blinks at me!!!!!!!!

Isn't is IRONIC don't you think this little thing we call LIFE :)


Up at dawn...


...to go to a breakfast meeting for sponsors arranged by Göteborgs Varvet.
I was tired. Robin had another bad night and woke up at 1.13am, 3.30am and 5.10am.
My alarm went off at 6.00am.
So, yes, I was knackered actually, but the city, the city was beautiful.

The harbour at 6.50am
I do love my city.

Finn ett fel...

I´m sorry, but was this the best thing you could come up with? Really? Wouldn´t it have been better to build that extra bridge across the water for walkers/runners/bikers instead?

Did some catching up with super-driven entrepreneur Mats from Enervit (the only sportsdrink I would EVER drink), listened to a passionate presentation by Johan Ekman about the development of Älvstranden, watched the new play thing, Mi Coach, from Adidas (hmmmmm....), spoke with lovely, multi-talented Emil about how I thought he should come to Djerba in October and how I in very weak moments think that I just MIGHT run the Gbg Varv this year anyway - even if it has NOT been one of my training goals AT ALL this spring,
and pitched an idea I´ve had for a while with the big boss at GbgVarvet (No, I won´t be able to say anything about it right now).
I almost didn´t have time to eat my sandwich or drink my coffee.
...and now: the rest of the day! :)

- blingblinged from my iPhone



From today's classes:

"Discipline is what you do when NO one is watching" Hahaha so true - sometimes in the poses... or do you agree:?

It's fun to stand on your hands and lift your heels - CHALLENGE!

Why do we do al these funny, strange, animal named poses? Crow, cobra, frog, dog... - Well, one day when we get reborn we might be reborn into one of these animals and then we are a bit more comfortable in the shape! GLAD I GOT that, no one ever told me that!!!

Good Morning to you - Good Night to me :)



Step 1 - check!


Took a run with the buggy today. It was heavy. Robin has been sleeping badly for 2 nights in a row (he´s teething big time) and I could feel it in my legs today.
My reward was a long coffee in the warm sun. I normally find it really hard to relax into the "mamma-ledighet" and I don´t enjoy being off for too long. It makes me restless and bored.
Today I decided to really stick it out, I mean, you never know how long this sun will be around for...

Got back to find a nice email that confirmed I´ve passed the first step towards my May-challenge! Feels good and really motivates me to train even harder before I go to Copenhagen.

Tomorrow is full on. Classes and meetings all day.

WHOHA, life is GOOD!


Sunny madness


There is a stress connected to beautiful weather in Sweden.
I guess that´s what happens in a country where you freeze your a** off most of the time, (or get your nice shoes drowned in muddy rain water).

As soon as the sun pokes its pretty little head out, EVERYONE rushes outdoors to embrace the light, the warmth and the unbelievable fact that you can have a coffee outside without coming back inside with pnemonia.

Yesterday I was laughing at the fact that we had an Iced Latte (42SEK), a Cappuccino (35SEK) and a (very ordinary) sandwich (75SEK) at Da Matteo Vallgatan - for which we paid 152SEK, to sit by a parking lot, on a wobbly wooden chair, with our backs to the concrete wall, staring at...parked cars?

Yes, the nicest coffee in the city, but hey: 152 SEK???
And yet, we will most probably do it again, because that parking lot IS a sun trap, no wind, just gushing, hot SUN and what could be more important this time of year? Mad.


Starbucks kisses

Amazing start with coffee and girl talk this morning before my JIVAMUKTI class :)

Strolling down 5th avenue, landed on a bench in the sun in SOHO, a quick stop at STARBUCKS now for coffee (not the best on this island but I needed the internet) and some comp work - looking for a place to stay on the 16th-25th of April since the person I was supposed to stay with changed her mind :) LOVE my YOGA practice - it makes me strong and soft at the same time :)

Now of to KULA for a class with the GRAVITY surfer Ragunath and IF I'm still alive after that session I might take class with the owner - SCHYLER :) Yummy flow!

Shiva Rea

In lower east side today!
A ful day was booked with this long time guru of mine :) first I had no idea she was gonna be in NYC !!!

It was a day of Agni, 108 ( many of you can guesse what this means...) Rasa - which means liquid or body fluids ( yeup there was slot of roling around on top of eachoter... Say no more ;) and trance dance!

To tired to give you all the details now but here is a pick of the venue - wicked!!!

Tomorrow I'm back at jivamukti with uma's brother for breakfast them some gravity surfing at Kula! Any suggestions as in what to do inbetween?

Prana Shakti bhakti rasa to you all

Shanti Jo

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


New, shiny and fancy


Well done, Linda J, who educated new Incycle spinning instructors this weekend!

New and shiny InCycle spinning instructors, Pia, Linda J, Jocke, Ida, Christian & Anna.

Linda also emailed me this picture today. She found the above in San Diego.
Everyone obviously wants a piece of MOJO, fancy that... :)

- Blinged with my iPhone

Time for Spring

... Which means "run" in Swedish! :)

Today was a pink day-and a rest day for the Lunarelites, so I was wearing my "old" favorites, Zoom Air instead.

- blinged from my iPhone



Sitting on a black leather sofa at ORO in NoLita after a beautiful Saturday that started out with a morning walk up to 5th Avenue/29th Street where one of my ABSOLUTE fav teachers has his little KULA - SANKALPA, means INTENTION!

My BODY aches - after a year with no that much yoga due to my KNEE (love u) and then 3 weeks of fever - let me tell you! I do fell the 5 classes = 10 h of yoga that is now in my body, Ouch, in a good way ;)

What a FUL ON class! + Isaac gives the MOST amazing adjustments on this side of the SUN!
After almost 2 hours of upsidedown insideout we went to the farmers market in Union Sq, and al of the sudden I got an urge to do yoga again :) So I went to Jivamukti YUM!!!

Now I'm chillin here before the SATURDAY night breaks LOSE in this wicked life!

I do miss u guys!


Spring is finally here

...and this is what we did this afternoon:

Robin on the bike for the first time! Wearing a helmet (the smallest size there is), his "survival"-all-in-one and...wait for it: his Star Wars-moccasins...hmmm...maybe not completely thought through...I need to get him proper shoes.

- blinged from my iPhone


GREAT day!

1. Survived getting up at 6am to teach a fab group of people some yoga FLOW. :)
2. Had a crackin lifting session with my PT at 10am.
3. Had 2 interesting meetings at lunch, which could lead to new dimensions in the future.
4. Had a wonderful afternoon fika with gorgeous Linda & Magnus G in the sun.
5. ...and now: dinner with the family at sis´!

Have a kickin´Friday night, MOJOs!


Coming at ya from the Jivamukti Café after a 2hour class with Uma Thurmans brother!


Why Do I LOVE this city?

Let me tell you:

  1. The streets BREATH creativity
  2. After just 12h in this city (6,5 spent sleeping and 3 spent travelling) I've already talked to 5 strangers!!!! THEY started talking to me :) One took a photograph of my hair, one loved my shoes (NIKE Lunar Jihaaa!!), one said I ROCKED pink, one said I had the most amazing eyes, one gave me a total NECK/HEAD Massage YUM. When was the last time that happened in GBG?
  3. YOGA YOGA YOGA - In the café right now putting structure on my weeks, what classes to take.... FULL ON!
  4. This City never sleeps! - Went for tea and cake last night at 2am, sitting outside in the buzz of NOHO
  6. Beautiful People EVERYWHERE (And with beauty I mean people expressing themselves, being totally and fully THEM :)
Thank you for the NYC TIPS! If anyone has more - BRING THEM ON!

NOW Planning time before my next 2 hour session at KULA YOGA :)



So good it's bad


I´m lactose intolerante.
I love ice-cream.
Is it a good idea to go to Belgiska Pralinboden on the day that they recieve this season´s ice-cream from Lejonet & Björnen?
Errrrr....Do I have to answer that?

Over 20 flavours. Untouched. Well, until I got to the shop, that is.
Hazelnut is my all time favourite...that and rum/raisin (an old ladies flavour according to my sis...), and pecan nut, and tiramisu, and....well, you get the point...

By the way, was I drunk when I agreed to sub a yoga class tomorrow morning at 6.45am in Sisjön???
I must have been...

- Blingblinged from my iPhone


In 2 hours I'm on the plane to NYC!
For nearly 3 weeks I'll be in the city of PASSION and POSSIBILITIES :)


I'll keep you posted from classes with some of my FAV teachers and some NEW ones' ;)

I'll also spend time enjoying the city day and night! You gotta have some Yang to your Yin ;)

And DO NOT forget - Al the yummey organic drinks you can have here - Farmers Market watch out ;)

If you have any MUST DO'S or MUST SEES PLZ do let me know!

Love on a Plane



I´m on FIRE today!!!


...in a GREAT way!!!

I mean really.

Was it:
a)because of the 2 cappuccinos I inhaled this morning together with a NY-City high-JO?
b) because of the INCREDIBLY exciting subjects that were dealt with during said fika?
c) because of the 3 multi-fab classes (with gorgeous students included!) that I had the privilege to teach today?

Right answer:
All of the above! :)


Are you X or Y kinda guy?

Are you one of those who WATCH or DO sport:?

Apparently there's a BIG game going on tonight :)

I'm learning so much!!!

- Jo flowing on The IPhone

Running Snob


My 7k run tonight felt ridiculously great!
You know, it was one of those workouts when you sport a stupid smile throughout.

My running this spring is about comfort and consistency right now, since my real focus is on STRENGTH until June.
Therefore I rarely push it during my weekly runs and there is definitely no snot, drool or other unattractive bodily fluids leaving my body throughout my sessions.
I don´t care if people run past me.

Or, I should say: I don´t care if certain people run past me.
I even step out of my way for high tech sportswear-, lycra-, dri-fit-, the latest models of running shoes-, this season´s wind jackets, proper running socks- and POLAR/Garmin/NIKE Sportsband-wearers...

What I do not tolerate - and let me admit it straight away: I AM A RUNNING SNOB (and do not mix this up with being elitist. I consider everybody who runs to be a runner)- is when I am overtaken by a cotton T-shirt-/washed out baggy cotton pants-/football shorts from the 19th century-/old indoor bandy shoe-wearer.

Then and only then, my fiery, competitive spirit awakens and I push and push and push until I´m next to, and then past this unworthy human being.

It´s like all my gadgets, all my wiring - (hello! HOW MUCH technology can one wear for a run??? Polar watch, heart rate chest strap, foot pod, iPod player, headphones, NIKE+, NIKE+ Sportsband...), my expensive clothing and this season´s shoes, just HAVE to make me a better runner than "them"!

Because if that is not the case, I am no better than the ridiculous case of a person at the top of the ski slopes who FALLS out of the chair lift, tangled into everybody else´s equipment, wearing the most expensive gear, with all the right labels, but who just ends up on his designer dressed butt over and over again, with no idea how to ski.....and that would just be so, so sad, wouldn´t it?




Yesterday I felt no inspiration whatsoever.
I didn´t feel like training, I didn´t want to go anywhere, I didn´t want to meet anyone.
I just wanted to stay at home, hang with my family and watch great English TV over the internet.
So that´s what I did.

Today´s been different.
I started off with a sleep-in, since Robin decided that this was a good morning to sleep until 9. YES!

I had a brunchy breakfast consisting of tex-mex mince, boiled eggs and hot Earl Grey tea.
When P came back from his morning activity - which included getting up at 4.30am to go fishing at 5am, (yeah, yeah, I know) - I pushed through a Kettlebell session in the center of my living room floor.

I finally pulled myself together and did the 100 snatches. In 4min 20 seconds.
It wasn´t pretty, but hey, it´s not a beauty contest.

I had a much better flow the other day, when I did 50 - 50 (with about 1min rest inbetween) , because I felt more explosive then...but the important thing is to have enough 100 sessions in my body when I go to Copenhagen to feel assured that I can fly through the test.

Anyway, after KB-training, I met JO for coffee. She looked RADIANT, my beautiful partner, even if she´s not 100% recovered yet.
Tonight I´m teaching Hot MOJO at 17.30 and I´m having a bunch of friends joining the class, most of which don´t do yoga at all - coolio!

21.31 THANKS to ALL 65 individuals who joined the Hot MOJO class tonight!
Members, newbies, family, collegues and friends... You INSPIRE me!

What inspires you today?

My gorgeous P.
Finding his inspiration by the ocean this morning, long before decent people even dream about getting up.
Amazingly beautiful, though.


Arty Easter

Just back in GBG after lovely days in the south!

Spending time with the people you love gotta be on the top of the list of life energy rigth:?

First a day with just momy and me, then adding Bro to complete the trio! And when you thought things couldn't get any better the Amazing AndyK and Grandma showed up :)

Spent our days talking, eating, visiting the KonstRundan - over 200 artists open up their homes/studios during 10 days so thattje public get to see their works and talk to them.

First you go to the big collection where every artist gets to show one piece. You pick the ones you like and then you're off...

We have to set a limit of 2-3 artists per person otherwise you have to travel for days and days!

Luckilly we kinda liked the same artists :)
Here Mom showing us how to REALLY look at art ;)

This week will be preparations for NYC and focus on getting Really well!

Love Jo



Maybe join a flash mob?

Pillow fighting flash mob at Järntorget, Göteborg

Or a hot MOJO class?
Stina's class this morning was packed with familiar faces. Nice to see you all!
Robinho joined P at the gym. All that attention made him this tired:

I'm off to have cake now!
Enjoy your evening. :)

- blinged from my iPhone


"Lazy" Easter

A "lazy" holiday in my household normally contains some kind of training each day. Today's workout? A 6k buggy run, with increased intensity during the 'hills'. Legs and body felt fantastic!
Now its time for the lazy part: yummy dinner in the country!
Enjoy your Friday, folks.

- Blinged from my iPhone


Happy Easter



Enjoy the holiday,
Stay well,
Stay healthy,
Stay strong.


One flew over the ko-ko-nest

Ah what e feeling! Finaly a little less fever :)


And I'm in Skane - the land of Love!
Good thing I'm here cause I was starting to go slightly crazy, koko, speedylee, maniac.... To the line where I could no longer hide it from my "new" loved ones so it's a good thing I escaped to homeland where I can let her out and still seem relatively sane!

Everything is relative right!
I mean just picture MOM screaming at her art scholors
- No!!!! Don't kill the fly, I won't live that long if you do!!!

Explaining it with: I got a horoscope from Dalai Lama saying I should save little animals or I'll be reborn as one!

Of course! Eh....

Also - Mom loves Easter cause al you need is some yellow and purple and she likes those colours anyway....

Happy Easter loved ones

- Jo flowing on The IPhone