The NIKE Oslo event has over the years felt a bit like the younger baby sister to NIKE Stockholm. Not so anymore.
The change was electric.
I think it was a good thing to keep the train on track from last weekend.
Like bands on tour, the WHOLE stage, plus lightning, sound system, even staff and dancers (not to forget the presenters) were packaged and flown (well, some....none named none forgotten... ;)) over to Norway.
I taught my kettlebell class at noon. It´s lucky I´m "flexible" (and I´m not talking bendy here), because 5min before the class, I didn´t know how many KBs there were, or which weight, how many people would turn up to class and how many of them would have done KB training before???...
...well, thankfully the class turned out great!
80 people who went on swinging, lifting, squatting, cleaning, like they´d never done anything else in their lives! :)

Thanks to Pontus (Sportlife Gbg), Åsa (blog reader from Sthlm!) and of course JO, who graced the class with their energetic presence!

Dorre and Per doing their Disco thang

REAL men do HUG - Show me some love - Fredrik Andersson & Pontus Wärnestål during Pure Training

Wonderful friend and talented rider Bruno Sardella

WHOPPA! Jonathan Monks rolling, rockin and jivin´in his beautiful yogaMONKS class.
I HAD to tease him about the beard though!
Reminds me about my dad.

And LOOK what we FOUND!!! In the year 2000 - Magnus "Mango" Ringberg taught SPINNING at an event at Domus Athletica!!! I thought I was going to faint! Mango - you NEVER told me, you secret biker, you!

Fotnot på svenska:
24h på Clarion Royal Christiania i Oslo.

Rum 1: rum in mot ljusgården utan möjlighet att öppna fönstren med tokdålig luft runt 30 grader. Nej tack. Efter många om och men i receptionen (..vi har verkligen FULLT den här helgen...) flyttar jag till:

Rum nr 2: Allt ljud från gatan hörs. Stor reva i örngottet (slänger man inte det då???) + Hårtorken fungerar ej. Ber om ny hårtork i receptionen. Ringer 1h senare och frågar vart den nya hårtorken tog vägen? Svar: "på väg"
Ringer efter ytterligare 45min och förklarar att jag kan inte duscha förrän jag vet att jag kan torka håret. Svar: "Vilket rum bor du på? Vi skickar upp en"
Ringer efter YTTERLIGARE 30min. Svar: "Vi har inga hårtorkar kvar - alla är utlånade, men du kan ringa tillbaks imorgon efter 12.00." ???
Jag blir arg=nytt rum trollas fram i den renoverade delen av hotellet.
Rum nr 3: nu kör vi!

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