Första advent och vårt första ljus är tänt.... ladidadida!
Eller hur går den nu?!

SVENSKA, sorry guys, I just have to!

Ibland blir jag så fylld av KÄRLEK att det känns som om jag ska SPRICKA!

  • Jag har VÄRLDENS skönaste, vackraste, roligaste FAMILJ

  • BLÅBÄR i Sthlm, jag DÖR! Helt fantastiskt, ni räddade min dag!

  • Min bästa vän har gift sig, han som aldrig tänkte/ville gifta sig :)

  • Så grymma vänner som jag kan levlla med... läs SOY's blogg om HUNGER!

  • GÖTEBORG...åh, Järntorget, jag ÄLSKAR att komma hem!

  • Att få DANSA med Grymma Jammers som ger järnet, wow, you fill me up!

  • JUL, JUL Strålande JUL! Oh NEJ, jag tänker INTE vara en av dom som: Åh, GUD vad snabbt tiden går, läskigt, redan jul....bla bla bla, stress bla bla bla... Jag tänker NJUTA varje sekund. Jag har redan ätit en lussebulle, pepparkakor, köpt tio sorters glögg och lyssnat på julmusik (jag skutta fram på sthlms gator när jag hörde "nu nu e de jul igen" ohhh, orgasm....!)

Nu jäklar DECEMBER, watch out! Jag kom just hem från en helg i tre städer; work, work, work och jag är så FYLLD att bjällerklang klockorna stannar!


Christmas PARTY

Although I had an early start on Saturday morning, I made it to the X-mas Party for Gymnasium on Friday night. These two clubs are unique in Sweden. With Owe, Åsa & Pia running the two ships, they have created two extremely successful clubs - run like professional businesses, but still with a very "homely feeling". They sure deserve to be "The Club of the year". Do you agree? Then place your vote here.

Almost 100 Gymnasium-people all glammed up. Nice to see you "with clothes on"...

"Grabbarna Grus" who kept us entertained during dinner: Fredrik, Peter & Magnus. We were all laughing and making jokes about the "PRAO-elev" that we had for a waitress. Tip: if you cannot remember a single thing 1 min after you have left a table-get a notebook and WRITE it down. And yes, knife and fork are obligatory tools for a dinner restaurant, even when you serve hamburgers....

Annica, Emil, Fredda, Victor & Linda, looking all gorgeous on the table next door...

Standing ovations and "Happy Birthday" for the birthday "child"...

...Owe G - 50 yrs and still going strong...

Impromptu performance by "Benji" & Nils...

Me with wonderful Susanne & best pal Åse

Åsa G - a legend - and stunning as usual!

MULTI-talented Pia & Åsa are receiving their X-mas presents...



(Be careful) What you wish for


I set my alarm at 6.40am this morning and I was so, so tired when I left my warm, cosy bed.

By 8.02 I was on the train to Falköping and an hour later I changed from train to bus. As I was making myself comfortable in my seat the first phone call arrived. Someone was almost crying down the phone. Turns out that the gym I was travelling to was burgled last night!

We agreed I would go to my hotel in Tidaholm and await further information.

I arrived at the spookiest hotel I´ve ever been to. At 10am the reception was closed for the day (!) and I entered with a code that I had received at the time of the booking. My key was waiting in a white envelope on top of the reception desk. Except from me, the whole building was empty, or at least that´s the impression I got. Long, dark corridors and an elevator without a window... I´ve seen enough horror movies to know when the audience goes:
"NOOOOOO, don´t go in there, you stupid, stupid person!!!!"

I was seriously contemplating how on earth I would be able to sleep in that place... Pictures of little twin girls, "REDRUM" and an insane Jack Nicholson were running through my head.
Second phone call arrives: Turns out that the burglars not only have stolen stuff, but also caused enough destruction to make it impossible to work in that gym for at least 2 days.

So, 2h after arriving in Tidaholm, I´m on the train back to Gothenburg.

And that´s how I ended up with half a free weekend at home! Just when I needed it most. Weird how life works sometimes, eh?


Tired, but not bloody dead!


I might be tired, but I´m not bloody dead.

Tonight I´m taking my new favourite shoes out for a ride - Black shoe boots with python skin & suede from KG. Ohhhh, I like!

Meeting up with the Gymnasium crew for the yearly X-mas party.

My train is leaving 8am tomorrow morning, so I promise to be a good girl and do a Cinderella (minus the lost shoe of course!), I´ll be home by midnight...

Happy 1st Advent!

Right height, right colour and ohhhh, so sexy... I LOVE my new shoes!


I Don't like Buffets

I don’t like buffets

I either eat too much or I don’t eat at all….

I have such a hard time pacing myself.

This weekend is a buffet!

Today I am off to OSLO to teach the quarterlies: BODYJAM 47 and BODYBALANCE 43.
They rock I must add! Especially since the HOTTEST jammer is on the DVD, Swedish ÅSA FORNANDER totally shows you how to get low in the hip-hop part ☺

Coldplay opens up the new BODYBALANCE with the lyrics: ” Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I am lost” Wow ☺ Ask my brother if he likes that song, or let me rephrases that: ask my brother if he likes ME singing that song ☺

One night in Oslo and then Stockholm bejbi! It is a good thing that I am not in Stockholm tonight cause there would have been a fat chance that I would have stirred my little touché towards Cafe Opera and HOUSETÅGET. Considering that I am working this weekend that might not have been a pretty site Saturday morning. So a little less buffet, thanks!

El Stockholmo awaits me on Saturday evening, and here is the tricky buffet part:
To many dear friends to meet and greet in to few hours
To many hot, cool yoga workshops to attend in to many places in to little time.
If I were you and I were in Sthlm this weekend I would be glued to either:

DAVID LIFE and SHARON GANNON’S workshop on www.yogayama.se

Jason's workshop on www.bikramyogasoder.se

Well, I am also teaching the quarterlies in Sthlm on Sunday so I’ll let you know how I managed to digest this weekend buffet on Monday ☺
If you want more tips on how to eat as much as possible without being full like an watermelon with seriously high blood sugars you can ask MANGO ☺ hahahahahahha NOT!

And yeah, by the way, it is also 1sta advent!

Phuu, so much fun, so little time

Stretch the breath people stretch the breath!



Duracell Bunny is getting tired...


...and wouldn´t mind some Christmas holidays right now.

Instead, I´ll be off to Tidaholm this weekend for a 2-day In-Cycle Certification Course.

Next Wednesday I´m travelling to Linköping to participate in Scott Sonnon´s 1-day Kettlebell course, followed by his 1-day Clubbell course. (Oh, and I´m guest teaching a spinning class there as well!)

Scott Sonnon sporting a clubbell.

Sunday 7 December is my last weekend booking of the year, and it´s close by (doing a heart rate course for a new club in Kungsbacka).

Monday the 8? Ohhhhh, celebration of "almost holiday"-day! Well, at least for a couple of hours, then I´m off teaching my regular classes in the evening!...

Thursday the 11? Thailand, here I come!!!!



What a cosy day!
Breakfast with Fab POM and KRULL (who is no longer krull, kinda like me). I love u!
Christmas decorating my home hahahha, mom would die if she knew that I've done this already. She is the mom who decorates for christmas on the 23rd of Dec and throws it all ("it all" being one tomte, 2 red pillows and one BIG christmas tree) out on the 25th!

By christmas decorating I mean: Putting my old junk in the attic (finally). Vita hyacinter, mmm, loads of candels everywhere. Christmas star in the window, a BIG tray of juciy oranges and an old white tall ADVENTSLJUSSTAKE :) mmmmm

And now I am of to school, I LOVE SCHOOL!

Before I took my degree as an NON GOVERNMENT PROJECT MANAGER I studied MANAGEMENT within HEALTPROMOTION (humanekologi in between :)! I love the idea of the concept health PROMOTION!

So here's the quote of the day:

"Hälsa är ett tillstånd av fullständigt välbefinnande såväl fysiskt, psykiskt som socialt och inte bara avsaknad av sjukdom." - WHO, Världshälsoorganistionen 1948

Have a good one



X-mas shopping has started!


Presents that are bought:
* x-mas present for my sister CHECK
* x-mas present for my niece CHECK

People I know what to buy, but haven´t got to the right shops yet:

* Sis´ husband CHECK

Dad? NO idea...

The hunt goes on...



I really am getting married!....


Then when I came back from Stockholm Sunday lunchtime I was kidnapped. (By amateurs, I should say...:))
They saw my train come in, rushed out to hide...and missed me as I was walking past!
Hahahahaha, 15min and a few confused phonecalls later (I was sort of getting cold and annoyed when P was late picking me up-he´s normally NEVER late) and my sister panicking wondering if they had been watching the wrong train... 4 of my absolute favourite people in the world blindfolded me and brought me in the car to...St.Jörgens Park for my hen do!

We had a fabulous time!

Wow, my friends really now what I appreciate - great company, conversations, laughter, food and relaxation...

We did lots of food - SPA - food again - hanging out - giggling - telling stories - sleeping - hotel breakfast together and then bye bye on Monday morning.

Thank you SO much for a wonderful day/evening/morning!

My friends have a weird sense of humour. They NEVER thought I would put it on, but I decided to be a good sport. (Besides, anyone who has seen "Madagascar"-the movie, knows that penguins RULE!) Turns out I did not have to wear this costume anywhere outside the hotel room, so yes, we are still friends...

In front of the tiny fireplace at St. Jörgens Park hotel...
Febs felt "Big in Japan"...

Don´t mess with the Asian invasion! (You know, it might not seem like it in this picture, but I have lots of non-Asian friends too... 2 of which were travelling this weekend, JO & Mango, and two others who couldn´t make it for other reasons...)




First report: Svettisdagarna....

Had so much Red & White love on Saturday that my heart almost burst! Wow, what an event. Over 1.500 people gathered to take "Jympa"-classes, lectures, dance, Functional training, Spinning and more.

It was a lovely day for me and I was proud to be invited.

"Jympa" in the main hall...

Mango, Saturday morning. Getting ready to do his magic.

At lunchtime I hooked up with wonderful C (my sister-in-law)! Lovely to see her!
Representing F&S Älmhult at Svettisdagarna.

The bike"room"...

I look kinda lonely and tiny up there, don´t I?

I'm Back !

From Tallin!

Core Class has never been so lovelly! U rock guys!
And today, 3 more members stepped into the class. I usually see them in the gym at 630am on the cardio machines and I have been wanting to invite them to join me for the 7am core class but I haven't yet.... And today they joined the class before I even came around to ask! Now, the importat question is: Will they come back?....

I will keep u updated!

Until then, I know Mo has done some christmas shopping.... I never start before Dec, but this year christmas is early! Check out the skirt I bought for my mom as a JULKLAPP :) U like?!

Let's rock this Tuesday!

Hard Core Jo


I wanna go HOME

Yees, Yes, Yes!

I wanna go home
I miss u

It is at times like this that I hate being alone, I wanna have someone by my side who says; Bejb, just relaxe, I'll take care of everything, just lean your head in my lap and close your eyes. By the time you open them, you'll be home!

Right now, I don't get karma...

Why? Why? Why do you cancel a flight after 10h of waiting. Couldn't you calculate, use propabilities to figure out that the plane probablly wouldn't be able to take of, not today either...

Tallin, i love u but right now U SUCK!!!


Pom I miss u


...yesterday afternoon as I was coming back from Stockholm, and I´ve spent the last 20h at my HEN NIGHT! :)

Will get back with full report in the afternoon, but I´m off for a modeling thingie for Göteborgs Energi now.

See you later!



VIRUS week


Computers should help your daily life.

More often than not, they seem to do the opposite... Why do they suddenly decide to "freeze" when you have written a particularly good email or blog-thread? Why do some updates prevent you from reading your emails as normal or open attachments? I know, I know, I know, it´s supposed to be for security reasons and to protect us from VIRUSES, TROJANS, etc etc.

The last few days my old anti-virus program (Norton) has been playing up my home computer. It kept telling me to compress old files and that there were not enough disk space, etc. VERY annoying since I ended up deleting 3-4 programs, clearing zillions of MB...and it still wouldn´t work.

Well, thank God for Google. I´ve now deleted my old virus program (which in itself needed almost 200MB space!) and installed a FREE (yes! We like!) anti-virus/spyware program for PC-owners, called Avast.

It has had phenomenal feedback on different forums, blogs and magazine sites around cyberspace, so I dare say it comes highly recommended.

Phew! Not only do I have to keep myself in good health this week, it seems that my computer was the one with the potential serious problem...


Red & White weekend (no, not talking wine...)


Tomorrow I´m off to Stockholm (again!) to join the revolution of "Svettisdagarna"! I am the proud presenter of 2 spinning classes at the Red & White yearly gathering of Friskis & Svettis main event.
There are 1.500 people taking part in the 2 days of training and inspiration and there will be 150 bikes in the bike room.
Should be "da Bomb"!

I LOVE working with F&S - so much love so much joy! Also, my music style is so not very Friskis (not a schlager in sight!) which makes it even more exciting - both for them and for me!

First of all though, I´m looking forward to my appointment with Affi (who desperately needs to fix my eyebrows) tomorrow morning and then it´s lunch with mum.
Packing will happen around 14.00 when I follow the usual routine of throwing all I can find into a VERY big suitcase.
Lucky my train doesn´t leave until after 5pm...

Yes, warewolf-alert, ahoy!





At least this morning I won. Grey sweatpants stayed by the bed and on went extra baggy suit-shorts+extra tight waistcoat from Stella Forest+black fitted cotton-lycra vest from H&M, boots by Gucci.

In my V.V.K-mode (Våga Vägra Koma - or "Dare To Refuse Coma") where the mission this week is to rejuvenate and recover, I´m happy to say that on day 3 it´s working. The extra hours of sleep, the extra vitamins and the slower pace during the day saw me waking up this morning FULL of energy and feeling great!

The final goal is to arrive on my holiday on December 12 relaxed and focused. Instead of arriving 1.feeling faint, 2.like a wreck with a sore throat and/or 3.needing 48h of continuous sleep before the holiday can start!

Step 2 on my mission is next week, when my plan is to finish all the Christmas shopping before Wednesday, when the shops are nearly empty and with plenty of time before December 24...

Yes! I´m on a roooooooll!



Okej, I am ready!
Got my Spikmatta with me, minerals and vitamins, music, ayurvedic oils, ögonmask and gojiiberries. Perhaps I should take my passport as well..?! :)

Yes, Tallin, here I come and I'm taking KEANE with me cause at the moment they rock my world!

I will keep you updated from my lover, my Iphone :)

But for now, just enjoy the song, the moment, cause:

When we fall in love
We're just falling
In love with ourselves
We're spiralling




Yeas Bam Thank You Mam


  • Essay in the mail, check!
  • Taught the New BODYJAM Relase at 1850, check
  • Fika with MO, check!

Just some BODYBALANCE left and then I'm off to bed

ahh it looks so cosy, my bed, can't wait

Sweet dreams


The sweatpants war


In the last few days I´ve fought a war against my grey sweatpants. After coming out of the shower, they have been calling: "Wear me! Wear me! Wear me! I´m comfortable! It´s raining cats and dogs outside and I will make you warm and cosy!"

I have no trouble wearing comfy sports clothing. I WORK with training. And that´s the problem. When you spend a lot of your work time in different types of training gear, it´s nice, not to say necessary for your mental health, to wear some dressed pieces now and again.

I had lunch with my designer friend yesterday. She goes: "Wow, you look great! I thought you said you´d just been home working in your office all morning?" Me: "Yes, I have" (I was wearing black suit trousers from ZARA, a black, phenomenal satin super-bow top from Hoss & black stilettos from Kurt Geiger) Designer friend: "You wore that at home, just lounging about in your home office?" Me: "...uhmmm..."

Because I REFUSE turning into the sloppy track-suit-woman 365 days a year! And having your office at home isn´t an excuse. Dressing up will put you in a different mind-set, work-mode if you like...

BUT, since today is spent evaluating Kettlebell-instructors, the grey sweatpants won the fight this morning...sitting in someone´s class wearing high heels and a dress from Hoss, just doesn´t feel that appropriate...

Super-duper comfy grey sweatpants, extra long, supersoft T-shirt & black fitted cotton hoody - all NIKE

Ps. Saw someone on Sunday who certainly won´t have aforementioned problem...shared the flight back from Umeå with Thomas di Leva...wow, that man probably doesn´t even OWN a pair of sweatpants. He wore a purple coloured sheepskin coat with a huge OM-sign on the back, green trousers and wild hair. Awesome.


Multi tasking!!

A bisquit, a basket, a bright yellow tasket....

Today I am:
  • Expanding my company JIRA
  • Writing an essay on, eh just forgot it, gotta check the document, wait:
  • Medvetandet och omvärlden - neurologiskt och filosofiskt perspektiv, phuu
  • Learning the NEW BODYBALANCE 43
  • Learning the NEW BODYJAM 47
  • Packing for Tallin
  • Teaching 3 classes
  • Fika with MO (I hope, it is my goal)

Yeap, thats about it What r u up to today?!

One Tribe, One conciousness, One FORCE




I wish you a great and healthy week!


...with so many people off sick, fighting off colds and "vinterkräksjukan", I´ve decided to go easy this week.

- Sleep more,
- listen to beautiful music,
- make lots of yummy fresh juices and smoothies,
- kiss P a lot, (absolutely the best for boosting the immune system!)
- spend at least 30minutes outdoors and
- do 30min of restorative yoga every day. (Not necessarely combined, or I´ll freeze my a.. off...)

I wish you all a great and healthy week!

Lots of Love

Unless you'r a Panda

I Loove the Universe :)

If the following variables existed in a mathematical equation:

X = The end result in mind
Y = Manifestation
H = Hows (the cursed hows)
A = Action in the general direction of the end result

Please choose the equation that will make the most happen in your life, the fastest, with the least stress:

A. The End Result + Hows + Action = Manifestation
B. Manifestation + The End Result + Action = Hows
C. The End Result + Action = Hows + Manifestation
D. Action + Hows + Manifestation = The End Result
E. Eats Shoots + Leaves = Panda Energy

The answer was "C," unless you're a Panda. In plain English, if you have a dream and you physically move in its direction, I will arrange the hows, and the next thing you know....



Still HOT n COLD

There are two ways of losing your life:

In a second

or one day at a time!

This was a line in a film I saw and it stuck with me. It is soo true. The main characters father died in a carcrash and the "wise" older man says this to the young man as he is waisting his life working 24/7 and not having time for his family/friends!

The other day I got this e-mail from a great coach, Anders:

Du träffar någon ute på stán och de säger: Är du här? Nej, jag är någon annanstans... Det här är ju nu en ”dum” fråga som vi ställer för att vara sociala och ha något att ”bryta isen” med. Det är ju i sig ganska harmlöst, men det finns andra som gör oss verklig skada. Som de här:

Varför händer alltid sån här skit mig?

Varför kan jag inte komma ur det här?

Undrar hur många drinkar till jag kan ta innan vi går ut?

Varför är det så tråååkigt att träna?

Varför är jag den enda som gör något i det här förhållandet?

Varför måste jag gå upp så tidigt?

Change your MIND and you will change your Life!

Hur kan jag få min fru/man att känna sig riktigt älskad idag?

Hur kan jag bidra med värde till alla jag träffar idag så att de känner att de vill betala för det jag har att erbjuda?

Är löptur, en promenad eller styrketräning bästa sättet att ta hand om min kropp idag?

Vad är jag mest stolt över i mitt liv just nu?

Om mötet jag har idag går så bra att vi båda går därifrån med ett leende på våra läppar, vad har vi kommit överens om då?

Hur kan jag lösa det här på bästa sätt och ha roligt under tiden?

Love Jo

You're HOT n your COLD

Soo much going on right now!
Both internally and externally.

St Jörgens Park was AMAZING! I can't belive I haven't been there until now. If you haven't either, promise that you go there for a soft late lunch or an early morning in their "Himmelriket" and finish with a lovelly breakfast!

Gorgeous J hooked me up with THE best room on the top floor with a view overlooking the entire city!
Lunch in the bar with Gbg's hotest Blonde, chillin in the spa before my Shirodana (could not stop thinking about the ayurvedic treatments I got in Kreala. Let me tell you, they were worlds apart:) Not saying that one was better then the other, but different (ask Mo if you want to have another opinion :) ).

Then another gorgeous babe join
ed me for a 3 course dinner, starting with Champagne to be continued with a to-die-for red wine mm (the food was good to :)
Walked (20m) home, and had girl talk in the to-die-for bed until it was time for us (me) to wake up (remember I was there to WORK!).

20min of loving meditation with the Lisebergs Granen as focal point, and then I was of to teach my ONE Yoga class.
It was A PERFECT class. A full room (a feng shui yoga room, me like!) of mixed students, some who never ever had set a foot on a mat before and some very advanced. It was a challange, but the kind of challange I love cause it forces me to work extra hard, and stay really focused. It was a succes :)

After class me and A went for the SPA ritual in "HEAVAN" and since we'r both PITTA (fire) we got a speciall scheduel to follow, something like this:
  • Japansk Tvagning, I rub your back and you rub mine mmm
  • Fotbad with special salt
  • Sauna (there are like 7 or something diff saunas) with chrystals and aroma therapy
  • Facial Mask in another sauna
  • ICE COLD shower.....
  • Safari shower hahahha
  • Scrub
  • A pool that was hot/cold/hot/cold wich we walked around in
  • Isvak
  • Sauna HOT
  • Scrub with ICE
  • MuddPack in SteamSauna
  • and on and on and on
Finally we were ready for breakfast, yummmey!!!!

Sunday: I just Storstädade my entire appt, jihaa. Have made APPLEJUICE from 5kg of fresh organic apples (with some ginger mm) and now I am trying to get my tired littel touch to go and learn the new BODYJAM release, how can it be so hard to JUST get going....oh well

"Anything is possible", she belived, so she grew WINGS and flew like an ANGEL to the STARS!

See ya Jo


Snow in Umeå


There is snow in Umeå! Lovely.
A gentle, light snowfall started around 13.30 and has covered the whole city in white by now.

A charming light exhibition in the center of Umeå

I´ve done a job for Umeå´s Landsting today. I taught: Core, Afro, Yoga and a lecture. A fun challenging day! Thanks to Lena who made the work both easy and fun.

Boy, am I tired of my own voice? Yes, tired of my own voice and hungry...

Planning an early night. I´ll be home by 14.30 tomorrow afternoon. Wonderful. :)



Song of the week - for JOJO


On my way to Umeå for work.

Had a lovely, relaxed day with some quality time with JO this morning.

So, this one is for you, girlfriend!

A great song which MUST have been written with you in mind, "Miss Independent".



We only go for GOLD

Oh Yeaah! Dig this!


It is ME, MO and Kajsa Bergqvist :)

And MOM off course!

Be there or be square!


See you in Stockholm 31Jan-1Feb 2009



See you in Stockholm 31 Jan - 1 Feb, 2009

Saturday 10.30-11.30 Vinyasa Flow (yoga)
Saturday 17.00-18.00 Hour of Power (spinning)
Sunday 12.00-13.00 Kettlebell

Friday 30 January - Pre-convention 16.00-19.00 Yoga/Raw Food & Feng Shui
Saturday 10.30-11.30 Funktionell Flexibility (functional training)
Sunday 13.20-14.20 BodyBalance 44





Amazing Essential, Hoss, Stella Forest, Betsey Johnson Sample Sale
Family birthdays
Father´s Day
H&M + Comme de Garcons
Christmas Shopping

When I was in my late teens going through a faze of "disturbed eating patterns" (I don´t want to call it eating disorder-because that would be an exaggeration) I went from refusing to eat different food stuff (ie cheese, butter, cream, meat, deserts, bread or whatever else was the enemy of that week) to binging on both cooked food, sandwiches, crisps, popcorn, sweets, deserts, etc (yes, in one sitting).

In hindsight I would call my state "senile bulimia" (or in Swedish "senil-bulemi") which basically means binging without the throwing up....Fet

Very similar feelings to what would be felt after those binges, will sometimes occur even today. The difference is, now it´s not related to food anymore, but shopping.

That overfull, nauseated, unclean, guilt-ridden feeling of TOO MUCH and ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
Luckily, it happens much more rarely these days, but the period running up to Christmas can be a challenge.

That´s why I´m very happy about the 1 X-mas present rule in our family. It was enforced on my family about 6 scandalous X-mases ago when our X-mas tree didn´t even touch the floor anymore, because of all the presents beneath it.

We were 6 adults celebrating Christmas.
Not even a child in sight.
After that low point, it was decided that from now on: only 1 X-mas gift per person to be given.
A good rule. And sadly in our house, a necessary rule.
Although several family members have tried to bend the rule a few times (me included), from then on at least we don´t have to feel embarrased about the obscene amount of packages under the X-mas tree anymore.

Also, it lessens the risk of overspending zillions on presents, therefore also lessening the risk of a serious shopping hang-over.

*Less impulsive shopping,
*buying fewer but more classic (and therefore more expensive, I´m afraid) items,
*staying away from the New Year-SALE
*not owning a credit card
*and sometimes even just refusing going into shops at all,
are also strategies that have worked well.

Just like an eating disorder, you are never completely cured, but being aware will at least help you stay away from the worst pitfalls...




Welcome to class... Yoga inspiration


Special thanks to Per D for sending me the link. :)

Just what was needed on a rainy Tuesday afternoon!



Toppsy Turvey Spin me around!

You know, things don't always turn out they way you planned! Recognize that?!

Well, this day so far:

  • New CORE Class, a FULL class! Wow Hagabadet, u guys rock! Great class but HARD, I almost couldn't do it myself hihih
  • Plan= train new BJ, but as I took a break and phoned my grandma the computer died :( So I went home!
  • Taught Pilates, NONE of the participants had EVER done it before, a challange, but we had FUN! (I hope, I think!)
  • Getting ready to train the new BB release, but the studio was "occupied" since the class was running late. I finally got in only to be thrown out 30min later :(
  • Was looking forward to go Horse Riding, but they wouldn't let me ride the horses :( God damit!!!
Still I am pleased with my day so far cause I have dealt with it all in a very Organic way :) Go JIRA!

And also, my mailbox was filled with nice mails this morning, like this one:

What can you now do,
that you'd like to do,
that you aren't doing?

Do it, Johanna.

The Universe

Jihaa!!! I will!

See u soon

Carpe Diem Jo


Love NOT Locked Down :)

The same spot that will heal you can also kill you!
Intention is everything!
What is your intention with this week?

Duncan Wong was one of the people who gave me PRANA during the Yoga Show in London!
I am not a fan of YOGIC PERFORMANCE or YOGA COMPETITIONS, but if you are gonna do it, do it 100% like this guy!

I loved the way he so simply explained it:

Pilates is preparation for Yoga Yoga is preparation for Martial Arts

Babysteps and you will get there!

Went to Skåne for a day, it was GREAT! After spending two weeks in London with hours of comuting everyday, i figured why not go down to skåne since I have a day off :) It really boosted my system! Meeting my mom, brother and his gorgeous girlfriend (soon to be wife:)

Let's rock this week!

If you don'thave any plans for the weekend here's an idea:
St Jörgens Park has got AYURVEDISK WEEKEND! A must! Great food, amazing hotel, treatments, yoga, feng shui environment, you can have it all! I teach yoga in the morning! Come and hang out :)

Sat 15 is HOUSE TÅGET! If you like LIVE performance in a NEW and FRESH form + dancing the night away you have to join me for this one! It is going to be wicked!!!!!

Hope to see u around this week

Love Jo


Weekend Blues


Spinning & Yoga in Stockholm yesterday and the same in Gothenburg today.

It´s not every Sunday I get to bike to my weekend work and I really celebrated that novelty today!

There was a moment of confusion when it turned out that the yoga class was to start an hour earlier than what I previously had been told. Also it was held at SATS Kompassen, not SATS Kungsgatan, which resulted in the fact that some of the participants had to run from the spinning class 10min early- to join Mango´s muscle class, then leave that class 10min early to run back to Kompassen - to join my yoga class....

Well, well, Mango and I discussed yesterday what an honour it is to be invited (to give inspiration) to Scandinavia´s largest chain of fitness clubs.
It was nice seeing a lot of familiar faces - and it turned out that 3 of my old students now teach classes of their own at SATS! Great stuff! Meeting them brought back a lot of good memories of hundreds (if not thousands!) of crazy rides during the years. My spinning career celebrates 14yrs next year and there have been one or a thousand faces passing by throughout those years.

Tomorrow is another week....

Song of the month


This is the song of the month. Played on repeat in my car, on my iPod and at home...

It´s not new, but it´s timeless and beautiful. Written after the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Lil Wayne feat. Robin Thicke in "Tie My Hands"



Good morning MOJO

Woke up with a bottle of red wine in my body and now I am off to school!

Things are falling into place :)





Bravery and beauty


Back in Stockholm. We had a wonderful afternoon with a smoothie at Blueberry (this time at Sibyllegatan 15) and then a looong late lunch with CK at Yogayama.
A lot of fun and it was truly inspirational to see CK in such brilliant form half way through her chemotherapy. Without hair she looked like a cool New Yorker working in fashion/advertising/PR. Wow. (If I lost my hair I would look like a HUGE headed woman with a very flat backed skull!!! Also, the wig shop would tripple charge me because the size of the wig I would need...)
What a NASTY disease cancer is and what aweful stuff you have to put your body through to get rid of it...
I salute you CK for dealing with it with such bravery and such inner AND outer beauty!

Tomorrow Mango and I will be at SATS Zenith all day. Mango is teaching Pilates & Dance, followed by my spinning, then after lunch Mango is doing Functional Moves and I will finish off the day with 90 minutes yoga.

It´ll be an honour inspiring the Stockholm posse of SATS-instructors tomorrow and then be profets in our own home town in Gothenburg on Sunday, repeating the same schedule at SATS Kungsgatan & SATS Kompassen.

Run Jo Run

I saw this movie in London. I was expecting to see a Brad Pitt born !old" and growing younger the "older" hoe got whilst his childhood love aged as everybody else. Makes sense? Did I just dream this or does this movie really excist?

Anyhow, that story never happend in Burn After Reading, but I must tell you: GO AND SEE IT! It is the craziest film out there at the moment!

Watch closely if you want to see what I, JO, look like when I run on a treadmil!! Hahahaha
If you see the movie, and have been following our blog you will notice that Brad Pitts caracter is actually a perfect mix of Mo + Jo + Mango!!! Can you spot the scenes? (I have already given away one of them!)

Love this freakin rainy friday cause I am HOME an I am NOT working!

Wanna hang out? Just drop a line :)

Yo Yo Jo


PORN Surfing


There are different definitions of porn.

My personal trainer said to me the other week that he´d been "porn surfing" on YouTube. What he really meant was that he had spent hours checking out different training clips of people´s private training videos.

When we talk about porn-surfing in my house we mean spending indecent amounts of time checking out apartments on Hemnet.

"Do they really think they are going to get xxx-millions for THAT?!"
"Honey, come and look at THIS!!!!" (normally meaning a hideous carpet/wallpaper/kitchen/bathroom)
"Do they REALLY think they can call that a 3-room apartament, just because they put up an extra wall in front of the kitchen window???? Do they think the buyer is stupid, or what?!"

..and in these days when Home Styling is BIG business, are we really that gullible that we don´t understand that the photos are taken with a fisheye lens, that the bed or the cupboard are mini-sized to make the room look bigger, and HOW come every single female person in Gothenburg suddenly seems to own a Mulberry handbag and wear high heeled shoes + a colourful silk scarf??????????

The worst one so far: When I went to a showing in Linné and the home styling company had created a fake children´s room (sticking out like a sore thumb in comparison to the interior design and flavour in the rest of the flat...), to make it look like a piece of cake for any prospective family to live on the 5th floor without an elevator, since the existing family in that particular apartment "obviously" had handled it with 2(!) kids....

Naughty, naughty!

But then again, WHO in their right mind trusts estate agents anyway?



There is a little piece of glass left in my foot, kinda like a reminder of this summer wild and crazy days. A little diamond reminding me of that there was a time in my life when I was young and restless, wild and crazy! That my life hasn’t always consisted of work, work, some more work and little to non existent social life (I mean, you can’t count the 2weeks in London, I was there to work after all even though I did some shopping, fika, movies, inspirational classes, morning walks in the sun etc etc. And you can’t count the fika with mo today cause we did talk about the blog and other serious business.).

Anyhow, I am now getting tired of this little reminder in my foot since it is not letting my do any form of exercise where I put weight on my left foot (that pretty much only leaves me to do handstand and swimming and I don’t like to swim during winter).

Went to se a nurse today, she gave me a bandaid and said that I should wait and see if it gets better till Monday, but let me tell you sister, I’ve had this since Axwell rocked Lilla Helfvetet in June 2008 and it ain’t getting any sweeter….. So tomorrow I am either cutting the bastard out myself (have already tried this a couple of times!) or a doctor will do it for me!

Kisses and chocolate