Time spent off

Had a lovely fika with gorgeous company today, when I visited Jessica at Mango´s (and Kicki´s) Functional Moves Education.
I met several of Jess´s lovely work colleagues from World Class Nybroplan, Oscar being one of them. I´ve known Oscar for years know and he´s always such a happy, go-lucky chap! I love that with him!
(Not to mention the fact that you always want to touch his hair each time you see him...)

The afternoon was a bit unstructured, but we eventually managed to kick ourselves out for a run.
6.3k with the buggy and BOY, was it hard!
I could really feel that Robin has put some more weight on for the last couple of weeks and add to that some half-empty baby buggy wheels and you have quite a challenging load to push around Slottskogen. Phew!

I could hardly remember my last free Sunday, so I´m happy I´ve really enjoyed this one.

Tomorrow is the start of another exciting week, getting everything ready for the studio opening in December, the Incycle Team meeting on Friday and The Convention on Saturday...
Oh, and I´m soooo looking forward to having JO back in town!

Have a great start to the week, folks!

On a train back home

Portugal was amazing
So was Djerba and Belek!!!
I am amazed that I did it :)
3 weeks of different kind of work. Connecting with over 350 new yogis altogether :)))

Now I am looking fw to getting back into routines, meeting my private clients whom I've missed so much + my regulars in class!
Back in teacher trainings and into my own training routine!
I am filled with love, energy and power for these two last months of 2010!
It has been a rough year physically! But I can feel it turning, and now I am mentally stronger than ever!

Congrats to Mo, Christine and Mango who now have their own PT spaces - all I can say is that it ROCKS and it is one of the best things that I have ever done!
Miss my space so so much...

And hey - I ran 17.8 km in the mountains this Thursday! Whoppa hardcore and with the time 1:42 :) last time I ran was 5k and thats when I sprained my ankel...
Yoga rules this body and mind !!!

Let's rock November yogis!

See you at Davids ws?
Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


A Saturday in October...

My body is starting to feel it.

Yesterday consisted of a high reps session:

Pull-ups 5x10 (3 breaths in between each rep, resting on step)
Row with bar 4xmax reps 35kg
Overhead squats 5x10 20kg
Hanging knee lifts 5x10
TRX Facepulls 3x15

Did some kettlebell training this afternoon to ease off the lurking training soreness, a total of:

100 swings 16kg
108 cleans 16kg
80 snatches 12kg

followed by 15 min of yoga...

Now: a movie and a beer. So there.



Oh.My.Freakin´.GOD: I´m with TRAINING STUDIO!




The theme of the Day

1 floor up on Engelbrektsgatan 34 C

It´s all her "fault".
More information to come...


Wanna play with SUPERMAN?


Weather you're a yogi, student or teacher, someone who is fascinated about being a HUMAN BEING you have to come to this! Take one class, two or all FIVE!!!
The sessions are filled with POWER and David is a a GREAT teacher meaning that he con not only do COOL stuff - but actually TEACHES IT!!!

David Andre Regelin is a native new yorker. His practice of yoga began in 2001.
His first official teacher training was in the free-form vinyasa style. His early teaching style was a very athletic and highly energetic Vinyasa blend with Kung Fu influences. David later discovered Dharma Mittra which shifted his intention to spiritual cultivation. Soon after David discovered the potency and magic of Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini yoga, and the depth, precision, metaphor and fluency of Esoteric Taoist Yoga with Nevine Michaan.
Davids goal as teacher is to teach students to "be a light unto oneself" (krishnamurti), and use the discipline of yoga as a means to that end.
David named his class Multi-Intenso as it is intense in multiple ways with multiple influences and multiple dimensions.
check out www.multi-intenso.com for more info.

class descriptions:
multi-intenso is a powerful physical yoga practice. it combines techniques from various disciplines, such as gymnastics, modern dance, and pilates to form a fluid moving meditation set to music.

NOVEMBER 2010 - Sportlife Exclusive
26 FRE kl 18-20
27 LÖR kl 1130-1330 & kl 1430-16
28 SÖN kl 11-13 & kl 1430-16

1 klass 350kr
2 klasser 600kr
Alla klasser (5st) 1 250kr

För SPORTLIFARE: (instruktörer och medlemmar!)
1 klass 300kr
2 klasser 550kr
Alla klasser (5st) 1 000kr

If you want a spot place your payment to JIRA BG 4780821 (write your FULL NAME) and email JIRA@ME.COM with your name and what classes you want to attend :)

Can't wait to see David here in Sweden!!!

Lot's of LOVE Jo



T-shirt: Loft, Necklace: Kick ass boot from Dogeared (present from Jess)

- Blinged from my iPhone


It was a long time ago...

It was a looooong time ago that my heart was a mess.
But for those of you who are there right now, this one´s for you.
I want to thank my regular coffee place, Doppio, for introducing me to this amazing song.

Had a fabulous "Jelly Legs-ride" tonight - Love my students!

Hands ON ;)

GOODMORNING from the SUN in Portugal where they put TONS of CREAM on your cappuccino :)

Here are some great openings for your hands!

Very hands on ;)


and hope to see you soon :)

Love Jo


Where is your heart?

HOME is always where the HEART is.

My giddy josh it´s nice to be home... and although today has been more than full on, I feel great!

Hanging with my family, PT-clients, shopping, booking meetings and planning the next couple of weeks have kept me busy, smiling and happy.

It´s a great thing going away - because coming home your life tastes even sweeter.
Tomorrow, there´s yoga, power lifting, meetings and spinning.

Bring it on Wednesday!

Holistic Training Camp 2010

The sun is shining, we wake up only to jump into our tights and roll out the yoga mat - some meditation to set the intention then we're off :)

As we roll out of shavasana we can smell the breakfast - and out bodies are fully open to take it all in.

Then it's time for some salt-water, the ocean is calling us :)

Life is BLISS!

I agree - the cappuccino tastes more like hot chocolate, but hey - is that really a bad thing:?

I'm travelling with 4 BOYS/MEN and I must admit that I love the FEELING :) Everything is so easy, things work out naturally - FLOW.

My co-workers and witches if you like ;) since they are TRULY MAGICAL - they INSPIRE - and isn't that what it is all about?!

To foster your body, make it into a pleasant hOMe for your spirit to settle into.

I think so and this week for ME is all about that :)

TIP of the DAY on our WEBB TV here!!!!

I do miss my clients and students in Gothenburg, my mother in Annelöv, my brother in Halmstad, grandma in Lund and amazing friends who are not with me here.

Sending you all L O V E with plenty of care-taking and room for SPIRIT to have a party in and go NUTTERS!

longing to chill with you



Mission accomplished

Day 2 of the ITS Convention.
When you look at the photographs below, you would think I´ve done nothing but pose today...which could not be further from the truth.

I taught a MOJO yoga class at 10.40. I stripped it down to the very bare essentials, since the students´ English is quite shaky here. It worked out well! There was a nice flow to the class and everyone could follow.

I´m actually pleased with both my classes today.
My second being a kettlebell class.

Try to prepare for a class with 24 kettlebells instead of 50, with half of the kettlebells being the wrong weight...

I made a workshop type class and had the participants working in pairs throughout the whole session. I´m satisfied with the outcome and I had lots of good feedback after the session - so happiness all around!

We´re having an early dinner tonight and tomorrow at 6.00am we´re heading off to the airport. After travelling all day, we´ll land in Sweden tomorrow night.

How much do you think I´m looking forward to going home right now?

Oh, and we got to judge an "Instructor of the year"-competition.
The relentless judges: Marcus, Lionel, Julio, Mango & me.

POSING with some of my kettlebell students after class

Mission accomplished:
I´ve now officially taught girya/kettlebell in its homeland Russia!


How many aerobic presenters does it take to change a flat tyre?

Day 4 in Siberia and first day of the convention.
I had the "pleasure" to teach the very last class of the day, so I thank Mango for keeping me alert, awake and on top of things. He also graced the stage together with me during my yoga class, which meant the world (I could work the room without people getting lost) and he got to actually do the movements without having someone´s butt in his face (I´ll explain later).

According to Mango (my travelling husband, BTW) one should do "HIGH/LOW"/ "RIS & ROS" at these events (or "BRA eller ANUS" if you´d prefer), so here goes (Non-English speaking readers you can probably figure it out):

* the fact that the delegates are so DESPERATE to copy choreography/moves straight off and therefore spend 50% of the time writing in their notebooks. I´m sorry, but who the hell is going to understand "...left leg lift, bounce 3 times, jump to right, wiggle butt, stretch arm diagonally to the ceiling..." even half a day later?
* the fact that about 40% of the delegates are incredibly unfit. And with that I mean either lack of strength, unbalanced, unconditioned or mentally weak (not unstable, weak).
If this is their livelihood (the absolute majority are working instructors), one wonders how they make a penny?
* the food.

* More smiles and warmth all around from the delegates! The whole country seem happier than last time I was here. Recession or no recession.
* The 60% of the delegates that get it, really get it.
And they are grateful, happy, fun & work hard.
* The fact that the Body & Mind classes are PACKED OUT! I mean so packed out that you can´t fit one more person on the floor. In Russia? Who would have thought?

Also the company rocks!

Mango showing how to be professional, even when the stage and the ceiling meet half way and he has to teach his whole Functional Moves class with "broken wrists". You go, MangoMo!

Mango is the most allround-trained athlete I know.
A true inspiration to what can be done with a human body.

...and when he´s not shining on stage, he´s my travelling husband...

...making sure I do NOT have to eat this for lunch...

...but instead can make myself an organic Muso soup (that should really be "Mango" soup).
I´m like the irresponsible teenager who always forgets to bring her packed lunch when I travel for work with JO & Mango...
Shame on me.

Lucky I have such amazing friends!

The venue where the event is held.

At dinner with Anton, the organizer,

Marcus Schweppe (D) - who ended up being questioned by Russian boarder police, as he tried to enter the country under "false pretenses" and

Lionel Obringer (F)
- who sms:ed Anton to say that he couldn´t find the driver at...Moscow airport. When Anton answered: "Moscow? You´re going to Novosibirsk.", Lionel replied:
"Can I catch a cab there?"

Distance Moscow - Novosibirsk: 3.000km

Thanks guys for keeping us entertained!

Missing in this picture: Julio Papi (S) and Varvara, organizer.

Mango and I relaxing at dinner

...and the answer to the headline?
Although Julio actually did most of the work.

Early or not?!

Getting up at 345am in not early in the morning! It is just past bedtime!!!

After a great evening in Annelov we are now of to Copenhagen and then Monte Gordo :)
What am I looking fw to:
Meeting Cecilia and her fab family
Meeting my coach for real for the first time ever :)
To teach ON the BEACH!
To hang with my love
To meet the participants!

Last trip to the sun this year :)


- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Day 3 in Siberia

Weird, but not necessarily bad facts about Russia:

1. About half of the cars here have the steering wheel to the right.
But you also drive on the right.
Why? It is cheaper to import cars from Japan than from Europe.

Anton explained the Russian mentality like this: "After Russia made the change from being a communist country to a capitalist one in almost no time at all, there was a vacuum in this country´s laws to what was legal or not... For Russians it works like this: as long as something is not prohibited - you can keep on doing it until it´s forbidden."
Hence the import on foreign cars going a bit haywire...

2. They have tight security everywhere (parking lots, buildings, airports, hotels). Not always very time efficient - like when you want to go for lunch on the 3rd floor and need to pick up a special pass at the security center to be able to enter and leave the elevator.
Oh, did I mention that the security center is placed 8 meters away from and overlooking the elevators?

It does make you wonder if it´s just for show, or if it really is needed.

3. Russian TV sports its very own Dance channel!
I´ve watched it for 40minutes now, and it´s like having your very own fitness dance-DVD constantly rolling in the background.
First there was hip hop for children for about half an hour and right now they´re doing belly dancing.
(Let me just point out that the instructor changed in between...).

4. My hotel must sport a kick ass pastry cook. It´s true!
This must be the only business hotel in the world to sell top notch cakes?
Wait until you see the photograph further down on this page if you don´t believe me.

5. Russian women wear more fur and higher high heels than all Italian women added together.

I know, I can´t help it. I love pictures of food, since I think it says a lot about a country... Breakfast.

...and lunch. Better than yesterday I thought at first.
Until I found out that the coleslaw had SUGAR in it.

Thank you Grand Arena for these 2 days! I can really recommend this fitness club if you´re about to visit Novosibirsk. Open 24/7!

The Russians REALLY love dance. If you can read what this photograph is saying, you can tell exactly HOW many different styles only Grand Arena offers.

Group work...

Working hard...

...and they did soooo well!

...having some fun with it too..

This is a skill that I will demand from all my future instructors come 2011...
Magnus G, I hope you take notice... :)

Saying bye bye to some of my lovely students!
The view outside the very protected building that contained the fitness club,
offices and rooms for different functions, such as weddings, conferences etc.

Here they are: The Cakes. Now, what do you say?

The view from my hotel room.


Day 2 in Novosibirsk

Gothenburg was colder than Siberia this morning. How funny is that?
-3 beats 0 degrees.
1-0 Gothenburg.

Here´s my day in pictures:

Novosibirsk is not afraid of colour here and there...

This was the best food choice out of several bad ones.

Yes, that is a processed "fish" with white rice, some very scared tomatoes/cucumber and black tea.

Lots of lifting bars = like. Although the flooring leaves a lot to be required.
Spot the squash court in the background.

The fitness club has it´s own boxing area. I´d spend some time here if I was a member.

Do you know what this is? These are heavily photo-shop:ed photographs of the training staff...
There were 12-14 more pictures like these around the gym. I had to ask:
"Ehhrm...are these your trainers?"
It was.

Dinner at the hotel.
Better than lunch.

I miss these 2 guys so much my heart bleeds.


Touch down in Novosibirsk

It´s 1.18am in the morning, Siberian time, and I´ve just reached my hotel room. I wanted to share a couple of photos before I hit the sack...

You wonder why I was worried I would loose my luggage in Moscow? Guess what this is...

A HUGE pile of hundreds of "lost" baby buggys!
Never seen anything like it.
In front of the buggys, were an ocean of bags/suitcases/trolleys...

I found a decent lunch at Moscow airport.

Finally, Novosibirsk. The story continues.... Now: bedtime!


"A person travels for many days to the Himalayas to seek the word of an Indian holy man meditating in an isolated cave. Tired from his journey, but eager and expectant that his quest is about to reach fulfillment, he asks the sage, “What is the meaning of life?” After a long pause, the sage opens his eyes and says, “Life is a fountain.” “What do you mean life is a fountain?” barks the questioner. “I have just traveled thousands of miles to hear your words, and all you have to tell me is that? That’s ridiculous.” The sage then looks up from the floor of the cave and says, “You mean it’s not a fountain?"

What is the meaning of life to you?!

After spending another week in a PARADISE resort with people who I really LOVE this comes to mind.
At first I felt that maybe I have taken VATTEN ÖVER HUVUDET with this many retreats in one month, how can I top the previous one, how can I once again engage with the group and feel the strong connection that I felt with the last one..?!

But I DID - Profoundly!
And I am amazed, humbel, filled with gratitude and love as I am sitting in the bar/lounge, the sun has gone down and the stars are starting to sparkle around me.
I am waiting for two gorgeous MEN opposite me is an older version of myself - Mommy dearest!

This week has been amazing in the sense of:
Food (a bit to much deliciousness perhaps but what the F!)
Make over - I Do have the BEST hairdresser and stylist in the WORLD!
Seminars - Economy, Feng Shui, Style, Health, Trends
Night Clubbing
Massaging and getting massage
Getting to know people who will stay SOULMATES forever even better :)

Can't wait to come back here in MAY 2011! And guess what - THAT time YOU can come to !!!!
Want to join us to Paradise?!

LOVE Jo + the stars


Packing for Siberia

Bought these today. In vain hope to keep my feet warm when I land in Novosibirsk.

I´ve wanted them since they came out: UGGS Bailey Button Triplet.

Did you know that Novosibirsk is north of Mongolia?
I´ve been there - and I didn´t know.

- Blinged from my iPhone


Hot MOJO on FIRE & MOJO Yoga on Funbeat!


Thanks Anders, who sent us the following photograph of his work colleagues - firefighters from Helsingborg - practicing Hot MOJO-Yoga at the Fire station!
You go, guys!

...and THANKS Magnus, for keeping us up to speed: