Wow It is HOT HOT HOT here in Sweden!

For two days I've slept - Guess I needed it!
After painting the bedroom I took a two hour powernap :) YUM!

Unfortunately I can't sleep when it comes to bedtime - perhaps the HEAT and lack of movement added to the insomnia so today I decided to MOVE!

One Bodypump and one Bodybalance + night swimming later I am feeling FAB :)

I am a person who HAVE to MOVE! If I don't I loose my positive outlook on life and my energy goes down below zero - it is so obvious! I don't move because I want to look a certain way I move because I want to FEEL a certain way! And I know that YOGA is the best way for me to move :)

When I got back home I found BODYBALANCE nr 50 and BODYJAM nr 54! Jippie! I know what I am doing tomorrow morning!

I can't wait to get back to work again - Great feeling!

Sweet Dreams Mojos :)


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