Happy Days

How many bikinis does it take to make a holiday in Italy?
The right answer: 4.
Hm. Or maybe 5?
At least I´ve limited the shoe collection down to 5 pairs and I think that is a personal best!

My packing for private trips is very much different (organized!) from my packing for work (ohhh, chaotic!) - and I actually started to write lists and stack clothes (Robin´s) in neat piles on Tuesday already.

We´re spending almost 2 weeks in two different places in Tuscany - the first place is close to Florence and the other little paradise is in the south of Tuscany, close to the sea.
On our last 3 days we will brave the heat and do ROMA - one of my favourite cities in the world!

Please excuse me for not being able to do regular blog posts for the next two weeks.

I´ll be back for regular posts from July 23, until then:

Ps. I WILL be here now and again of course, just to check out how you´re doing...

1 comment:

Erika said...

Ha en fantastisk semester!!

Jag har en vecka kvar men sen åker jag till Barcelona, ska bli underbart!! :D

Ses i Slottskogen i augusti igen! ;)