"Kos Killen"


Chillin in the sofa after breakfast in the fields here in the lovely south :)

Sorry for not blogging, answering emails or even the phone... But it has been SO NICE to be offline :) I do that WAY to seldom - what about you?

I must say that I am even more then IMPRESSED by the Greek island of KOS. Rhodos didn't even come close.

It might have been the fact that we were treated like kings and queens, owned the beach, the club, the watermelons hahaha - U name it!

It might be the total LOVE flowing, the coments, the chats, the dancing, the sunsets, the sunrises, the recapping of the night in the pool with a frappuccino nearby :)

I am now PROUD to call my Bo a "KOS KILLE" ;)

I close my eyes and feel the LOVE filling up inside just reminiscing :)

Still I did long for the green fields of SKÅNE - breakfast with Åke and Mom, fika with grandma!
Tonight a quick stop in Båstad and then back to Gbg - still on vacation - I do crave MOOOVING!!!

Photos might come up here later - but they must be X-rated i believe...

Hope you are ROCKING your SUMMER


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