Swedish Summer (weather) Sucks


There are few things that can get me out of sync/balance/flow, (you choose).
But the two that can, are:
- hormones,
- lack of sleep.
Hence the hate I´m feeling for Swedish Summer weather after not sleeping properly for 4 days.

What was expected: 2 days of warm sunshine before heaps of rain (supposedly) will hit the country by tomorrow.
What was found 1: A bikini clad Mo, wearing a BIG sweater by the ocean yesterday, for 1h of adult freedom, trying to ignore the blue lips, the clattering teeth and the body being covered in goose bumps.
What was found 2: A bikini clad Mo, covering up in an even BIGGER sweater + denims today, braving the clouds and finding minutes of warm sunshine here and there, but not and I stress this, not at one single point being able to undress down to the bikini because of the risk of catching pnemonia...

And pleeeease, spare me the: "...but oh, we had wonderful, HOT, sunny weather for WEEKS in July!!!"
Is this what we have come down to? Excuse me, according to the calender the definition of "Summer" is: June, July AND August.
Are 2-3 weeks of hot weather really what we should be celebrating as our summer???

I LOVE Sweden and I would not like to live anywhere else in the world, but I have to say, the weather is, and always will be, our biggest negative.
To me, a year where I had to holiday ONLY in Sweden and nowhere else in the world would be a punishment not a treat. So there.

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