Blingbling Cowboy back in the Loop

Hat bought in Massa Marittima, Tuscany, bikini H&M
Coming back from a 2 week long vacation takes a while. And I´m not talking about the travelling. I´m talking about the mindset, the speed of processing things that has got nothing to do with choosing what kind of lunch to eat or where to go for dinner.
I woke up this morning thinking that maybe it was all a dream?

It did feel incredibly good though, to get 35min in the gym lifting heavy weights (deadlifts, squats, overhead squats, presses, cleans and pullups - I was flying!) and sweating it all out. After 14 days on a solid pasta and meat diet, I´m ready to get back into some serious training.
Actually, I crave it.

I used my running gear 4 times whilst away. At 7am in the morning, when the sun still stayed friendly and the temperature landed around 29-30 degrees. Doing no records, but enough to keep my blood circulating and enough to create an appetite...

Answering e-mails and contemplating work stuff now. Off to buy a pair of binoculars before the very spontaneous evening activity, decided only yesterday: PINK in concert.

Have a kickin´afternoon, kids!

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