Family Portrait


What a strange day it has been.
Got woken up by a hyper Robin at 8am.
Normally I can get him to fall asleep again until 9am, but he wouldn´t have any of that this morning...

Result: felt lethargic all day - even after heaps of coffee and a wonderful buggy-run at noon.

Needed a powernap to get back into the swing of things, which was good, since we had superduper talented Alana over in the afternoon for her portrait project.

This gorgeous woman is releasing a book of photographs in the fall with the theme "Expressions".
My whole little family was involved, and the photographs I´ve seen so far have been amazing!

THANK YOU, Alana! ♥

This evening will be cool and calm.
A movie, a glass of Chianti wine and then straight off to bed.
Let the good times roll, eh? :)


alana da silva said...

THANK YOU Mo! And P and R... you guys are truly beautiful!

susanita said...

R. är sötare än socker! O vackert foto, men kan det bli annat med R.
Härligt att du är tillbaka efter vad det verkar en underbar semester.
Sus & Judith

mojo said...

Alana: PUSS!
Sus: Tack!
Italien var magiskt! Rekommenderas varmt - även med småbarn. :)
Hoppas ni har det fint!

Kramar & ♥