Båstad Live

Chillin in the garden here in Båstad :)
This is summer for me!
When I talk to my friends most of them say, oh no, how can u stand it, bathing in champagne isn't my thing and squeezing with drunk people in hot tiny rooms!

My answer - that's not my thing either - This place for me is where I grew up! Taking early morning swims with grandma and picnics in the sunset, watching the glamour during the midnight walks and fantasizing as a little girl what it would be like to be on the other side of the club walls...

Today I come here for the memories but also for the FUN!

It isn't even close to the glamour that I dreamed of, I've been in ALL the rooms, even the very tiny tiny VIP ones and it isn't fancy at al! In fact you have to be quiet drunk to enjoy it.
I have a distance to it and at the same time I enjoy being in the center of it, jumping up and down to the beat of world famous djs looking like I just went for a midnight swim!

This year I am also enjoying the fact that I can be here with my love, that we can mingle and party like animals ;) and then walk home (with my shoes in one hand and him in the other) and fall asleep in each-others arms!

After a hard core tennis game in the garden:

We're now chillin with strawberries and rosé waiting for bro to show up and join the party!

Hope your having a ball out there!
Be safe!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Martina said...

Ser härligt ut :) Men har du sett vad som finns att köpa på systemet nowdays? MOJO cider! Haha! Länkar till bild på den ;)

mojo said...

Hahah Du är Grym!
Tack för tippset!
Hoppas du har kul med MOJO Yogan!