I should come with a big warning triangle, blinking, on the top of my head, I really should.

The text on the triangle should be saying: WARNING: Be aware - CLUMSY person near you - WATCH OUT!

This is what my finger looked like after today´s lifting session, after it got stuck in the weightlifting rack...


With a throbbing finger I eventually managed to get some squats, overhead squats, presses, lat pulldowns, deadlifts and mock handstand pressups done...

Robin is staying with grandma & granpa tonight, so P and I are having Date Nite!
Restaurant dinner followed by 2h20min of "Inception". Yummy!

I dug deep into my wardrobe and came out with the following:
Wedges, Fornarina,
Lycra tights, American Apparel,
White vest, H&M,
Grey V-neck cotton throw, Six.

- Blinged from my iPhone


Magnus said...

Attans, jag glömde ju blåsa på fingret!

mojo said...

Magnus: Ja, men å andra sidan kom du ihåg att påminna mig om Ms.Kitty-plåstren... :)