Summer trippin'

Enjoying the freedom of having a car and went for a drive to Malmö, meet up with mom and checked out what's hot in the furniture/interior design world!

How is it possible that out of thousands of carpets we choose THE most expensive one..., not only an tiny bit more expensive but double the price!!! Without knowing the prices, just picking the one we loved the most, hate having expensive taste!

The crusing to Helsingborg and a lovely picnic with the Karlssons at the beach - YUM!

Today is another soft day chilling in the garden, picking some blueberries at HovsHallar and now IceCream in Torekov!

Summer it is :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Helena said...

Men what!? Har det redan kommit blåbär där nere??? LOVELY!

mojo said...

Eller hur!
JAg blev helt PAFF!
Först hittade jag ett, sen två sen en hel BUSKE!!!

Blåbär is da shit ;)

Har dina kommit :?