I love to MOVE

How you doin out there in the sunshine?!

I'm chillin around in Gothenburg this weekend :) YUM!

Some High Heels in Båstad and in GBG!
Thursday night was the premier for me at Port Du Soleil and I was NOT disappointed - WOW what a venue - I'll be back chilllin there again :)

Now when I say that I love to MOVE - I am NOT referring to MOVING furniture and belongings - but BODIES! I LOVE BODIES - And when I watch guys like this I just wanna get out there and PLAY!!!

Now this Saturday is dedicated to our new hOMe :) Of to LOPPISAR now and then painting the bedroom in KRETONG! Can't wait for the black rubber "tappeten:?" = Wallpaper? to arrive next week!

Perhaps a stop in ÅSA BEACH to meet some other FUNLIFELOVING people!

Gotta LOVE Summer time!

What do YOU LOVE?



Anonymous said...

Kaka söker maka - Ni är ju gorgeous, båda två ;)

Helena said...

Snygging! ;)

mojo said...

Åhh - vilka underbara kommentarer - °rodnar° TACK :))