Holidaaaay, Celebraaaate


On Thursday PARADISE awaits...
1st stop:

"As soon as you leave the main road of Valdarno turning up in S.Ellero, you start getting the countryside scenarios of Tuscany. Just after the last small cottages of Donnini village, Villa Pitiana sparkles of elegant yellow in the wood landscape. The countryside around the villa is dotted with yellow, the colours of the Roman camomile, yarrow and dandelion flowers: their colours and scents crown the other plants sweetening the strict green colour of the large woods of the property climbing up the mountain till reaching the Pratomagno edge.

Pitiana's beauty and charm open a door to the past. The villa still retains the articulated architecture of a millenary history, from the foundation as a fortified farm, to the utilisation as Benedectine monastery and eventually to the conversion in nobleman elegant Villa in the IXth century – lately revised in to a tourist residence. Architecture, decorations and furniture maintain memory of flowing of ages and styles."


Magnus said...

Ser fantastiskt ut! Ha det nu riktigt bra! Ses vid hemkomst, då blir det väs-kurs:)

Kram M

susanita said...

Men vad härligt det ser ut. Hoppas ni får det toppen! Kramar från ett än så länge soligt Jkpg.

mojo said...

Magnus: Mera VÄS åt folket!
Tack, ha en riktigt bra juli du med!

Sus: Åhhh, jag hoppas att det blir precis så bra eller bättre! Jösses, vad jag behöver semester nu!
Rapport följer...
Ha det härligt i Jkpg!