96hours w 2 hours sleep!

Left Manhattan at 2pm in a yellow cab heading for Newark just to realize 40min later that I forgot my Iphone in the apt ... what to do - but to go back and get it!!

1 Hour later I arrived at the airport 150 dollars poorer!

But I caught the flight and didn't have to pay for the heavy luggage :) I guess it all works out in the end!

Arrived in Gothenburg at 12 the following day, a bit tired but instead of crashing in my bed I meet up with FAB and long missed MO and Mango for lunch and fika.

Went grocery shopping since my fridge was EMPTY and then some yoga to even out the long flight.

Instead of going to bed at 9pm I meet up with another set of gorgeous friends for dinner and ended up going to bed at 1.30 not having packed for my new trip....

....so the alarm went of at 430am... a quick shower, throwing some clothes in a new bag and I was of again.
This time the destination was Stockholm for the annual NIKE KICK OFF! It is always one of the highlights of the year to spend time with this amazing team of strong, energetic, inspirational individuals!

Like every year, we have NO IDEA what we are doing :) It is all a big secret that our BOSS Lina Andersson secretly plans for us...!

This time the THEME was Up in the clouds (or something like that hihi).

We ended up in the middle of the woods climbing a "höghöjdsbana" on either 7m or 18m above the EARTH!!!
Guess which one I went for :?

Well, since I LOVE adventures I went for the 18m one :) Jihaaa I could have stayed up there for ever and ever.......

We also got to fly in a "linbana" where the speed was 85km/h Whooopaa :)

A cab took us to the secret hotel - well not so secret since we tried
to guess it in the cab, it went something like this:

Me: Hmm I winder where we might stay tonight?

Febb: Perhaps somewhere outside the city?

Me: Ah, interesting, where might that be?

Cab Driver: Your staying at Clarion Sign!!

Hahah Thank you cab driver ;) For destroying our surprise !!

Anyhow - The Hotel was FAB with a Roof top SPA with ice cold rosé, beer, cider and gelehallon YUMM!

At 9pm another cab picked us up and took us to our dinner destination - Sofia or something I think (note that I was already affected by the rosé ...).
It was a beautiful place on Djurgården!
We had dinner and wine and by desert time the boat rocked full of loud NIKE instructors playing all kinds of weird games portraying animals and tr
ying to ching chong balle each other :)

Moving on to the lounge with a whole lot of CosmoSpritians (i.e. very strong cosmopolitans!!) and the game "Jag har aldrig"....

Next stop was Solidaritet (I walked around all night thinking I was at Ambasadeur - sound similar doesn't it!).
I lost some friends and found new ones and ended up at McDonalds before someone finaly took me home in a cab, thank you !!

Woke up 2 hours later just in time for the NIKE meeting number 2 w
here we brainstormed around the NIKE Convention 2020 :) It is gonna blow your minds, I can tell you that much ;)

A three hour train ride later we arrived in Gotheburg where me and POM closed the weekend with a full on Indian dinner followed by desert at Hard Rock Café :)

Now here's the question:

How did I spend my Sunday?

A: Out in the Sun :)
B: In bed sleeping til 8pm
C: In bed wathcing TV, talking on the phone, reading yogajournals

La la Love Jo

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