How much can you love somebody?!

A MUST this YEAR!!!!

By accident I came across this film one night in NYC!
And I thank the UNIVERSE for it!!

It is def one of the must go-see movies' this year!

It is stunningly beautiful, smart, fab, fierce, honest, glamorous, informative, educating, hilarious and romantic all at the same time. It is a TRUE fairytale!

Adding to that experience, as we sat down in the cinema we were told that the director was there and that he'd like to introduce the film.... :)

Sometimes I find it a bit hard and boring to listen to the artist but this was far from that!
He told us about the pain in working with Valentino - that he quit his job every evening at 6 pm only to re-hire himself the following morning!

How they had to fight for 18moths before they got permission to show the film cause Valentino did not like the end result! How he refused to attend the opening in Canes but when the movie opened in Rome and got standing ovations, Valentino stood up from his balcony and greeted the audience - telling the director that next time - he wanted an OSCAR :)

Go see this living proof of love, beauty and following your dreams :)

Create your world or someone else will!! Jo

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