I want to hibernate.
If I had to stay at home and not meet anyone but P, whilst watching old movies until "Putte" arrives, I´d be quite happy... Just one of those days...

A spot of colour to cheer the pregnant monster up: O.P.I´s Flashbulb Fuschia.
Soon to be seen on my fingernails...



K said...

Hang in there!

Your nails will look fantastic and hopefully put a smile on your face. Soon you will have a baby, and thats like magic. I think he is coming out soon!

Hugs from Karin

mojo said...

THANKS, Karin!

Sometimes it just feels like I´m stuck in "Groundhog Day" (or "Daybreak", which is a GREAT TV-show, by the way)...

Many hugs to you,

alana da silva said...

i just have to say, finally, after observing your pregnancy saga via blog, that it's been such a pleasure to read your writing! i think you're insightful, funny and oh so smart...it's a shame i don't see you more often in the real world! :)
nevertheless, good luck in these last few weeks, and hang in there! you're a trooper and a round-belly-warrior!

mojo said...

Alana, THANK YOU ever so much for your beautiful, kind words...

Let´s meet for coffee when all this pregnancy business is over? :)

Lots of love to you and J,

alana da silva said...

yes! hurray for fika! we would love to see you and Putte when he finally breaks onto the scene, no doubt, on a bike or inlines or dancing... a grand entrance it shall be!.. of course we'd love to see P as well ;)

lycka till!

mojo said...

Fika it is!

We(the little family)´ll be in touch,:)