Global Citizen

I LOVE Travelling....

...to YOGA places :)

And so I often get requests from other yoga addicted people about the inside info, the HOT-SPOTS and so on.

Part of travelling for me is also about exploring! I do go to the "well-known" teachers and studios, but I also try new ones. And that's how I found many of the amazing teachers that have influenced me and my practice! (know that sometimes a good cheesecake is your teacher of the day ;)

So..... what I am getting at is that all this info is now available on JIRA :)
And PLEASE - Do tell us about your HOT-SPOTS!
I'm going to Amsterdam, London and LA this summer!

Much Love JO


alana da silva said...

UBUD UBUD! i'm not yoga addicted, not even close, but you will LOVE it... i'm sure of it.

Jo said...

Ahh Thank you!
I can't wait to go to BALI :)
But before that you'll have to give me all your hot-spots :)

Fika soon?

:) Jo