Cake me up


Could it be that "Putte" is an actor? (or "ögontjänare" in brutal Swedish terms...).
We were at the midwife´s this morning - and suddenly "Putte" was in a perfect "fixed" position again, ready to come out at any moment (just like he was over 2 weeks ago, last time we did the midwife thing - until he decided not to be fixed anymore 2 days later...)

I´ve now officially put on 17kg.

(We still don´t own a scales, but I was "weighed in" at the check up this morning.)
No wonder I feel "a bit uncomfortable". The last few days have brought on a new feeling of bloatedness and yesterday my fingers decided to take on the Michelin-man look...white and beyond chubby...quite painful, actually.
It´s interesting how the weight gain has been exceptionally constant over the last 3-4 weeks, even though all I´ve been eating is breakfast, lunch & dinner - normal portions - and only food (except for the occasional ice cream...). It´ll be a MAD amount of water coming out during the delivery (and during the following days after), or at least I hope so....

I would have been less surprised if my diet had looked like this:

Picture taken this afternoon, which is actually one of the very rare occasions that I´ve had cake (not being at a birthday party) during this pregnancy! Quite lovely it was as well - Carrot cake & Strawberry Cheese Cake at Biscuit. The perfect way to round off a great lunch with JO, with the extra privilege of being joined by Mango at the end of the coffee!

Thanks guys for ALWAYS bringing a smile to my face and being such lovely friends!


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