Do your DANCE and do it REAL GOOD!


Last midsummer was spent in Halmstad the old Swedish traditional way with kids, grandparents, youths, musicians, food, food, food and Swedish Nubbe!!

My Yogi NYC friends asked me about the ABSOLUTE VODKA HEALTH advantages, since I was Swedish I should know right?!

Well - I know that I was all tippsy turvey at around 4pm 363 days ago thanks to the Swedish ABSOLUTE, but I still can't recall the HEALTH advantages - more than the fact that I tend to tell people THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH during it's influences!

This year I have NO IDEA how to spend this infamous Swedish DAY. I mean there is NO WAY that I can top last year so I'm thinking of doing something completely different.

I might WORK haha.
I mean, I'm back from an AMAZING holiday and soon I am of to another one.
And I DO LOVE MY WORK!!! I can't even tell when I'm on vacation and when I am working - it is almost the same to me.

Starting in September I have NO, ZERO, NADA weekends of until Christmas EVE. And I like it - I do hope that you will join me during one or more of these amazing events!

But as for this DAY I dare you to create an opportunity for you to do your HAPPY DANCE!!!

This is MINE up in the air at a speed of 85km/h, jihaaaaaaaaa

Cause you DO have a happy dance right?!



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