Groundhog Day

Picture taken this morning. Week 37, heading towards week 38.
(By the way, I could probably open a shoe shop...)

...Now try to roll (yes, R.O.L.L. you didn´t think you could TURN with that thing, did you??) over in bed with THAT bump, without waking your husband, baby OR yourself...
Could I suffer from a spot of antenatal depression?

My Groundhog Day:

"Waking" up (more: deciding to finally get up) at 9.50am

Having breakfast, whilst reading the morning paper very slooowly to make it last longer...Even the classifieds.

Having a shower, trying my best not to have to bend down too much..our current shower is hardly big enough for one, let alone a pregnant one.

Checking my emails and sometimes getting around to answering them.

Having lunch, maybe a coffee with a friend or P. Ohhhh, highlight of the day!

Taking a nap. Deep, dreamless sleep.

Looking forward to P coming home. Yes, just like a labrador. Not sitting waiting by the door, but definitely with my tail wagging if I had one. Sad? Yes, but oh, so true.

Taking another nap. Not so deep this time, more like a rest.

Going for a walk, having a stretch. Or one or the other.

Eating dinner. Since I´m never hungry these days, P has to coax me into the kitchen. (Obviously not so Labradorish when it comes to food...)

Watching a movie or two. Or 2 episodes of "The Mentalist". We did the whole first series of "Daybreak" in about 10 days.

Around 23.00pm-23.30pm, resting in bed whilst P is sleeping.

....and on to the next day....



susanita said...

Men se det så här, du har en j..ligt snygg bump.

O du muntrade upp min dag, jag fick mig ett gott skratt. Som att se sig själv i spegeln, känner igen mig så väl i duschbestyr m.m.,ha,ha,ha.
Lite avis på din powernapp där på dagen.
Undrar om jag kommer undan med att lägga mig under skrivbordet på jobbet o dra några zzzzzzzzz, hmmm.

kram på er!

mojo said...

Tack, Suss,du om någon vet ju EXAKT vad som pågår i ens huvud under dessa dagar....

Själv fattar jag inte hur du gör det-håller igång ett vanligt jobb vid sidan om being a baby making factory??? All cred till dig!
Powernap under skrivbordet låter som en STRÅLANDE idé! :)

Kramar till er båda