This one is for you!

Had a very interesting conversation over 3 mojitos at a Cuban restaurant in the Chelsea about 2 weeks ago.

I told him about me and my dad, my super hero, my James Bond, my everything and he made me realize that I was looking for the impossible. Yeah, thanks a lot DAD..... the first cut is the deepest. I still want you by my side, just to help me dry the tears that I cry, and if you want I try to LOVE again, but I know...

but hey, let's look at it fromthe bright side... at least now I KNOW!


Have a LOVEing weekend Jo


GobeeFree said...

who was the talk with;)

GobeeFree said...

musta been a deep conversation

Jo said...

Yes, GF, it was a deep deep conversation with an interesting man/spiritual warrior/boy/global citizen!
If you're lucky you'll might run into him someday/somewhere ;)