Just to make you laugh I’ll try almost anything…


It's a beautiful day and these guys are absolutely up there with U2!!

I saw them LIVE in NYC, and I haven't been able to stop listening to them since :)

Perhaps it's the memory of the night when we never went to bed, where we danced to the sunrise across Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps it's the bloody mary and the BBQ with the band, perhaps it's the company - I DON'T CARE! Listening to it makes my spirit fly high!
I do hope it does the same for you :)

Yesterday was first day of SWE Summer, work, ocean with hot hot bejbs, more work and deep pranayama :)

Today she choose to stick around (Summer that is:), work, yoga, perhaps a run (or not :), a secret project, road trip to BÅSTAD, speaking my truth, KALAS, dance dance dance, sand under my toes and most of all LOVE LOVE LOVE

See you out there :)


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