Strength training in week 38


Enough is enough is enough...

Since I don´t seem able to change anything about my bad night-sleep, and since neither luring nor threatening seem to bring "Putte" any closer to delivery, I need to look at things that can be changed... Before the weekend I had had quite strong contractions, but over Saturday/Sunday they seem to have subdued. One step forward and two steps back.

How can I feel better and stronger whilst waiting for my son to be ready to be born?
(WHO or WHAT in their right mind decided it was a great idea to let the BABY decide when it´ll be born, anyway??? It should be left to the adults to decide, I say!....)
Well, I´m quite fed up with just taking walks and doing yin-style yoga at home, so after a late breakfast I went to the gym.
45min of:

Squats 3x12x20kg
Lat. pulldowns 3x15x20kg
Overhead press 3x10x14kg
Dips 3x6x(-50kg)
Chest flyes 3x12x12kgx2 (free weights)
Rotation work on the Kinesis wall
+15 min stretching

Gym followed by a lovely fika in the sun with darling JO - catching up on all I´d missed at the NIKE-meeting in Stockholm.
Great day - I feel human again!


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